B&B Transcript Friday 3/25/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 3/25/11


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Bill: Katie, we'll get past this. Just tell me you'll try and understand.

Katie: I just need more time so you can help me understand how you planned to kill someone.

Bill: I am asking you to see how I could be driven to it. My son was laying there in a coma, and I knew that, even if he woke up, Amber could come after him again. The police were willing to do nothing. I had to save my son.

Katie: So you just decided to do away with Amber. Is that it?

Bill: Oh, Katie, can't you see how I could be pushed that far? I told you I was confronted with things I had never experienced, this--this overwhelming paternal instinct to protect my son. Katie, I didn't set out to plan it. Once the idea occurred to me, I couldn't get it out of my mind.

Oliver: Can we help?

Amber: Oh, no, no, relax. Just, uh, make yourselves at home. You guys should go back up to the tower again. The view here is just absolutely phenomenal, and dinner will be ready in a few minutes.

Oliver: Okay.

Amber: Oh, uh, and... (Sighs) Thank you guys for joining us for dinner. It really means a lot. You know, I know this hasn't been easy, but getting through this as friends, I mean it really makes all the difference. And before you know it, Liam and I, we're gonna be parents, and, uh, I don't want this baby to feel like it ever caused any problems. I realize sacrifices have been made, but once this baby is born, it will all be worth it.

Steffy: (Sighs) (Sighs) As if I don't already know.

Katie: Bill, there is a difference between wanting someone dead and actually acting on that impulse. Most people don't follow through with those kinds of fantasies. Would you have done it if that branch hadn't knocked her down for you?

Bill: I don't know.

Katie: (Sniffles) You want me to believe that this is just some kind of dark impulse, that you momentarily lost control, but... this seems very calculated to me. I mean, you bought a house, for God sake. You had a plan, and you were gonna follow through with it. Bill, why didn't you talk to me? I could have helped you.

Bill: (Sighs) I couldn't tell you. How could I?

Katie: But you can talk to Steffy. I'm your wife. We're supposed to be there for each other to balance each other out. I could--I could have helped you to take a step back to-- to see what you were really doing. I'm your partner. I'm there whenever you need me. You’ve turned to this woman who would like nothing better than to bring me down, to bring us down. You know our history, and you have let her worm her way back into our lives. Why, Bill? You know what? I--don't answer that. I don't--I don't want to know the answer. I... I have to get out of here. I can't breathe in this place.

Bill: You're walking out on me?

Katie: (Sighs) (Sighs) I think I deserve a little time to try and get my head around this, don't you? You know what? If--if--if you get lonely and you need someone to talk to, I'm sure she's just a phone call away. (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Katie: Hello?

Nick: Katie, its Nick.

Katie: Hey.

Nick: Hey, how you doin'? Listen, I want to talk to you about my windsurfing board. I was thinking that, um--

Katie: (Sobs)

Nick: Katie?

Katie: Um, yeah, your board. It's--do you want to pick it up? (Sobs)

Nick: You all right?

Katie: No (Sobs) I'm not.

Nick: What's going on?

Katie: Um, I can't really get into it right now.

Nick: Okay. Anything I can do?

Katie: (Sighs) Um, I-I think I need a place to stay. Um, maybe "The Marlin"? (Sniffles)

Nick: Well, yeah. Yeah, I'm here now. Come on over. I'll order Chuck's, and we can talk or--or not.

Katie: Okay, thank you. Thanks, Nick. (Sighs)

Amber: So the next appointment's in a few days, and Liam's totally excited to see the ultrasound.

Oliver: I can't even imagine what that would be like, Liam, seeing an ultrasound of your own kid, even if it just a little blob.

Liam: Yeah. Pretty unreal.

Oliver: I hope to have something like that for me someday with the right girl.

Hope: Um, you know what? This was--this was delicious. Thank you, Amber.

Amber: Mm, you're not finished already, are you?

Hope: Yeah, um... (Sighs) I'm just--I'm suddenly not feeling very well.

Amber: You're not allergic to lobster, are you? Because I had this friend whose face, like, totally blew up and--

Hope: No, no, I'm not allergic. I just-- I'm gonna call it a night.

Liam: Hope. Hope. We need to talk for a minute alone.

Hope: Liam--

Liam: Now. Outside. Don't say no.

Hope: Okay. Okay.

Oliver: I'll pull the car around.

Hope: Um, give us a little time, okay?

Oliver: Hey, Liam. Do the right thing, man, all right? Don't lead her on. Let her go. You've got a kid on the way.

(Door opens)

Steffy: Stopped by your office. Hillary said that you and Katie were both long gone. I thought maybe that would be a good sign, but, um... she's not here? She left you, didn't she? (Sighs) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I-I can't believe she'd walk out on you again. You know, she's-- how could she just not understand you?

Bill: How could she not understand?

Steffy: Yeah.

Bill: That I wanted to kill somebody? That I lied to her? That I covered up everything I was feeling? That I confided in you before I confided in her? Gee, Steffy, I don't know. Why wouldn't she understand?

Steffy: But, Bill, I don't feel that--

Bill: Don't. You're wrong about her, and I don't ever want to hear you say another negative word about my wife. Do you hear me? Not ever again.

Katie: Hey.

Nick: Hi. Wings?

Katie: Um, no, thanks.

Nick: Beer?

Katie: (Sighs) Yes, please.

Nick: (Chuckles) There you go.

Katie: So you're goin' out for a ride or somethin

Nick: No, no, no. Just doing a little maintenance. You're not imposing. Please. Well, look at you. Do I have to talk some sense into this husband of yours? 'Cause I'm thinking your immediate need for lodging has something to do with him

Nick: Okay. Not my business. But if you need an ear, I'm here to lend you mine.

Hope: (Sighs) I can't do this, Liam. I can't.

Liam: We need this.

Hope: (Sighs)

Liam: Hope.

Hope: I can't be around Amber. I can't. I can't do that.

Liam: She is not-- she is not here right now.

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: It's you and me.

Hope: Just you and me. Okay.

Liam: Just you--

Nick: Mm, these are hotter than I remember.

Donna: Hello? Katie, hi.

Katie: Oh, hey, I-I hope you don't mind. I called Donna on the way over.

Nick: Oh. Oh, no. It's your boat now anyway. Just don't trash the place while I'm outside. Hey.

Donna: (Chuckles) Okay.

Katie: Hey.

Donna: Katie, what--what-- I have been so worried since I got your message.

Katie: You didn't tell Justin, did you?

Donna: No, no. W-what is going on? Are you-- are you and Bill okay?

Katie: (Sighs) I don't know. (Sighs) I don't think so.

Donna: Oh, my God. It's Steffy, isn't it?

Katie: She's involved, but she's only part of the problem. It's-- its lot more complicated. So many people warned me about Bill before we got married-- I mean, you and Brooke. I just feel like I might be in over my head. Maybe he's too dangerous.

Steffy: I didn't mean to insult your wife, Bill.

Bill: (Sighs) Katie has every right to be upset, just like you were when you found out.

Steffy: Yeah, but... we get each other. We understand each other, and we always have.

(Liquid pouring)

Steffy: Bill, tell us what can I do, all right

Bill: (Sighs)

Steffy: Just tell me how I can help you.

Bill: You can stop by your dad's house on your way home, and if my wife is there, tell her that I'm waiting or her.

Steffy: Okay. And if she doesn't show up?

Bill: She will, and I will wait for her as long as it takes.

Donna: Okay, Katie, what did Bill do?

Katie: He's been really stressed out lately you know? I mean, he just found out about his son, and Liam showed up out of nowhere, and that's--that's been really hard to deal with. And he has all these feelings that he doesn't know what to do with, but this whole thing happened with Amber, and--and--and anyone would be upset, right? I mean, he has a right to be freaked out.

Donna: Katie, he--he has been holding it together pretty well. I mean, he--he's accepted the situation. He bought a house...

Katie: (Sighs)

Donna: So she could live in it, so she'd have a place to stay.

Katie: Yeah, that's what he wants us all to think.

Donna: But--

Katie: He didn't buy that house to take care of Amber. He bought that house so he could kill her. He had a whole plan.

Donna: (Scoffs) What are you--no. What are you--?

Katie: He put her up at the house, he lured her out to the lookout, and he was going to push her over the edge.

Donna: No. But I mean, he--he didn't, I mean, he--he didn't go--

Katie: No, Mother Nature took care of it for him. The wind was blowing. A branch broke, and it hit her.

Donna: Oh, my God. Amber's dead?

Katie: No, no, she's not dead. Steffy rescued her. That's where she comes into this. Apparently, she was at our house. She saved Amber. She confronted Bill, and he confided to her, and they've been sharing the secret ever since.

Donna: Oh, Katie. I-I don't-

Katie: I don't know what to do. I mean, what do I do? My husband is wanting to kill someone, and he's begging me to understand, and I--and I want to understand because I love him so much, but I just can't get my head around this. I don't know. It's too much.

(Cell phone rings)

Donna: (Sighs)

Katie: (Sighs)


Katie: (Scoffs) It's him.

Donna: Oh, my God. Are you-- are you gonna answer it?


Katie: (Sighs) Hello?

Bill: I thought you'd be home now.

Katie: I'm not coming home.

Bill: What?

Katie: I'm not coming home. Sorry.

Bill: Where are you? Brooke's? Donna's?

Katie: Please, please don't try and find me, Bill. I need some time to work this out on my own.

Bill: No, Katie. We have to deal with this together. I love you. I know you love me.

Katie: That's not really the issue.

Bill: I'm not losing you over this. Now come home. We'll figure out how to get past this together.

Katie: I'm sorry. I do love you, Bill.

Donna: Katie. Katie.

Katie: (Sobs)

Donna: I'm so sorry.

Hope: (Gasps) I always wanted you to be my first. You know, I-I wanted to make love to you some place beautiful like... like this, with the ocean and the moon shining, you know? I-I always imagined that it would be some place like this.

Liam: Fine. Let's go.

Hope: I can't.

Liam: Come on.

Hope: I can't. Amber is pregnant with your child.

Hope: Oh, Liam, I can't do this.

Liam: Hope, don't.

Hope: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But she has ruined everything.

Liam: No, she--

Hope: Everything.

Liam: No, she hasn't. Look, I am gonna be a father. I can raise a child. I can take care of a child, but I have to have you.

Hope: How is that gonna work? How is that gonna work?

Liam: I don't know. We'll figure it out.

Hope: Amber is in there waiting for you.

Liam: Don't--don't--don't you let Amber control our lives. Don't do it.

Hope: She has done that since the day the paternity test proved that you were the father.

Liam: Hope. Hope.

Hope: That's the day that she became in control, and you know it. You know it.

Liam: Okay, I know, I know, but it doesn't have to be like this, okay?

(Vehicle approaches)

Hope: God, that's Oliver.

Liam: Oliver can wait.

Hope: I can't.

Liam: Stay. Stay.

Hope: I can't. I can't stay. No, I have to-- I have to go.

Liam: Hope. Hope.

Hope: I have to. Liam, I have to go.

Liam: Please stay. Please.

Hope: I'm sorry. I have to.

Liam: Aah! (Breathing heavily)

Amber: (Thinking) That's right, Liam. Come to Mama.

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