B&B Transcript Monday 2/21/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/21/11


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Brooke: What is it? What's wrong?

Katie: (Sighs) I don't know how to tell you this. Um, something terrible has happened.

Brooke: What? What is it?

Katie: An--an explosion.

Ridge: Where? When?

Katie: Uh, at Amber's mom's trailer. Uh, apparently, there was something wrong with the heat, and she went out to check on the propane tank, and it exploded.

Brooke: So is Amber okay? Was she hurt?

Katie: No. Someone else. (Sighs)

Ridge: Tawny?

Hope: Not Liam. Please not loam.

Katie: He was at the trailer. He went over to reason with Amber, and it exploded while he was inside. He's at University Hospital. Uh, hope, there's something you need to know about his condition.

Bill: (Sighs)

Bill: Hey, Kid? Liam, wake up. Liam. Liam, it's your dad. Come on, Son. Open your eyes.

Dr. Montgomery: Bill.

Bill: Ramon, I mean, last night you saw him. You saw him. He opened his eyes. Now--now nothing.

Dr. Montgomery: He's doing what he needs to do, Man. We're gonna run an E.E.G. that will tell us more, but, you know, until he get-- comes all the way back, we really won't know about any long-term residual effects.

Bill: (Sighs) Oh, come on. I mean, there's gotta be something you can do. This is my son you've got... what is she still doing here?

Dr. Montgomery: She's, uh, been here all night. She never left.

Bill: I don't want her here. I want her out of this damn hospital. Get her out.

Lt. Baker: Some people never change.

Amber: Lieutenant Baker.

Lt. Baker: She remembers.

Amber: What are you doing here?

Lt. Baker: The explosion at your mother's trailer.

Amber: What about it?

Lt. Baker: I have questions. Hopefully, you have some answers, the right answers, or you're gonna be in serious trouble... again.

Bill: Accident? It was no accident. I will protect you, Son. That little tramp is not gonna take you away from me. I'll deal with her.

Hope: Well--well, how is--how is Liam now? I mean, he's--he's o--he's okay, right? I mean, he's--he's still conscious.

Katie: No. I'm sorry. Bill and I were there all night long. Bill--Bill won't leave his side. Liam had, um, had trauma. He had some swelling in his-- he has some bleeding on is brain, but that seems to be under control. But given his earlier concussion--

Hope: Oh, my God.

Brooke: Hope. Hope, let me drive you. You're too upset.

Hope: No, I'm okay. I'm fine. I'm fine. I just--I need to be with Liam.

(Door closes)

Amber: And, uh, the explosion was an accident.

Bill: You buying any of this garbage, Lieutenant?

Lt. Baker: You think there's more going on?

Bill: I know there's more going on. She has an agenda to destroy my son by any means possible.

Amber: That's not true. Why would I want to hurt Liam?

Bill: Who knows how your twisted mind works?

Amber: Look, I told Lieutenant baker I tried to light the pilot on the propane tank, and that's when the explosion happened.

Bill: Which nearly killed my son, and as you can see, he is in grave danger. And why? Because of you and this situation.

Amber: However it happened, Liam is the father of my child. Why would I want any harm to come to him?

Bill: All right, shut up. I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth, and I'm sure Lieutenant Baker doesn't either.

Amber: What are you talking about?

Bill: I've been checking in with him. His investigators are all over this. And I'm sure, by now, they have enough evidence to arrest you and put you away for a long time. What are you waiting for cuff her? Arrest her... now.

Lt. Baker: It's not that simple, Mr. Spencer. I didn't come here to arrest Amber. I came to hear her account of what happened.

Bill: Are you telling me you're gonna buy what she's selling?

Lt. Baker: No we conduct a very thorough investigation whenever we hear there's an explosion and that someone's been seriously injured.

Bill: No, not someone, my son, and he has been critically injured because of her.

Lt. Baker: I just came from the scene of the accident.

Bill: Not an accident, a crime scene. It is a crime scene, damn it.

Lt. Baker: Look, Mr. Spencer, I understand what you're going through. I have a son, too. But the scene around the trailer has been very thoroughly investigated. There's nothing to indicate foul play. I'm satisfied that this was an accident. That will be my report.

Bill: Is that right? So the police will not be investigating any further, is that what you're telling me?

Lt. Baker: I can only pray that your son will be all right.

Bill: Look at you... standing there thinking you have gotten away with murder. Let me tell you something. My son, my family-- you will never cause any harm to any of them again. I will put a stop to it, Amber. I will put a stop to you.

Katie: So that's pretty much where things stand.  

Ridge: I'm still curious why Bill thinks Amber would want to hurt Liam.

Brooke: He's her meal ticket.

Ridge: What would she have to gain, though?

Katie: I-it doesn't make sense. None of this makes sense, but--but Bill is not thinking logically. I mean, this is a man who--who prides himself on always being in control. He never lets his emotions take over, and... he's a mess. I mean, I-I-I look at him watching his son fight for his life, and--and there's nothing he can do about it. I can tell he feels so helpless.

Brooke: And for a powerful man like Bill, it has to be really difficult.

Katie: He's used to making things happen. I can just tell that it's killing him that he can't fix this for Liam. I mean, I'm telling you, there's one thing that he's determined to do. He will protect his son from anything else that Amber tries.

Bill: Nick, Bill Spencer. Where do things stand with the Malibu property?

Nick: Hey, Bill. (Clears throat) Just got done windsurfing. Listen, I got your voicemail. I e-mailed my friend, and you're good. The deal is done. The attorneys are drawing up the documents now.

Bill: I'd really like to get this done today, Nick. Any chance you can pick up the agreement and, uh, meet me at the house?

Nick: Yeah, yeah. I'm out here. So if you want to come over, we'll go over it.

Bill: Thatíll work. I'm on my way.

Amber: Any change? You're such a sweet guy, Liam. (Sighs) You know, you could have... could have come over and started yelling at me... (Sighs) Like your dad did. (Sighs) I know... having a baby with me isn't what you want. I'm so sorry I screwed up your life. (Sniffles) What have I done to you?

Hope: That's what I'd like to know.

Amber: (Sniffles) (Gasps) Oh, hi. I didn't, um... how much did you hear?

Ridge: You're worried about Hope.

Brooke: She's just been through so much lately-- finding out about Amber's pregnancy, and the baby is Liamís. (Sighs) And now to find out that Liam is in the hospital. I mean, I-I know that sheís strong, Ridge, but how much more can she take?

Ridge: Bill will deal with Amber. He is not gonna let his son be at her mercy. Amber thinks she's tough, but she's not gonna win this round, Logan. And you know what? She's brought this whole damn thing on herself, every bit of it.

Bill: That's obviously the paperwork.

Nick: Yeah.

Bill: You looked it over?

Nick: Yeah, it's all in order. There's a lot for you to sign.

Bill: All right.

Nick: I heard about the explosion. How's your son doing?

Bill: Still unconscious.

Nick: I'm sorry about that. The attorneys attached notes to all the documents. If you want me to go over anything--

Bill: Not necessary. I know the drill.

Nick: Listen, Bill, this is a beautiful property, but please don't forget about the safety issues out here, especially that overlook, okay? It's a big drop. I didn't mention anything yesterday-- I didn't want to scare Katie-- Buman's wife fell to her death about six months ago. The husband reported it, so...

Bill: Did he push her?

Nick: Well, no one knows. Just be aware that accidents can happen out here.

Hope: My God, Amber, the lengths that you'll go to.

Amber: What's that supposed to mean?

Hope: As if it's not bad enough what you did to him at his apartment that night, now you're--you're what, you're trying to send him and the rest of us a-a message, what, that you're not to be messed with?

Amber: No.

Hope: Don't even try--

Amber: No, that's not the way it was at all.

Hope: Just get away from him, Amber. Get away.

Amber: I'm carrying his baby, Hope.

Hope: A baby that you are using for your own self-serving purposes.

Amber: That's not true.

Hope: I will tell you what's true. You used him. You manipulated him. And now he is laying in a hospital bed, and it is your fault, Amber, not anyone else's-- yours. You may claim you care about him--

Amber: I do care.

Hope: Yeah? Then leave him alone. Let him recover in peace.

Hope: (Whispers) And you will recover. Youíre gonna open your eyes, and you'll be fine.

Amber: And you'll be right there holding his hand through it all.

Hope: (Normal voice) Because we love each other. We are devoted to each other. What will it take to make you understand that?

Amber: I do understand. But what you have to understand is that as much as you want me out of Liamís life, I can't do it. Soon, we're always gonna be connected to this child. I know you wish that weren't true, but it is, Hope. And that's the way it's always gonna be.

Hope: Go away, Amber. I want to be alone with him.

Amber: Look, just so you know, Lieutenant Baker was here. The police, they--they finished their investigation. The explosion was an accident, just in case you were hoping that they were gonna put me away and I was gonna be out of all of your lives. It's just not gonna happen. And not even the mighty Bill Spencer can change that.

(Door closes)

Brooke: Hope was so in love and so happy. She actually told me she found the man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Ridge: Logan, listen to me.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: However things work out, Hope always knows she can lean on us if she needs to.

Brooke: I just hate to think how this is going to complicate her life.

Ridge: Things will work out how they're supposed to, okay? I think the best medicine for Liam right now is probably having Hope by his side. Look, he'll have a chance to get healthy, and then the two of them can figure out...

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: What they want to do from here, all right?

Brooke: All right.

Hope: (Sniffles) Okay, you. It's time to wake up now, okay? You've got a lot of people worried about you-- me and--and your dad, especially. (Sniffles) Come on. Come on. Come on. I need to see you open your eyes, okay? I need to see you smile and--and I need to hear you say my name. I'm sorry. (Sniffles) I'm so sorry this happened to you. I mean, you know, if we could... (Sniffles) If we could get Amber out of our lives, you know, if we could make her disappear forever... But that will never happen now. (Sniffles)

Bill: Amber has to be dealt with.

[Bill remembering]

Nick: The man's wife fell to her death about six months ago. Accidents can happen.

[Bill imagining]

Amber: (Screams)

(Thunder crashes)

Bill: Amber has to be dealt with... has to be dealt... has to be dealt... Liamís life is in danger... is in danger... is in danger... you want to do this to my son... to my son... to my son... to my son... I love you, Son. I love you. Amber has to be dealt with... Amber has to be... Amber has to be...

Amber: (Screams) (Screaming)


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