B&B Transcript Wednesday 2/16/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/16/11


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Bill: You sure you want to get in the ring with me, Amber?

Amber: Give me your best shot. I can hold my own.

Bill: You know, you may have run your little scams on the Forresters. You may have even been successful. But now you're in the big leagues. You are dealing with me, and you are in way over your head.

Hope: Hey, Dad, I need help with this tagline for the spring campaign.  I've got something, but it's--its not working. I mean, do you have any suggestions?

Steffy: How about "Hope for the Future-- beyond the mall"? Oh, snap. Look who's back.

Hope: So I see.

Steffy: What? You're not happy to see me?

Hope: (Sighs)

Steffy: That really, really hurts, Hope.

Hope: It's not that, Steffy. I just, um, I didn't expect to see you back so soon.

Steffy: Oh, Girl, I've been gone for months.

Hope: Really? Wow, time flies.

Steffy: Actually, you're lucky. I was gonna come home sooner, but I decided to stay in Paris and help Marcus get settled in. He is doing great. He fits in perfectly at International.

Hope: Good. Good.

Steffy: Hey, where is everyone? I came straight here hoping to find my dad or my brother-- you know, some loving blood relatives. Instead, I get you.

Hope: Sorry.

Steffy: (Sighs) Look, you have nothing to worry about, all right? I'm not interested in making a play for Liam or Oliver. Okay? Hey, I had my hands full in Paris with a bevy of handsome, intriguing men. Your boys can fight over you all they want.

Hope: Good to know.

Steffy: Hey, what is going on with you? Oh, my God, are you crying?

Hope: (Scoffs)

Steffy: Is it-- it's not that bad having me back, is it?

Hope: No, no. It's--it is not you at all. It's just... I just have a lot going on right now.

Steffy: Sounds serious. Look, um, I know we're not exactly B.F.F.s, but you want to talk about it?

Hope: Well, you're bound to find out anyway. (Sighs) Um, it's a really long story, but basically, Amber is pregnant with Liamís baby.

Bill: Well, I do have to give you your props, Amber. You're obviously not very smart, and yet, you were able to manipulate Liam. Got yourself knocked up, just like you planned. A little advice, though-- your game is lacking in subtlety. This was clearly a money play from the beginning.

Amber: That's ridiculous.

Bill: This kid is a problem, and I want it to disappear.

Amber: Forget it. I am having this baby whether it fits in your "Plans" or not.

Bill: What's your price, Amber? Everybody's got one.

Amber: Not me.

Bill: Really? So if I offered you, say, 500 grand, you wouldn't take it? Think about it. That's a lot of coin. You could buy yourself and your mama a couple of brand new double-wides and still have money left over for a shopping spree at the flea market.

Amber: 500,000 bucks for me to disappear.

Bill: And the kid.

Amber: Oh, I get what you're saying. You're a very dangerous man.

Bill: You have no idea. So what's it gonna be? The cards are on the table. That's a lot of money.

Amber: 18 years of child support for a little Spencer baby is worth a hell of a lot more than a half million dollars.

Bill: Let me tell you something, you little tramp.

(Cell phone rings) (Ring) (Ring)

Bill: I'm gonna have to get back to you.

Katie: I'm out in Malibu. (Scoffs) Nick's friend has this amazing house. It's on Little Dume. That's the beach that Storm used to take us to when we were little. It's insanely beautiful. You have do come see it.

Bill: Not now, Katie.

Katie: Please, Bill. I know you're busy, but Nick's friend owns it, and it's not even on the market yet. They're gonna list it tomorrow. It'll only take a half an hour. I promise.

Bill: All right. All right, I'll be there. Text me the address.

Amber: Look, I understand the circumstances aren't ideal, but I am pregnant with your grandchild. Maybe you should just try to suck it up and make the best of it.

Bill: The only person who is going to suck anything will be you. You think you're in control? You think there is nothing I can do? You are dead wrong. And you will find out exactly how wrong you are.

Steffy: Amber is pregnant with Liamís baby? How the hell did that happen?

Hope: Uh, well, Liam was incapacitated one night.

Steffy: Wait. Wait. Wait. He was drunk?

Hope: No. No. Actually, he had a concussion. Itís... (Sighs) It's a long story, but basically, Amber ended up in bed with him. Liam doesn't remember anything. I know that sounds really crazy, but it's the truth.

Steffy: Well, what does this mean for you and Liam?

Hope: I don't know. I honestly have no idea what happens now.

(Knock on door)

Brooke: Hello, Amber.

Amber: (Scoffs)

Brooke: You had to be expecting me.

Amber: I don't want to talk to you, Brooke.

Brooke: Too bad. There's some things I want to say to you, and youíre going to listen.

Katie: I can't wait for Bill to see this place. I just know he's gonna love it as much as I do.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Excuse me, okay?

Katie: Okay. Hey, Babe. I'm over here. Hi.

Bill: Hey.

Katie: Hi. Mm. I'm glad you could come. I know you were in the middle of something. Were you with Amber?

Bill: (Sighs) Yeah.

Katie: (Sighs) You think that's a good idea? I mean, maybe we should just let our attorneys handle her.

Bill: No, I'll handle her. That little tramp is not going to ruin my son's life.

Steffy: Okay, so poor Liam bumps his head, knocks himself out nearly unconscious. Amber hops into bed with him and gets herself pregnant in hopes of hitting it rich?

Hope: Yes.

Steffy: Okay. Um... hey, if I didn't know Liam was such a nice guy, I would never believe this.

Hope: I know. I know. I know. But he's telling the truth. Amber did take advantage of him. I mean, he was as surprised as anyone to find out that they slept together, let alone that she was pregnant.

Steffy: Well, then she totally trapped him. I mean, who does something like that?

Hope: A very desperate and pathetic person.

Steffy: Oh, yeah.

Hope: I mean, she will do anything to get what she wants, and what she wants is a big, fat payoff from Liamís dad.

Steffy: Oof. The mighty dollar Bill Spencer, huh? Yeah, I can't even imagine how he's taking all this.

Amber: Stop staring me down and tell me why you're here.

Brooke: You know why. You took advantage of a vulnerable young man-- Hope's boyfriend. They had something nice, something sweet and innocent. They were going to explore life together. And you stole that from my daughter.

Amber: Look, I'm sorry Hope's upset. It's not like I meant for this to happen.

Brooke: Oh, yes, you did. I'm sure you planned this all along.

Amber: Believe what you want. I don't really care.

Brooke: Well, congratulations, Amber. You finally have what you've wanted your whole life-- a free ride to the good life. You tried that with Rick, but it didn't work in the end. And now somehow, you've managed to make it work this time. But I'm not sure you really thought this through, because not only do you have to deal with me, you have to contend with Bill Spencer. Do you really want to go toe-to-toe with a man like that?

Hope: Amber messed with my family for years. I mean, she left town. We thought we were finally done with her, and now she comes back, and within a few days, she's already wreaking havoc.

Steffy: Well, she's a good manipulator. That's for sure. But targeting Liam, knowing how powerful his father is? Yeah, she's way out of her league with this one.

Hope: Mm-hmm. Maybe you can give her a few tips on how to handle Bill.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Hope: You seemed to manage him pretty well. After all, you got him to sell the company back.

Steffy: Well, that's because I have fierce negotiating skills. I know how to deal with a guy like Bill. I understand what makes him tick, and I know how hard to push, and I know just when to pull back.

Hope: Sounds like you've got him all figured out.

Steffy: Yeah, we're cut from the same cloth, Bill and me. We want the same things out of life- money, success, excitement, adventure.

Hope: You're both overly ambitious, not easily intimidated, very, very stubborn.

Steffy: And we know how to get what we want, how to get the job done. And the one thing I do know is that we'll do anything to protect our families. You know, Bill loves his son. And there's no way he's gonna let Amber get away with this.

Katie: Honey, I know that you're upset about Amber, and there's a lot going on, and this is probably the worst time to look at this house, but I have always loved this place and Nick's buddy is selling it, so we get see it before it  gets on the market. So let's just forget about work.

Bill: (Clears throat)

Katie: And just enjoy this, breathe the fresh ocean air.

Bill: (Chuckles)

Katie: Surf's up, Dude. (Chuckles)

Bill: Iíll try, "Gidget."

Katie: Thank you.

Nick: Bill. I'm guessing you know that your wife is crazy about this property.

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: I got that impression.

Nick: Well, listen, this place is premium. You know, houses on the lookout, they don't come on the market very often. My opinion? This is probably the most quality place in Malibu. It's also pretty good for wind surfing.

Katie: Uh, right.

Nick: I-I-I-I admit I have ulterior motives.

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: Looks a little run-down.

Nick: Yeah, this house is-- it's old, you know, a little worn. But you're really not payin' for that. You know, you're payin' for the property, the view, very secluded, private beach access the neighbors don't bother you and really no other place like it.

Katie: (Chuckles)

Nick: Well, listen. Take a minute. Think about it. I'll be on the deck.

Katie: Yeah, thanks. Listen, this really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And if we don't like the house, we can tear it down eventually and build that big, modern house that you've always wanted build a guesthouse for Liam.

Bill: Amber and her kid?

Katie: No I wasn't going to suggest that.

Bill: Good. 'Cause it'll never happen.

Katie: No problem. But let's focus on the house, not Amber.

Brooke: You've caused too much damage to my family, Amber. I couldn't stop you then, but I can certainly stop you now. I'm not going to allow you to bring my daughter down.

Amber: Yeah, enough. Enough already, okay? I can only handle so much abuse for one day, you know? It's not enough that I have to get an earful from you, but Bill Spencer came here thinkin' he could buy me off. But you know what? I'm not for sale.

Brooke: Youíre not?

Amber: No.

Brooke: Come on, Amber. You've always been motivated by money. Why should now be any different? I have a feeling it's not going to end well for you.

Amber: Oh, see, I disagree. I have a little Spencer baby growin' inside me, and Bill, he can come here, and he an offer me all the money in the world to make this baby disappear because he wants us both gone, but I am not going anywhere, and neither is my little baby.

Hope: Well, I don't disagree with you, Steffy. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want to tangle with Bill Spencer, but right now, Amber has the upper hand.

Steffy: Amber thinks she's sitting on a gold mine wit Liamís baby in her belly.

Hope: Well, realistically speaking, she is. Liam is legally bound to this child. No matter what, he will be paying child support for the next 18 years.

Steffy: Yeah, and that's a lot of money. That's a lot of Spencer money.

Hope: Mm-hmm, and I'm sure Amber is adding it all up in her scheming little brain.

Steffy: Bill's gonna fight it. All right? He's not gonna cave to her.

Hope: But what can he do? What can he do? Paternity tests do not lie. Liam is the father, and Amber's got Bill and Liam right where she wants them.

Steffy: Well, not for long. Little Miss Amber is way underestimating Bill. Nothing gets him more than not being in control. You know, Amber may think that sheís calling the shots, but knowing Bill the way I do, he's gonna have the upper hand.

Amber: You, Bill, Hope, Liam, you all have to accept the circumstances as they are. Liam is the father of this child. I am having this baby, and I'm not going anywhere.

Brooke: So you say.

Amber: No matter how much any of you try to scare me or shame me into, uh, getting rid of this so-called "Problem," I am going forward with this pregnancy and my life, with or without anyone's support.

Brooke: (Sighs) I wish you luck, Amber. You're gonna need it. And stay away from my daughter. If she sheds one more tear because of you, I will be all over you. Do you understand me?

Amber: Loud and clear.

Brooke: And as for Bill, I'd watch out for him if I were you. You never know what he's capable of.

Nick: Hey.

Katie: I want to show Bill the best part. The view from the lookout is amazing. You will buy this place on the spot when you see it.

Nick: Obviously, the grounds need a little work around here. Clear away some of this brush, cut some trees back.

Katie: (Laughs) Oh, I don't remember it being this high up.

Nick: Stay away from the ledge.

Katie: You're not kidding. How high are we?

Nick: High.

Katie: (Laughs)

Nick: Yeah, if you buy this place, you might want to get some sort of supporting fence around there, you know? Accidents have happened.

Katie: You mean people have fallen?

Nick: Well, yeah, you know, people get a little carried away, a few too many cocktails, lovin' the view, not as careful as they ought to be.

Katie: How do you survive a fall like that?

Nick: Well, you donít. (Chuckles)

Katie: Really? That's terrible.

(Thunder crashes)

Katie: This view is so gorgeous, but I'm kinda getting vertigo.

Nick: Let's show Bill the tennis court.

Katie: All right. Come on, Honey.

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