B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/15/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/15/11


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Hope:  What are you saying, Mom?

Brooke: Nobody in this room knows Amber better than I do.

Hope: I'm not asking you about Amber.

Brooke: Amber is pregnant with Liam's child. You can't have a relationship with Liam that doesn't include Amber.

Liam: All-- all Amber wants is money. I mean... (scoffs) she knows I'm with Hope. That's not gonna change.

Brooke: I know that you two love each other. And I'm sure that Liam didn't mean for this to happen. There's no doubt in my mind that this was all Amber's doing. But it can't be undone. I think you should take a step back and reevaluate where this is going.

Hope: Step back? You're telling me to break up with Liam?

Tawny: (Chuckles) Good-bye, creditors. Hello, good life. Ahh, Amber, I told you. All you had to do was listen to your mama.

Amber: We rigged a paternity test. I am conning Bill Spencer's son.

Tawny: You are giving your child a better life. Aw, that sweet little grandbaby.

Amber: No.  You're not gonna have anything to do with this baby. You know what? You've done enough, Mother. It's over.

Amber: I just want you to pack your bags and get out of here.

Tawny: What? Honey, I'm the one who set things up with Carl. I'm the one who got him to the hospital on time. If it weren't for me--

Amber: Then I wouldn't be in this mess.

Tawny: No, no, you wanted to tell Oliver that it was his kid, and then where would you be? I made it so you could provide for this child.

Amber: That's right. That's right. Because you talked me into this crazy scheme.

Tawny: You know, I know you don't want to appear ungrateful here. And besides, you can't throw me out. It's my trailer.

Amber: I just need to do this on my own.

Tawny: Okay, I get it. You want me gone when the first check arrives.

Amber: Oh, you know what? Uh, no. I-I just-- you know, if I'm gonna do this--

Tawny: No, not if, honey. You did it. It's done.

Amber: No, Mom, it's not. This--this plan? It isn't some small-time little scheme here. I am running a con on one of the most ruthless men on the planet.

Tawny: You didn't do a darn thing to that guy I mean, the test proves his son got you pregnant.

Amber: Yeah, his only son, his pride and joy, the future of Spencer Publications. Get caught running a scam on Bill Spencer's son, maybe you go to jail. Maybe you just disappear forever.  See Bill, he won't just come after me. He will come after anyone he thinks is involved.

Bill: Liam didn't cheat on Hope. He doesn't even remember being with Amber.

Brooke: The paternity test proves that he was.

Hope: He had a concussion. He wasn't conscious.

Brooke: Honey, that's not even the point. Look, it doesn't matter how this happened. The fact is, Amber is pregnant with Liam's child. That is the issue now, and that is all that any of us should be thinking about.

Katie: Look, we're all a little shell-shocked. None of us expected the paternity test to come back positive.

Brooke: But it did, and now we have to make decisions.

Liam: Yeah, like whether or not Hope still wants to be my girlfriend with Amber in the picture.

Brooke: Look, I know this sounds harsh and if it was anybody else we were talking about, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, but it's Amber Moore. Honey, you know how difficult she made Rick's life. Where Amber goes, misery follows. And when the baby is born, it's going to link Liam and Amber together forever.

Liam: There is no "Liam and Amber." That's not gonna happen.

Brooke: If you share custody, Amber's gonna have a say in almost every aspect in your life.

Hope: That's not how it was with you and my dad.

Brooke: You really think Liam's gonna be that kind of father?

Hope: No.

Amber: Look, I know you're not the bad guy in this. You were only trying to help.

Tawny: Oh, I know, honey. A mother sees her kid in trouble, she does what she has to do.

Amber: If Bill Spencer finds out I'm not really carrying Liam's child, he's gonna do what he has to do.

Tawny: Honey, you cannot let that happen.

Amber: I know. I know that, Mom. Look, I'll be fine. I-I can look out for myself. I just can't have you distracting me, and, uh, you just go now. When the first child support check comes, I will make sure you get your fair share, and Carl, too.

Tawny: Oh, honey, I hate to leave you like this.

Amber: I'm gonna be fine. Okay? I-I have a plan. I just, um, I need a little capital. Then I'm gonna start my own label, and I'm gonna start designing again. And I'm gonna make a really good life for me and my kids. It's all gonna work out.

Tawny: Of course it will. (Sighs)

Amber: I just-- I can't make any mistakes. You know, Bill Spencer, he's--he's probably got someone out in the parking lot right now taking pictures of me, watchin' where I go and who I see. So I think the smartest thing for me to do right now is just to lay low, and I think the smartest thing for you to do right now is just get as far away from me as you possibly can.

Tawny: Amber, honey.

Amber: (Sighs)

Tawny: Oh, honey, sweetie, I-I-I'll be in touch, okay?

Amber: Okay.

Tawny: All right. Okay. Take care.

(Cat meowing)

Bill: Dump Liam? That's what you want Hope to do?

Katie: Bill, come on.

Bill: What the hell kind of advice is that?

Brooke: The same kind of advice you gave your son about my daughter not too long ago.

Bill: Well, that was a totally different situ--

Katie: Okay, I think taking a step back might be a pretty good idea right about now.

Brooke: I'm sorry.

Katie: We're all just a little wound up.

Bill: Amber's not gonna get away with this. My son's future is too important to have it hijacked by some petty little trailer park con artist!

Brooke: Bill, you said so yourself-- if this was Amber's plan, it worked.

Bill: Oh, so that's it? That's it? Amber wins? No! This is a problem. I'll give you that-- a big problem. That's what I do. That's my job. Every day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, I solve problems. And I will be damned if I am not going to solve this one. Nobody-- nobody does this to my kid.

Katie: Bill? Bill, where are you going? Bill!

Brooke: You know where he's going.

Katie: (Sighs)

Brooke: It's just I'm not sure it's going to do those two any good.

Katie: (Sighs)

Liam: You know, I... I meant what I said. I don't want you to worry about this.

Hope: How can I not worry about this?

Liam: Well, because... nothing has to change.

Hope: Amber is pregnant with your baby.

Liam: Yeah, and I'm-- I'm gonna do right by that baby. But I'm also gonna do right by you.

Hope: (Sighs) I'm not gonna lie, Liam. I'm kind of freaked out.

Liam: I'm totally freaked out. I mean, there was-- there was no way I thought that test was gonna be positive. I still don't believe it. It doesn't even seem possible o me.

Hope: (Sighs)

Liam: But here's what I know. I love you. And, yeah, my life is gonna get more complicated. And I'm gonna have other priorities, but you're the most important one. I mean, kid, work, whatever-- you're top of my list.

Hope: (Sighs)

(knock on door)

Amber: Please don't tell me you changed your mind. Bill.

Bill: You know why I'm here.

Amber: No.

Bill: Sure you do

Amber: I think we all said enough.

Bill: What's it gonna take, Amber, to solve the problem? What's it going to take?

Amber: (Sighs) You know, this pregnancy, it doesn't have to be thought of as a problem.

Bill: It is.

Amber: You know, I think you're just not used to the idea. You know, it's all new to you. But once Liam realizes that his life doesn't have to change-- he wants to be with Hope. I'm--I'm totally cool with that.

Bill: I don't give a rat's ass what you are cool with. All I care about is helping my son achieve everything he can. And that can't happen as long as he is shackled to you.

Amber:  He won't be. I told you.

Bill: And I told you I want this problem solved. Now I will see to it that it is handled with discretion. But I do want it handled and right now.

Amber: Does Liam know you're here? D-does he know what you want me to do?

Bill: What Liam wants is a life with Hope and a future without you. And I'm going to make that happen.

Amber: Well, I won't do it. I don't care what you offer. I won't.

Bill: I am not offering you anything, Amber. I am telling you what's going to happen.

Amber: You can't make that decision for me.

Bill: I can if you realize what's good for you.

Amber: Are you threatening me, Bill?

Bill: You know that what you did was wrong. You know what you have to do to make it right.

Amber: This isn't a scam. You were there when the doctor read the test results.

Bill: (Sighs)

Amber: I am pregnant with Liam's baby, your grandchild.

Bill: (Scoffs) If you think playing the grandchild ploy is going to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you are mistaken. This will not turn out the way you want it to, Amber. You think living in this trailer is a nightmare? You go up against me, and you will look back on this day, and you will say to yourself, "living in that tin can was heaven." Now is that what you want to bring into your life, that kind of misery and stress? Because that is all you are going to get from me and from my family.

Liam: I'm not gonna let Amber ruin this.

Hope: Well, I don't want her to either.

Liam: Okay, so, I mean, all that stuff your mom was saying about us breaking up--

Hope: I know. I know. She just wants me to make the best decision for me.

Liam: Do you love me?

Hope: What?

Liam: Do you love me?

Hope: Yes.

Liam: Okay then.

Hope: But, Liam, that's not the point. I am not the point. It's not about me or what I feel or what I want from our relationship. This is about you. You are going to be a dad. And that's what you need to be focused on.

Liam: Yeah, I have nine months to figure out how to be a father. You know what I have to figure out right now? How to hold onto you.

Katie: Are they still talking?

Brooke: Maybe we should give them some privacy. (Sighs)

(cell phone rings)

Katie: Oh.


Katie: It's Nick.

Brooke: Why is Nick calling you?


Katie: I have no idea. Hey, Nick. Uh, this is a surprise. What's goin' on?

Nick: Hey, do you remember my buddy's house up in Malibu? I-I stashed my windsurfing board there.

Katie: Uh, yea. I-I loved that property. What--what about it?

Nick: Well, he's looking to sell it, so I was thinking of you and Bill. Maybe you'd want to come up here and look at it before it goes on the market.

Katie: Wow.

Nick: I'm up here now if you want to shoot up and take a look.

Katie: Um, yeah, sure. (Stammers) I would love to see it. Thank you for thinking of me.

Nick: No problem. I'll text you the address.

Katie: Okay, great. Um, I will see you soon. Huh. (Chuckles) Uh, Nick's friend is-- is selling this house. It's beautiful. I'm gonna go take a look at it.

Brooke: O-okay, yeah, go ahead.

Katie: Do you want to come with me?

Brooke: No, it's okay. Actually, there's... (sighs) something I need to do.

Liam: You know, your mom said that the future we planned doesn't exist anymore. (Scoffs) Well, guess what? Maybe it never did. You know, the future's not-- it's not some destination out there ahead of us, and--and we can make it there if only we stay on course. I mean, the future, it's-- it's--what is it? It's just--it's an idea.

Hope: So maybe it was never going to happen for us anyway.

Liam: Yeah, and maybe it will. Nobody knows the future, not until it happens, and nothing has happened yet. You know, everybody's talkin' about the baby, the baby. What baby? I mean, everybody's sayin' that Amber's gonna cause all this trouble, and she hasn't asked for one thing yet.

Hope: But she will. You know she will.

Liam: All right, fine. Okay. So she will, and when she does, I will deal with it. But I don't think we should be making decisions as if she already has. Your mom said to step back. I agree. Let's stop talking about the future. Let's stop talking about what's going to happen or what's going to go wrong. I mean, we need to be focusing on right here and right now, and, Hope, Hope, from where I'm standing, things aren't lookin' so bad.

Hope: (Sighs)

Bill: Amber, I am generously giving you an opportunity to do the right thing.

Amber: The right thing for who? Hmm? For you? For Liam? For Spencer Publications? What about me and my baby, hmm?

Bill: (Sighs)

Amber: You really don't care at all, do you? This child is a Spencer.

Bill: Liam will have a child one day with a woman he loves, not some conniving, gold-digging, trailer park snake who slithered into his bed while he was unconscious.

Amber: Hmm, maybe. But right now, Liam's having a baby with me, and it's up to us to decide how to handle it.

Bill: You will stay away from my son and deal with me.

Amber: No. See, that's not how this is gonna work. I am through with taking orders from people like you. You think you got all the power. You get to make all the decisions, hmm? Well, not this time. You're angry. I get that. You hate me. I totally understand. But nobody, not even the mighty Dollar Bill Spencer, can treat me like garbage. You got that, Grandpa? You think you know me? Well, maybe you do. But you don't know your son at all if you think he would let you strong-arm the mother of his child. See, Liam, he is a kind, generous human being.

Bill: Liam doesn't trust you any more than I do.

Amber: Neither does Hope. Neither does Brooke. So what? Who cares? Get over it. You wanted the test results? Good. You got 'em. You don't like 'em? Not my problem. My only thought right now is my child-- providing a happy and secure future for my little baby. And if you want to help Liam and I do that, more power to you. And if you don't, too bad. See, I am a part of your son's life now. What will the tabloids say, hmm, that I'm his baby mama?

Bill: You are nothing to Liam. You are nothing, period. You are not part of his life or my family, and you never will be. (Scoffs) You really think you've gotten the best of me? You really think there is nothing I can do about this? Well, you are sadly mistaken. You have no idea who you are screwing with.

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