B&B Transcript Monday 2/7/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/7/11


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The 6,000th episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Today, Stephanie is interviewing candidates for a lung cancer support group. These are real people battling lung cancer, and here are their stories.

Kathryn: Hello.

Stephanie: This is my friend Nick Marone.

Nick: How do you do?

Kathryn: Nick? Hi. Kathy.

Stephanie: Kathryn Joosten.

Nick: Nice to meet you.

Stephanie: Kathryn, you know, is a very famous actress.

Nick: Yes, yes. (Laughs)

Stephanie: If he hasn't watched your show he will from now on.

Kathryn: Oh, well, I hope so.

Stephanie: Please, sit down.

Kathryn: Thank you.

Nick: All right.

Stephanie: It's so nice of you to come by and see us.

Kathryn: Well, I was intrigued, you know. You said that, uh, you kind of wanted to get together and get some kind of a support group.

Stephanie: Well, I was thinking, um, because this whole thing took me completely by surprise...

Kathryn: Oh, yeah.

Stephanie: Um, you know, I was feeling--

Kathryn: How did you discover it?

Stephanie: Well, I was feeling perfectly fine. Then all of a sudden, I was feeling just exhausted and started, uh, coughing. And I kept putting it off and putting it off, and finally, I went in, and they said to me, "You've got, uh, lung cancer." And of course, it just knocked the wind right out of me.

Kathryn: Are you in therapy? Quite frankly, depression is a significant part of cancer. And if you develop a support group, you gotta understand that, somewhere along the line, members of the group are gonna die.

Stephanie: Oh, yes. Of course.

Kathryn: So it's something that we have to all be open and talk about, uh, because that's just part of the reality of it.

Stephanie: Yes, but then we can be there to help them, in a way.

Kathryn: Exactly. We can be there to help each other through it.

Jackie: (Sighs) I am so glad that you don't smoke. (Sighs)

Owen: Well, sadly... mm... there's a lot of people with lung cancer who have never smoked a cigarette in their life.

Jackie: (Sighs) I know. I'm so worried about Nicky. I mean, a spot on his lung, and he doesn't even seem to care.

Owen: No, Jackie, he does care. He just doesn't want you to see that he does.

Jackie: (Sighs) Oh. (Sighs)

Stephanie: It's amazing the number of people that come down with lung cancer that never smoked.

Kathryn: Yeah. (Stammers)

Stephanie: You just--yeah.

Nick: That's really the--

Kathryn: It's the number-one killer right now among women. More women get breast cancer, but they get cured.

Stephanie: Right. Now what point are you at as far as--

Kathryn: The cancer? Apparently, at this point, I am "Cured."

Stephanie: Okay.

Nick: Bravo.

Kathryn: I had my--yeah. I had my 1-year pet scan, and I have no cancer cells in my body at this point.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Kathryn: So I'm probably better off than most of the people in any room, because I know. (Chuckles)

Stephanie: You know exactly where you stand, sure.

Kathryn: Um, but I'll continue every three months with the tests, and, you know, that's the hard part, Stephanie. Every three months, you come up to, "Are they gonna tell me I have it again?" Or for those people who do have it-- "Are they gonna tell me it got worse? Are they gonna tell me it got better?" So the stress and--and the fears of--of, uh, having to go through that every three months...

Stephanie: That's why you find the therapy so helpful. Yeah.

Kathryn: Yeah, uh, and, uh, because otherwise, it rips you apart.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Kathryn: You have absolutely no control over your future. You have control over when or how you might be-- you might be struck down.

Stephanie: I think about how much I'd miss my family.

Kathryn: Yeah, I've been through that one.

Stephanie: If that's possible.

Kathryn: I remember very early on in the second cancer, I-I-I-I had a dream in which I said to the therapist, "Will you help me die?" And he said, "Of course I will." And so it was really a time when I faced, "This is going to happen." I mean, at the time, I thought I-- since it was, uh, stage 3, I thought, oh, I'm--that's it. I'm wiped out. I'm finished. And I was looking at the idea that I was gonna die.

Stephanie: I'm prepared for life. I hope I finally will prepare myself for death in a positive way. Yes.

Kathryn: Well, I think it's great, and we can get the word out.

Stephanie: Good. I really appreciate it.

Kathryn: I am delighted. And I am delighted--

Stephanie: You--you-- you made me really think about a lot of things.

Kathryn: Well...

Stephanie: And you're right about the therapist.

Kathryn: Yeah, follow up on it, huh?

Stephanie: I will.

Kathryn: Okay, you'll be in touch.

Stephanie: I will, thank you.

Nick: Thank you.

Kathryn: Bye.

Jackie: Please, Darling. Try to understand. No matter what I say, no matter how much I try to persuade him, my son just won't listen to me, and, oh, God, here I am just going on and on and on about Nicky's cigars, and he's just... (Sighs)

Owen: No, Jackie, you tried. You tried.

Jackie: (Sighs) God, I know I'm just pushing him away. (Sighs)

Owen: Look, and that's the last thing that you want. I know.

Jackie: (Sighs) Well, certainly being the doting mother isn't working, is it? It's getting me nowhere.

Owen: Listen to me. Nick is not going to quit smoking until he makes the decision on his own.

Jackie: I know. I know. I know, and my nagging-- well, what's that doing? It's just creating this huge distance between us, and I just... oh, I can't hold my tongue. I just can't, knowing that any one of those damn cigars that he's smoking could be the one that kills him.

Stephanie: Doctor, why don't you sit here?

Dr. Weitz: Sure.

Stephanie: Nick, um, is not a cancer survivor. They found a spot on his lung, and he's a cigar smoker. I've been trying to get him to quit.

Nick: Workin' on the gum, the patch, the-- all that's workin' right now.

Dr. Weitz: That's an important start, yeah.

Nick: Okay.

Stephanie: And you--and you survived cancer yourself.

Dr. Weitz: Yes. I'm a 4-year survivor.

Stephanie: Wow.

Dr. Weitz: So my story began four years ago. I'm an emergency physician. Every day of my life, I see lives turned upside down. But I wasn't used to it in my life.

Stephanie: No.

Dr. Weitz: So what happened one day is I was swallowing some liquid, and I noticed a funny sensation in my chest, something that I never had experienced before, but as a physician, I knew that something was not right.

Nick: Just from the tingling? Just from taking a drink?

Dr. Weitz: Yeah, it was only with cold liquids. It was really-- really quite strange.

Nick: So being a doctor, that's why you were suspicious.

Dr. Weitz: Yes. And I got a chest x-ray, and then the chest x-ray had a little spot on the lung that they said, "Well, maybe we should watch it," and I said, "Well, maybe we should get a cat scan." And we got a cat scan, and that confirmed that I had advanced lung cancer. So we have a family meeting with the boys and my wife, and the--the hardest thing we ever had to do was to tell them that their 49-year-old father had lung cancer. And, um, it was just tragic, but we told them that whatever we could do to maintain normalcy in their lives we would do, but we have to take this day by day and not project ahead to what the future may be, 'cause no one knows that.

Nick: Hey, Doc, were--were you a smoker?

Dr. Weitz: I never smoked, but, uh, you know, 15% of, uh, lung cancer patients never smoked.

Nick: Is there any way to diagnose if secondhand smoke actually--I mean, how would you diagnose that that might have caused the lung cancer?

Dr. Weitz: Secondhand smoking, uh, is presumed to be a potential, uh, for the development of lung cancer, but it's not definitive at this point.

Nick: Um, I ask 'cause I'm-- I have, uh, a young son, and I frame my smoking as "Occasional smoking," like maybe a cigar a day possibly, and I-I do not smoke around him, or try not to. So I-I think, uh, Stephanie's asked me to join here to, um, maybe a little wake-up call. You know, I-I-I--

Dr. Weitz: Well, I, uh--

Nick: I'm just struggling with quitting, and I realize--

Dr. Weitz: I will tell you-- I will tell you that any exposure is bad, because the smoke exposure causes inflammation in your lungs.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Weitz: Now why would you want to expose, you know someone to--to smoke that you knew that could potentially hurt them, harm them, or kill them?

Jackie: So Nick is still not in the office?

Owen: Apparently not. Stephanie must have lassoed him to keep him at that-- that support meeting of hers.

Jackie: How come she can make him listen, and I can't?

Owen: It's because he doesn't hear you when you talk about important things. I mean, fashion maybe. But life and death? No way.

Jackie: Well, that's not true. Is it?

Owen: Come on. The two of you have got an inverted parent-child relationship. You haven't noticed? Come on, he's dad, and you are the rebellious teenage girl.

Jackie: (Scoffs) I'm just rebelling against him getting cancer.

Owen: Come on. Besides, he's with Stephanie, and they're two of a kind. She's gonna use strong-arm tactics that you never would.

Jackie: I don't want to strong-arm him. I don't want to nag him. I just want to support him.

Owen: If I were Nick and in his shoes, I would probably be defensive as well.

Jackie: Why?

Owen: Because when somebody talks to another person about their smoking, regardless of how good their intentions may be, what they're really saying is, "You're bad. You're bad. What you're doing is bad, and it's gonna give you cancer, and it serves you right, because you are bad."

Jackie: But Nicky's not bad. I-it's the addictive nicotine that is bad. Help me get through to him.

Meryl: When I found out I had cancer, I felt like I was one of the lucky ones because it was caught so early. And when it was caught, I was able to, um, have surgery, and because there was a surgical solution, it made it much easier. Um, they could take out the tumor, and then in case-- they didn't want it to come back, so they gave me chemotherapy.

Stephanie: That was the toughest.

Meryl: That is the toughest by far.

Stephanie: Oh, I know.

Meryl: The first question people ask you when you have lung cancer is...

Together: "Did you smoke?"

Meryl: And I would always say, "No, of co--I didn't smoke, not once."

Nick: That's the real shocker.

Stephanie: One of the things that probably gets you through-- at least it does me-- is having a sense of humor about it.

Meryl: Without any question.

Stephanie: Its gallows humor lots of times, but...

Meryl: Yes, yes, you’re right.

Stephanie: But it does get you through.

Meryl: It does get you through.

Owen: You know, I would love to help you get through to your son, but I am the world's worst authority on Nick Marone.

Jackie: Oh, well, he-- he may be gruff, but he has accepted you.

Owen: No, history has shown that anything that I can say Nick can misunderstand, Jackie.

Jackie: Well, I refuse to believe that there is no sensitive way for me to let my son know how much his life and his health matter to me.

Owen: It's beautiful seeing you, how much you-- you care about your son and how much you want to help him, even though he's a grown man and he's--he's perfectly capable of making his own decisions.

Jackie: Well, I'm not sure that he is, Owen, on this particular subject, capable of making the "Right" decision.

Owen: Okay, I think that he's in a good place. And I've got a really good feeling that he's gonna hear some stories today that are gonna be able to help him better than you and I ever could-- put his head back on straight.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Nick, this is Zheng Cao. Zheng, this is Nick.

Nick: Good to meet you.

Zheng: Hi, Nick. Great to meet you.

Nick: Nice to meet you.

Stephanie: Um, do you want some coffee or some tea or water?

Zheng: No, I'm okay.

Stephanie: Can I tell you that I'm a fan? I've heard you sing, and that, uh, you know, I read this wonderful article about you in, uh, in the newspaper, and naturally, that's one of the reasons why I called and I wanted you to come. And--because I had found out there were no support groups for anybody with lung cancer in Beverly Hills.

Zheng: Not much out there.

Stephanie: I know.

Zheng: Yeah, well, so you gonna start this great thing.

Stephanie: Well, I hope so, and Nick, I'm hoping, will participate, because, you know, he's a naughty cigar smoker. Well, he doesn't have lung caner but...

Zheng: Oh, good.

Stephanie: He had a big scare. He had a big scare.

Zheng: Really?

Stephanie: Yeah, they found scarring on his lung, and they weren't sure until they ran secondary tests. Um, but I'm trying to convince him that--

Zheng: It's an alarm.

Stephanie: Yes, it is. It's a warning.

Zheng: It's sort of alarming. Yeah, it's a sign.

Stephanie: It is a sign, 'cause you don't need to go through what we've gone through.

Zheng: Yeah.

Jackie: Oh, when you kiss me like that, it just makes everything right with the world. Now if we could just get through to Nicky.

Owen: Look, I know that I am not Nick's favorite person in the world, but if there's anything I can do to help, I will.

Jackie: That means so much to me, Darling.

Owen: You know what I just-- just realized?

Jackie: What?

Owen: I just realized what--what's missing from the conversation that you want to have with Nick. I mean, Jackie, its not-- it's not facts. Nick's been given enough facts to choke on. But it's this. It's love. Now when you talk to Nick about his increased risk for cancer, you--you gotta talk to him the same way that you talked to Stephanie when you found out that she was sick. I mean, when somebody's dealing with their own mortality, the last thing that they want to hear is-- is everything that you think that they've done wrong in their lives. They need to hear-- they need to hear something about love, loss, fear, and hope, and especially hope.

Stephanie: What was it like when you found out that you had lung cancer?

Zheng: Well, I think probably to most everybody, it's like the world just turned upside down. And for me, it would have just been all the glass just completely shattered. The whole world just shattered. I mean, and I-- you know I didn't have any-- any, uh, symptoms.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Zheng: So it just com-- complete surprise. And I-I was ready to go to a location to do opera. I was, like, ready, and I told my doctor, "It's false alarm. If it's false alarm, I'm going right now." And really in the--just-- I think it's...

Stephanie: Denial?

Zheng: Yeah, and even-- even when you hear the word, that--stage 4, and you hear the word, um, lung cancer, still, I think in the back of my head, "It--it can't be. Why? How? You know, I am-- I am opera singer. I use this lung every day. And, uh, also, I never smoke."

Stephanie: You didn't lose--

Zheng: I think I refused to accept it in the beginning.

Stephanie: Well, uh, yeah. I did, too.

Zheng: At the same time, when you go, "Six months to live?"

Stephanie: Yeah.

Zheng: I have this great future planned out, you know? And there's just so much I want to do, and I'm thinking, "Six months? How am I gonna do them?" I'm scared. I'm really scared.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Zheng: And I don't know how long I have.

Stephanie: Nobody does.

Zheng: Nobody. Yeah. That's true. Oh, gosh. It's true. It's--

Stephanie: (Laughs) That's right. What did you do then?

Zheng: Well, I was so lucky that I had just tremendous, great friends. Everybody was saying to me is that, "Wow, you know, Zheng, if you can learn opera in all different language and learn how to sing, you can use all of those energy and to fight this cancer. If you can do that, you can do this. You have the same kind of, uh, energy. You just focus all on that, and then you gonna win."

Stephanie: Thank you so much for coming and sharing.

Zheng: My pleasure.

Stephanie: Oh, this is just wonderful. Thank you.

Zheng: I wish you all the best.

Stephanie: Thank you. Please give Nick a hug. He can use all the hugs.

Zheng: I'll give you a positive hug. Ohh.

Nick: (Chuckles)

Zheng: Thank you.

Nick: A very special person, you are.

Zheng: (Singing "O Mio Babbino Caro" from Puccini's "Gianni Schicchi") Please stop. Stop smoking. Bye. Bye.

Stephanie: It was wonderful meeting you, too.

(Door opens)

Nick: I'm thinking you did this for me.

Stephanie: No, I didn't.

Nick: Thank you.

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