B&B Transcript Friday 1/21/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/21/11


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Nick: So, what's the verdict, Doc?

Dr. Lewis: You're comfortable discussing this with Mrs. Forrester there, too?

Nick: I've tried to get rid of her, but I can't. So, what do you got?  Do I have cancer?

Donna: Justin?

Marcus: Dad, you all right?

Justin: Excuse me.

Marcus: I thought Ö I thought he would like it.

Bill: Want me to talk to him?

Donna: No, I will.  I'm sorry, Justin. I-I didn't realize. It seemed like a good idea.

Justin: I look at those photos, and everything I missed out on... How could you have done that?

Donna: I'm sorry. I-I should have never given you that album.

Justin: I didn't mean the album. It's a wonderful gift, and one I'll always treasure. I mean back then. What happened to us?

Donna: We were so young, Justin. Times were different. Maybe kids today, they have better resources, but I didn't. My God, if I would have told you, everything would have changed. You had dreams, that scholarship.

Justin: It didn't amount to much, did it? It's like I never even played professional basketball. You should have told me.

Donna: Maybe I thought of myself. Mom asked me if I wanted to finish high school, and I said yes. Maybe I was being selfish. (Sighs) I've ruined your birthday.

Justin: No, no, no.

Donna: (Sighs)

Justin: Look, it just took me by surprise. It got me thinkin' about everything I missed out on.

Donna: I'll make it up to you.

Justin: (Chuckles)

Donna: I'll spend the rest of my days trying.

Justin: No, no. I-I don't need that. I don't want to dwell. I don't want to look back. There's no point. What me and you need to do is we need to focus on what's ahead, the years to come.

Donna: "We"?

Justin: You, me, Marcus.

Donna: Like a family?

Justin: A family.

Donna: (Laughs) My God, I-- I've been thinking so much about this lately. (Chuckles) My God, there's gotta be a reason why Marcus came back into my life, why you did. After all these years, we're--we're together again. It's gotta mean something, right? (Sighs) I want-- I want a family, Justin. I-I think we could be one. I want to erase all those-- those lost years. I want you.

Dr. Lewis: Looks like good news. This doesn't appear to be cancer.

Nick: Great. Thank you, Doc. Love you. Talk to you later.

Stephanie: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Lewis, what was the spot on his lung?

Nick: (Scoffs)

Dr. Lewis: Scarring from a respiratory infection most likely. But we need to keep an eye on this. Let's schedule you in scan in a few weeks.

Nick: Well, what if that shows something else?

Dr. Lewis: Then we'll order a biopsy. I don't want to worry you. Things all look fine for now, but we do need to monitor you closely over the next few months.

Nick: Perfect. Monitor to your heart's content, Doc. I'll set an appointment up. Love ya. Have a great day. You're the best. Mwah. Bye. Told you everything is gonna be all right.

Stephanie: What are you doing?

Nick: What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm celebrating. You heard the lady.

Stephanie: By smoking a cigar? It says right here, ďDonít you read these things? Kills you. Cancer.

Nick: I don't have cancer.

Stephanie: Not yet. Now you don't want to go through what I went through. Put down that cigar.

Marcus: Yeah, yeah, this is good.

Liam: No, there's a picture of you. Let me show you this picture.

Bill: Thank you.

Justin: Oh, thank you.

Bill: Which picture is this?

Katie: So how did things go with Justin?

Donna: It couldn't be better. Mm.

Both: (Laugh)

Justin: Was I, uh, dramatic? I'm sorry.

Bill: Well, it's not like you, storming out, throwing plates.

Justin: Oh, I wasn't throwing plates.

Bill: Well, you did storm a little.

Justin: Okay, look, I stormed. I was a little emotional.

Bill: Donna calmed you down.

Justin: Yeah, she knows just the trick.

Bill: Yeah, I bet she does.

Justin: (Laughs)

Stephanie: You've got to quit smoking.

Nick: Stephanie, try not to take this the wrong way. I have enormous respect for what you've been through, but really, keep it to yourself. Try not to preach to the world.

Stephanie: Please don't be stupid about this.

Nick: I'm not even a smoker. I have a cigar now and then.

Stephanie: (Laughs) You were smoking when I walked in here earlier, and you're standing there dying to light up.

Nick: You're right. I am dying to, and I'm going to, so you may want to scurry on out of here. I appreciate your concern. Thank you for having me call the doctor, but actually, tonight, I'm gonna work on father/son activities, things for Jack and me to do together, and one of those does not require us worrying about cancer, okay? Iron lungs, Baby.

Stephanie: Iron lungs with a spot on 'em, Baby.

Nick: Look, Stephanie, I know this isn't a laughing matter, but I have to be realistic here, okay? Now I like my cigars. I enjoy smoking them from time to time, and you know what? Maybe I will get lung cancer, or maybe I would have gotten it anyway, just like you.

Stephanie: Maybe your boy will, too.

Nick: You think I'm some kind of fool, that I don't know what secondhand smoke is? I haven't been living in a cave, Stephanie. I understand the deal. I-I'm not here to hurt my son.

Stephanie: Well, if you know that, then stop. Just put the filthy thing out.

Nick: No.

Stephanie: You're addicted.

Nick: (Laughs)

Stephanie: What is so funny about that?

Nick: I mean, come on. Addicted to cigars. Oh, no.

Stephanie: Wait a minute here. You just pretend to be one of those occasional cigar smokers, but you're not. You smoke here. You smoke in your car. And when I was with you all at Jackie M.'s, you smoked all over the office. That little boy is affected by that. Look, Honey, I know you're a great father. That's not what this is about. You just have to stop exposing him to secondhand smoke like this.

Jack: Dad?

Nick: You done watchin' the movie already?

Jack: I thought you were gonna watch it with me.

Nick: Oh, uh, you know what? We got some company, and I got distracted. I'm sorry.

Stephanie: Hi, Jack. How are you?

Jack: Hi. Can we ride in the dingy now?

Nick: Is that what you want to do next?

Jack: Yeah. We got a new dingy.

Stephanie: Whoa, I bet it's a beaut. Do you love sailing with your dad?

Nick: Sorry, Stephanie, but we're gonna have to say good-bye to you. I promised Jack a little cruise. Hey, Jack, listen. You mind going downstairs, watching that movie? I'm gonna say good-bye to Stephanie, okay? Okay.

Nick: That never usually happens.

Stephanie: Well, if you can't quit for yourself, maybe you can do it for your child.

Dayzee: (Laughs)

Katie: (Chuckles)

Dayzee: Oh, I needed this. Thank you for inviting me.

Marcus: Well, you're welcome.

Dayzee: Mm.

Marcus: Well, I see you survived Mom and Dad.

Dayzee: I did, yay!

Marcus: I see. I'm very impressed.

Dayzee: (Chuckles) Thank you.

Marcus: Uh-huh. (Chuckles)

Dayzee: So I'm just gonna ask. Why did you invite me?

Marcus: Why?

Dayzee: Yeah, I--

Marcus: I wan-- I wanted the company.

Dayzee: No, no, no. I'm sure a guy like you has just a whole black book ..

Marcus: No. mnh-mnh.

Dayzee: Tucked all over the city, waiting and praying that you'll pay them a visit.

Marcus: No, I have no idea what you're talking about right now.

Dayzee: Yes, you do. Look at that smile on your face.

Marcus: No, I don't-- look, I have friends, yes, here and there, but that's it.

Dayzee: Oh, friends, sure.

Marcus: I'm se-- no, I'm serious right now. Okay, look, I have friends, all right? Some with more benefits than others.

Dayzee: Benefits?

Marcus: Yeah.

Dayzee: Okay, let's just get this straight between you and me. I like you, Marcus. I like you a lot. But I have no intention of being anybody's friend with benefits. I'm not that kind of girl.

Marcus: That's understood.

Dayzee: Okay.

Marcus: All right. okay.

Dayzee: Good. all right.

Marcus: But if we were more than friends?

Dayzee: Well, then some benefits may occur.

Hope: You know who I haven't thought about all evening? Well, until right now.

Liam: Who?

Hope: Amber.

Liam: (Scoffs) Why you gotta bring her up? I'm trying to have a good time here.

Hope: No, no. It's good. Itís good. Look, I'm--I'm getting past what happened.

Liam: You are? Really?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, and, you know, nights like this really help-- being in your dad's house, feeling like part of your family. I'm felling much more in touch with you. You know, it's like what Amber did doesn't even matter anymore.

Liam: It doesn't. It really doesn't. I mean, it shouldn't.

Hope: And being close to you like this, its making me feel more and more like I want to share myself with you.

Liam: Sorry, what?

Hope: You heard me.

Liam: (Chokes) I mean--

Hope: Mm-hmm. And soon, I think.

Liam: (Chuckles)

Hope: When that day comes, unlike the very classy Amber Moore, I won't settle for you being unconscious.

Liam: (Laughs)

Bill: The numbers aren't great.

Justin: Latest issue?

Bill: I really thought we'd sell more.

Justin: The Amber Moore cover.

Bill: Yeah.

Justin: Huh. I'm surprised. People like a good firing story, especially when it's about somebody like Amber. That girl just looks like trouble. Excuse me for a sec.

Dayzee: Mm.

Marcus: Well, there they go again.

Dayzee: Yes, have you seen the way your mom has been lookin' at your dad all night?

Marcus: Yes, I have. Let's just say they're not going outside to count the stars.

Dayzee: Kids these days.

Marcus: Mm-hmm. (Chuckles) You know, this is still kind of weird for me. I've never really seen my mom act like this, not even with Eric.

Dayzee: Like what?

Marcus: Like she's falling in love.

Donna: I remember that.

Justin: (Chuckles)

Donna: How you feel.

Justin: I have been waiting to hold you like this ever since you came back into my life.

Donna: Mm.

Justin: (Chuckles) I was beginning to think it wasn't gonna happen.

Donna: But you were waiting. Even though I was married and there was no reason to think it would change. You--you waited for me.

Justin: It's because I knew.

Donna: (Chuckles) How?

Justin: At Bill and Katie's wedding, at the tree-- our names carved so long ago, and you said that if you ..

Donna: And now I'm not.

Justin: And now you're not.

Donna: (Giggles) Justin Barber?

Justin: Mm-hmm.

Donna: I have a question for you.

Justin: And what is that, Donna Logan?

Donna: Will you go steady with me? (Laughs)

Justin: (Laughs) Oh, I would like that very, very much.

Donna: Really?

Justin: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Do you still have that letterman jacket? 'Cause you know you're gonna have to give that to me.

Justin: (Sighs) Oh, uh, I'll find it.

Donna: Uh-huh.

Justin: 'Cause it'll look better on you than me anyway.

Donna: (Laughs) Really?

Nick: I'm usually more careful.

Stephanie: Right. Nick, you have to stop for that little boy's sake.

Nick: I always go to the other room.

Stephanie: (Scoffs) Oh, please. This whole boat reeks of that kind of smell. Come on. You're exposing this little boy to secondhand smoke. You can't do that. He could develop a-asthma. If he doesn't do it now, it'll--it could happen later, and we both know where that goes to. I'm living with it.

Nick: You're right. I know you're right. I-I should never smoke when he's around.

Stephanie: No, you should never smoke period.

Nick: Well, that's not realistic. I like my cigars. I'm gonna smoke my cigars when I feel like it, when I want to, away from my son. That's the key-- just don't smoke around him. Who are you calling?

Stephanie: I'm not calling anybody. I'm going on the Internet, because I saw something earlier that I want you to see.

Nick: Please, Stephanie. That's not gonna do any good-- the Internet.

Stephanie: You were there for me when I was down and out emotionally. You set me straight, and I am going to do the same thing for you.

Nick: (Scoffs) But I'm not down.

Stephanie: No, but you need to be set straight. Here. This is what's on here. "Men who smoke cigars are five times more likely to become, uh, t-to contract lung cancer." Five times. This is very serious, Nick. (Stammers) Listen to this one. "People who smoke one or two cigars daily double their risk of oral and esophageal cancer." Double their risk.

Nick: I-I hear you, Stephanie. It's on the Internet, along with alien abductions.

Stephanie: (Scoffs) Will you stop that and listen to me? I'm right. You know I'm right. Don't you want to be here for this little boy? Don't you want to watch him grow up, get--graduate school, get married, have a family? (Coughs) Just smoking a cigar every single day. Is it worth the risk? It isn't worth the risk. (Gasps)

Nick: Stephanie?

Stephanie: (Exhales) (Coughs)

Nick: Hey, hey. Sit--sit down.

Stephanie: I'm winded because I'm talking too much.

Nick: Well-- well, sit down, huh?

Stephanie: (Breathing deeply)

Nick: You okay?

Stephanie: I'll be okay when you stop those cigars. (Sighs) (Sighs)

Nick: I've tried.

Stephanie: Now you tell me?

Nick: I've tried and tried, and tried again and again. I've made promises to myself and promises to other people, .. I can't do it. I can't quit.

Stephanie: That's because you didn't have me before.

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