B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/19/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/19/11


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Stephanie:  I'm fine.

Nick: Well, you'll be fine when you sit down, okay? Right over there.

Stephanie: (Laughs) What? All of a sudden, I look like I'm delicate or something?

Nick: No, no. In the car, you looked a little green in the gills, and you were wobbly when you got out.

Stephanie: Oh, well, would you like to know why?

Nick: I'd like you to sit down.

Stephanie: Because your car stinks of smoke.

Nick: Well, that's because I smoke in it sometimes when I'm alone.

Stephanie: But it's really bad.

Nick: I'll get some air freshener.

Stephanie: I'm kind of surprised. I mean, I-I-I suppose I thought you were always just one of those guys that smoked one cigar a month at a party or something.

Nick: (Chuckles) Um, I smoke because it relaxes me, like going to Big Bear does for you.

Stephanie: You don't look relaxed.

Whip: Madison, hi.

Madison: Hi, Mr. Jones.

Whip: Is-- is Thomas expecting you?

Madison: Is he here?

Whip: I'll take that as a no.

Madison: Um, they were gonna messenger these papers to him, and I was leaving the office anyway, so I...

Whip: Oh.

Madison: (Sighs) Will you give these to him? He wouldn't want to see me.

Whip: (Chuckles) Madison, Thomas is a little preoccupied right now. I wouldn't take it personally.

Madison: Oh. (Sighs)

Thomas: (Sighs)

Donna: Am I early?

Katie: You're family.

Donna: I used to dread being late. Now I dread being early.

Katie: Why?

Donna: Oh, because it makes it look like I have nothing to do with my time but watch the clock, which is true.

Katie: Oh, please. The only reason why we're having dinner is because I couldn't get you to have lunch with me.

Donna: Oh.

Katie: You were too busy.

Donna: Yeah, yeah, sure. 'Cause I have money now, you know? People know that I have money, so foundation directors, museum people, they all want to have lunch with me. But when the sun goes down, nobody's knocking.

Katie: Woe is you.

Donna: Shut up and feed me. Where's Bill?

Katie: He and Justin are working late, and then they're going out. I mean, really, do you really think I would be feeding you Dungeness crab if I had something better to do?

Donna: Oh, so I guess we have to kill that expensive chardonnay all by ourselves.

Katie: No problem.

Donna: Yeah.

(Glasses clink)

Katie: Crab comes in season but once a year.

Donna: Mm. And how you must look forward to it, because boiling is about the only thing you do in the kitchen.

Katie: Can't burn water. (Chuckles)

Donna: Yeah.

Madison: I shouldn't have said anything.

Whip: Madison, no, uh, look, I'm kind of glad that we have an opportunity to have a candid conversation here. Thomas's mother and I have been a little... (Sighs) Concerned about him and--

Madison: Why?

Whip: Concerned may be too strong a word. He's having a lot of success with his new men's line, and we're--we're very proud of him, but, you know, there's an old saying-- "Don't miss the forest for the trees." I just don't think that he's taking the time to enjoy the things in his life that he has in front of him. I mean, for instance, uh... (Scoffs) You're one of the few people his own age that he actually hangs out with.

Madison: To be honest, I don't think that's going anywhere.

Whip: Oh, come on, Madison. At your age, relationships don't really go anywhere. It--it's more about two people coming together and really enjoying each other.

Madison: Um, Thomas is probably jet-lagged from his trip. I-I really should just drop this off and go.

Whip: You know what? I got a better idea.

Thomas: (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sighs heavily) (Scoffs) Crazy. (Sighs)

Nick: It's a spot on my lung. Maybe I breathed wrong when they took the picture. I feel great.

Stephanie: So did I. And then they told me I had stage four lung cancer. Why don't you pour yourself a drink? I did.

Nick: (Sighs) Is this what you call moral support, or were you sent by the grim reaper?

Stephanie: I can't help it if I want to protect the people that are close to me.

Nick: What you can't help is bossing around the people that are close to you.

Stephanie: You saved my life once, Nick, by giving me a job. Maybe it's my turn, Honey.

(Knock on door)

Thomas: Door's open. I'm sorry. (Chuckles) I thought you were my parents.

Madison: Your stepfather said I should just come on up.

Thomas: Yeah. Sure. Why not?

Madison: Thorne said you'd be wanting this.

Thomas: Oh, are those the bids from the new suppliers?

Madison: I don't know.

Thomas: (Chuckles) Okay. Thanks.

Madison: (Sighs) Uh, well, I should really be going now.

Thomas: Whoa, are you in a hurry? You want some dinner?

Madison: I thought you said you weren't hungry.

Thomas: I'm not, but my mom made pot roast for Whip and me, and she'd be pretty upset if somebody didn't eat my share.

Madison: (Chuckles)

Katie: So I have an idea, but it might be a bad one.

Donna: Hmm. Well, that's never stopped you before. (Chuckles)

Katie: This one affects you.

Donna: Oh, well, you're not gonna microwave that crab, are you?

Katie: Ha ha ha.

Donna: Mm.

Katie: Truth or dare?

Donna: Is this the bad idea, or is there another one coming? Okay, um... truth.

Katie: Do you miss Eric?

Donna: Of course, Katie.

Katie: You thought you and Eric were forever.

Donna: Yeah. I know that's what I said, but that's pretty stupid, right? God. Made me forget what I knew at the beginning-- that we were totally wrong for each other.

Katie: That's not true.

Donna: Katie, anyone could see it. Are you... (Sighs) Surprise, surprise, you know? We fell in love, and... we fell so deeply that we forgot what we saw in the beginning.

Katie: I guess that's true. I mean, I know I don't see Bill the way anyone else does.

Donna: Well, once the hurt of losing him stopped being so blinding, I... I realized I never really expected forever. Truth or dare.

Katie: (Scoffs) Well, I'll take dare after that.

Donna: Well, I dare you to actually cook dinner.

Katie: Hello? Why do you think you're here?

Donna: Oh, so you can pile on the cheese and crackers until we both say we're full like you usually do.

Katie: Oh, that is just low.

Donna: (Scoffs)

Katie: (Laughs)

Donna: Okay.

Nick: Stephanie, I'm as strong as a horse and I always have been. This is probably nothing, and that's what the doctor said.

Stephanie: Right. And you'll get the answer for sure tomorrow.

Nick: That's right. So...

Stephanie: However, I would bet with myself that you're just dying to walk out on that balcony and light up. How long have you been smoking?

Nick: 16, when I started working out at sea.

Stephanie: Ah.

Nick: It was a very big deal to be able to keep a cigarette in your mouth and smoke it all the way down. And then when I moved to the ship's captain, cigarettes were gone, and cigars became the status.

Stephanie: Right. Why didn't you give up the cigars?

Nick: (Clears throat) I appreciate your concern, Stephanie. I really do. But you're starting to remind me of all the things that irritate me about you.

Stephanie: Well, all the things about me that irritate you, you may not have to deal with much longer. I may be gone. I may check out.

Nick: Well, again, thank you for your concern, but as we both know, sometime's life's not fair.

Stephanie: And if you come down with cancer, it really won't be.

Donna: Well, I have to say that this crab is so good that not even you could ruin it.

Katie: Thanks, Sis.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Katie: Truth or dare?

Donna: Oh, no, no, no. Uh, no playing while eating. Actually, that's the rule.

Katie: That's not the rule. Don't you remember when you dared Brooke to put that chicken leg down that waiter's pants?

Donna: Oh, come on, she's so gullible. She'll believe anything.

Katie: I have one word for you-- Justin.

Donna: Is that a truth or a dare?

Katie: You pick.

Donna: Yeah. Justin is the one who got away. One bad decision, and he was gone. You know, it all came down to shame really. I mean, I was ashamed to be pregnant and not married. I-I couldn't bear to tell him that. I dreaded the idea of him thinking I was trying to trap him. No, you know what? I-I knew that it would have trapped him. He would have done the right thing, and I would have wrecked his life.

Katie: You know, I've been working at Spencer for a while now, and I've gotta say... (Sighs) I've really come to appreciate him. He is a smart guy.

Donna: Yeah. I know.

Katie: Not that he hasn't done some questionable things.

Donna: Mm, like everyone else who works for your husband. (Chuckles) At least Justin didn't marry him.

Katie: Be nice.

Donna: Mm.

Katie: It's because of Bill that you're a very wealthy woman.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: Do you know why Bill took Justin to that boxing match tonight?

Donna: 'Cause you had to cook for your sad sack of a sister?

Katie: No. It's his birthday tomorrow.

Donna: (Scoffs) I used to know that.

Katie: Bill, uh, was gonna throw him a little shindig here tomorrow night. I dare you to come.

Donna: Ha. Ha.

Thomas: Thorne was right. I have to make a decision about these tonight.

Madison: Oh, um, I'll get out of your way.

Thomas: No, you're fine.

Madison: This is crazy. I just offered to drop that off, and now I'm eating your dinner in your bedroom.

Thomas: And breaking my mom's "No eating upstairs" rule.

Madison: Ooh. Your mom is a good cook. These gorgeous women who are good at everything depress the hell out of me.

Thomas: (Chuckles) Madison, you're gorgeous and good at things.

Madison: A few.

Thomas: You're good at your job.

Madison: Thanks.

Thomas: What else?

Madison: Is that an indelicate question?

Thomas: Does it have an indelicate answer?

Madison: If you’re an interested party, I might tell you.

Thomas: I never said I wasn't interested.

Madison: In what, though?

Nick: Stephanie, I don't want a word of this mentioned to my mother.

Stephanie: I did the same thing. I didn't want anybody to know.

Nick: It's a completely different situation.

Stephanie: Nick, denial is denial.

Nick: Who would have thought that a terminal diagnosis could have made you even more smug than before?

Stephanie: (Sighs) Let me tell you something. You see a drunk downtown, curled up in a doorway, slugging down a bottle of booze, and you say to yourself, "Doesn't he know that drinking like that's going to kill him?" No, he doesn't, because he's in denial, too.

Nick: There are 95-year-old smokers that have never been sick a day in their lives also.

Stephanie: Smoking causes lung cancer. Come on, Nick. What are you going to do when your little boy comes up to you and he says, "Daddy, didn't you know that smoking would make you sick?" What are you going to say to that child?

Madison: Mm, Thomas... (Sighs) I don't understand. I thought you said you weren't that into me.

Thomas: I never said that. (Sighs) I didn't mean it that way.

Madison: Well, what did you mean?

Thomas: I have this amazing thing in my life, Madison. I have success, and I don't know where it's gonna take me or what demands it's gonna make. I can't make any promises.

Madison: I never asked you for any promises. And the one thing I cannot do is have a long conversation about it with you in your bedroom.

Thomas: Right.

Madison: See you tomorrow.

Thomas: Yeah.

Katie: (Sighs)

Donna: Well, that was delicious.

Katie: It was! No more slamming my cooking!

Donna: (Chuckles) Yeah, but now I smell like a need a bath.

Katie: Well, I'm sure you can fit one in between now and tomorrow night. Right?

Donna: Katie, Katie, I can't just have polite chitchat with Justin, okay? I-I can't say anything that's not 100% truthful.

Katie: What do you mean?

Donna: I've cost him too much already-- a life with his son. I mean, I can only imagine the rage he has inside for me.

Katie: Well, you can imagine it all you want, but I don't think it's there.

Donna: Did you talk to him about me?

Katie: Sure. A little bit. He doesn't blame you, Donna. You were both so young.

Donna: (Sighs) Yeah, Katie, but some mistakes just can't be corrected.

Katie: Oh, Boy. If I believed that, we should all just go jump off a bridge. I mean, your mistakes are not any worse than anyone else’s. He's never gotten over you.

Donna: He said that? (Laughs) Wow, I mean, I've barely seen him since Eric, I--except for, you know, Bill's party for Liam, and... and nothing.

Katie: Well, you were off on your South American adventure. I mean, maybe he was waiting for you to call him. You have to stop punishing yourself. Maybe you hurt him, but... maybe he wants to love you again.

Donna: (Sighs) It can't be that simple, Katie.

Katie: Donna, come on.

Donna: Life doesn't work that way.

Donna: Okay, well, I guess that I cannot ask Eric, so, um, you're gonna have to help me pick out something to wear.

Katie: I think that can be arranged.

Nick: Okay, so you've had your awakening. Let's not forget that a couple months ago, you were all about death with dignity and doing it your way. And now you're the champion of life no matter what.

Stephanie: I am the champion of life without a terrible death from cancer.

Nick: But you don't get to judge me, Stephanie, especially since you've been the author of so much insanity in your own life.

Stephanie: Nick, I won't deny that point.

Nick: And you don't get to tell me what values are in life, especially for me-- what's tolerable and not tolerable. You know, you don't like cigars? Don't smoke 'em. Don't buy 'em. Don't give 'em to your friends. Nobody shoving them down your throat.

Stephanie: It's not my throat that I'm concerned about.

Nick: Exactly. It's my throat...

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Nick: And I'm not your husband or your son or your problem. In fact, the people in my life are kind of used to me living dangerously.

Stephanie: Boy, is that a cop-out.

Nick: I take risks. That's how I like to live.

Stephanie: And that's supposed to apply to smoking? I don't see that there's any upside to that risk.

Nick: I just enjoy smoking.

Stephanie: Is that for real? Or you mean, if you smoke, it kind of... takes the edge off the craving because you tried to stop smoking for a day or two?

Nick: Okay, you know, I'm gonna leave now while I still think that you're attempting to do good. Thanks, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Nick, you have a successful business. You have a brand-new girlfriend who seems to make you happy. You have a mother that just adores you, and you have a little boy-- a little boy who thinks the sun rises and sets on you. Excuse me. I thought that they meant more to you than evidently they do.

Stephanie: Thank you for bringing me home. Take care. (Sighs)

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