B&B Transcript Friday 1/14/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/14/11


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Brooke: (Sighs) Well, I look forward to going home. Hmm. It looks like you could use this.

 Thomas: (Sighs) Thank you.

 Brooke: (Chuckles) Sneaky. I didn't hear you go out last night.

 Thomas: I didn’t.

 Brooke: Oh.

 Thomas: Yeah.

 Brooke: I thought--

 Thomas: I couldn't sleep.

 Brooke: Too excited? I remember my very first international press event. (Chuckles) Brooke’s Bedroom.

 Thomas: Yeah? I bet you were the toast of the town.

 Brooke: (Sighs) Yeah. It's a good feeling, isn't it?

 Thomas: Yeah, I just wish it would last a little longer. (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

 Thomas: Oh, sorry.

 Man: Mrs. Forrester, Mr. Forrester, the bellman is on his way up for your luggage.

 Brooke: Thank you, Henri.

 Henri: It's been a pleasure having you here, and we hope to see you again very soon.

 Thomas: Oh, thank you. It's been--it's been great.

 Henri: But, Monsieur, if there is anything we can do for you next visit to make it really special, just let us know, okay?

 Brooke: Thank you.

 Henri: Bye, Guys.

 Brooke: Merci beaucoup.

 Thomas: Thank you.

 Brooke: Bye. (Sighs) I don't know how we could top this.

 Thomas: I'll definitely never forget it.

 Amber: (Giggles) Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Oh, you have no idea what you do to me.

 Marcus: Oh, is that so? Because a second ago, you said I knew exactly what I was doing.

 Amber: (Laughs)

 Marcus: (Laughs)

 Amber: I did, didn't I?

 Marcus: Mm-hmm.

 Taylor: Mm, thank you, Lani.

 Leilani: Have a good night, Doctor.

 Taylor: All right. You, too.

 Nick: Hi there.

 Leilani: Oh, welcome to Dayzee’s.

 Nick: I know you're closing up. I just wanted to check the place out and see what its all--

 Taylor: Nick.

 Nick: Hi.

 Taylor: Hey. You haven't seen the place since the big change, huh?

 Nick: No, no, I haven’t. How are you?

 Taylor: I'm--I'm good.

 Nick: Good. Good.

 Taylor: Lani, this is my husband's boss, as well as my ex-husband Nick Marone.

 Leilani: Nice to meet you.

 Nick: Hi there. How do you do?

 Leilani: Oh, it's not too late to order. There's a fresh pot of Guatemala coffee. Would you...

 Nick: Oh, that sounds perfect. Thank you. Thank you.

 Taylor: Oh, that's my favorite, actually.

 Leilani: Okay.

 Nick: So this what Stephanie’s been up to.

 Taylor: Mm-hmm. This is her good deed, mm-hmm.

 Nick: Uh-huh, and you're helping her save the world.

 Taylor: Well, I come up here, and I help as much as I can, as much as I feel like it, especially as stressed out as I've been lately about Thomas. (Sighs)

 Man: Hi. Welcome aboard.

 Brooke: Hey.

 Man: We're all set up front.

 Thomas: (Sighs)

 Brooke: Great.

 Thomas: It's hard to believe the trip's already over.

 Man: (Chuckles)

 Brooke: It was a quick trip, but I'm anxious to get home.

 Man: Well, a pleasant one, I hope.

 Brooke: Mm-hmm.

 Man: I'll tell you what, as soon as we're close, I'll let you know.

 Brooke: Great. Thanks.

 Man: You bet.

 Thomas: (Sighs)

 Brooke: Trying to freeze time?

 Thomas: What?

 Brooke: Well, this trip was a major turning point in your life. You should savor it.

 Thomas: Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

 Brooke: It was really magical, but now it is time to go back to reality. (Chuckles)

 Amber: Aw, come on, Marcus. You don't have to leave so soon. Mm.

 Marcus: You know, you are something else, Amber Moore.

 Amber: (Chuckles) Yeah, I'm, uh, something, all right. (Sighs)

 Marcus: Hey, what's up?

 Amber: I'm pregnant.

 Marcus: What? You're pregnant?

 Amber: Whoops.

 Marcus: But how is that? And, we used-- we used protection, like, every time, always.

 Amber: So you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

 Marcus: (Sighs) It's not mine. I'm not the--

 Amber: Well, I'm pretty certain.

 Marcus: But not totally certain.

 Amber: We used protection.

 Marcus: Well, yeah. Don't--don't you always use protection?

 Amber: Well, yeah. I mean, there was one-- well, maybe, like, a few times.

 Marcus: Um... (Clears throat)

 Amber: (Sighs)

 Marcus: Listen, Amber, um, I know you said this wasn't serious or anything like that, and that we can, you know, hang out, and we can make out, and have a good time. We're friends.

 Amber: With benefits. I know what I said.

 Marcus: Right. (Chuckles) Benefits.

 Amber: (Sighs)

 Marcus: I remember you said Oliver asked you to leave. Now that's not why you--

 Amber: No, no, no.

 Marcus: But you two...

 Amber: Mm-hmm.

 Marcus: So he could be.

 Amber: Mm.

 Marcus: Does he know?

 Amber: No. You're the only person I've told, uh, besides my mom. I mean, she found out by accident. I mean, she saw the test. She actually told me not to say anything right away, that I should, um, keep my options open.

 Marcus: Right.

 Amber: Yeah.

 Nick: Are we all right? Does sh--she want to close up? Lani here? You sure?

 Taylor: Yeah. Yeah. She's fine with that. She's got receipts to do. We can just sneak out whenever we want.

 Nick: So everyone that works here is homeless?

 Taylor: Formerly homeless.

 Nick: Uh-huh. So Stephanie’s giving out jobs and apartments?

 Taylor: Yes. Well, she's giving all the employees a cash advance so they can get a place to live that's close and they don't have to walk.

 Nick: (Chuckles) Advance? Okay. That might be a little risky.

 Taylor: Well, you know, I thought that, too, until I got to know some of the people here like Lani. She really wants to work. She just needed a place to--to do it. And Stephanie wanted to give her that chance. You know, and I've found that-- that it's good for me, too. I-I've actually enjoyed giving back time and not just money. It really feels really good.

 Nick: Yeah. I mean, given everything that's going on in your life... sorry. I mean, you're the one who did bring it up.

 Taylor: (Sighs)

 Nick: I saw a press release that Brooke and Thomas are in Paris.

 Taylor: Uh, well, hopefully, they're on their way home right now.

 Nick: (Chuckles) Nothing would make you happier, right?

 Taylor: They should not be working together. I'm telling you, Nick, everybody thinks I'm overreacting, but I am not. I--this is just a recipe for disaster. Uh, this is just a mom wanting to protect her son.

 Nick: Yeah, yeah. I hear you.

 Taylor: I'm not a fanatic.

 Nick: So, Mom, what are you planning on doing about it?

 Taylor: (Sighs)

 Brooke: What are you doin' over there?

 Thomas: Just starting the coming-home party a little early.

 Brooke: Oh, Bloody Marys?

 Thomas: Yeah, why not? (Clears throat)

 Brooke: Wow. Cheers.

 Thomas: Cheers. (Glasses clink)

 Brooke: (Giggles) Mm.

 Thomas: Too strong?

 Brooke: Spicy.

 Thomas: Just like you like it.

 Brooke: You're right. I do.

 Thomas: I feel like we've gotten to know each other so well with this trip. It's--it's been amazing.

 Brooke: We already knew each other pretty well, Thomas. (Chuckles)

 Thomas: Yeah, but it's different out of-- out of the office, out of L.A., just the two of us.

 Brooke: (Sighs) It's been nice.

 Thomas: It's changed my life. I mean, what you said about this being a defining moment-- you were right. This trip has brought everything into focus.

 Brooke: It's called "Broadening your horizons."

 Thomas: That's how it feels-- like everything that seemed impossible before... maybe it could happen.

 Brooke: I hope it does. I hope all your dreams come true.

  Marcus: Are you saying you might not have the baby? You're thinking of giving it up?

 Amber: No.

 Marcus: You're keeping it?

 Amber: (Stammers) I don't know. I don't--you know, I don't-- I-I shouldn't have even said anything to you.

 Marcus: No, I'm glad you did.

 Amber: I just-- I just had to tell someone. And it's just... it's kind of been eating me up inside. (Sighs) You've always been so sweet to me, and you never judge me.

 Marcus: (Chuckles) And I'm not judging you now. Amber, I'm just a friend asking questions.

 Amber: And I don't have answers.

 Marcus: You don't have any idea who the father is, do you?

 Amber: I bet you my last 3 bucks it's not you.

 Marcus: (Chuckles) Oliver?

 Amber: Possible.

 Marcus: Hmm. And what about the other guys?

 Amber: Guy.

 Marcus: My bad. One guy.

 Amber: One night, and he doesn't even remember it.

 Marcus: What do you mean?

 Amber: (Sighs) Um... supposedly he, like, hit his head or something, and according to him, it never even happened.

 Marcus: Hmm. Wait a minute. Now Hope said something the other day about her boyfriend Liam getting a concussion. Liam? I thought that Hope and him broke up, but I heard they got back together. So whatever happened...? Amber... Amber Moore, what did you do?

 Taylor: You don't think I'm crazy?

 Nick: I think you're a mother. It's understandable you'd have a problem with the Taboo line.

 Taylor: Well, this has much more to do with knowledge, you know, of just being a mother.

 Nick: I think it has a lot to do with your hundred-year-long issue with Brooke.

 Taylor: It has more to do with my son's issues with Brooke.

 Nick: I don't know. The two of them get along just fine from what I've seen.

 Taylor: (Sighs) Sometimes my education in clinical psychology can put me at an extreme disadvantage for dealing with certain things.

 Nick: Hmm.

 Taylor: Um, have you heard of this Oedipus complex?

 Nick: Oedipus? You mean where the kid fell in love with the mother? It's a Greek tragedy.

 Taylor: Yes, yes, but it's also a real psychological condition.

 Nick: Mm-hmm.

 Taylor: And it's very complicated, but the result of it is the problem. It can poison the family. When the father and the son are vying for the mother's attention and affection...

 Nick: Mm-hmm.

 Taylor: It can put them at odds. It makes them rivals.

 Nick: Okay. (Clears throat) Here's the difference. Brooke is not Thomas’s mother.

 Taylor: No, there was a point in Thomas’s life when I was gone, and Brooke filled that role.

 Nick: Okay, okay, Taylor, we're talking about a Taboo line. It's promotion, acting.

 Taylor: That's the way it starts, okay?

 Nick: O-okay, listen, even if Thomas felt anything, it's his father's wife.

 Taylor: Well, what's to stop him?

 Nick: Well, Brooke, for one.

 Taylor: Did she stop him from kissing her on the stage on the runway in front of the entire world? Did she pull herself from the Taboo campaign? Did she tell anyone, "No, I'm not going to Paris"? No, if anything, she's--she's encouraging him at every turn. And look at the rewards he's getting. He's getting money, and he's getting fame. What is that telling him? What is that teaching him about life? I'm telling you, once this door has been opened, the longer this goes on, the more of a chance there is that Thomas is going to cross that threshold.

 Brooke: You made sure R.J. did all his homework? I'll bet. I'll be there soon, so then you'll be able to go back to being "Good cop." I know. I know. I miss you, too. Okay. Next time, you, me, Paris, alone. (Chuckles) I love you. See you soon. Your father wants to hear about our trip. (Sighs) He's really very proud of you, Thomas. As soon as we finished that press conference, the calls kept comin' in. Everybody was very impressed.

 Thomas: (Chuckles) I sort of impressed myself.

 Brooke: Well, you knew what to expect, right?

 Thomas: I feel like I could do anything with you by my side. We're a pretty good team.

 Brooke: (Chuckles)

 Thomas: At the press conference, we got into this rhythm. It was like you were inside my head, and you knew exactly what I was thinking, exactly what I wanted to say.

 Brooke: Well, I was just following your lead. It was your moment.

 Thomas: Well, there's no one else I would rather have shared it with. You're the one who convinced my dad to even let me have the men's line. (Sighs) I'm a different person because of what you've done for me.

 Brooke: Mm, I'm not sure about that. But I have seen a change in you, especially on this trip.

 Thomas: Yeah?

 Brooke: You've shown a little bit more maturity and... confidence and... (Yawns) Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. You know, those two things are really very, very attractive.

 Thomas: (Chuckles)

 Brooke: I think the drink kind of hit me.

 Thomas: Yeah.

 Brooke: (Laughs)

 Thomas: I can tell.

 Brooke: I think I need to take a little shut-eye. You don't mind, right? I mean, I-I'd like to keep talking, but I'm really sleepy.

 Thomas: No, go ahead. Get some sleep.

 Brooke: You should lie down, too. (Sighs) You're the one who didn't sleep last night.

 Thomas: I got too much to think about.

 Brooke: You're not gonna lose it, you know. Whether it's in L.A. or Paris, that feeling's going to say with you for a long time. Sweet dreams.

 Marcus: You and Liam?

 Amber: There's no me and Liam.

 Marcus: But he's on the list. So he could be the father.

 Amber: But there's no-- there's no list. You don't--I-I don't-- I don't want to talk about Liam.

 Marcus: Was it that night at the party when this happened? The party-- you were there. I put you on the list.

 Amber: Yeah. (Stammers) It was a crazy night, okay? I-I'm not very proud of my behavior. (Sighs) I had no idea I'd end up pregnant.

 Marcus: He doesn't know it, does he?

 Amber: Completely oblivious. As far as--as he's concerned, we woke up in the same bed together, and we never even slept together.

 Marcus: Well, if you're pregnant, Amber, then, um, that would kind of prove it.

 Amber: You know, just for-- forget it. Forget it. Forget I said anything. Forget we even had this conversation, okay, Marcus? You have nothing to worry about. I-it's not your kid.

 Marcus: Oh, Amber... (Sighs) Amber, you're gonna need somebody to talk to about this, okay? And from what Oliver is tellin' me, your mom may not be the best solution.

 Amber: (Sighs) She's not. She's not. But I'm not laying this on you.

 Marcus: Well, I won't-- I won't say anything. Look, Oliver’s cool and all, but it's your call.

 Amber: Thank you. Thank you for everything.

 Marcus: Yeah.

 Amber: I've been feeling really lonely a lot lately. (Sighs)

 Marcus: Well, you're not gonna be alone much longer.

 Amber: No. No. (Inhales sharply) I am having a baby.

 Taylor: (Sighs) I'm telling you, Thomas' life is changing, and it's just happening a little too rapidly.

 Nick: Oh, just relax. You know, he's--he's just a man comin' into his own.

 Taylor: Well, normally, that would be a good thing, but this is happening way too fast. And when that happens, sometimes a person can get very unstable, you know? And--and they try to look for somebody that they can lean on to get through it, but think about this. Thomas is going through this whole new change in his life about becoming a-a fashion designer like his father, you know? He's trying to make his mark in the business, and he's trying to step out of his father's shadow. So when he starts to feel insecure, who is he gonna turn to? The person closest to him-- Brooke. And Brooke has a history of getting involved with inappropriate men. And I'm telling you, that is a recipe for disaster.

 Brooke: Thomas? What are you doing?

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