B&B Transcript Thursday 1/6/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/6/11


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Taylor: It was you.

Whip: Look, I won't lie to you. I orchestrated things backstage so that Thomas and Brooke would be in the same dressing room together.

Taylor: Oh, my God.

Whip: I took that picture, and I posted it online for the whole world to see. I'm sorry.

Taylor: Whip, I don't understand. Why would you do that to my son? (Scoffs) Why-- why would you do that to me?

Whip: (Sighs)

Ridge: Yeah. It's all here.

Brooke: Hey, Ridge. I saw the painters in your office. They said you were working up here.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Hi, Thomas.

Thomas: Hey.

Brooke: Did you guys read the report from International yet?

Thomas: Yeah, actually, I was just telling dad that, as unfortunate as the backstage photo was, it really helped Taboo.

Ridge: It's created one Hell of a buzz. So now I have to ask the two of you to do something about it.

Jackie: Renewing our vows? (Gasps) Oh, that is so exciting! (Gasps) Oh, if--if you want me to wear the dress that I designed, I don't think doing it on the beach again would be very practical.

Owen: Yeah, not really.

Jackie: And I don't think they'd let me through the door of the church, so--

Owen: Well, I already have a place in mind.

Jackie: You do? Where?

Owen: Nick's house.

Jackie: Oh, Owen, you are so sweet, but Nicky's not the least bit interested in family unity, darling.

Owen: Mm-hmm. He already agreed. He said we could use his house tonight.

Jackie: After all the tension, after everything that he said about our relationship? I mean-- I mean, do you remember Hawaii, how horrified he was that we'd gotten married? And now he's actually going to be celebrating with us? (Gasps) Oh.

Owen: Yeah, listen, not exactly. He, um, he did offer to let us use his house, but, uh, I don't think he's gonna be there.

Aggie: They're renewing their vows at your house?

Nick: Yeah, why not?

Aggie: You don't like Owen.

Nick: Well, I don't like Brussels sprouts, but I don't tell my mother that she can't eat them.

Aggie: What time is the ceremony?

Nick: Uh, not sure.

Aggie: What do you mean, you're not sure? You're not going?

Nick: No.

Jackie: So Nicky won't come?

Owen: Look, I tried. I even asked him to be my best man.

Jackie: (Scoffs) What's wrong with me? (Laughs) I mean, letting myself think-- I mean, it's just so silly of me. I'm stupid, hoping that my son could actually get along with my husband. (Scoffs) (sighs)

Thomas: Dad, we have to do something? Are you upset about these sales figures?

Ridge: No, of course not. I'm very pleased with Taboo. I can't imagine better numbers.

Brooke: I'm still in shock with the amount of orders. I had no idea it was gonna be such a big hit overseas.

Ridge: That's why you and Thomas need to get to the airport right now.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: This Taboo line's the biggest thing to hit Paris. I can't imagine not taking advantage of sending the two of you over there. The Forrester jet is gassing up as we speak, and Steffy's organizing the European press.

Thomas: What are you talking about?

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Ridge: You and Brooke in Paris-- that's what I'm talking about. Big press conference tomorrow morning. I think you better get moving.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Whip: I did it for us.

Taylor: What?

Whip: To get Ridge angry. I... (sighs)

Taylor: What does that have to do with us?

Whip: Oh, everything! Look, I am tired of Ridge Forrester being a daily part of our married lives. Look, I'm sorry. The guy's behavior is inappropriate. No ex-husband should look at you the way he looks at you or touch you the way he touches you. Look, you want to leave me because of this, I totally understand. You'll break my heart. I love you. But...

Taylor: I love you. I'm not--I'm not leaving you. I'm not-- I didn't say I was leaving. I'm trying to understand.

Whip: Okay, listen. When that photo first got leaked, what did Ridge do?

Taylor: Nothing--

Whip: Exactly, okay? Thomas was in trouble, and even when it was right in front of his face, Ridge turned around, and he did nothing about it. He just put those-- those "Brooke can do no wrong" blinders on, and he just went about his day. You were looking out for your son, and Ridge was looking out for himself and what was best for him... just like he always does.

Thomas: Okay, so Brooke and I, we're honestly going to Paris?

Ridge: Ever since your showing, international has been screaming to get the two of you over there.

Brooke: Leaving today?

Thomas: (Scoffs)

Ridge: The Forrester jet will be ready by the time you hit the airport.

Thomas: Awesome.

Ridge: Oh, come on, you've been to Paris before.

Thomas: Yeah, Dad, but not like this, not as a designer representing my own line this is what I grew up watching you do--interviews...

Brooke: Mm.

Thomas: Debuts. It's--it's--it's everything I've been dreaming of.

Ridge: You've earned it.

Brooke: Paris. (Sighs)

Thomas: Here we come.

Aggie: Don't you think your mother would want you there?

Nick: (Sighs) Not really. I'm kind of nuisance. Besides, there's a basketball game on tonight.

Aggie: You can watch basketball anytime.

Nick: They want to use my house, that's fine. I'm her son. I'll give her that. But I'm not gonna listen to their wacky vows. This marriage is a joke, and I don't want to be a part of it.

Madison: You're booked for two suites. Here's your confirmation and info about the car.

Thomas: Ooh. (Chuckles)

Madison: (Laughs) Oh, um, don't forget to wear the suit that we packed you.

Thomas: Okay.

Madison: Anything comes up, just call...

Thomas: Great.

Madison: Not that you make a habit of it.

Thomas: Oh. Whoa.

Madison: Sorry. That was inappropriate.

Thomas: Uh, do we need to have a talk?

Madison: It's just I'm wondering what's going on here.

Thomas: (Sighs)

Madison: I mean, we've kissed a few times. We've had a really great time on our dates...

Thomas: Yeah.

Madison: I--at least I thought so.

Thomas: No, you're right. You're right. I-I've really enjoyed spending time with you.

Madison: "Enjoyed"-- past tense.

Thomas: No, I think you're cute, I really do.

Madison: (Scoffs) That's not good. (Laughs)

Thomas: No, I like you. I do. I guess I'm just... I'm really focusing on work right now. I'm sorry, Madison.

Madison: No, don't be sorry. I mean, you know what's best for yourself.

Thomas: (Sighs)

Madison: (Sighs) Look, Thomas, you are-- you're a really special guy. And when you're ready, the woman who ends up with you is gonna be really, really lucky.

Thomas: (Sighs) I really appreciate you understanding.

Whip: Do you understand what I was trying to do?

Taylor: I understand that I made you feel... that I wasn't with you 100% when I said another man's name when we were intimate.

Whip: (Sighs) It's not the issue, you know.

Taylor: No, but that's the problem. This is a marriage. I just want... want you to talk to me about something like this. If I make you feel like you're not everything to me, I want you to talk to me about it instead of letting things spin out of control like this and doing something that puts my son in a horrible situation like taking that picture. That was wrong. That was wrong. You should not have done that. I'm just so glad I have somebody like you in my corner.

Jackie: Oh, that you would think to do this...

Owen: I wish I could have done more. I really do.

Jackie: Don't you worry about my son. You just worry about looking into my eyes and committing yourself to me, to our life together, all over again.

Owen: That sounds good to me.

Jackie: I love you, Mr. Knight.

Owen: And I love you, Mrs. Knight.

Aggie: Are you sure you've made up your mind?

Nick: Why am I feeling pressure from you about this? (Clears throat)

Aggie: Do what you need to do, no pressure.

Nick: Okay, come on. More, more, more. Go ahead.

Aggie: I just think that you might regret not going. Look... you have a huge opportunity here, Nick. I mean, this could be a great opportunity for healing and forgiveness for your family.

Nick: (Groans)

Aggie: I understand your pride as a man... but you have a big opportunity here, Nick. Don't waste it.

Nick: (Inhales sharply)

Whip: Of course I'm in your corner. You know that I am.

Taylor: And you're right. You're right. You--Ridge won't see the danger. He's made nothing but false promises to me about putting a stop to this.

Whip: Yeah, and--and you see that they're false, right? Taylor, I mean, the guy... the guy touches your face and he strokes your hair, and he calls you "Doc," and he promises you that... he's gonna put his foot down the next time that Brooke crosses the line.

Taylor: But he never does.

Whip: Right.

Taylor: I'm sorry.

Whip: (Scoffs) You're-- you're sorry? What--

Taylor: (Sighs) I do. I-I-I-I know that I allow him to act a certain way towards me.

Whip: Uh-huh. Like he's still your husband, right? (Sighs) Okay. You want to talk more about these issues, right? Okay. Well, let's talk. (Sighs) Here it goes. (Sighs) Even though I try to take the high road, I cannot stand the sight of the two of you in the same room together, because all I keep thinking is, oh, what if? I-I didn't know how this was all gonna turn out when--when that photo leaked, I mean, all I knew was that I was gonna be the winner either way. You know, maybe-- maybe he would have-- maybe he--he would have run to Brooke to support her, and then--then hurt you for the umpteenth time, or--or maybe he would have finally gotten fed up, and he would have left her. Big surprise. What happened? He supported her and maybe finally--finally you-- you opened your eyes, and... (sighs) and you got to see that nothing was gonna change, even when your own son was the victim. I mean, that... that, sweetheart, is what I wanted you-- I wanted you to see. But I gotta be honest with you. Even if it would have gone the other way, I mean, even if he would have been so broken and so hurt, and he would have turned around and he would have left Brooke, I mean, that would have been okay, too, you know, to see him miserable, to see his marriage end, because he--he literally-- he takes my marriage as a joke every single day of his life. And I just wanted to show him that I could do the same thing to him.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Whip: Okay. (Scoffs)

Taylor: (Sighs)

Whip: You wanted honesty. There it is. That's it. I know. I'm--it's a terrible thing. I was wrong, and it was petty. And... and I'm sorry. (Sighs) Can you forgive me?

Brooke: Are you ready, Thomas?

Thomas: I think so.

Madison: (Sighs)

Thomas: Madison's just giving us the rest of what we need.

Madison: Have a great trip.

Brooke: Thank you.

Madison: You, too, Thomas.

Thomas: Thank you.

Brooke: (Sighs) (laughs)

Ridge: Well, I guess this is it.

Thomas: Yep.

Ridge: Make me proud over there.

Thomas: Oh. I will. Dad. (Chuckles)

Brooke: (Laughs)

Thomas: (Sighs)

Ridge: Hey, thanks for agreeing to do this. I realize it's a lot to ask at the last minute. But I think it's important to capitalize on our success now. Taboo is all the rage over there right now. You're gonna feel that energy. It will inspire you both. You'll have fun, too. I have a feeling this is gonna be a trip you'll never forget.

Jackie: Tell me you've changed your mind. Come and support my marriage to Owen, please.

Nick: I'm sorry. I can't. Aggie will go. She'll be your witness. I wish it were different, Mother. I'd love to be there for you. I'm just not ready to be there for him.

Jackie: I understand.

Nick: (Sighs)

Whip: I know I mishandled the situation, and I did this all the wrong way. (Sighs) I'll try to trust what you and I have instead of thinking about what he could take away. There may not be a reason to be jealous anymore anyhow. I mean, if this incident proves one thing, we now know why Ridge loves Brooke. They have no boundaries.

Taylor: (Laughs)

Whip: I mean, that's something that they share.

Taylor: That's the truth. (Laughs) Oh. (Sniffles)

Whip: So can you forgive me?

Taylor: I'm just-- I'm very upset that you felt pushed to this extreme, though.

Whip: I know. I know it was childish. I mean, I-I just-- I did it for you. I wanted you to--to see, uh-- I know it sounds foolish, but I thought it... (sighs) I thought it would be good for our marriage.

Taylor: Well, maybe it was, not quite in the way you thought, but...

Whip: Yeah.

Taylor: You cannot ever do anything like that again.

Whip: I promise. I promise. I never will.

Taylor: I forgive you.

Whip: You do? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mm.

Taylor: (Giggles) (sniffles)

Whip: (Sighs) I love you, Taylor. (Sniffles) (sighs)

Taylor: You know what?

Whip: What?

Taylor: I don't think there is any reason for Ridge or anybody in the whole entire world to know how that picture got taken, okay?

Whip: Oh, no argument here.

Taylor: (Sniffles) (chuckles) You're just funny.

Whip: Why?

Taylor: Well, just... it's funny watching you psychoanalyze Ridge. I like that.

Whip: Oh, that? That--that's fun.

Taylor: (Laughs)

Whip: (Laughs)

Taylor: Oh, my goodness.

Whip: So who's our next patient?

Taylor: Oh, Thomas. I definitely need help with him and his... oedipal complex. (Sighs)

Whip: Um...

Taylor: (Sighs)

Whip: I'm--I'm sorry. Maybe I-I missed too much of psych 101, but isn't that the condition where you are attracted to your mother?

Taylor: Mm-hmm. Yes, yes, yes.

Whip: Yeah?

Taylor: There was this period in my life when I was taken away from the kids, and... it was during the very important formative years of Thomas's life, and guess who was taking care of him? Guess who was there for him? And he was watching his father worship and adore her. Guess who it was?

Whip: I see.

Taylor: And, you know, that--that's what terrifies me, Whip. Could Thomas be falling in love with his father's wife?

Brooke: To Paris.

(Glasses clink)

Thomas: To Paris.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Thomas: Mm. Oh. You know what? If you would have told me this morning that I-I'd be on a plane with you...

Brooke: Pretty crazy, huh?

Thomas: (Chuckles)

Brooke: (Giggles)

Thomas: Oh! The life of a world-famous fashion designer.

Brooke: Oh, yeah, all the money, fortune, fame...

Thomas: Oh, I know.

Brooke: Women throwing themselves at you left and right.

Thomas: It--terrible life. Terrible, absolutely.

Brooke: (Giggles) Speaking of women, I saw you with Madison earlier.

Thomas: Yeah?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. So... you went on a few dates. Anything serious?

Thomas: Serious? (Laughs) No. No, not really. It's just... (sighs) d-d-dating is strange. It's like, what's the point? I-I go on these dates, have a good time, but there's nothing there. I look at dad and the connection he has with you, and I see what a connection a man should have with a woman, and I-I just... (Sighs) It just doesn't seem possible for me.

Brooke: It will happen. I mean, there's no reason to think that you've found "the one" yet. Just keep doing what you're doing. Go out and have fun.

Thomas: You mean, like, pretend?

Brooke: Is that what it feels like?

Thomas: Kind of. (Sighs) Summer and Madison, t-they... (sighs) they're great girls, but I have this standard, you know, this... this ideal of a perfect woman.

Brooke: (Chuckles) Nobody's perfect.

Thomas: I guess. (Sighs) I'm just at that age now. All my friends are finding that special someone, settling down, getting married, having kids. It just... (sighs) doesn't seem like it's ever gonna happen for me. It makes me wonder if I'll ever fall in love.

Brooke: Don't worry. Don't stress so much about finding love. It'll happen when it's supposed to. Some lucky girl's gonna come around and win your heart. It will happen, maybe sooner than you think.

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