B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/8/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/8/10


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Ridge: Jarrett, what are you gonna call this piece?

Jarrett: "Legacy," of course. "The next generation in American fashion design."

Thomas: Great and we'll be on the cover?

Jarrett: Yeah, second time in a month for you, Thomas.

Taylor: Hmm, my son the celebrity.

Jarrett: (Chucks) The glory days are back at Forrester.

Brio: Great.

Jarrett: I think that will do it, Brio.

Brio: Okay. Just a couple more here. Okay, one more. One more. Beautiful.

Jarrett: (Chuckles) Thank you. (Sighs) You two must be terribly proud.

Taylor: Oh, yes. Yes, Jarrett, we are.

Jarrett: And how terribly provocative. I mean, your handsome young so and his father's wife. (Chuckles) It's a stroke of genius. Even the Europeans are impressed.

Thomas: Yes, it's sexy and fun, like fashion should be. We here at Forrester Creations, we pride ourselves on cutting-edge marketing with a sense of humor.

(Cell phone beeps)

Thomas: Oh, uh, Jarrett, you know what? We have to cut this interview short. I got a reporter from Channel 2 in my office.

Jarrett: Oh, yes, of course.

Thomas: Great. Actually, you know what? Go you can grab us if you need any more material for the article.

Jarrett: Great.

Thomas: Good. All right.

Jarrett: Thank you.

Thomas: You guys have a good one, all right?

Jarrett: Okay. Thanks a lot.

Thomas: Later.

Jarrett: Bye.

Taylor: You have an interview with Channel 2?

Thomas: You never know.

Brooke: This was wonderful.

Woman: Yes. Thank you for the interview. I'll be sure to send an advance copy.

Brooke: Thank you.

Whip: Another interview, huh?

Brooke: Hi.

Whip: What was it this time? "People" or "Newsweek"?

Brooke: Well, we have been getting a lot of coverage.

Whip: Yeah, I know. Unlike Jackie M. It seems that Forrester International, has a corner on the buzz market. We know why that is, right?

Brooke: Do tell, "Mr. P.R."

Whip: Come on. It's because of you.

Brooke: (Chuckles)

Whip: No, seriously, Brooke. You look so damn good. I-it's completely feasible that a young guy like Thomas could fall head-over-heels in love with you. You're looking younger than your daughter. That's all I'm saying.

Brooke: (Laughs) Oh, my.

Bill: So you're getting together with Hope today?

Oliver: It's for business, Mr. Spencer.

Bill: So you're seeing her at Gerk?

Oliver: She's coming here.

Bill: Excellent.

Oliver: Look, I'm not bringing her over here to hit--hit on her, okay? We've got work to do.

Bill: Let me tell you something, my little friend. Your job is to get under her skin. You're already halfway there.

Oliver: I don't like this.

Bill: How do you suppose Hope would feel if she knew you hired a driver to keep Liam away from her party? She'd probably think that was a pretty low, underhanded thing to do, don't you imagine? We have an agreement. I suggest you live up to it.

Oliver: Goodbye, Mr. Spencer.

Bill: Son of a...

(Knock on door)

Hope: Hi.

Oliver: Hey. Come on in.

Hope: Oh, thanks. So you look like you're headed to the beach.

Oliver: We both are. We're shootin' on the beach.

Hope: I know. So I've been told. Um, does this work?

Oliver: Sure does.

Bill: Liam.

Liam: Yeah, you, uh, wanted to see me. Monthly evaluation. How am I doin'? Give me the bad news.

Bill: Relax. Have a seat, Son.

Thomas: I owe you both so much.

Taylor: Oh, come on. No. You--you owe us anything. Your success is our success. I think the line is great. It's beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Well, that's not exactly true.

Thomas: What would you change?

Taylor: I'm still not comfortable with the way you want to promote this.

Brooke: Thank you. Quite a compliment, Mr. Jones.

Whip: Well, you know it's true. The Taboo line has got the entire world talking. Why is that? I can tell you right now, it's not because of Thomas.

Brooke: Wow. Two compliments in less than five minutes. Thank you.

Whip: Well, you know...

Brooke: So how are you doing? How are things with you and Taylor?

Whip: Why do you ask?

Brooke: I can see it in your eyes. I certainly hope there are no problems.

Taylor: I am so impressed with your work, Thomas. I am. It's amazing.

Thomas: If only Brooke weren't a part of it.

Taylor: Well, I'm trying to get past that, because I know how talented you are. You' so gifted, and you deserve the success. You do. I mean, look at the two of you. You're just so magnificent standing there side by side. Look at you two. You're so creative and-- youíre both a part of my life, the most important part of my life.

Ridge: I think Thomas got the best of both of us. But I think actually his best part probably came from his mom.

Thomas: (Chuckles) I really admire you two, the way you've maintained your friendship after everything that's happened.

Ridge: Oh, Thomas, it's not a friendship. It's love. How can I not love the woman that created you and your sisters?

Thomas: (Laughs) You know, I-I gotta get to work.

Taylor: Yeah, you have those reporters waiting in your office.

Thomas: Right.

Taylor: (Chuckles)

Thomas: I'll catch you guys later.

Taylor: Whew.

Ridge: So how you doing, Doc? Oh, I'm sorry. I know you don't want me to say that.

Taylor: No, you know, no. And you know what? I'm okay with it. It used to bother me, but it-- it really doesn't anymore. I don't know. I think maybe... I think I kind of missed it. (Chuckles) (Sighs)

Hope: You were really great out there. You're becoming a real pro at this.

Oliver: It's all about the subject. You make it easy.

Hope: No, it's the photographer. You make me feel so relaxed when you're shooting me.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Oliver: That's the idea.

Hope: What are you doing? Uh, give me a-- give me a pouty face.

Hope: Pouty face? Okay.

Oliver: Pouty face. Perfect. Here. Try this.

Hope: Ooh, nice. Okay.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Oliver: Very sexy.

Bill: So the bottom line is you have to keep a closer eye on that division. That's all on your plate. Well, our plate. I mean, right now, this is all mine. But someday, this office will be yours.

Liam: Yeah, I'm-- I'm very well aware of that, Dad, but--

Bill: No buts. You're young. I want you to have a life, not just your career. But for the next year or so, while you're learning the ropes, this has to be your focus, your number one priority.

Liam: Why do I get the feeling you're saying something else?

Bill: You're seeing too much of Hope Logan.

Liam: Dad, I'm not spending too much time with Hope. If anything, I'm not spending enough time with her.

Bill: Son, there is a whole world out there, a world that you have access to in a way at very few people do. Private jets, meetings in Rome, Paris, Amsterdam. Beautiful, magnificent, interesting women in every port. Why would you want to be pining after a girl just out of high school?

Liam: I'm not pining. I'm in love.

Bill: (Sighs) Hi (Sighs) I know you think you're in love, but you're not. Neither is Hope. Youíre both too young. You need to be out gaining experience, playing the field. Believe me when I tell you this is a recipe for disaster. Let her go. There are a lot of women out there.

Hope: Oh, God. That's how I was sitting in that chair.

Oliver: Very sultry.

Hope: Very sleazy.

Oliver: (Chuckles) A little sleaze can be a good thing. Ah, yes, the Gilligan pose.

Hope: (Laughs)

Oliver: (Laughs)

Hope: Look at me.

Oliver: (Sighs) Wait till your dad sees these. He's gonna hate me more than he already does.

Hope: Oh, he does not hate you.

Oliver: Hmm. Iíve got some fences to mend after almost letting the collection get stolen. God, you're beautiful.

Hope: It's all in the photography.

Oliver: No, it's not. I could get lost in a picture like this. Your heart, your soul, everything that makes you special, it's all--it's all right there. You're just being you. Not even trying. Like that night we were looking at the moon up at the Forrester grounds. Candlelight flickering in your eyes. You were mine. I gotta ask. Where do I stand? Is there even a chance for me?

Whip: No, Taylor and I are not having problems.

Brooke: I hope not.

Whip: How about you and Ridge? Everything okay with you guys?

Brooke: Oh, yes. We are madly in love as ever.

Whip: Good. Great. Yeah. We--we're-- we're thinking of moving.

Brooke: Really?

Whip: Yeah. Yeah, you know, the house has a-- a lot of karma for Taylor.

Brooke: But she raised her children there.

Whip: Yeah, she also lived-in that house with Ridge.

Brooke: Is that becoming a problem?

Whip: No, its not-- it's not--it's not a problem. It's... (Sighs) Although, it-- (Sighs)

Brooke: What?

Whip: It's nothing. Just something crazy happened the other night, and... I mean, if I was ruled by my ego, and I walked around that way, I--maybe I'd be pretty messed up.

Brooke: What was it?

Whip: No, I'm--I'm sorry. It's--it's--understand? It's--it's gotta be something between a husband and wife.

Brooke: Personal.

Whip: Yeah.

Brooke: But it does involve Ridge.

Whip: (Sighs) Taylor's been thinking a lot about your husband lately. And given the situation, you know, it--it's bringing up a lot of old stuff.

Brooke: Is that why she wants to move?

Whip: No, that was real more my idea than hers. It's just old memories sometimes can be, uh, oppressive if you're the outsider. I-I know she loves me.

Ridge: It's good to see you smile.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Ridge: You've seemed a little uptight recently.

Taylor: You know why.

Ridge: Listen to me, Taylor. You can trust Brooke.

Taylor: You are really so naive sometimes. So where is she?

Ridge: At an interview.

Taylor: Mm. I wish Whip could get a few of those. He's been dealing with so much over at Jackie M. and it's really taking a toll on him. He's been a little on the ragged edge here lately.

Ridge: Well, why don't you just go home and cheer him up then?

Taylor: (Sighs)

Ridge: Did I say something wrong?

Taylor: No. No.

Ridge: I think I did. Come on, what is it, Doc?

Taylor: I can't say anything about that, especially not to you.

Whip: I trust Taylor's feelings for me.

Brooke: You should. You've had a good, strong, healthy marriage.

Whip: Yeah. I mean, she's... (Sighs) She's really changed my life. God, I love that woman. I--she just can't help thinking back sometimes, right? I mean, I'm sure you understand.

Brooke: You know... (Sighs) Maybe it would be a good idea to leave that house if it's bringing up too much from the past-- too many old memories.

Whip: Yeah, I'm just not so sure that the, uh, house is the problem. It's good running into you, Brooke. Thanks again.

Bill: I know it's hard to let go. But you're a man now, Liam, and you are training for a position of enormous responsibility.

Liam: So I-I'm supposed to just dump my girlfriend?

Bill: You're supposed to take advantage of the fact that you are William Spencer III. Look, Hope is lovely girl. And someday, she's going to be a fond memory. In the meantime, you have a lot to learn. And you don't have time to be nursing a relationship.

Liam: You know what, Dad? It's starting to sound like I don't have time to do anything except work.

Bill: That's not true. That's not what I expect of you or want for you. Believe me. You are going to have lots of opportunities to socialize-- Europe, Asia, South America, wherever you go. And you're gonna be traveling a lot. You will have endless opportunities to meet women, fine women, women who speak different languages, who come from different cultures. But you can't do that if you're tied down.

Liam: Okay, yeah, but-- but Hope is a very special young woman. I mean--

Bill: Young? Yes. Special? Every woman is special.

Liam: Okay.

Bill: What's your favorite food?

Liam: I-I don't know. I like all kinds of food.

Bill: Exactly. Diversity. That's what I'm talking about. Women are like food. They come in different flavors. You may not want to hear this, but the fact is that your dad has a lot of experience, and I want you to gain value from it. Hope is a lovely girl. And who knows? Maybe five, ten years from now, you'll hook up again. In the meantime, I want what is best for you. That's why we're having this talk. I want you to experience everything the world has to offer. But to do that, you have to be free. You have to be committed to any one person. Please, Son, think about it.

Hope: Oliver, it's-- it's obvious that I'm attracted to you. I think you know that. But I do not want to date two guys at the same time.

Oliver: Okay. Simple fix. Stop dating Liam.

Hope: (Chuckles) I am committed to Liam.

Oliver: The other night, Hope, we came back here-- together right here.

Hope: Yeah, I know. We made out a little, and it was nice, but that can't happen again. It can't. That's not me.

Oliver: What if he lets you down?

Hop. I trust Liam.

Oliver: You trusted me, too, once. Then all that stupid stuff happened, and Liam stepped in. I'm not perfect, Hope. I've made mistakes, big ones. But I can tell you this for sure. And I am telling the truth. Through everything that's happened, I haven't for one moment, not one moment, stopped loving you. I still do.

Ridge: Taylor, come on. You can talk to me.

Taylor: No, no, I can't. It's too personal.

Ridge: Doc, you said it was okay, right?

Taylor: No, I said I-I just missed hearing you say that to me.

Ridge: Me, too. So what is it? Come on. We don't have any secrets between us.

Taylor: (Chuckles) It's so weird. I can't believe what happened. (Chuckles) Last night when-- when Whip and I were together in bed...

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: I said your name.

Ridge: While you were...

Taylor: Yes, while we were making love.

Ridge: (Laughs) You were in bed with your husband, and you called out my name? Oh, my God, Taylor. Oh, for God sakes. (Laughs)

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