B&B Transcript Monday 12/6/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 12/6/10


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Oliver: Look, I'm not really sure what you think I've done, but I think--

Bill: Really? There's nothing floating around in that little bit of gray matter you have between those ears? Well, let me tell you something you can be sure of. I know exactly what you did to Liam and Hope. You'd better be careful who you make enemies with, Oliver.

Hope: This is my surprise?

Liam: Surprise!

Hope: (Chuckles) Okay. Okay. Now normally I-I love when guys take me to empty apartment buildings.

Liam: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Really, I-it's not creepy at all.

Liam: (Snorts) No.

Hope: But, um, I'm starving. I thought you were hinting about dinner.

Liam: Maybe. But just go get-- get a--get a feel for the place. Walk around. Check it out.

Hope: Liam, why did you bring me here?


Brooke: Isn't modern technology wonderful? It's sexy, really. You can work from anywhere, with all the gigabytes and the hard drive at your beck and call.

Brooke: (Chuckles)

Brooke: I think you better hit "File" and "Save." You're gonna be really busy for the next few hours.

Taylor: Oh, my God. What am I doing? What--what's wrong with me?

[Taylor remembering]

Ridge: If anything were to happen between our son and my wife, my marriage would be over. I'd take flight to safety, straight to you.

Liam: So cool place, right?

Hope: Yeah, yeah.

Liam: Hmm?

Hope: Oh, look. Look. Look. There's a little Thai restaurant down there.

Liam: Do you want Thai?

Hope: Yes. (Laughs)

Liam: (Laughs)

Hope: But first, why are you trying to sell me on this place? Are you scouting secret rendezvous for us?

Liam: Maybe. How do you feel about meeting here for your lunch break once in a while?

Hope: Mm, at some random, empty apartment?

Liam: Yeah, that's the thing. It's not gonna be empty for long, 'cause... I kind of live here now.

Hope: I knew it! I knew it!

Liam: (Laughs) Signed the paperwork this morning. Welcome to my home.

Hope: (Giggles)

Oliver: I don't want any trouble.

Bill: Well, then you shouldn't have hired someone to drive my son all over town the other night.

Oliver: What?

Bill: (Sarcastically) What? What? (Normal voice) I traced your card. Te car was charged to you. It doesn't take a genius to see what's goin' on here, Ollie. You messed with my son. You tried to keep him away from Hope. Nicely done.

(Cell phone rings)

Brooke: (Groans) More technology. (Ring)

Ridge: In the old days, we would have taken the phone off the hook. (Ring)

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Hello?

Taylor: Hi, it's Taylor.

Ridge: Hey, Taylor. What's going on?

Taylor: Well, I just wondered if you'd checked your e-mail recently.

Ridge: E-mail? No, I've kind of been away from the computer for a while now. Why?

Taylor: Oh, well, Steffy wrote to us. She sent us some, you know, pictures and whatnot of her over at International. I'm so proud of her. She's doing so great.

Ridge: You should be. Steffy's beautiful and talented, just like her mother.

Taylor: Oh, that's so sweet of you. (Chuckles) Oh, I-I wanted to tell you thank you for coming over today. I'm feeling much better about things.

Ridge: So am I. It's all gonna work out just fine. You'll see. Look, I gotta go right now. Let's talk about this more tomorrow. I'll see you after I've read Steffy's e-mail, okay?

Taylor: Okay. Have a good night, Ridge.

Ridge: You, too. What?

Brooke: Nothing.

Ridge: Logan.

Brooke: You seem awfully chummy with Taylor. I get it.

Ridge: Logan, it was just a phone call.

Brooke: And a visit earlier today. And... (Scoffs)

Ridge: Do you have a problem with me being friendly to Taylor?

Brooke: No, I'm just saying, it seems like you guys have been spending a lot of time together.

Ridge: Well, there's been a lot for us to talk about lately with the Taboo line, that kiss. Taylor and I do need to discuss things as parents on occasion.

Brooke: (Sighs) I know. I get it. I'm not gonna have you explain anymore. I do understand. I promise. (Sighs) I just hope that Taylor understands. She's with Whip now, not you.

Taylor: Aha. This ought to put a smile on Whip's face. I haven't worn this since our wedding night.

[Taylor remembering]

Man: It is my great pleasure by the power of the church and the state of California to pronounce you man and... horse?!

Taylor: (Sighs) Things would have been very different if Brooke hadn't show up that day.

(Door opens)

Whip: (Sighs)

Taylor: Hey.

Whip: Hey, Gorgeous. (Sighs) Am I glad to see you. I have been thinking about you all day. (Sighs) Ooh, what have we here? Oh. I see you've been thinking about me, too, huh?

Liam: And we're back in the living room.

Hope: I love it.

Liam: Really? You do?

Hope: Yes, I do.

Liam: That's good, because we could be spending a lot of time here.

Hope: Well, good, because this is my new favorite hangout.

Liam: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: 'Cause I kind of cringed every time you came over to my old place.

Hope: It wasn't that bad.

Liam: Three roommates.

Hope: (Laughs)

Liam: Three roommates. You couldn't even get into the bathroom, let alone use it.

Hope: This is very true, and you definitely could have used a woman's touch...

Liam: (Chuckles)

Hope: Or a trash can. Either one would have helped.

Liam: Right.

Hope: (Laughs)

Liam: Well, this is just great. This is so nice, because I have a place all on my own. I don't have to hang a sock on the doorknob every time I want privacy.

Hope: What a novel idea.

Liam: I know. And there's room. There's lots and lots of room.

Hope: There is.

Liam: And I don't have a lot of stuff, so, I mean, if there's anything you wanna, like, keep over here, um, like a toothbrush or, you know...

Hope: What, in case I happen to spend the night?

Liam: Yeah, in case. (Chuckles)


Oliver: I... uh... (Chuckles) A-are you forgiving me?

Bill: Mm. So he admits it.

Oliver: I-I'm sorry, okay? It was wrong. I don't usually do things like that. I'll--I'll tell Hope, admit the whole thing.

Bill: No, no, no, no. You're not gonna tell Hope a thing ever.

Oliver: Uh, okay, I'm--I'm not sure what you're planning on doing, but nothing ever even came of it. I mean, Liam was late for the party, sure, but it was just this-- a stupid prank, okay? And I-I won't do it again. I-I promise.

Bill: You're not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you? You're not understanding me. You are going to do it again, only next time, you're going to be much more successful.

Liam: (Chuckles)

Hope: (Chuckles)

Liam: Here.

Hope: Thank you.

Liam: So you're sure you're okay with this? I mean, we could have eaten at the restaurant.

Hope: Oh, no, no. This is better. This is much better. Great food, great company-- I could really get used to this.

Liam: Yeah, me, too.

Oliver: Wait, you... you want me to go after Hope?

Bill: You gotta man up, show her that you're the one she should be with.

Oliver: You know Liam's, like, really into her, right?

Bill: But you're her first love. It's only fair you score first.

Oliver: Excuse me?

Bill: Well, you nailed Brooke, right? I assume you have enough mojo to take care of her daughter.

Oliver: That was a mistake.

Bill: (Chuckles)

Oliver: Wow, you are offensive.

Bill: And you, my pitiful little cohort, are about to win the contest for Hope's affection. So you gonna just stand there and sweat or thank me for being your savior?

Whip: So you gonna put this on for me or what, huh? Hmm?

Taylor: I don't know. (Chuckles)

Whip: No, you don't know? Oh, you're right. It's probably just gonna get taken off anyway, right?

Taylor: (Chuckles)

Ridge: (Laughs) Great.

Brooke: Sounds like quite a report.

Ridge: Sounds like all the buzz from Hope for the Future and Taboo is really keepin' her busy over there.

Brooke: Oh, I'll bet. What did she say about the kiss?

Ridge: Uh, nothin', really. Just talking about the business side of it, how we're using it to promote Taboo.

Brooke: Really?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: That doesn't sound like Steffy. I thought she would have at least had one catty comment. She's so programmed to doubt me, you know, just like her beautiful, talented mother.

Ridge: Oh, simmer down.

Brooke: Well... (Sighs) They are two peas in a pod when it comes to judging me. At least Taylor finally realizes that I'm not going to be a menace to Thomas.

Ridge: But she does now, doesn't she?

Brooke: Yeah, she does. But who knows when that's gonna change?

Ridge: Taylor knows how much we love each other and that you'd never betray me that way. Our marriage would obviously be over if something really happened between you and my son. I've told you I could never handle that. I told Taylor the same thing.

Brooke: You told her that? That our marriage would end?

Ridge: Logan, it's nothing I haven't already told you. If you did something crazy and irresponsible with my son, our marriage couldn't survive that. I admitted that to Taylor.

Brooke: What? You're kidding, right? You--you didn't say that to her.

Ridge: Brooke, it's never gonna happen.

Brooke: Well, no, of course it's not, but still.

Ridge: Sweetheart, come on. After all these years? She is the other great love of my life.

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Hope: Look at you.

Liam: (Chuckles)

Hope: Really. New job. New home.

Liam: (Chuckles)

Hope: Things are really looking up for you from when we first met, huh?

Liam: Mm.

Hope: It's an exciting time. Just do me a favor, okay? Don't forget that you are still Liam Cooper.

Liam: No, I know. I know that. I mean, I might think about changing that some time in the future, though.

Hope: Well, I think if it's important to you, then you should go for it. Just--just really get to know who your dad is before you make a decision.

Liam: No, no, no. I mean, I haven't forgotten, like, who my father is, what his reputation is. I'm just kind of getting a kick out of him right now, because I think he cares a lot more than he lets on.

Hope: All right, if you say so.

Liam: Well, okay, he wants what's best for me. That's clear, right?

Hope: Which is obviously being with me.

Liam: Exactly. Exactly.

Hope: (Chuckles)

Liam: I mean, he knows you make me happy. He knows you're the girl I want, and I think deep down... (Quietly) Deep down...

Hope: (Laughs)

Liam: (Normal voice) He-- he respects that.

Oliver: I don't get it. Why would go behind Liam's back like this? What is it? You don't like Hope or something?

Bill: I like Hope just fine. I think she's a great girl. I'd be thrilled if Liam settled down with someone like Hope... in about 20 years. He's got a lot of living to do before then. You know, what is it with you? What do you care what my motivation is as long as you benefit?

Oliver: I'm trying to figure out what your deal is.

Bill: (Sighs) All right, let me lay it out for you. My son is too soft. He needs to become a man, and that ain't gonna happen if he keeps following Hope around like a little puppy dog. He's Bill Spencer III. He should be bedding a different woman every night, not committing to some little girl who's trying to decide whether or not she's ready to put out. You don't buy a pair of jeans without trying 'em on first, do you? I'm gonna leave that finger crossing to you. There. Does that explain it?

Oliver: Yeah, I'd say so.

Bill: Good. You know, Oliver, this is your lucky day. Your chances of being with Hope were looking pretty bleak lately. But they have just improved substantially because now I am involved. I will help you get your girlfriend back. What do you say?

Oliver: Thank you, Mr. Spencer... but I don't need your help. I can get Hope back on my own, and I'm not getting into any kind of scheme with you.

Brooke: You actually said that to Taylor? That you would end our marriage if something happened between Thomas and me?

Ridge: Well... yeah, sort of.

Brooke: Ridge!

Ridge: What's the big deal? Nothing's gonna happen between you two. It never would. We all know that.

Brooke: No, of course not, but you can't say that kind of thing to Taylor. It's only gonna get her hopes up.

Ridge: Taylor knows that I didn't mean anything by it.

Brooke: Really? When it comes to Taylor and what she feels for you, Ridge, you said exactly what she's been wanting to hear for a long time.

Ridge: I'm sorry, Logan. I didn't mean to get you all riled up here. I was just making a point with her, that's all-- that there won't be any more scandals in this family.

Brooke: I know. (Sighs) I know. I'm not mad. It's just that Taylor is now going to be watching me like a hawk, waiting for me to mess up so that she can beg you to stick to your word. She's gonna think about it, you know. She's gonna start thinking about a life with you.

Ridge: No, she's not.

Brooke: Oh, yes, she is. She's probably thinking about you right now.

Ridge: Logan, I'm happily married to you. Taylor's happily married to Whip. I guarantee you, she's forgotten that I've even said that.

Brooke: I hope you're right. I hope Taylor and Whip are happy and that she has gotten over you. (Sighs)

Ridge: Logan, let's be realistic here. Who could ever really get over someone as fabulously fantastic as... as me?

Brooke: (Laughs)

Ridge: Come here. Come here.

Brooke: (Sighs) I'm serious, though. You can't keep saying these kinds of things. It's just gonna get inside Taylor's head.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Brooke: I know how a woman thinks... especially her.

Taylor: (Moaning) Oh, yeah, Ridge. Oh, Ridge. (Moans) (Gasps)

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