B&B Transcript Wednesday 11/24/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 11/24/10


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Stephanie: The procedure is called gamma knife.

Thomas: Yikes. Sounds pretty brutal.

Stephanie: No, it's not. I was conscious the whole time. There's no actual cutting.

Taylor: It's like a cat scan where there's multiple highly focused gamma rays that go in and attack the tumors.

Thomas: Okay, so, the tumors in your brain-- they're gone?

Stephanie: Well, that takes a while to determine.

Taylor: And we're all very hopeful.

Stephanie: (Chuckles)

(Knock on door)

Stephanie: Come in. (Sighs)

Taylor: What are you doing here, Brooke?

Stephanie: I asked her to come over.

Taylor: Why?

Stephanie: Well, because I think, uh, we need--the four of us-- to resolve some things.

Bill: That's just not the way it's done, Liam. The assistant brings the coffee. You bring the attitude.

Liam: Dad, I think you have more than enough attitude for the two of us.

Katie: (Chuckles) No kidding.

Bill: Hey. So how was the party?

Liam: Uh, gee, I don't know. I guess it was okay. I was only there for five minutes. Hope wasn't even there, so I took off after her.

Katie: Where was she?

Liam: With Oliver at his beach house.

Ridge: It must have been one hell of a party.

Hope: Well, it sure didn't turn out the way I thought it would.

Bill: So Hope blew off her own party to go home with Oliver? That should tell you something.

Liam: Oh, no, it was a little more complicated than that.

Katie: Well, what happened?

Liam: Uh, well, let's see. I was over an hour late, thanks to Dad's limo driver. Hope felt jilted.

Katie: (Whispers) What?

Li m: Oliver moved in. That about sums it up.

Bill: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. It. Wait. Wait a second. You cancelled the limo.

Liam: No, I didn't.

Bill: Liam, I-I called the company. They told me the limousine was cancelled.

Liam: Dad, some Russian limousine driver-- t it wasn't even a limo. It was a town car. She shows up. She barely speaks any English. She doesn't know squat about L.A., and we get lost. I mean, whatever. I'll make it up to Hope. I'm certainly not gonna lose her to Oliver.

Amber: Oh, hey, want to pour another one of those?

Oliver: Sure. How'd you sleep?

Amber: Kinda lonely in that guest room. How about you?

Oliver: I tossed and turned all night.

Amber: Oh.

Oliver: A lot on my mind.

Amber: God, maybe you should have come knockin' on my door.

Oliver: Mm.

Amber: I know. You have Hope on your mind. And the party last night.

Oliver: Well, it worked out just like you planned it, "Nasha."

Amber: Mm. (Foreign accent) Trust me, Comrade. I will not let you down.

Oliver: Hope and I were makin' progress. When we came back here, , I-I thought something was gonna happen, you know? She really seemed into me... like before.

Amber: (Normal voice) And then Liam showed up.

Oliver: Yeah.

Amber: So you had a little, uh, setback.

Oliver: Yeah. That's what we'll call it. She still loves me.

Amber: You'll have her, Oliver. You will. I'll make sure of it.

Ridge: Liam stood you up?

Hope: Well, his limo driver got lost and then ran out of gas.

Ridge: Really?

Hope: I know. I know. It sounds really weird. But, I mean, I believe him. He has no reason to lie to me.

Ridge: You didn't work it out?

Hope: (Sighs)

Brooke: How are you feeling, Stephanie? Do you have any side effects from the procedure?

Stephanie: No, I'm fine, actually. And thanks for asking. Look, I asked you over because I want for all of us to discuss, what happened at the preview of the men's line.

Thomas: Whoa, Grandma. We do not need to rehash this.

Stephanie: Oh, yes, we do. Kissing your father's wife in a public venue like that was highly inappropriate. It's all over the media, the internet, everybody's talking about it.

Thomas: That was the point. mission accomplished. What’s the big deal?

Stephanie: I'm kind of surprised to hear you say that. Don't you understand the consequences of these actions and how they could affect the family?

Thomas: Like what? Maybe I'll fall for Brooke? That's what everyone else seems to think, especially you, Mom.

Taylor: Well, no, let me tell you what I think. This is just vintage Brooke. That's all.

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Taylor: It is, you know? No, it wasn't her idea, exactly. She did take advantage of it, which is one of the many reasons I want it to stop.

Bill: So this chauffer was driving you around in the Malibu Hills?

Liam: She had no idea where she was, no clue and soon, I didn't either. We get to the party really late. Hope already took off with Oliver, so--so I rushed to get up the beach toward his-- his beach house.

Katie: And what did you find when you got there?

Liam: Him putting moves on her, like I knew he would.

Bill: You kicked his ass.

Liam: No, not exactly, l but I did get a minute alone to talk to Hope.

Bill: And you ended it right then and there I hope.

Liam: No, I didn't end it all right then and there.

Bill: Liam, she is cheating on you. Now no son of mine is gonna tolerate that.

Liam: Dad, no, she's not cheating on me. She thought I stood her up, and plus, I'm in love with her.

Oliver: You're gonna deliver Hope to me?

Amber: On a silver platter.

Oliver: I remember when we couldn't get enough of each other. Got a little taste of that last night. Those times are comin' back, Amber. I gotta get to work. I got a big day today.

Amber: Why? What's goin' on?

Oliver: Uh, Brio, the lead photographer is on location. So I will be behind the lens on my own.

Amber: Lo, my gosh. That is huge, Oliver. Who are you shooting?

Oliver: Hope.

Amber: Mm. (Chuckles) Well, I am sure you will make her look beautiful.

Ridge: You want to talk about it?

Hope: When Liam didn't show up at the party, I ended up going over to Oliver's.

Ridge: He's still in the picture?

Hope: Well, he's always gonna be really important to me.

Ridge: And Liam?

Hope: We're having some issues. Part of it feels like he is becoming more and more his father's son. He is working incredibly long hours, totally wrapped up in Spencer publications. I mean, I think it's really great that he's getting further along in his career. I just...

Ridge: You're wondering where all this leaves you.

Hope: Yeah. I've got two guy who really like me. That's, uh, that's every girl's dream, right? (Chuckles)

Ridge: Yeah, that's complicated.

Hope: Yeah. (Chuckles) Well, anyway, tell me what's going on with Taboo.

Ridge: We're going ahead with the line.

Hope: Wow, I'm sure Taylor and Stephanie are thrilled about that.

Ridge: Yeah. Taylor is upset. A as far as mother goes, she wasn't real happy to hear about that runway kiss. But at least she hasn't tried to throttle Brooke. The two of them have been getting along so well lately. I just hope this doesn't ruin it.

Brooke: Taylor, it was an ad campaign. The kiss was a stunt.

Taylor: It doesn't make it right.

Thomas: But it worked. And my men's line is the talk of the industry.

Taylor: Can you say something to these two?

Stephanie: Honey, there has to be a line drawn between good taste and bad taste even in marketing.

Brooke: It was harmless, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Was it?

Thomas: Grandma, Mom, get this straight, both of you. I do not have romantic feelings for Brooke. She's my father's wife for Pete's sake. It was a performance, a pretty darn good one.

Taylor: Okay, the two of you can rationalize this all you want, but what happened up on stage was absolutely destructive. If you don't see it now, I guarantee you, you will later.

Thomas: Mother, I am not under anyone's spell, least of all my father's wife. Look, I have to get to work.

Brooke: I should get going, too.

Stephanie: No, you stay, please. We're not finished.

Bill: Hope has you wrapped around her finger. You do realize that.

Liam: Yeah, and I'm lovin' it.

Bill: "You're lovin' it"? I'm gonna be sick. you are William Spencer III. Spencer publications is your life. It is your legacy. You don't have time for relationships.

Liam: No, no. I've been spending too much time at Spencer and not enough time with Hope. That's what I need to correct. No. I'm takin' the day off.

Bill: W-what are you talking about? We have an important meeting.

Liam: Yeah, I think you can handle without me. I have faith in you, Father.

Katie: Uh, is Hope taking the day off, as well?

Liam: No, no. In fact, she’s at photo shoot with Oliver. He gets to work with her, so he has the upper hand. I gotta even the playing field.

Bill: I have gotta recheck that D.N.A. test. There is no way he's my son.

Katie: Oh, he's your son all right. He's the best part of you.

Oliver: That's great. There you go. , Look at that smile. You're perfect. You're gorgeous. Oh. All right, lean in closer. A little closer. Show me your chin. All right, give me your sexiest, come-hither look.

Oliver: All right, take a break, Beautiful. I gotta change lenses.

Hope: (Sighs) Come-hither? Did you really just say come-hither? (Chuckles)

Oliver: Too many old movies. What's a guy supposed to do when he's alone at night?

Hope: Yeah, we need to talk about that, actually.

Oliver: Over dinner?

Hope: No, no, I don--we-- I don't want to go to dinner.

Oliver: Well, we can't do it right now. We gotta finish the shoot.

Hope: Right. Well, then I will be right back. A change in wardrobe. (Sighs)

Ridge: Alright, so you like the shoulder overlay much better?

Woman: Much better.

Ridge: Good. Good. Okay. I think we're good to go. You got the memo, right? The bathing suits are up next?

Woman: Yeah.

Woman: One of my favorite parts of the job. (Chuckles)

Ridge: So I hear.

Woman: (Laughs)

Thomas: Oh, hi.

Woman: Well, if it isn't the young Mr. Forrester.

Thomas: Yeah, not that young, Heidi. Summer.

Summer: You must be excited-- all the press you're getting.

Thomas: Yeah. It's very exciting

Ridge: The bathing suits, the girls.

Summer: Oh, yeah.

Thomas: (Laughs)

Summer: The bathing suits.

Thomas: Right.

Ridge: Quite the ladies' Man.

Thomas: Yeah, you know what? You should tell that to Mom and Grandma. They seem to think I only have the hots for your wife.

Ridge: You were with them?

Thomas: Yeah, Brooke, too.

Ridge: Where?

Thomas: Grandma's place. She had them both there.

Brooke: What is this meeting all about? What are you trying to accomplish, Stephanie?

Stephanie: I'd like to determine whether we should or should not move forward with the, uh, Taboo line.

Brooke: Well, it is not your decision to make nor was it mine. It was Ridge's, and he made it in the best interest of the company.

Taylor: Well, actually, I am stunned that Ridge would sacrifice his son's own well-being.

Brooke: This was all Thomas' idea. He's not being sacrificed or exploited.

Taylor: (Scoffs) Well, that's just a matter of time.

Brooke: What are you saying? You think he's going to develop feelings for me? That's ridiculous.

Taylor: (Laughs) That is ridiculous. You're old enough to be his mother.

Brooke: Oh, well, you and I are both getting up there in years, so...

Stephanie: Alright. All right. I-I think what Taylor is simply trying to say is that, Honey, you do have a bit of a history, and it would, uh, well, it doesn't do any good to pretend that that isn't the case.

Brooke: People can change. You are testimony to that.

Taylor: Whenever there's been another man in your life, regardless of how innocent it is or whatever the age range is, it always turns out to be a scandal. I mean, just the Taboo. It--it--it should be waving a red flag in your face. By sheer definition, it means "Don't go there." And I agree 100%. I mean, what kind of mother would I be if I were to allow my son to be exploited like this?

Katie: Your son is a big boy. I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

Bill: He's blowing off work, acting like some lovesick kid. I don't like it.

Katie: He's romantic.

Bill: Following Hope around like some salivating dog is not romantic. It's pathetic.

Katie: Mm. I used to make you salivate.

Bill: Well, you still do. That's different.

Katie: (Chuckles) Maybe it's not. You know, hope's a Logan, just like... we've been known to be irresistible at times.

Bill: (Sighs)

Katie: Like maybe now? Oh, well, maybe not.

Bill: Mm.

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: Damn Logan girls.

Katie: (Laughs)

Oliver: So we on for dinner?

Hope: Oliver, no. We are friends. We are close, but that's it.

Oliver: Something was going on last night. You know as well as I do.

Hope: Yeah, I know. And that's what we need to talk about.

Oliver: We know one thing. I was at the party, and Liam was AWOL.

Liam: Are you trying to make me look bad, Ollie? Like I was purposely bailing on Hope? 'Cause you know that's not true.

Hope: Liam, what are you doing here?

Liam: I came here to take you away.

Oliver: No, we're halfway through the shoot, Pal.

Liam: What? Oh. Oh. Shoot's gotta wait. Shoot's gotta wait. Oh, I'm sorry.

Hope: Liam, what's going on?

Liam: You and me.

Ridge: Taylor is determined to put the brakes on this campaign.

Thos: Yeah, and now she's bringing out the reinforcements.

Ridge: I was really hopin' to keep your grandmother out of this.

Thomas: Because of her health.

Ridge: Yeah, well, Mother and Brooke have had a much more positive relationship lately. They've been through a hell of lot together. I just really hope that they can withstand this.

Thomas: Don't hold your breath.

Brooke: Taylor, I'm surrounded by men at work. I don't seduce them. That is ridiculous. Don't tell me you're buying into this, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, I'm not gonna tell you that I think the Taboo campaign is a good idea, because I don't.

Brooke: Well, could you have come up with a better way to get that kind of response?

Taylor: Don't you realize there is more to life than sales figures? Really, I mean, what about decency, honesty, integrity, class? Do I need to go on?

Brooke: Thomas and I haven't done anything indecent. Nobody's integrity has been compromised.

Taylor: Just the word Taboo-- are you hearing that word if this line goes forward--

Brooke: Nothing is going to happen to your son. You're treating him like he's a little kid. Well, he's an adult. And he really wants to go forward with this Taboo line. Can't you say something to her?

Taylor: No, don't listen to her, Stephanie. She's just re-spinning it like she always does. The only reasonable thing to do with the Taboo line is to make it taboo.

Brooke: (Sighs) Okay, look. Normally, I wouldn't turn to you, because I would think that you would side with Taylor right away, but we've been through a lot lately, Stephanie. And I know maybe you still question my judgment and still look at me like the girl from the valley, but I think we're past that. I don't want to hurt Thomas. I want to do what's best for him. And he is your grandson. I mean, don't you see how much he wants this opportunity? And you, Taylor, don't make this about me. You have to make it about your son and what he wants and what he needs, and he needs respect in the company, in his mother's eyes.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh. Brooke, I--

Brooke: I'm not saying this to disrespect you. I'm just saying this 'cause maybe this is a real good opportunity for you guys to repair your relationship. But you can't do that if you keep overreacting to everything.

Taylor: (Scoffs)

Brooke: (Sighs) And don't feed into her paranoia. For the sake of your son, your grandson, your family, don't do it. I want what's best for Thomas, and nothing is going to happen to him. Nothing is ever going to happen between the two of us. You have to believe me, Stephanie. Please tell me you believe me.

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