B&B Transcript Friday 11/19/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 11/19/10


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Hope: Are you sure everything is ready for tonight? No, no, I trust you completely. I just--I just want to make sure that everything's perfect, you know? Oh, Liam's calling? Okay, what line? Okay, thanks. Hey, there. You better not be calling to cancel on me.

Liam: No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not gonna miss your party tonight, but, uh, can you--can find a ride? I'm already at the beach. Uh, I had to bring some work over to my dad's place.

Hope: Oh, okay, um, well, do you know how to get to the Bikini from there?

Liam: Yeah, I mean, they're both on the beach, right? It can't be that far.

Hope: Yeah, just get directions on your phone, um, but I don't want you to be late, because I want you there with me for the whole party.

Liam: No, no, tonight is your night to shine.

Hope: I know. I know. But I want to share it with you. We've just--we've been apart so much lately. I... I don't know. It'll all change tonight.

Liam: Well, you've got it. Once we meet up, I'm all yours.

Hope: Okay. I can't wait. I'll see you soon.

Hope: (Sighs)

Amber: Tonight's the night, Oliver. You won't get another chance like this.

Oliver: I changed my mind. I am not crashing Hope's party.

Amber: You were invited.

Oliver: That's 'cause I worked on the campaign. No one actually expects me to show up.

Amber: Which is exactly why you should. Show Hope that you're not mopin' around, that you're this hot, young stud gettin' down and enjoyin' his bad self.

Oliver: Make her jealous? Come on.

Amber: No, make her want you again. Make her remember what an incredible guy you are. Go. Put on those dancing shoes. (Sighs) Hurry up. Do it before I change my mind and decide to keep you all to myself.

Oliver: Hope will be there with Liam.

Amber: Just let me worry about that, okay?

Oliver: What are you gonna do?

Amber: Just follow my lead. I'm helping you, Oliver. Trust me. You can thank me tomorrow.

Katie: Hey.

Liam: Hey.

Bill: What are you still doing here?

Katie: I thought you were meeting Hope.

Liam: Yeah, I'm meeting her a-at the party.

Katie: Oh, okay.

Liam: Yeah.

Katie: Well, then get out of here. Go be with your girlfriend.

Liam: She is so excited. This whole endless summer party is so important to her, and she has some real high expectations, so I'm not letting her down.

Katie: Good. That makes me happy. (Chuckles)

Liam: (Sighs)

Hope: You're sure you don't mind giving me a ride?

Madison: Are you kidding? Now I get to walk in with the guest of honor.

Hope: Oh, thank you.

Madison: (Laughs) But Liam will be there, right?

Hope: Oh, yeah, he'll be there.

Madison: Okay, 'cause I haven't seen him around here in a while.

Hope: I know. Bill has been keeping him so busy. I mean, he's just getting to know Spencer publications and everything, but, you know, we-- we had lunch today and then the party tonight, so he promised to stop being such a stranger.

Madison: Okay, so no trouble between you guys?

Hope: No, not at all. No, I-I think we're... I think we're better than we ever have been.

Madison: (Chuckles)

Hope: But I will say, seeing him at lunch today, I really realized how much I miss him.

Madison: Well, you know what they say about absence-- the heart and all that

Hope: Oh, yeah. (Laughs)

Madison: (Laughs) Missing someone can be a good thing. It builds the sexual tension.

Hope: (Stammers)

Madison: Oh. (Laughs)

Hope: (Laughs)

Madison: Hey, I'm--I'm sorry. You guys haven't...

Hope: No, we haven't. Um...

Madison: Okay.

Hope: But I know what you mean about the tension thing.

Madison: Yeah.

Hope: And I have spent a lot of time thinking about Liam.

Oliver: Did I hear you talkin' to someone?

Amber: I was on the phone. I was tracking down young Mr. Spencer.

Oliver: Amber, I know you're trying to help, but there's really nothing you can do.

Amber: Will you have a little faith?

Oliver: I might if I knew what you were planning.

Amber: I'm not really sure yet. I need more info, so just go to Hope's party, and bring her back here, and make her see what she's been missing.

Oliver: That's not gonna happen.

Amber: Not with that attitude it's not. Come on, Oliver. I mean, its obvious Hope still has feeling for you. She didn't freak out on you when you kissed her. She didn't slap you in the face. And I have heard you say it I don't know how many times that--that you're never gonna give up on her, so prove it. If there is a spark of any sort, then just, you know, fan it, Oliver. You never know. You could create a wildfire. Hmm? Go.

Oliver: It's right down the beach. I'll walk.

Amber: Oh, even better. So romantic--a nice stroll under the moonlight next to the water, holding hands under the pier.

Oliver: (Scoffs)

Amber: But just, uh, remember to not let the romance stop then. I told you, Oliver-- you were her first love, but you have to be her first lover. It's the guy she's gonna be with for a very long time.

Man: Hey, hey, Marcus, can we get some pictures with you over here?

Marcus: Yeah, sure.

Woman: Marcus, right here.

Man: Marcus.

Man: Over here, Marcus.

Man: Marcus, hold on.

Marcus: Okay, you guys.

Woman: Thank you, Marcus.

Man: Thank you.

(Indistinct conversations)

Marcus: Hey, Rick. Hey, Man.

Rick: Marcus, hey, Man. What's up?

Marcus: How you doin', Man?

Rick: Good.

Marcus: You remember April, right?

Rick: Yes, yes. Nice to see you again.

April: You, too.

Rick: So is, uh, is Ridge coming or what?

Marcus: Uh, no, actually. He and your mom are having dinner with Dad and Stephanie tonight, but I told 'em that...

Rick: Oh, yeah.

Marcus: We could handle this.

Rick: Of course we can, yeah. So what do you need me to do?

Marcus: Well, you might, um... (Chuckles) You might want to call your little sister.

Rick: Hope? What? She's not here yet?

Marcus: No, I guess she likes to, um, make an entrance.

Rick: Ah.

(Camera shutters clicking)

Rick: That must be her now. (Laughs)

Marcus: Maybe.

(Voices overlapping)

Man: Rumor is, you and Brooke are still collaborating.

Woman: I love you, Thomas! I love you!

Thomas: That'd be great. Um, I love working with Brooke, the closer the better.

Woman: Is that confirmation?

Woman: And more important, what are you and Brooke going to do for the encore?

Thomas: Actually, Guys, Guys, that's all you're gonna get out of me tonight. I'm here to support another exciting line by Forrester. It's called Hope for the Future.

Woman: Is there anything else you can tell us?

Woman: Thomas, you're so gorgeous!

Thomas: Not at the moment. We're working on some other things, okay?

Marcus: Hope better get here soon or she could be an afterthought at her own party.

Rick: (Scoffs) There's no way in hell that's gonna happen. Hope is the star of this show. Nothing's gonna ruin her night. I'm gonna personally see to that.

Madison: Well, we better get going. I don't want Thomas to think I stood him up.

Hope: Ooh, you and Thomas?

Madison: (Chuckles) You're not the only girl with a man on her mind.

Hope: Ooh, do tell.

Madison: Well, we're not dating or anything yet, but this party could be the start of something.

Hope: I know. It feels that way, doesn't it?

Madison: (Giggles)

Hope: Like, for Liam and me, too. It's like being at a big event like this makes some kind of a statement.

Madison: Yeah.

Hope: I don't know. I think this could be the night we take our relationship to the next level. I know. (Giggles)

Madison: Come on.

 (Cell phone rings)

Hope: Oh. Oh, this could be Liam. Hold on. (Ring)

Hope: Oh. (Ring)

Hope: Hey.

Oliver: Hey, Hope, it's me. I thought you should know I'm coming to the party tonight.

Hope: Oh, uh, you--you are?

Oliver: We did some great work on the line. I want to see it get all the great press it deserves.

Hope: Oh, well, um, thanks, Oliver. That's really sweet. I'll, um, I'll see you soon.

Madison: So your ex-boyfriend is coming to the party tonight?

Hope: Apparently.

Madison: How is Liam gonna feel about that?

Hope: You know what? Oliver was invited. He did a lot of work on the premiere, so he's got every right to be there. And Liam's not a jealous guy. It'll be fine.

Madison: (Chuckles) He is bill Spencer's son, right?

Hope: Yeah, and Bill's number one priority is Bill. But Liam's not like that. He's not. He knows how important this night is to me. Come on. Let's go.

Madison: Okay.

Hope: Okay.

Liam: Oh, wow, I gotta get going. I didn't realize how far it was up P.C.H.

Bill: Hang on.

Liam: Huh?

Bill: You gonna be drinking?

Liam: Uh, maybe, like, a beer or something.

Bill: You're not driving.

Liam: I'm not getting-- I'm not getting dropped off at this party by my dad, okay?

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: No, you're not. I'm gonna call our corporate limo service. I don't need my kid splashed all over the tabloids because he got pulled over for a broken taillight.

Liam: What? Wait. Are you serious? You're gonna call a limo? That is so cool. That--that means I can take Hope for a ride up the coast after the party.

Bill: Yeah, you-- you could do that. Or you could pick up a couple hot girls and take 'em to this private club I kn-- ow. I only happen to know about this club from my previous life. He's a young, eligible guy. He's goin' to a bar. There's gonna be some hot girls. And he--

Katie: He is going with his girlfriend.

Bill: (Sighs)

Liam: Guys, I gotta call Hope and make sure she doesn't have any plans after the party.

Bill: (Sighs)

Katie: You might need to work on your fatherly advice.

Bill: You're killin' me. (Chuckles)

Liam: Hey, uh, Hope, it's me. Um, if you get this before you go to the party, don't make any plans for afterwards, 'cause my dad got us a limo. Take that, society!

Amber: So, you don't think there's anything I can do, Oliver? Think again.

Katie: There you go.

Donna: Thank you.

Bill: Gotten used to it yet?

Donna: Being single?

Bill: Being rich. Hey.

Donna: Oh, says the guy sending his kid off to a party in a town car.

Katie: Limo.

Donna: Oh.

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: Was it out there?

Donna: No, no, he's waiting, but he is excited.

Bill: Mm.

Donna: What?

Katie: Oh, ignore him. He's just grouchy, 'cause I'm questioning his parenting skills. (Laughs)

Donna: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just, um, I'm still having some trouble seeing you as a dad.

Bill: Why are you here?

Donna: Actually, I'm here to see my sister. I thought you'd be at Hope's party.

Bill: (Scoffs) Pass. The last thing I need is to watch my son following Hope around like a salivating dog...

Katie: (Scoffs)

Bill: Carrying her purse in his mouth.

Katie: Oh, for God sake. There is nothing wrong with him supporting Hope. I'm sure she appreciates it. (Sighs)

Hope: Hi.

Woman: Hope, you look fabulous.

Hope: Hi. Thank you. Thank you everyone for coming out tonight. Hey, d-do you see Liam anywhere?

Madison: No.

Woman: Over here.

Madison: But Thomas is here.

Hope: Oh, hi. (Laughs)

Madison: And so is Oliver.

Woman: Hope, what can you tell us about Forrester's new line?

Man: How do you feel about your mother and Thomas working together?

Woman: What's the real story there?

Hope: No, I think-- I think it's great that they're working together.

Rick: I am so sorry. Let's give the guest of honor some room here. Thank you. Everybody, may I have your attention please? Sorry to interrupt, but I am so proud to announce our guest of honor this evening, Hope Logan!

Crowd: (Cheering)

Rick: Hope is the real reason why we're all here tonight, and everybody here at the endless summer party...

Hope: (Giggles)

Rick: Wishes you and your new collection endless success.

Hope: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Marcus: Way to go, Hope. That's my cousin.

Crowd: (Laughs) (Cheering)

Hope: Thank you. Thank you. But I-I cannot take all the credit. I-I am so grateful to everyone who helped make Hope for the Future such a success. And--and to all of our newest clients who are so enthusiastic about it, this is your party, too, so everyone have a good time tonight.

Crowd: (Cheering)

Rick: Hope, well done.

Hope: Thank you. Marcus, April. Hey, this is a great turnout. I was not expecting all this.

Rick: What are you talking about? Forrester Creations is the hottest ticket in town right now.

Hope: Yeah, well, there's a great press turnout.

Marcus: Well, unfortunately most of them were hoping to catch your mom and Thomas whispering in a corner.

Hope: You know what? Would you guys excuse me for a second?

April: Sure.

Hope: Thanks. Hey.

Oliver: Hey.

Hope: Hey. I, uh, I wasn't sure if you were gonna make it.

Oliver: I couldn't stay away.

Hope: Oh, well, I'm glad you came. It's nice to see you. Uh, did you come with anyone?

Oliver: No. And I don't know how long I'm gonna stay for. I just wanted to give those vultures over there some quotes about how awesome you are to work with.

Hope: Oh, thank you. I could say the same thing about you.

Oliver: Like I said, we make a good team.

Hope: I know. I know. Have you been here long?

Oliver: No.

Hope: Hmm.

Oliver: Why?

Hope: Oh, I was just wondering if--if you may have seen Liam around.

Oliver: He's not with you?

Hope: No, no. He said he was gonna meet me here. He left me a message about picking up a limo or something. I-I don't know. I don't know what's keeping him.

Amber: (Foreign accent) Scusi. Scusi.

Liam: What? What? Oh. So--I'm sorry.

Amber: Uh, sand. Sand.

Liam: Yeah, sorry, I was-- I was in a hurry, so I kinda-- I--my--my bad. Um...

Liam: So, uh, uh, my dad told you we're going to Bikini, right? I'm supposed to meet my girlfriend there.

(Engine starts)

Amber: (Foreign accent) Mm. I know. Uh, P.C.H. too slow. I-I'll take you shortcut.

Liam: Yeah, a short-- a shortcut would be great. I want to get there a-as soon as--soon as I can. The party's kind of a big deal, and I promised Hope, that's my girlfriend, that I wouldn't be late.

Donna: Well, I'm still trying to get my bearings, to tell you the truth. I mean, I came back from my trip, and it's like I've walked into a different dimension. I mean, everything's turned upside down.

Bill: Are you gonna make another crack about me havin' a kid?

Donna: No, no. I mean, it's-- it's actually incredible seeing you make an effort with your son. It's...

Katie: Oh, don't let him fool you. He loves having Liam around.

Donna: I bet. Then he can talk about his favorite subject--himself.

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: Oh, you're so funny.

Katie: You should hear some of the advice he gives him.

Donna: Oh, my God, poor kid. How does he stand it?

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: I'll tell you how he stands it. Because he knows the advice I give him is valuable. Listen, he may not have the killer instinct yet, but he does know how to get after a story.

Donna: (Sighs) Now that is so heartwarming.

Bill: I'm telling you, the kid has potential. If he knows something's going on, he won't stop digging till he gets to the bottom of it.

Liam: Not a lot of traffic on this road.

Amber: (Foreign accent) Shortcut.

Liam: Right. Right. Well, I-if we're gonna be a while, I think I'm gonna call my girlfriend just to--

Amber: No need. I told you I'd get you there quick. Just relax. Have drink.

Liam: (Laughs) Uh, no, thank you. These--these Malibu Hills, man, they just--they go so far... up, you know? I'm--I'm still new to L.A., so I kind of get confused driving. Not you. I'm sure you've been doing this for a while.

Amber: Not so long.

Liam: What got you into it?

Amber: A friend owns limo service. One phone call, he set me up.

Liam: Man, L.A. is so crazy. I can't even-- I can't even see the ocean. You would think we're nowhere near a beach right now.

Oliver: Hey, Madison.

Madison: Hey.

Oliver: Has Hope heard from Liam yet?

Madison: Nope, which is weird, this being their big night and all.

Oliver: Their big night?

Madison: Uh... (Chuckles) Forget it.

Oliver: I know he got a limo. Do they have plans or something?

Madison: Look, Oliver, I can tell you're still into Hope, so I'm not gonna say anything else. I don't want to hurt you.

Oliver: Why would I be hurt? Madison?

Madison: Okay, Liam and Hope have been together for a while.

Oliver: Mm-hmm.

Madison: They are both adults. And they're really into each other. Okay?

Oliver: Their big night?

Hope: (Laughs)

Marcus: Hey, Rick.

Rick: Hey.

Marcus: Everything okay, Man?

Rick: Oh, yeah, yeah. Um, you two just have a good time. I'm keeping an eye on things.

April: Okay. All right, let's go.

Marcus: All right.

Hope: (Sighs) Oh, excuse me. Um, do you know what time it is? No? Oh, thanks.

Oliver: Liam's still not here?

Hope: No. (Sighs) Not yet. Um, I don't know. He said he was leaving right from his dad's house. I don't know. Maybe there was a wreck on P.C.H. or something, but I just... I don't--I thought he would call me, you know?

Oliver: He promised you he'd be here?

Hope: He'll be here.

Oliver: Then you don't need to stand up by the door, all right?

Hope: (Chuckles)

Oliver: Come on. There's some great food out on the deck. The deejay is awesome. It would be a shame if you didn't have a good time at your own party.

Hope: I know. I know. You're right, but I'm just-- you know what? I'm just--I'm gonna call Liam just to make sure that he's not lost or something.

Hope: Liam?

Liam: Hey, it's Liam. Right number, wrong time. Do your thing at the ring.


Hope: (Sighs) Hey, it's me. Um, I don't know, it's-- it's getting late. I just--I kind of thought you'd be here by now. Just wondering where you are. Call me. .

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