B&B Transcript Wednesday 11/10/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 11/10/10


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Brooke: Look, I hate that this has happened, but all we can do now is move past it.

Ridge: Oh, you really think it's that simple?

Brooke: You heard Thomas. I had no idea what he was planning.

Ridge: If you had, would you have let him go through with it?

Brooke: Of course not.

Ridge: You wouldn't have encouraged him in any way?

Brooke: Ridge, he felt like his back was up against the wall. He had to do something dramatic. Otherwise, his debut as a fashion designer would be the last. He had to get the press attention.

Ridge: By kissing his father's wife? I know you said you were as surprised by it as anyone, but...

Brooke: (Sighs) I-I don't know why. I really don't know why he did that. But I do believe him when he said he didn't mean to hurt you or he certainly wasn't trying to get back at his mother.

Ridge: Logan, let's talk about you, my wife, who promised me a few months ago after a little indiscretion with Oliver that you would never get involved in another scandal.

Brooke: You are losing faith in me. You're seeing me through Taylor's eyes-- the serial seductress. That really frightens me, Ridge.

Thomas: Wow, the kiss felt around the world. (Chuckles) That's what they're callin' it on the blogs already?

Taylor: We are not finished talking.

Thomas: Mom, plea--

Taylor: No, we are not done. Listen to me. I'm trying to make you understand what happened out on the runway today was-- with Brooke. I mean, it's just--

Thomas: Mom, its called carpe diem, seize the day. My--my line was going down the tubes. I-I saw a chance to steal the spotlight from Hope's preview, and I took it.

Taylor: (Scoffs)

Thomas: And it worked. Mom, my men's line is a hit.

Taylor: But at what cost?

Thomas: (Sighs)

Taylor: Do you know how embarrassing this was for your father?

Thomas: Mm.

Taylor: For me? Not to mention the whole family.

Thomas: Mom, it was a kiss, a stunt kiss. You guys act like we've had sex.

Taylor: Oh, no, don't even...

Thomas: Yeah.

Taylor: Even say that. All right, look, I just-- I want to get one thing straight.

Thomas: Okay.

Taylor: I just want you to be straight with me and tell me... so you didn't mention the kiss. You didn't say anything to Brooke. But you did tell her that there was going to be something big that needed to happen so that-- so that people would take notice, right?

Thomas: So?

Taylor: So of course Brooke always wants to be the center of attention, in the spotlight, so of course she would go along with it and not even ask you or pressure you what it was...

Thomas: (Scoffs)

Taylor: That she was going to do. She didn't care. I'm telling you, this is her total lack of judgment.

Thomas: Mom, you need to quit ragging on Brooke. You know, she's taught me a lot.

Taylor: It's what she's teaching you that I am worried about.

Thomas: (Scoffs) Mom, cut it out. Whatever issues you have with Brooke, they're your issues. I'm not making them mine. And as for the kiss, my only regret is that you're turning it back on Brooke. I'm not gonna let you do that.

Eric: You know, I debated whether to tell you about this at all, and now I'm sorry I did.

Stephanie: Well... (Scoffs) Did you think you could keep this from me for very long?

Eric: Well, I thought maybe I should try.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Eric: You're just recovering from major surgery.

Stephanie: Oh, gosh, if I hear that one more time, I--

Eric: Take--take this. Take this. Thank you.

Stephanie: You're welcome. I'm so disappointed. I'm just so disappointed. After all that she and I have shared these past couple of weeks, I thought... (Sighs) Well, I guess you can't change the spots on a dog. She is who--who she is, and she's up to her old tricks again, isn't she? First with Ridge-- gets him in big scandals. Now she's got Tom in a big scandal. (Sighs)

Taylor: I am not trying to turn this back on Brooke.

Thomas: (Chuckles) Come on, Mom. Of course you are. You're trying to make this her fault. Mom, I know your history with her.

Taylor: Yes, you do. Exactly. Which is why you should have known that this would be the quickest way to get me upset.

Thomas: Mom, I'm gonna tell you one more time. I was not trying to send you or Dad a message today. Yeah, I wasn't doing summersaults when you handed your shares in Forrester to Steffy, but I don't--I'm past that.

Taylor: I'm not so sure you are. I don't know why you should be, actually. I-I should have involved you in the decision that I made. I know it was a huge thing for you, and it affected your future, and I'm... (Sighs) I should have talked to you. I should have asked you how you felt about it. Oh, there is a psychiatric term for that. It's called "Screwing up."

Thomas: If this is where I'm supposed to say I screwed up, too, then I'm sorry. Kissing Brooke was a business move, a move you kind of pushed me into, and it paid off.

Ridge: Taylor is worried about her son, as any mother would be considering what just happened.

Brooke: She couldn't stand the thought of me working with Thomas.

Ridge: Logan, she was afraid it would lead to trouble. And guess what? She was right.

Brooke: I never meant it to be trouble.

Ridge: But you certainly didn't do anything about it, did you?

Brooke: Ridge, how many times do I have to tell you? I had no idea what he was planning.

Ridge: Why wouldn't you ask him what the stunt was before it happened?

Brooke: I did. I did several times backstage, and he just kept saying, "Go with me on this." I mean, he seemed so desperate and anxious.

Ridge: Well, wouldn't that maybe send up a million red flags in your mind here?

Brooke: Okay, yes, you're right. Now I-I see that. (Sighs)

Ridge: How could you agree to some crazy stunt without even knowing what it was?

Brooke: Ridge, I--

Ridge: And then when the kiss happened, you just sort of went along with it. Logan, how is it that this keeps happening?

Taylor: I pushed you into kissing Brooke?

Thomas: Yeah, when you gave your shares to Steffy, you left me with an empty bag, and, you know, I didn't like those game rules.

Taylor: This isn't a game, Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah, I know. It's a business. A family business, I business where going bold and grabbing for the brass ring gets you noticed. Just know this. I will go to the mat for Brooke. After everything she's done for me, it's the least that I can do for her.

Eric: Look, let's not get down on Brooke until we have all the information, until we know everything.

Stephanie: There's more?

Eric: No, there's not. Brooke was just as surprised when he did this as anybody else. I'm convinced that it's our grandson who has a lot of explainin' to do.

Stephanie: Oh, he owes everyone an explanation and Brooke doesn't.

Eric: (Chuckles) You are so quick to jump to the conclusion that Brooke is at the root of every-- every scandal.

Stephanie: How's ridge?

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs) how's Taylor? Oh, my god, I bet she's upset. She did not want tom working with Brooke. She told ridge that. He should have listened to her.

Eric: What-- what are you doing? Where are you going?

Stephanie: I'm gonna go downstairs because that's where my laptop is. I want to see this thing on the internet.

Eric: You stay right here. I'll get your laptop.

Stephanie: Thank you, honey.

Stephanie: (Clears throat)

(Cell phone rings)

Ridge: Hello?

Stephanie: Hi, Ridge. How are you?

Ridge: I'm with Brooke.

Stephanie: Yeah, your father told me everything. Are you okay?

Ridge: I'll be by shortly.

Brooke: Stephanie? She knows?

Ridge: From Dad. I should get over there.

Brooke: Before we've talked this out? Ridge, come on. We can't leave things like this.

Ridge: Logan, I just need a little time to kind of get my thoughts together here, okay?

Brooke: Okay, well, let me come with you.

Ridge: Not a good idea.

Brooke: No, no, no. I am not up for another round.

Taylor: I am looking for Ridge.

Brooke: Well, he just left.

Taylor: Walked out on you, you mean.

Brooke: No, he didn't walk out on me.

Taylor: Oh, really? After what you let happen?

Brooke: I didn't let anything happen, Taylor, and I thought Thomas made that perfectly clear.

Taylor: Thomas isn't the issue right now. You are.

Brooke: All right, I don't need to hear this.

Taylor: No, you don't want to hear about the kiss that you--you claim you didn't let happen. Right, Brooke. This is nothing new. This just confirms everything I know about you. You don't know right from wrong. You--you have nothing but a sense of moral ambiguity. That's all you have. That's all you're about. You are sick and destructive. I raised my son to be a good, moral young man.

Brooke: And he is. But that doesn't make him immune to my manipulation? Is that what you're saying, Dr. Forrester?

Taylor: I know that Thomas has said that this was all entirely his idea, but I also know he feels indebted to you.

Brooke: Mm. Right, that's why he's covering for me and saying the kiss was his idea? Because I'm the evil seductress.

Taylor: Brooke, I can't believe you even let him go through with this. Really. You had to know. I mean, what kind of mature, rational adult would let something like this happen without even knowing what was planned? Especially in front of a live audience.

Brooke: You are conveniently forgetting that your own husband planted that seed in Thomas' mind.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh, I-I don't know what you're talking about, but the point is, you never should have been working with Thomas in the first place. That was a complete mistake, and what happened today proves it.

Brooke: No, Taylor. Today proved that Thomas is a strong, independent young man. He's not whining about the fact that you gave all of your stocks to Steffy. He's doing something about it. He's finding a way to get himself into Forrester. He's reinvigorating the men's line. He's working night and day to do that. He didn't want to be overshadowed by hope's fashion show. He wanted his name and his line on the lips of every single reporter there. He wanted to get them talking. Don't you get it?

Taylor: Oh, really? And exactly what are they talking about right now? Are they talking about how phenomenal his designs are? About how he's probably following in the--in the footsteps of his--his grandfather and his--his father because he's very talented? Or maybe--are they talking about how he's following in their footsteps with you?

Brooke: No, Taylor, gosh. The kiss had nothing to do with that.

Taylor: Well, maybe not to you, but it does to everybody else out there who knows your history with Forrester men.

Brooke: Oh, stop it. You're trying to make this about me, when it isn't. This was an unfortunate publicity gimmick. You're right. Thomas shouldn't have kissed me. It was wrong. It was misguided. And if he asked me, I would have said no. But for you to call me sick-- I mean, the next thing you know, you're gonna go run off and tell Stephanie and get her all riled up. Please, Taylor, don't do that. I am begging you. Do not ruin our relationship when we're finally in a good place.

(Door opens)

Stephanie: Oh, you look like you could use a stiff drink.

Ridge: Dad offered to make me a martini.

Stephanie: You should have let him. So he's still downstairs?

Ridge: Yeah, he's rustling you up some food.

Stephanie: Oh, I told him I didn't want him to bother. I mean, it's--

Ridge: Mother, you need to eat. You need to keep up your strength.

Stephanie: Right now, all I am is concerned about you.

Ridge: Dad told you, hmm?

Stephanie: Yes, he did, and, uh, what he left out, I was able to see on the internet. What is with Tom?

Ridge: He doesn't even see this as being a problem.

Stephanie: Well, I mean, publicity, any kind of publicity, is great publicity, as long as you kiss the right girl.

Ridge: Great. Look, I know he's young. I know he's gonna make a lot of mistakes in his life, but...

Stephanie: But that's not really what's bothering you. You're trying to figure out what the hell Brooke was thinking.

Ridge: She actually thought she was helping Thomas.

Stephanie: Helping him?

Ridge: Yeah.

Stephanie: How? By humiliating him, you, herself, the company?

Ridge: Look, we'll survive. We always--

Stephanie: But that's not the point, and you know it. (Sighs) I'm so upset. I'm just really upset. I just wanted so much to believe in her.

(Cell phone rings) (Ring) (Ring)

Stephanie: Let me talk to her.

Ridge: Brooke, I told you--

Brooke: I can't let you think what you're thinking. I'm coming over there.

Ridge: Logan--

(Phone hangs up)

Ridge: Logan? (Groans)

Stephanie: Is she on her way over here? Oh, God. This isn't gonna be easy. I-I know you saw this firsthand because you were there, but I-I honestly think that you should take a look at what's on the internet so that you can see what the rest of the world is doing and seeing. Give you a chance to think and decide what it is that you have to do, Honey.

(Cheers and applause)

(Upbeat music playing)

Stephanie: So this was all Thomas' idea?

Ridge: He just was trying to keep the press from bolting out of their seats after the huge success of hope's preview. He knew a stunt like this would be risky. But he decided to roll the dice and go for broke.

Stephanie: Go for Brooke. Did she encourage him?

Ridge: Not according to her.

Stephanie: You know why I'm upset? Because I don't want to feel this way again about your wife. I fought it when your father told me. I absolutely did. And then I saw the footage on--on the internet, and I got angry all over again. She promised no more scandals. Why can't she keep her promises? What are you gonna do?

(Knock on door)

Eric: Let's see.

Brooke: Is Ridge here, Eric?

Eric: Hi.

Brooke: I know he is, 'cause I saw his car out front.

Eric: Brooke--

Brooke: I really need to talk to him. I need to get him to understand, to get both of them to understand.

Eric: (Sighs) Look, if by both you mean--

Brooke: Yes, I mean Stephanie. Is she up there right now talking to Ridge?

Eric: Uh, Honey, you need to calm down, all right?

Brooke: No, Eric, I can't calm down. Not until--

Eric: You can't just go charging up the stairs. You're gonna make your situation worse.

Brooke: I have made a huge mess of things again, and I didn't mean to. Oh, God, I hate saying that. "I didn't mean to." It's not like it helped anything at all.

Eric: All right, Brooke, Brooke, wait, wait, wait. Just take a deep breath, all right? And just calm down. The kiss was inappropriate. You're right. And there are bound to be repercussions.

Brooke: Repercussions? Is this about Stephanie? Did she go ballistic when you told her what happened?

Eric: No, no, no, no. It's not like that at all.

Brooke: Eric, please. I just need to know this isn't going to ruin things between your wife and me.

Ridge: I haven't decided what I'm gonna do here.

Stephanie: Well, I know what you should do, as painful as it is.

Ridge: If the next words out of your mouth are "Leave Brooke"--

Stephanie: Honey, no. No matter how desperate Tom was, no matter how much her heart went out to him, the moment that kiss happened, she should have I mean, it was absolutely inappropriate behavior to lock lips with your husband's son no matter what the reason. Here. Look at this. I know you don't want to, but go ahead. Look. This--who else but Brooke could put herself in a situation like this?

Brooke: Ridge? Sweetheart? I'm here. I need to talk to you.

(Deadbolt clicks)

Brooke: (Sighs) The door's locked. What-- (scoffs) What are you--Stephanie? I know you're in there. Please just open the door. You and I have come too far. You've embraced me as your daughter.

Stephanie: I know I did. I know, because I thought-- because I thought that the selfish, self-centered, self-involved you was gone forever...

Brooke: (Sighs)

Stephanie: And after everything that we'd been through these past couple of weeks, I thought we'd both changed. And then I see you on the internet doing the same old stuff. I mean, kissing your-- your husband's son?

Brooke: No, I didn't kiss him. Ridge knows. I didn't initiate that kiss. Please. If both of you would just understand. Can you understand this situation and please just forgive me? (Sighs) Ridge, Honey, just-- you have to forgive me. Ridge? Ridge, let me in, please. Just open the door. (Sighs) Open the door.

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