B&B Transcript Tuesday 10/19/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/19/10


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Dr. Rabin: Scalpel. Good. Give me a Kelly's clamp. Good. Keep an eye on those vitals.

Brooke: Because of you, Stephanie has a fighting chance now, a reason to live. I couldn't give that to her, and I don't think anybody in the family could have either. But you did, Dayzee.  Oh, I'm sorry. I'm making you uncomfortable. Stephanie would probably kill me, not that she hasn't tried a hundred times already.

Dayzee: (Chuckles)

(Elevator bell dings)

Ridge: Logan, how is she?

Eric: Did you hear something about the surgery?

Felicia: Have mom's doctors come out yet?

Brooke: No, not yet.

Taylor: Well, Dr. Rabin is a world-renowned oncologist and surgeon. Stephanie's in the best hands she could possibly be in. All we can do now is just wait and, um, pray.

Nick: (Groans)

Aggie: Your shoulders are in knots.

Nick: (Sighs) I'm sure it has nothing to do with the situation around here.

Aggie: You're not second-guessing yourself, are you?

Nick: (Sighs) No, I did what I had to do for the company. (Grunts) The question is Amber. You know, is she too different, too provocative?

Aggie: Well, you certainly didn't think so when you hired her to be the lead designer.

Nick: Well... (Grunts) My back was against the wall. It still is.

Aggie: You know, you're still tense. I don't think this massage is working.

Nick: (Sighs) Really? Well, you got something else in mind?

Aggie: Matter of fact, I do. How do you feel about steam rooms?

Nick: Steam rooms? Hmm. I happen to have a little free time right now.

Aggie: (Chuckles) Perfect. I'll meet you there.

Ridge: Dr. Lewis... how is she?

Dr. Lewis: The bottom right lobe of her lung has been removed. Mrs. Forrester appears to have come through it well.

Felicia: Oh, thank God.

Pam: Oh.

Thorne: (Sighs)

Eric: And the prognosis?

Dr. Lewis: Well, I'd rather have Dr. Rabin discuss it with you. He'll be out shortly. Your mother is strong. She's become very determined to fight this. State of mind is critical. It can make all the difference.

Dr. Rabin: The tumor was entirely contained in one lobe of the lung. That's what we were hoping for. There's no further evidence of lung involvement.

Ridge: What does that mean exactly?

Felicia: Please tell us mom's gonna be okay.

Dr. Rabin: Well, the primary tumor was in the lung, but she also has some tumors in her brain. I would have preferred attacking the brain situation first, but if--you know, your mother can be pretty insistent. In any case, nothing can or will be done until she heals from this surgery, after which we'll assess what other treatment options might be available.

Eric: And you're telling us what, Doctor?

Dr. Rabin: Statistically, your mother's prognosis is rather grim. However, I don't talk statistics, and knowing what I do about Mrs. Forrester, the lady is a force of nature. Yes...

Felicia: (Laughs nervously)

Dr. Rabin: It will be an uphill battle, but not hopeless. Surviving stage four lung cancer is possible. I can connect you with any number of survivors with remarkable stories. For now, the good news is Mrs. Forrester survived the surgery to fight another day.

Nick: (Exhales) (sighs) What took you so long? A man could sweat to death.

Amber: Hmm, please don't do that. It's no fun if you're a dead man. I'm so not into necrophilia.

Nick: I don't remember asking you to join me.

Amber: Hmm. I make you uncomfortable, do I, Captain? Imagine how you'd feel if I were to shed my towel.

Nick: Which you're not going to do.

Amber: (Giggles) Oh. You don't like nudity either. My, my, my. Such a prude. Well, then, I've really got my work cut out for me, don't I?

(Machines beeping)

Felicia: (Sniffles) Hey, Mama. It's me, Felicia... (sniffles) your wayward daughter. I'm here. (Sniffles)

Thorne: We're all here, Mom.

Ridge: Mother, can you hear us?

Stephanie: (Groans)

Felicia: Oh, God. Mom?

Thorne: (Sighs)

Nick: You know, speaking of work, you should probably get back to yours.

Amber: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Nick: I'm trying to keep you from embarrassing yourself.

Amber: I don't embarrass. I'm totally comfortable in any situation, such as if Aggie were to walk in here right now, which she won't, since a certain someone needed her to follow up on a fashion order.

Nick: Amber.

Amber: Come on, Nick. Let loose. Anything your imagination could possibly think of.

Nick: No. I'm not playing this game.

Amber: (Laughs) Come on, Nick. Think of it as a... as a business proposition-- a tempting, tantalizing proposition no C.E.O. in his right mind would turn down.

Nick: Yeah. (Chuckles) I've never been in my right mind.

(Door closes)

(machines beeping)

Felicia: Unh-unh. Don't you dare try to talk.

Thorne: (Chuckles)

Felicia: (Chuckles)

Thorne: She's been back less than a few hours, and she's bossy as ever, huh?

Stephanie: Mm.

Thorne: (Chuckles)

Ridge: Mother, how do you feel?

Pam: Probably like the wind's been kicked out of you, right?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Eric: They took a piece of your lung.

Taylor: The primary tumor...

Stephanie: Mm-hmm?

Taylor: Dr. Rabin was able to get all of it.

Stephanie: Mm.

Felicia: Which is the best news we could hope for at this point according to your doctor.

Stephanie: (Gasps)

Felicia: Mom?

Thorne: Mom?

Eric: Nurse, nurse, she's having trouble breathing.

Stephanie: (Gasps)

Woman: You all right, Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: (Faintly) Yeah.

Woman: This is to be expected. Mrs. Forrester's lost lung capacity. There are things she won't be able to do for a while, like travel by plane without oxygen or run.

Thorne: (Chuckles)

Felicia: (Laughs)

Ridge: You hear that, Mother? You're just gonna have to take it easy.

Brooke: Just close your eyes and sleep.

Taylor: Yeah, you need to rest so you can get strong again.

Amber: (Giggles)

Nick: You all done sweating?

Amber: Not yet. We weren't through negotiating.

Nick: Well, I was, and I'm the boss.

Amber: And I'm your new lead designer. I was just lookin' for a little, uh...

Nick: Job security?

Amber: (Chuckles) What can I say? I mean, it's brutal out there. A girl's gotta get resourceful.

Nick: You come in with some amazing designs, and you'll have job security for life.

Amber: Oh, I intend to. But I was also thinkin' why not mix in a little fun? You know what I mean by "fun."

Nick: Hey, hey, hey. Okay.

Amber: (Giggles)

Nick: Look, here are the rules. There'll be no more spanking. No more petting. No more pawing. No more sauna-ing together.

Amber: (Giggles) Mmm. You could be so easy to fall for... not that I have, but I'm thinking friends with benefits.

Nick: Okay, Amber, I would never do anything to hurt Aggie. She's just starting to trust again, and I would never betray that ever. We clear?

Amber: You're saying I'm wasting my time.

Nick: I'm saying I think you ought to get to your work and try to be the friend that Aggie believes you are.

Amber: (Chuckles)

Aggie: New look?

Amber: Hmm?

Aggie: Wet hair in the afternoon?

Amber: Oh, yeah, I was just--

Aggie: Yeah, oh, yeah. I know where you were and what you were doing, Amber. I overheard everything.

Amber: You think because you're working on a relationship with Nick, that means he's off-limits? I don't see a ring on your finger.

Aggie: So what? That entitles you to go behind my back and offer yourself up like the skank that everybody says you are?

Amber: Okay, now you're crossing the line.

Aggie: No, you crossed the line, Amber, by coming on to Nick. You know how much he means to me. I won't forget this, Amber. I won't forget being betrayed by my so-called friend.

Brooke: I'm glad you didn't leave.

Dayzee: Oh, yeah, I just went to go check on the baby. How's she doing?

Brooke: Her surgery went well. She wants to see you.

Dayzee: Oh. Um...Yeah, she's got a full room right now. I'll just leave you guys, actually.

Brooke: No, no. Please don't go. I know she wants her family to meet you.

Dayzee: (Clears throat)

Felicia: She probably should get some rest.

Thorne: Yeah, we should get goin'.

Brooke: Excuse me, everybody. (Sighs) Come on. I would like you to meet Stephanie’s new friend Dayzee.

Dayzee: Hey. (Sighs) You don't look so hot.

Stephanie: Tell me.

Dayzee: (Chuckles)

Felicia: Oh, but she will soon enough with all the T.L.C. she's getting. Hi, I'm Felicia.

Dayzee: Hi.

Felicia: Yeah, I'm the daughter responsible for all of my mother's gray hairs.

Stephanie: Mm.

Ridge: I'm Ridge, her oldest son. I'm probably responsible for a lot of those gray hairs myself.

Dayzee: (Chuckles)

Ridge: Uh, I'm Brooke’s husband.

Thorne: I've never given her a gray hair. I'm Thorne. I'm the perfect son.

Felicia: Ha ha ha. Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, okay, I have to apologize for these people. They've been like this for as long as I can remember. I am Eric Forrester.

Felicia: "Super dad." And...

Eric: And this woman is my partner in this life.

Taylor: I probably should have told you that's why they need a psychiatrist in the family. They're all a little bit crazy. (Laughs)

Ridge: You already know Dayzee?

Taylor: Yeah, um, Pam and I--we had--

Eric: Well, how--how-- how did you--how did you meet?

Brooke: Stephanie lost her scarf...

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: And Dayzee found it, and that's how they met.

Felicia: Uh, what scarf?

Eric: Oh, this is the scarf that Stephanie got when your grandmother died.

Brooke: Stephanie was wearing it when we rode the roller coaster down at Santa Monica pier.

Thorne: Wait, wait, wait. A roller coaster?

Felicia: Excuse me? Roller coaster?

Eric: (Chuckles) What?

Thorne: What?

Brooke: Oh, okay, wait a minute, the point is... You save your strength. I tell them.

Ridge: Tell us what?

Brooke: Sometimes... (sighs) when we least expect it, something happens to make us stop and take stock of our lives. We look back at what we've done, where we've been, what we've become, what we've accomplished. And we can't help but wonder, what's next? We start to feel like we're obsolete, like we no longer have a purpose. And that's where Dayzee comes in. She doesn't live too far from us, but it is worlds apart. A world full of hopelessness, addiction, poverty, and the homeless.  And we don't want to look at that. We look away from it, because to see them is to see our own failure... for not doing more.

Stephanie: (Whispering) I want to help. I want to help.

Brooke: (Whispers) I know. (Normal voice) I know you want to help. And you will. You will save lives, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Like she saved mine.

Brooke: Yes.

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