B&B Transcript Tuesday 10/12/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/12/10


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Ridge: Have I told you how happy I am to have you back?

Brooke: Repeatedly. (Giggles)

Ridge: Are you happy, too?

Brooke: I'm thrilled. (Sighs)

Ridge: But there's one thing that's bothering you, though, and I think I know what it is. You're worried about my mother.

Stephanie: Lord, I didn't realize that we haven't amended this since R.J. was born. Well, I've got the stock to take care of, too. (Coughs)

Dr. Lewis: Sometimes the symptoms are subtle. Could be nothing. Could be half a dozen things.

Brooke: Symptoms of what?

Dr. Lewis: Lung cancer.

Dr. Rabin: The technical classification is stage 4.

Stephanie: How many stages are there?

Dr. Rabin: 4.

Brooke: You think if you tell anybody and you--you tell your family that it's gonna become real. Well, it is real. I know because I was there with you at the doctor, remember? This is why you brought your family here, so just tell them. Just do it.

Taylor: Do you want to get caught? Somebody could come in here, you know, any minute.

Whip: When's your next appointment?

Taylor: They could be watching out that window.

Whip: I don't care. When's your next appointment, hmm?

Taylor: Actually, I do have a break.

Whip: Perfect. Come on.

Taylor: (Laughs) I canít.

Whip: Here you go. Come on.

Taylor: I canít. I canít.

Whip: Look, the cat-and-mouse thing really works for me, sweetheart, but I think this is a psychological problem you're having. You're blocking. Let's loosen you up just a little, tiny bit. Come on.

Taylor: Uh, no, we--we'll pick this up at home. I promise. I promise.

Whip: (Whining)

Taylor: I promise. Mm. I'll tell you what.

Whip: What?

Taylor: We'll keep the shades open.

Whip: Okay. (Chuckles) Okay.

Whip: Oh, please, don't make me go back to work.

Taylor: Oh, come on. It can't be that bad.

Whip: Oh, really?

Taylor: (Chuckles)

Whip: Nick fired his entire family. Jackie M.'s going with Amber's line. She's the new lead designer.

Taylor: You don't think she can handle it?

Whip: (Sighs) She was brought in as backup for Bridget. I mean, I think she's got it all worked out. It's just a lot of awkward change that we're dealing with right now.

Taylor: But that's your forte...

Whip: (Sighs)

Taylor: Taking a difficult situation and turning it around into a huge triumph.

Whip: Yeah, but for who?

Taylor: Do you have a problem with this? Do you think there's something more going on?

Whip: (Scoffs) Isn't there always? (Sighs) You know, more importantly, look at us. I mean, do you think your assistant knows what's going on in here?

Taylor: I don't know. I think if you were to open the door right now, she might be blushing.

Whip: Oh, yeah? Listen, if I open the door, she definitely will be.

Stephanie: (Coughs) I do not need to live forever.

Brooke: And what about what your family needs? Or does that not even matter?

Stephanie: You never needed me as much as you thought.

Eric: (Sighs) I didn't? That was just a bill of goods you sold me?

Stephanie: That's right. That's right.  (Chuckles) (Sighs) The kids are okay. The grandkids are okay. You've got the company back. (Sighs) And I didn't even help that much this time. (Sighs) All the stomping and screaming and carrying on... what good did it do anybody?

(Front door opens)

Stephanie: Hi. (Coughs) (Clears throat) How was the meeting?

Eric: Well, it's over, thank God, and now I can finally get into work. Do you want to go with me?

Stephanie: No, I think you can manage without me.

Brooke: (Scoffs) Why would I be worried about your mother?

Ridge: You have to be a little apprehensive your first day back at work.

Brooke: Well, she's not even here today, is she?

Ridge: Logan, that wouldn't mater. You heard what she said yesterday. The war is over.

Brooke: Your mother is a fighter. That's her nature. She doesn't quit.

Ridge: Look, she's putting less focus on the business and more on herself and the family now. I think that's great. With the slide and the party and this big vacation she's planning... and what's even better? She shared it with you.

Brooke: What do you mean?

Ridge: The yacht. That's the big secret that you've been keeping for her.

Brooke: Uh, no. It's--it's not... (sighs) about the yacht. (Sighs) Look, I-I know I promised not to say anything and to keep this secret, but I really think it's something you need to know.

Brooke: I never wanted to keep this secret. I just wanted to give Stephanie time to sort things out.

Ridge: Logan, you gave her your word.

Brooke: Ridge, she needs to be honest with the family. Do you know where she was yesterday? Where we were? At Santa Monica pier. We were riding a roller coaster and eating junk food.

Ridge: You rode a roller coaster?

Brooke: Yes, and I only got in to try to stop her and get her out, and then the bar came down, and off we went. And her scarf, it went flying. She lost it. I told her we'd find it, and she ran off all by herself somewhere.

Ridge: (Chuckles)

Brooke: What? What is so funny?

Ridge: You and mother playing hooky at the Santa Monica pier. That's hysterical.

Brooke: No, no. No, it is not hysterical. You really need to know why she's acting this way.

Ridge: Not unless she wants to tell me herself. Logan, listen to me.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Mother is confiding in you. And this secret, whatever it is, is probably the reason she's doing that.

Brooke: It is.

Ridge: Okay, then just keep the secret, okay? Don't betray her trust. Mother's finally coming around here for the first time in I don't know how long. You have got to keep her secret.

Stephanie:  (Coughs)

Eric: Oh, this cough of yours--there it is. It's getting worse, you know. Here, let me get you some water.

Stephanie: Mnh-mnh, it's just the Santa Ana winds, that's all. Uh, no, it's dust. It's the time of year.

Eric: No, no, you should have...

Stephanie: (Coughs)

Eric: Have it looked at. You really should. Maybe you need an antibiotic or something.

Stephanie: I will. I don't want you to worry your little self about a tickle in my throat, okay?

Eric: What's going on with you?

Stephanie: Hmm?

Eric: I mean, you've been so upbeat lately-- the whole family's noticed.

Stephanie: Good. I want them to know that I'm happy.

Eric: No, I want to know what's going on. Something up your sleeve?

Stephanie: Well... I am upset about something.

Eric: What?

Stephanie: I lost my mother's scarf.

Eric: Her scarf? The red one?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Eric: Oh, for...

Stephanie: You know, I got the scarf. Pammy got the red w-- I mean, there wasn't a lot to divide up.

Eric: You have no idea where you left it?

Stephanie: Oh, I know exactly where I left it. It's wrapped around the neck of a tattooed druggie down at the pier. (Sighs)

Eric: The-- the Santa Monica pier? You were down there?

Stephanie: Uh, you know, those people won't go and get help. They steal. They threaten. (Stammers) She got my scarf, and she refused to give it back to me.

Eric: Now wait a minute. Why were you down there?

(Knock on door)

Stephanie: Oh, I was, uh, I was hungry for lobster.

Stephanie: Dr. Lewis.

Dr. Lewis: I am glad I caught you at home. I have been leaving messages for over a--

Stephanie: You know my husband Eric Forester? Eric, you remember Dr. Lewis from the University Hospital we do all the charity events for?

Dr. Lewis: Mr. Forrester.

Eric: This is a surprise. I didn't know doctors still made house calls.

(Door opens)

Taylor: What are you doing here?

Brooke: Uh... (sighs) I really need to talk to you about something. But I need to know that whatever I say won't leave this room. So if you're my doctor, anything I say is confidential, right?

Taylor: Well, that would be true, yes. Doctor-patient confidentiality.

Brooke: Okay, where do I sign? I need your help. You're the only person that I can talk to.

Stephanie: (Coughs)

Dr. Lewis: Why did you tell Eric I'm here to discuss another benefit for the hospital?

Stephanie: Oh, did you want me to tell him that my internist is a stalker?

Dr. Lewis: My office has left you several messages. We need to schedule your treatment immediately.

Stephanie: Dr. Lewis. Dr. Lewis. I'm not going to do any sort of treatment. And I apologize. I should have called your office and made that very clear. It's just I've been so busy living in the time that I have left that I... which, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to.

Dr. Lewis: Stephanie, your cancer is progressing. Without treatment, you will--

Stephanie: I'll die. This way, I'll just go sooner rather than later.

Dr. Lewis: Come into the office. Discuss the options. There are new protocols, experimental treatments.

Stephanie: No, thank you. And I appreciate the fact that you came all the way over here. I really do. Your objections will be duly note. I will make sure that there's absolutely no question but that you wanted to take the very best care of me.

Dr. Lewis: I hope with all my heart that you'll reconsider. I want what's best for you and your family. You're not out of time yet.

Stephanie: I will be soon. I don't want to burden my family. The time that I have left with them... I want it to be filled with joy. I want to have fun. I'm not unhappy. I'm at peace with the decision that I've made. I know as a doctor that's very difficult for you to accept. Try and see it from my point of view, please.

Dr. Lewis: (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Coughs)

Eric: Hi.

Ridge: You get stuck in traffic? Your meeting ended a long time ago.

Eric: Oh, no, no. I stopped by the house. I offered your mother a ride into work. She turned me down.

Ridge: She's not coming in at all?

Eric: No, she says that we can handle it. Ridge, something's different. Something's changed here. I mean, at first I just chalked it up to her birthday and she being sentimental and, you know, but, uh... but after yesterday and her-- her reaction, or rather, her lack of reaction to Brooke coming back to the company, I-- I thought that something-- something's really different. I-I think it's a whole sea change.

Ridge: I know. I wasn't sure it would ever happen, but I think mother has finally turned the corner, and I also believe this could be the start of something very positive for our whole family.

Taylor: Okay, go ahead. Uh, have a seat.

Taylor: I'm sure whatever's going on isn't as bad as you think it is.

Brooke: I have this friend...

Taylor: Okay, this friend.

Brooke: And she has wanted me to keep this secret for her, and I have. I have. But I-I can't really do that anymore. It's eating me up inside. And I need to talk to somebody about it.

Taylor: Somebody who can't tell anyone else.

Brooke: Yes.

Taylor: Well, does she know how painful this is for you?

Brooke: I-I've begged her to let me say something, and I've done everything I practically can to get her to be honest about it, but she won't listen to me. (Sighs)

Taylor: Well, obviously, this is someone that you care about very much.

Brooke: (Sighs) She has cancer. She has stage 4 lung cancer, and it's spreading to her brain, and she's refusing treatment. She won't return any of the doctor's phone calls, and she's forbidden me to say anything at all to her family. They have no idea that she's dying, and she doesn't want anybody to know.

Taylor: No one except you.

Brooke: Yeah, well, I was... (chuckles) in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was an accident. Why does she do this? She knows that her family could support her and could love her, and I know I can't, and I've tried. She just thinks that I'm badgering her, and... (sighs) she doesn't think I give a damn, and I do.

Taylor: Oh, my God. Is it Stephanie? You're talking about Stephanie?

Brooke: She's gonna die if I can't get through to her. You have to help me, Taylor.

Brooke: (Sighs) (Sighs) So what do I do?

Taylor: Just wait.

Brooke: No, no. It can't wait. We have to do something now.

Taylor: No, just wait and give me a minute.

Brooke: It--it's not as if there are no options, because there are. Stephanie just is-- she doesn't want to hear them.

Taylor: Stage 4 lung cancer?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, it's bad. The doctors even said so. But they didn't say there's no hope.

Taylor: When did she find out?

Brooke: Just before her birthday.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh. The slide.

Brooke: It's all part of her bucket list. That's what she's been doing instead of getting treatment. She's been running around riding roller coasters and drinking mimosas. She's not even fighting this, Taylor. She's already given up.

Taylor: Well, this doesn't sound like Stephanie.

Brooke: (Sighs) There's something else. (Sighs) She keeps mentioning something, I mean, little remarks here and there about Eric and the kids and the business. It's almost as if it's okay for her to die because nobody needs her anymore.

Taylor: She's depressed. That's why she isn't accepting treatment. She isn't fighting because she doesn't have any fight left in her.

Ridge: Well, mother is definitely having more fun. Do you know that she and Brooke were down at the Santa Monica pier yesterday?

Eric: Brooke was with her?

Ridge: Yeah, they're working on some project together.

Eric: A project? What project?

Ridge: I don't know. I thought it was the cruise that mother was planning, but apparently, it's something else.

Eric: Something here? Something here at work?

Ridge: I don't know. Brooke wanted to tell me yesterday, but I told her not to. I said, "Look, you and mother are getting along so well for the first time in how long?" I just don't want her to betray mother's confidence.

Stephanie: Brooke, you're like the plague-- forever with me.

Brooke: Do you feel bad?

Stephanie: I'd feel better if you'd go.

Brooke: Have you been coughing?

Stephanie: Did you send Dr. Lewis over here? Did you think I needed medical assistance?

Brooke: Dr. Lewis was here?

Stephanie: Yeah, and so was Eric, and let me tell you, that was thrilling. It was almost as good as the roller coaster ride.

Brooke: Eric knows?

Stephanie: No, and don't sound so hopeful, because it's not going to happen.

Brooke: The truth is gonna come out sooner or later.

Stephanie: Why do you say that? What have you done? (Gasps) You're like a cat on a hot tin roof. Did you tell Ridge? Did you tell him?

Brooke: (Stammers) No, I-I didn't tell Ridge. I w--I wanted to, but I didnít. (Sighs) God, Stephanie. (Sighs) Does any of this matter to you? This is killing me inside. And I-I can't do it anymore.

Stephanie: Whoa. I know you. You've done something. You may not have told Ridge, but you told somebody. Who did you tell?

Taylor: Me. Brooke told me you have cancer.  I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

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