B&B Transcript Monday 10/4/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/4/10


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Stephanie: So you want to help me through this?

Brooke: I am going to help you through this, every step of the way.

Stephanie: (Sighs) Why, why, why, why did you have to be the one that found out about this cancer? What is this, a curse from you to me?

Brooke: Stephanie, I don't want you to die. Why can't you let yourself believe that?

(Knock on door)

Bridget: Oh, is your daddy already back? Your daddy's probably back. He couldn't wait to see you. Oh, hi.

Donna: You were expecting someone else?

Bridget: No, not really. Just... (Sighs) Well, Owen was here earlier, and... (Sighs) It's really nice having him here with our baby.

Jackie: (Scoffs) We barely know each other, and you're proposing marriage?

Rick: Jackie, I'm crazy about you.

Jackie: Mm.

Rick: And I know you're wild about me. Come on. We're gonna end up together eventually, so why prolong the inevitable?

Jackie: Well, actually, I can think of one pretty good reason. (Laughs) I'm already married.

Rick: That's a minor technicality.

Jackie: Oh.

Rick: (Chuckles)

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Bridget: Look, Owen is the father of my baby. Let's not read any more than that into it.

Donna: Sure, Honey, whatever you say.

Bridget: Well, it's good to see you.

Donna: (Chuckles)

Katie: Yeah, you know, we talked to Brooke, and Donna thought that we should come over and check on you.

Donna: Yeah. What happened at that fashion preview-- my God, it--?

Katie: It must be causing a lot of problems in your life.

Donna: I mean, how are you doing, Honey?

Bridget: I'm fine. I mean, yeah, it's tough, but what doesn't destroy you makes you stronger and all that.

Katie: Well, that's very philosophical, but you're doing okay?

Bridget: Yeah, of course. Yeah. I mean, I have such a beautiful baby. It's something I've prayed for, so I have nothing to complain about.

Donna: And, uh, the baby's father?

Bridget: Owen is crazy about his son. And he's very committed to his wife.

Jackie: Okay, Young man. Stand back. No more joking. Time for saner heads to prevail.

Rick: Does it look like I'm joking?

Jackie: Does it look like I'm available?

Rick: Does it look like I care about that?

Jackie: Oh, my God. You really are serious.

Rick: I'm very serious. Jackie, I am giving you this ring because I believe that we can make headlines together. Let's make news of our own. What do you say?

Stephanie: Why can't I believe that you don't want me to die? Perhaps because I know what a relief it would be to your family, to you, to your father...

Brooke: Will you please stop?

Stephanie: To Donna, to Katie--

Brooke: This is not the Stephanie Forrester that I know.

Stephanie: And hate. Admit it. Oh, come on. I die, you get to be matriarch.

Brooke: (Laughs) I don't want to take your place. Nobody could.

Stephanie: That's the truth.

Brooke: I know why you're doing this. You're trying to cover up your real feelings.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Brooke: You don't want to die, and if you say I'm wrong, I will know you're lying, and so will you.

Katie: Listen, Bridget, I'm so sorry about what happened at the fashion preview.

Bridget: Well, it's not your fault. I shouldn't be upset with you, right?

Donna: Besides, we all know Bill's history. Growing up without any concept of family and-- it's no wonder sometimes he forgets he's part of one now.

Katie: Right, well, it was-- it was wrong of him to allow Jarrett to reveal something so personal. I mean, I'm sure it was very hurtful not only to you, but to Owen and Jackie.

Bridget: Maybe it was all for the best. You know, I mean, the truth was bound to come out at some point, and now that it has, we can all just make decisions and go on with our lives.

Jackie: Make news of our own. That's what this proposal is all about?

Rick: I thought you liked doing things unconventionally.

Jackie: (Laughs) Rick, this goes way beyond unconventional. It is tot--

Rick: It's--it's crazy. I know. But think about it. We don't ever have to actually get married. I mean, we could just have a really long, long engagement.

Jackie: Oh?

Rick: It'll give people something to talk about. You will no longer be the dissed wife. You will be the divine Jackie M. that men can't get enough of.

Jackie: Mm.

Rick: Look, I know you've been working really hard to get above this scandal.

Jackie: Yeah.

Rick: But it's taking its toll. I can tell. And I just want to be there to--

Jackie: Rescue me.

Rick: No, you don't-- you don't need rescuing. You need what I need. And you and I need to-- to break free of our public images. Who cares if our families think we're crazy? Who cares if my mom and dad think that I've lost it? I... I'm going through the motions in my life anyway. I don't even like being at work anymore. I have no control at Forrester. Ridge runs that place. Steffy and Stephanie have forced my mom out. I'm probably next on the chopping block. What better time to throw caution to the wind and--and do something... do something wild?

Jackie: Like proposing to a happily married woman. (Chuckles)

Rick: (Laughs) Its only wild if you say yes. So, my fair lady, will you say yes?

Stephanie: You're exhausting me because you refuse to understand. I have accepted this. I have accepted the idea that I am dying of cancer, okay?

Brooke: You are not dying of cancer. You are going to survive this. You just have to start acting like a survivor, start thinking about your life and stop focusing so much on your death. And stop making these crazy lists of crazy things to do...

Stephanie: Stop!

Brooke: Between now and then.

Stephanie: Listen to me. Listen. I just want to do this gracefully. I just want to have, in the time that I have left, some fun. I want to do the wild and crazy things I have never done before. I don't want to end up in the hospital with doctors and tubes coming in and out of every orifice. I don't want the treatment because it's agony. I don't want to do that. Please, just... (Sighs) Listen to me. I want to pass over gracefully. I do not need to live forever.

Brooke: And what about what your family needs? Or does that not even matter?

Stephanie: Damn it! You don't have a say in this! Why can't you see that? Why can't you understand that? Why can't you accept that?

Bridget: (Chuckles) (Sighs)

Donna: What do you mean? What--what kind of decisions?

Bridget: Oh, I shouldn't have said anything. Just forget I... (Chuckles) Brought it up.

Donna: Sweetie, we're family. We... (Sighs) You can talk to us, okay? We're not gonna judge you.

Katie: It's Owen, right? I mean, it's only natural that you have feelings for the father of your child.

Bridget: Well, I do, yes. Of course I do. How could I not? But I'm not gonna intervene in this marriage. Jackie really has been wonderful, and Owen is committed to her. I don't think that I could intervene even if I wanted to.

Jackie: You truly have taken leave of your senses. I mean--

Rick: No. No, not at all. I-I think for the first time in my life, I've actually come to my senses. I'm--I'm just tired of living my life on everybody else's terms. I just want to shake things up.

Jackie: Okay, please. Will you just listen to me, just for one--?

Rick: No, no, no. You please listen to me. The only words that I would love to hear come out of your mouth are, "Yes, I will marry you."

Jackie: I do believe that master Forrester has developed a Jackie M. addiction.

Rick: I do believe you are correct.

Jackie: Oh. (Laughs)

Rick: I am addicted to you.

Jackie: Then perhaps what we need is some kind of intervention.

Rick: Yes, by all means, let's... intervene.

Brooke: I'm not going to accept this, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Fine. Don't, despite the fact that the man or woman upstairs has decided that it's my time. You could say, why now? Why lung cancer? I don't know. But the end for me is clearly in sight, okay?

Brooke: Only if you refuse to fight.

Stephanie: (Sighs) And deprive you of a life without me, and deprive me of a life without you in the hereafter? Mnh-mnh-mnh-mnh-mnh. Especially if I get to heaven. You think I'll make it to heaven?

Brooke: No, because you're gonna call the doctor, and you're gonna make an appointment, and you're gonna get yourself there this time, and then you're gonna gather your family, and you're gonna tell them everything that's going on.

Stephanie: No. Absolutely not. No more doctors. No more doctors. And I will tell the family when it's time, Brooke. Please. You were there. You heard. It's stage four cancer.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Stephanie: What? You--you heard th--the odds of my surviving are beyond slim.

Brooke: But I didn't hear the doctor say that there was no hope.

Stephanie: Because that's their job. They're supposed to try and save my life at any cost. But I don't want to go through that medical stuff. For what? To buy a little more time? I'm okay. My life is pretty much over, and I'm okay with that.

Brooke: Well, I'm-- I'm not okay. I'm not okay with it at all.

 (Parisian music plays)

Jackie: (Scoffs) What am I going to do with you? (Laughs)

Rick: Doesn't this music just remind you of a starry moonlit night on the left bank? Dance with me. Please?

Jackie: (Sighs)

Rick: Come away with me-- Paris, London, wherever your heart desires. And when we're there, wherever we are, we can start our own international company...

Jackie: Hmm.

Rick: Or not, as long as we're together.

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Rick: An adventure to end all adventures. What do you say?

Jackie: Hmm. Oh, I'll say that you are conveniently forgetting that I have commitments here.

Rick: Well, that's fine. Owen and Bridget can handle those commitments.

Jackie: Hmm. I knew it.

Rick: What?

Jackie: This is about your sister.

Rick: No, get-- Jackie, would I have bought this ridiculously huge diamond ring if I wasn't se--

Jackie: If--if you weren't convinced that my husband and your sister weren't destined to be together.

Rick: Just stop it. Can--can we continue to dance, please? Hear me out. Bridget and Owen are perfect for one another, okay? They share a child. They can be one big happy family, and you will be free of the diapers, free of the sleepless nights, and you will have the life that suits you-- a life full of glitz and glamour and adventure.

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Rick: And full of diamond rings that cannot wait to make their way onto your finger.

Jackie: (Sighs) Owen, Darling. Rick was just--

Owen: Leaving.

Rick: (Sighs) Yes, um, remember what I said.

Jackie: Hmm.

Rick: Owen.

Owen: So what did he say, Jackie?

Jackie: Oh, um, he proposed marriage to me.

Owen: Wait, he what?

Jackie: Well--

Owen: Oh, my God, are you-- what, does he not-- does the guy not get that we're married?

Jackie: No, no, no. R-Rick feels that an engagement would rectify the headlines and save me from being a woman scorned. (Chuckles)

Owen: Look, Jackie, I'm--I'm sorry, all right? I hate to see how badly this is hurting you.

Jackie: Mm.

Owen: But getting caught up in Rick's insanity is not the answer.

Jackie: It's rather sweet, though, isn't it, I mean, how he wants to protect me?

Owen: No, Jackie, it's not sweet. It's not. I'm not sure exactly what he is after, but it's obvious he's trying to come between us.

Jackie: No.

Owen: No, he is using you.

Jackie: No, he is not using me, because I would not allow myself to be used. I am your wife. You are my husband.

Owen: And we are gonna weather this storm together.

Jackie: Mm.

Owen: I believe in us, and I know you do, too. So don't let Rick's ridiculous proposal get to you. The guy's got an agenda. He's trying to worm his way between us.

Brooke: What is it, Stephanie? Your pride? Your stubbornness? Your fear of treatment? What's the real reason for you giving up?

Stephanie: I'm not giving up. I'm being realistic. There's a difference.

Brooke: Do you honestly think your family's going to see it that way?

Stephanie: I believe that they will understand when I tell them.

Brooke: No, they would want you to fight. They don't want to lose you.

Stephanie: Well, I don't want to lose them either, but come on. I've been, at best, a cantankerous wife. As a mother, I tried, but I was overbearing and controlling. For god sakes, my girls had to move out of town to have their own lives.

Brooke: What are you talking about? Felicia and Kristen adore you. And Felicia wouldn't even be here today if it weren't for you. Everything you did for her--

Stephanie: Her cancer has nothing to do with mine. Why can't-- I swear to God, I will never understand you. Here you are about to be rid of me, and you're begging me to stay. Why?

Brooke: You've always been like a mother to me.

Stephanie: A very abusive mother, I would suspect.

Brooke: Yes, yes, and I hated you for that, but, um, I loved you, too, your strength and your courage, and that's everything you're going to need to defeat this disease.

Stephanie: Listen to me. Before there was modern medicine, people got sick. They died. There were no decisions. It was very simple. I want to keep it simple for myself, and I need you to understand...

Brooke: (Sobs)

Stephanie: That that is what is right for me.

Brooke: I'm not ready for you to go away. Really, I-I don't believe that you are either. Stephanie, time is running out every single day. Please don't delay this.

Stephanie: I'm not going to do anything to delay it.

Brooke: Well, then you're very unlucky that I'm onto your little secret, because I am not going to give up until I change your mind.

Brooke: I mean it. I'm not gonna give up.

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