B&B Transcript Tuesday 9/28/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/28/10


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Eric: You could say anything you want to to me, Stephanie. You know that. (Sighs)

Stephanie: Well, that's never been a problem for me.

Eric: This is different?

Stephanie: Yes.

Eric: How?

Stephanie: Well, I suppose once it's said, it can't ever be taken back.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Logan, what's goin' on here. And don't give me that typical girls' answer-- "nothing"-- 'cause I know something's goin' on.

Brooke: (Chuckles) It's just been a long day.

Ridge: You're not tired. You're just somewhere else.

Brooke: I'm sorry.

Ridge: I'm not complaining. I just want to know if there's something I can do.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: You know, if you talk about it...

Brooke: (Laughs)

Ridge: Okay. If you're sure there's nothing else I can do...

Brooke: Stephanie, you have cancer. Do you want me to tell--

Stephanie: I don't want you to tell anyone, especially Ridge.

Brooke: (Whispers) Just hold me.

Eric: So you want to tell me something, but you're afraid you might regret it after you do. So now you have to tell me what it is. Stephanie, what is it? Is it one of the kids?

Stephanie: No. No, no, no, no. It--it's me. (Sighs) God. Timing is... it's my birthday. Tomorrow is my birthday. I want to have a party here at the house.

Eric: (Chuckles) I-I know it's your birthday. But you want to have a birthday party?

Stephanie: Yes, with the family.

Eric: Well, all right. I was talking to Ridge about that earlier, actually.

Stephanie: Oh.

Eric: About what we should do, but, uh, I mean, you never... you never want to make a fuss about your birthday.

Stephanie: I'll do all the planning.

Eric: No, no, no. You decide what you want, and I'll take care of it.  All right, what'd you have in mind? Sit-down dinner? Black tie? String quartet?

Stephanie: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I want to do something simple. Just the kids, the grandkids. Just here in our home.

Eric: (Chuckles) Okay.

Stephanie: You remember the first time we came here? And I fell in love with this house the moment I saw it.

Eric: (Chuckles)

Stephanie: Just the way I fell in love with you the moment I saw you.

Eric: Well, that'll teach you to make snap decisions.

Stephanie: The mattress was on the floor in the master bedroom.

Eric: (Laughs)

Stephanie: That's how we slept. We had boxes all over the place.

Eric: Oh, my God. It was so big and so empty.

Stephanie: Oh, I never thought that. I could already hear the children running up and down the stairs. I could already see us growing old together in this house.  I'm so happy we're gonna grow old together here.

Eric: Unless... we figure out that we really can't stand each other, say, like, ten years from now.

Stephanie: Not much of a chance of that happening. I think I have finally learned to accept you with all your faults.

Eric: Oh, well, luckily for you, I've acquired a few skills of my own, like, uh, ignoring the insults from an unbearably overbearing, but unbelievably beautiful woman.

Stephanie: Oh, honey.

Eric: (Chuckles)

Stephanie: Brooke?

Brooke: Uh, sorry. I was just...

Stephanie: Intruding?

Brooke: I'm gonna go. You guys are talking.

Eric: No, no, no. It's all right, Brooke. I was just leaving anyway. I need to get back to the office. Lots of plans to make. You will not be disappointed. (Chuckles)

Brooke: He doesn't know? You didn't tell Eric that you have cancer?

Thomas: I'm not saying you're wrong, Steff. I... It's an interesting idea.

Marcus: Well, if we were selling guys' underwear. But the bedroom line is for women.

Thorne: Well, if we're talking about who's getting the most enjoyment out of it.

Ridge: Hey, your niece is gonna be modeling this collection.

Steffy: See, that is why we need male models on the photo shoot.

Thomas: Brooke never had men in her ads.

Steffy: It was Brooke. The men were implied.

Ridge: Can we get off the subject of men?

Thorne: Men are the reason why women buy lingerie.

Steffy: Okay, yes. Yes, you're right. Women like to show off. You know, they want to be appreciated, but they don't want to feel like an object. You know, they want to feel like... like a work of art. You know-- you know, we should actually get some guy, dress him up like an artist. You know, somebody who understands beautiful clothes, beautiful women. You know, somebody like you.

Thorne: Well, now you're talkin'. How about it, Ridge? You could be the new face of the bedroom line. (Chuckles)

Thomas: (Chuckles)

Ridge: With my daughter?

Marcus: (Laughs)

Steffy: Well, dad, of course you're gonna have other beautiful models. But, hey, you've got the face and the bod. Come on. (Laughs)

Ridge: Look, I'm not a model, okay? I'm the C.E.O. around here. That's it.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Marcus: Yeah, but didn't Brooke model when she was C.E.O.?

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: And I bet she didn't spend half as much time in the gym as you do.

Steffy: Very true.

Ridge: Hey, I like to stay in shape, okay?

Steffy: So what's the point of working out if you don't like to show off the bod, eh?

Thomas: Yeah, come on, Dad.

Steffy: Yeah, come on. Let's see it. Let's go.

Thomas: I would love to see this, actually.

Ridge: Okay. Okay.

Steffy: Whoo-hoo. Oh. (Laughs)

Thomas: Oh, he's doin' it.

Ridge: All right. There we go.

Steffy: Wow.

Thorne: Wow.

Steffy: Wow.

Ridge: All right, there it is.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Thorne: I'm thinkin' he should be wearing the lingerie.

Marcus: Man, Ridge. You're ripped, man.

Steffy: You know what? Someone has got to warn Jackie M. that Owen Knight isn't the only hot dad in town.

Thorne: Mm, well, don't let your granddad hear you say that.

Steffy: I know. (Laughs)

Eric: Ridge, is there any reason we're not using--

Steffy: Oh, hey, Granddad.

Eric: Somebody want to tell me what's going on here?

Thorne: (Laughs)

Steffy: Not really. (Laughs)

Stephanie: We have an understanding. You promised me that you would respect what I was going to do. Now I'd like you to leave. I have phone calls to make.

Brooke: Wait a minute. You're not going to tell them over the phone, are you? Kristen and Felicia would want to be here.

Stephanie: I'm doing this in my own way. You said that you would respect that.

Brooke: (Sighs) Just--just tell me what happened. That's all I want to know.

Stephanie: I'll tell you what. I'll let you know when it's all right to talk to Ridge, and until then--

Brooke: Eric said that there were plans. What plans? You really didn't tell him?

Stephanie: No.

Brooke: Stephanie!

Stephanie: I don't have to explain my decisions to you, Brooke.

Brooke: They are your family, and they love you, and they would love to support you. They're going to find out anyway once you start chemo and radiation.

Stephanie: Well, then what are you worried about? They will find out one way or another, won't they? So does-- does it really matter when?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, it does.

Stephanie: Why? Why? Why?

Brooke: (Sighs) You really sat here in this room with a man that you love, an you didn't say anything? Stephanie, you have to talk to me about this.

Stephanie: I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to talk to you about anything. I don't like talking to you. You don't like talking to me. That's the beauty of our relationship. So don't screw it up now.

Eric: Children have a way of keeping you humble, don't they?

Thorne: (Laughs)

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Ridge: Yeah, some days more than others.

Eric: (Chuckles) All right, listen everybody. I, uh, I have some news.

Thorne: Good, I hope.

Eric: Yes, uh, you all know that tomorrow is Stephanie’s birthday. She has, um, she has asked for a party.

Ridge: What?

Thorne: You're kidding.

Eric: No, no. She wanted to make all the plans, but I wouldn't have it. I said, "No, let me do it."

Steffy: Wait, grandma wants a birthday?

Eric: Yes, all of us at the house tomorrow. The whole family.

Thorne: Is anybody else getting a bad feeling about this?

Thomas: Grandma's okay, right?

Eric: Oh, yeah, sure.

Ridge: This definitely doesn't sound like her.

Eric: Well, this has been a pretty important year for your mother. I mean, she's back at the company here. Uh, she's back in the house. She and I are together again. She feels like she has, uh, a lot to celebrate.

Stephanie: Yes, I-I would. I would need it tomorrow. Oh. Well, do you have a bigger one? Oh. No, it’s... (chuckles) really, it's too important. It has to be tomorrow. Yeah, okay. Oh? Oh, really? Okay. The number is... okay. Oh, that's-- you know, that's--thank you. That's very nice of you... (chuckles) to tell me about this other company. Very kind of you. Thanks. Why are you hovering?

Brooke: Who are you calling?

Stephanie: (Scoffs)

Brooke: Oh, you don't want to tell me? Fine. Catering company. Why would you be calling them? (Scoffs) Party rentals?

Stephanie: I told you...

Brooke: (Sighs)

Stephanie: To leave. I have calls to make.

Brooke: You're planning a party? Oh, my God. It's not your funeral.

Stephanie: No. It's my birthday. I'm planning a birthday party for myself.

Brooke: Oh, that's right, yes. Yes, it's your birthday tomorrow.

Stephanie: Oh, now don't give me those crocodile tears of yours, and I do not want my last birthday party to become a pity party. Understand?

Brooke: Don't talk that way. With the right treatment...

Stephanie: What, I could have a few more months?

Brooke: Yes. Yes. You could have precious months with your family, Stephanie.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Brooke: And that's what you should be thinking about. Let somebody else take care of this party. Give--give me the list. I'll make those calls. You need to be dealing with the things that are important. Did you make your follow-up call with your doctor yet?

Stephanie: I have stage 4 cancer. It's spread to my brain. I think it's a little late for a follow-up appointment with a doctor.

Brooke: Stephanie, just talk to me. Tell me how you're feeling. Nobody else knows. I'm your sounding board right now. And I'm here. I'm ready to listen.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Stephanie:  You just couldn’t leave me alone for one night to sit on this on my own, could you?

Brooke: I was concerned.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Brooke: Now I know that is hard for you to believe, but I really think if the situation were reversed, you would be worrying about me, too. Although we wouldn't sit here arguing about this. I would be at the doctor trying to figure out my options while I'm surrounded by my family who loves me.

Stephanie: That would be your choice.

Brooke: What other choice is there?

Stephanie: God, you love a crisis. You know what? That being the case, why don't you go down to Bridget? She could use all of your attention and sympathy right now.

Brooke: And you don't? You just found out you have cancer, and you'd rather be alone.

Stephanie: Than with you? Yes. I mean, have you forgotten how I ended up in the hospital today? Now you're going to sit here and try and make me believe that you have a soft spot in your heart for me?

Brooke: Oh, my God. That's right. That's right. You've been horrible to my family and to me for so many years. Hideous.

Stephanie: See? You don't care about me.

Brooke: My husband cares about you, and my children care about you, and I care about them, so...

Stephanie: So here we are.

Brooke: Here we are.

Stephanie: And our moment is over. I'd like you to go.

Brooke: Forget it.

Stephanie: I mean it. I want you to go.

Brooke: No.

Stephanie: (Scoffs) You just won't let me have one night on my own to think all of this out? Please don't press me on this this way.

Brooke: I am going to press you, and you're gonna push me right back, Stephanie, because that's what you need to do. You need to get mad. You need to get angry. You need to fight. (Sighs) You can't just sit back and have this apathy and this acceptance. That's not you. And it's not going to save your life. Fine. Fine. Go ahead and have your party. And I am going to just keep my mouth shut until you decide what you want to do next. Okay? (Sighs) It's just not gonna be easy. The odds are against you. But then, the odds were against you when you and Eric started Forrester Creations. And the odds were against you when you and Eric got back together. So see? You can beat the odds, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yeah. But, you know, there's one thing that I have never been able to accomplish in my life. Getting rid of you.

Brooke: Oh, Stephanie.

Eric: So Stephanie wants a dinner.

Thorne: Something formal?

Eric: Well, that's what I suggested, but she said no.

Ridge: What about a barbecue by the pool?

Eric: No, no, it should be a little more elaborate than that. I mean, I want this to be a special party for Stephanie, you know?

Thorne: That's a tall order, Dad.

Eric: Yeah, I know, and on pretty short notice. But we've gotta do it. We've gotta pull it off.

Ridge: Okay, well, you can count on us.

Eric: Well, I promised Stephanie that she wouldn't be sorry for asking.

Thorne: Do it right, or don't bother doing it at all.

Ridge: Now that sounds like her.

Eric: It does, doesn't it? Look, I want to get the ball rolling before she pulls the plug on this whole thing and cancels out.

Marcus: Why would she do that?

Eric: (Sighs) The focus of Stephanie’s life has been on everyone else.

Thomas: Grandma doesn't do anything for herself.

Eric: I want this to be a-a-- more than a birthday party. I want it to be a-a celebration of everything that Stephanie has accomplished in this life-- all the sacrifices she's made, everything she's accomplished.

Ridge: Sounds like somebody better start workin' on a speech.

Steffy: Well, I'm sure she'd rather have everyone say something from the heart.

Eric: Look, everyone has that birthday that they never forget, and I want that to be the case for Stephanie, and not just for her, but for all of us. I want this to be an occasion that none of us will ever forget.

Brooke: Okay. (Sighs) Okay, this birthday party tomorrow... (sighs) how do you expect me to get through it when I know what I know?

Stephanie: Well, if you can't, don't come.

Brooke: No, no, no. I-I'm gonna be here.

Stephanie: (Laughs) Of course you are. You know it's my last birthday so you know you're gonna be dancing on my grave next year.

Brooke: You're so quick to assume you're dying.

Stephanie: You were there. You heard the doctors. I have stage 4 lung cancer.

Brooke: Attitude. State of mind. Those are the very important factors to fight this disease.

Stephanie: The stage that the disease has progressed to is also a factor.

Brooke: Oh, God, why don't you listen to me?

Stephanie: (Scoffs)

Brooke:  I am thinking about you. I'm thinking about our family. I'm thinking about the weeks ahead, and all you do is you continue to shut me down.

Stephanie: Stop thinking about the weeks ahead. I don't want to think about the weeks ahead. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. It's my birthday. That's what I want to think about. I want to have fun. I-I want to laugh. I want to be happy with my family. I want to do something memorable for them.

Brooke: They don't want a memory, Stephanie. They want you. Don't you understand? You have something terrible going on, and you keep shutting them out. You're robbing them of this situation.

Stephanie: Stop it. Don't you understand I'm try-- Brooke, I'm trying to protect them, okay?

Brooke: They would want to know. But as usual, it's all about you. Isn't it, Stephanie? Stephanie Forrester has to be in control. That's very hurtful to the people that you love. But then again... (sighs) that's who you are.  I should have known you'd be selfish to the bitter end.

Stephanie: (Scoffs)

Brooke: Tell your family.

Stephanie: (Coughs) (Sighs)

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