B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/22/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/22/10


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Whip: (Speaking indistinctly)

Jarrett: Answers, Jackie. The world wants answers. Ms. Marone, is Owen the father of Bridget's baby? (Stammers) A simple yes or no will do.

(Voices overlapping)

Hope: Hey, did Stephanie leave?

Brooke: Yes. (Sighs)

Hope: And?

Brooke: Oh. (Sighs) My beautiful, positive daughter.

Hope: I meant what I said. You two have a lot in common.

Brooke: Eek. That's a frightening thought.

Hope: I know, but it's true.

Brooke: Honey, don't take this on. It's highly unlikely that Stephanie and I will ever see eye to eye.

The role of Thomas Forrester is now being played by Adam Gregory.

Stephanie: Hope is just so young, so naive, so... (Sighs) Unlike her mother.

Ridge: Mother, Hope has a point. You and Brooke share more similarities than differences.

Stephanie: Well, we're strong, determined women. I'll grant you that. But there aren't any other similarities.

Thomas: You're both very loyal to family.

Steffy: Sleeping with your daughter's boyfriend? You call that family loyalty?

Thomas: She didn't sleep with him, Steffy.

Taylor: You know what happened, Thomas.

Ridge: It was a case of mistaken identity.

Stephanie: Oh, please. She didn't know the difference between the body of a 20-year-old and the body of the man she's been sleeping with all these years? Come on, Ridge. And on top of it, she's the chaperone. She's in charge of-- of watching, uh, high school graduates. And that entitles her to have sex?

Thomas: Come on, Grandma. Why do we have to be so judgmental? Brooke is Brooke. She's unique. That doesn't make her evil.

Steffy: So you accept Brooke the way she is? All the things she's done?

Thomas: Brooke made some mistakes. We've all made mistakes, Steffy. I just-- I don't see why we all can't get along. Steffy is always trying to get Hope. Grandma is always attacking Brooke. I'm sorry, but I can't be a part of that. I like Brooke and Hope. They've done good things for this company.

Stephanie: You're right. Brooke has done good things for this company. But she's also created this scandal, which has damaged the company. That's why she's gone.

Thomas: So when another scandal comes along and Brooke isn't the focus anymore, will you invite her back?

Steffy: Wow, now you are starting to sound as naive as Hope.

Thomas: Well, if fairness and goodwill and family unity are part of your definition, then, yes, I'm naive. Hope belongs in this company and so does Brooke.

Hope: Mom, I'm trying to get past my differences with Steffy. Why can't you do the same?

Brooke: Oh, Honey, Stephanie and I have so much more history than you and Steffy. Look, I-I don't really want to talk about this anymore. There's something else I have on my mind.

Hope: What?

Brooke: (Sighs) You said you spent the morning with Liam.

Hope: Yes. And clearly, you still have some concerns.

Brooke: Well, how can I not? He is the son of Bill Spencer, and he works for him. He's bound to be influenced by his father.

Hope: Well, maybe his father will be influenced by him.

Brooke: Highly unlikely.

Hope: Mm.

Brooke: Have you spoken with him yet this morning?

Hope: Yeah, he was going over to the Jackie M. Preview.

Brooke: Really? Why would he go over there?

Hope: Bill wanted to show him how to break a story.

Brooke: (Scoffs) What story?

Jarrett: Ms. Marone, once again, is Owen the father?

Bill: Uh, Jarrett, if I may? Well, everyone, it would seem that what was a very interesting fashion preview has just become a lot more interesting. Seems we have a breaking story on our hands, and Mr. Maxwell is very generously giving you and your family an opportunity to get out in front of it.

Whip: Mr. Spencer, uh, this is highly inappropriate and downright rude. We are here to show a collection, not feed your gossip column, Sir.

Bill: Ahh, yes, the new collection. Jackie, if you don't mind my saying so, you are looking hot, Girl.

Jackie: (Scoffs) So Spencer publications is behind this scandal.

Bill: No, Spencer Publications is reporting on the scandal. If you, your husband, and the rest of your cohorts have been misleading the consumers, then you've created it. You've also created quite a brand for yourself-- you, your younger husband, madly in love, the toast of the fashion world. Of course, therein lies the problem. How accurate is your brand?

Jackie: My husband and I are exactly what we portray ourselves to be.

Bill: Are you? Well, I'm just tickled to hear that. You see, what a lot of people don't know about me is I'm really just a hopeless romantic. So I'm sure you wouldn't mind confirming for the public at large and your loyal customers that your son Nick is in fact the father of Bridget's baby, and not Owen.

Woman: Jackie M., is it the truth? Did you know that your husband was the father of that baby?

(Voices overlapping)

(Camera shutters clicking)

Liam: Maybe we ought to get out of here.

Bill: The story hasn't broken yet.

Jackie: Uh, may I have your attention please? We at Jackie M. Designs...  

(Camera shutters clicking)

Jackie: Um, have always been very open with the press. And, uh, we like you, and-- and you've treated us fairly, and we respect you for that, and we truly hope and trust that you will treat this new collection with the same objectivity that you've always shown us. As for our personal life, we, like I'm sure all of you, would like to keep it personal. But, as one of your members obviously has no journalistic ethics whatsoever, I will address the issue that he raised, and I will be truthful. My husband and I, we share a very successful and loving marriage, and like the business that we own and we represent, we don't follow a formula. We carve our own path. We live very creatively. So, that being said, yes, yes, we share a child-- Owen, Bridget, and me. And, yes, the biological parents of that child are Owen and Bridget. Thank you.

(Voices overlapping)

Ridge: Son, I must say, I appreciate the way you're supporting Brooke.

Stephanie: Well, I donít.

Thomas: Grandma, with all due respect, you've been obsessed with getting Brooke for years.

Stephanie: Brooke and her family have caused nothing but trouble and heartache for our family and for this company. So don't ask me to be understanding and forgiving of her, because it's just not going to happen, Tom.

(Elevator bell dings)

Hillary: Uh, Mr. Spencer?

Bill: Not now, Hillary, and hold my calls.

Hillary: Okay, Sir.

Bill: You don't approve.

Liam: Bridget is your wife's niece. She's family.

Bill: Oh, don't I know it. That's why it's so challenging being me. You see, when, uh, Brooke's scandal broke, Katie asked me to try and squelch it, and against my better professional judgment, I tried. I have shareholders to answer to. I can't be compromising my professional integrity time and time again.

Liam: Okay, you didn't cover a story, Dad. You created a scandal.

Bill: I didn't create jack. I uncovered it. You see the image that company was trying to foist on the public, right? You ever heard of truth in advertising?

Liam: Yeah, and I suppose our image is squeaky clean.

Bill: Our image is one of tough, hard-nosed reporting. That's what people expect of us. That's what we do. Going soft is not the Spencer way. Get used to it.

Liam: All right, fine. That--fine. I still don't understand why you did it.

Bill: Liam, Son, I am the C.E.O. of Spencer Publications. They call me Dollar Bill Spencer because I make it rain. That's why the shareholders love me. And I hope that someday, they're going to love you, too. You break a story, you sell magazines-- simple as that. If Jackie didn't want herself and her company in the headlines, then she should have stayed out of trouble. Cheers.

Whip: I know you heard a lot of stuff here tonight. It's--obviously, it's, uh, you know, it's all conjecture until it's actually in print.

Bridget: What a disaster.

Jackie: Nonsense. The show was absolutely fabulous. Everybody loved it. (Chuckles) Is everyone gone out there?

Amber: Pretty much. A few stragglers still tryin' to get more dirt.

Jackie: Oh, well, sweep them and the dirt out the door, and we're not gonna talk about this anymore to anyone.

Whip: Okay, well, that was fun, wasn't it, especially with all those international reporters?

Aggie: Yeah, well, that's-- this preview was critical.

Owen: Look, we need the exposure, but not like this.

Jackie: Oh, please. We are not going to let Bill Spencer get the upper hand here. 90% of what happened in that showroom was just wonderful. We had a very positive reaction. You heard all the applause. They loved the collection.

Whip: Yes, unfortunately, Jackie, that's not what they're gonna write about.

Jackie: So they know the truth about the baby. It's not the 19th century. These things have a very short lifespan.

Amber: Yeah, I've been through worse things than this, and I'm still standing.

Aggie: So what, we're supposed to just ignore it?

Whip: Oh, well, that's impossible. Our image just took a direct hit.

Jackie: Our image is Owen, me, our marriage, our unconventional relationship, and that hasn't changed.

Amber: Yeah, if anything, Bill Spencer just added to it.

Jackie: Right.

Whip: Oh, come on, Guys! We're selling clothes here, not gossip. What happened out there was-- was tantamount to a-a marketing nightmare, despite your valiant effort at damage control, Jackie.

Jackie: Why? Because Bridget and Owen and me, we share a beautiful baby boy? There is nothing vile, nothing pernicious about that.

Whip: Well, that-- that might work with the leftwing fringe, but I'm not really sure about the mainstream.

Bridget: Why don't we give Jackie and Owen a little space to be alone?

Whip: Okay. All right. Fine. I'm gonna go check the web site, and I'm gonna need a few more people to man other computers. Ladies, please come with me.

Aggie: All right.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Jackie: (Sighs)

Thomas: So everything I said, you disagree with all of it?

Steffy: What about what Grandma said? Did any of that register?

Thomas: Oh, yeah, it registered. You and Grams are the one-two punch. Brooke and Hope are the punching bags.

Stephanie: Oh, stop it, Tom. I've given his wife the benefit of the doubt I can't tell you how many times, and I've regretted every single time. And it isn't just her. Look what her father did to my sister.

Thomas: Grandma, your sister's an adult. If she chooses to be involved with Stephen Logan, that's her issue.

Stephanie: Her issue? He tries to get her to shoot me? I cannot believe that you're standing there defending these people.

Thomas: These people are my dad's wife and father-in-law.

Stephanie: (Scoffs)

Thomas: You're the standard bearer of-- of loyalty in this family. Isn't it inconsistent for you to expect my dad and me to be disloyal to his wife and in-laws?

Ridge: Very well-put.

Steffy: Now wait a minute. You want to be consistent? What about Brooke tearing our family apart? What about Hope using Katie and Brooke to get a rise out of me from the Hope for the Future line, huh? Was that right? Where is your family loyalty, Thomas?

Thomas: You and Hope competed for a line of clothing. Hope won. Her line's a success. As for Mom and Dad, yes, it upset me when their marriage fell apart. But we're adults, Steffy. Marriages don't always work out. But that's no reason to hold some lifelong grudge against Brooke. I'm sorry, Grandma, that goes for you, too.

Jackie: (Sighs) Everything's going to be all right, really.

Owen: Hey, come on, it's me. You can drop the superwoman routine, Jackie.

Jackie: I'm fine. Really. Fine. Fine.

Owen: Oh, come on. How can you say that after what Bill Spencer did today?

Jackie: (Sighs) Bill's a thug. We have to expect that.

Owen: Well, I did not expect this. And I sure as hell know you didn't expect it either.

Jackie: Well, yes. He did do some damage, but--but Whip and--and the P.R. department, they'll handle it, and I just don't want to worry about it anymore right now, anything.

Owen: Hey. Come here.

Ridge: I'm going on record right now by saying this-- I am proud of my son.

Steffy: Are you serious? Thomas is misled.

Ridge: Well, from what I just saw, I think he's a leader.

Brooke: Just like his father.

Stephanie: Personally, I'm concerned about his judgment, or lack of.

Taylor: Uh, so am I.

Ridge: Why? Because he took a stand, a rather large stand, too, with a lot of logic behind it?

Stephanie: Oh, I see. (Chuckles) Defending Brooke's behavior, it's--Honey, that's anything but logical.

Brooke: Defending Brooke period is always illogical from your point of view.

Stephanie: I'm talking about your behavior and all of the problems that you have caused this family and this company.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Ridge: Mother, you're completely missing the point here. If there's anybody that can complain now, it would be my son, but he's not complaining, is he? In fact, he's setting an example.

Steffy: Of what? How not to be accountable?

Ridge: Of acceptance, of getting over it and moving on.

Stephanie: Oh. You think we haven't moved on. Oh, believe me. We have moved so far beyond everything that this woman has done to us.

Brooke: So does that mean you're ready to invite me back into the company?

Stephanie: Absolutely... not.

Ridge: Well, Mother, you better get ready, because once this scandal is over, then Brooke is coming back to this company. Do you understand? That is my decision, and there's nothing any of you can do to prevent it.

Liam: I don't get it. Is--is this all your publishing company is about, just going for scandal to scandal to scandal?

Bill: Spencer Publications is a multifaceted conglomerate. Part of our business-- granted, a very, uh, lucrative part--are scandals. Scandals make headlines. Headlines make money.

Liam: Yeah, it's made you a lot of money.

Bill: Us. You're a part of this now. Look, you want to go work for some do-gooder nonprofit, be my guest. But, here we are about making money, a lot of money. Jackie and her team acted irresponsibly, so they are going to suffer the consequences, and we are the beneficiaries. There's nothing wrong with that. It's the Spencer way. It's the American way. God bless America.

Jackie: Oh, my. I can't take you seriously with all that white makeup. It's just... (Chuckles)

Owen: This is hurting you a lot more than you want to admit, Jackie.

Jackie: No, no, it's not really.

Owen: Just listen to me. Hear me out, all right? I love you. I love you, and I... look, I want to apologize.

Jackie: For what?

Owen: For betraying you with another woman. And now the rest of the world knows about this. It--I mean, it's given us a beautiful child, but what happened that night, Jackie, it was wrong. It was wrong, and I... I want you to know that it doesn't change, and it will never change, the way that I feel about you. Look, and after today, af-- I just--I can't stand it. I... look, I don't want to hurt you. That's the last thing that I want.

Jackie: I know that.

Owen: Do you? No, do you really? I know that I'm-- I look like a fool right now. And I'm made up like a--a statue, but I'm not a fool, all right? I-I was smart enough to recognize what an amazing woman you are and to ask you to marry me. Please... Jackie, please don't let this ruin what we have. Look, I don't want to lose you. Look, I can't lose you.

Jackie: Mm.

Rick: (Thinking) I'm sorry, Pal, but you're gonna lose her... to me.

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