B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/15/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/15/10


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Jackie: What a pitch. Where'd all that come from?

Rick: My heart. (Laughs)

Jackie: Oh. (Laughs) Yeah. You're a heart-sick boy pining away, right?

Rick: No, no, no, no. Definitely not. But I was serious.

Jackie: Mm.

Rick: Unbridled potential. (Chuckles)

Jackie: That's what you see in me?

Rick: No. That's what I see if the two of us end up together.

Jackie: Oh. You're a salesman, Rick Forrester, and a damn good one.

Hope: This seat taken?

Liam: Hey.

Hope: (Giggles)

Liam: Are--are you, uh, alone?

Hope: No, no, I've got, like, 10 or 15 friends coming.

Liam: Ahh. Well, at least you have 10 or 15 friends

Hope: Yeah, well, they're kinda quiet these days.

Liam: (Mouthing words)

Hope: (Chuckles)

Liam: Well, in-- indirectly it was.

Hope: Well, at least I've got my family to fall back on. I mean, your friends, you know, they can pretend they don't know you, but your family, well, they're stuck with you. Kinda like you're stuck with Bill Spencer as your father. Look, I know-- I know that he's awful, but he's it. I think that somewhere deep, deep, deep down that there is some good in him, or else my Aunt Katie would never have married him. So do you want to find out?

Liam: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Katie: Am I interrupting?

Justin: Might as well be. I'm not getting anywhere here.

Bill: It's a report to the stockholders. Put what you want in it. Nobody's gonna read it anyway.

Katie: Hmm. No offense, but... (Sighs) I've always found this picture a little creepy.

Bill: None taken. The man was a bloodless cutthroat. What do you want him to look like? Captain Kangaroo?

Katie: I'm sorry I never got to meet him.

Bill: I would rather be a corpse rotting in my own grave than wake up one morning, look in the mirror and see him staring back at me.

Katie: You can't change your history with your father, but you don't have to repeat it with your son.

Bill: What choice have I been given? Two weeks ago, I didn't know I had one.

Katie: That's not Liam's fault.

Bill: If he wanted to find me, he could have. He didn't have too much trouble once he put his mind to it, did he?

Doctor: Any particular concerns? His weight is good, color's fine, temperature's fine.

Bridget: Good boy.

Owen: Uh, yeah, I-I have one. It's, uh, his eyes. Well, I mean, his left eye. Sometimes when he wakes up, it's kind of stuck shut.

Bridget: I did notice that this morning.

Doctor: Let's have a look.

Jackie: So you market yourself as a Forrester, not a Logan.

Rick: There's no marketing here. I am a Forrester.

Jackie: Half. Bridget's no rube. Neither is your mother. But I mean, all this...

Rick: Yes, this is Forrester style. Have you forgotten? I lived in Paris for years.

Jackie: Ahh.

Rick: And even before that, I've always had a taste for the finer things in life.

Jackie: Hmm.

Rick: That's why I brought you here. (Chuckles)

Doctor: It does appear Logan may have a blocked tear duct. Now it's not uncommon, and it usually resolves itself, but there is a little redness in that eye. So I think it, uh, makes sense to give him some eye drops. One drop twice a day for five days, and that should clear it up.

Bridget: Thank you. Well, good catch, Dad.

Logan: (Fusses)

Jackie: It's very subjective, though, isn't it, what constitutes the finer things in life? I mean, I hope you don't think that I'm shallow enough to value an admittedly superb champagne over an adoring husband.

Rick: Has anyone ever told you that you and Owen make a very unlikely couple?

Jackie: Looks can be deceiving, though. That's what they're for.

Rick: And you never once wondered, is there something that everybody else is seeing but I don't?

Jackie: How would that be, Rick, that Owen isn't good enough for me, but he just might be good enough for Bridget? Please, give me some credit.

Rick: No, I'm sorry. It--it's--it's not a matter of good enough. I'm simply making a declaration of interest. Most might say that three people in a marriage is, I don't know, too many. I am just simply here to remind you that you have another really damn good option.

Hope: I feel bad. I-I know that I'm partly the reason why you can't get a better job.

Liam: How do you figure that?

Hope: Well, everybody knows about the--the scandal and the lawsuit, and they know you're caught in the middle of it.

Liam: Wait, Hope, how is that your fault? You should be blaming me. I mean, everybody else does.

Hope: I think you should be insisting that your father make things right.

Liam: I wish you wouldn't call him that.

Hope: (Sighs) Look, all I'm saying is that he has sold plenty of magazines and gotten plenty of air time on his cable network because of this, and here you are bargain shopping for dinner. It's not fair.

Katie: I don't know how to be a good copilot for you with this. It obviously cuts you to the core.

Bill: The only good thing my father ever did for me was die.

Bill: Look, I made the kid an offer. I extended myself. I told him he would have money if he wanted.

Katie: Maybe that's not what he wants a father for.

Bill: So why did he wait all these years to show up? A man doesn't do that, Katie. A man claims who he is. He hid behind his mother. I never hid from my father. It wasn't my fault he wanted nothing to do with me.

Katie: And yet you act like it's Liam's fault that you feel the same way.

Jackie: My life with Owen is all about "options." He wanted to be a father. I didn't want to be a mother again. Now we both have what we want.

Rick: Yes, diapers and sleepless nights, preschool and playdates. Jackie, that doesn't sound like what you want right now. Forgive me. I... (Sighs) I like Owen. I really do. But he just-- he's not a good match for you.

Jackie: Hmm, well, that's really my decision, isn't it?

Rick: (Sighs)

Jackie: (Sighs)

Rick: You don't really think I'm gonna give up that easily, do you? Forgive me for being bold, brash, but I know your history with men, how they've misled you, mistreated you. That's because they wanted the docile version of Jackie, not the-- not the full-strength version.

Jackie: (Chuckles) One of whom, let's not forget, was your father.

Rick: Yes, um, my dad. Look, I-I love my father, okay?

Jackie: Mm.

Rick: But he's damaged goods, spoiled by that friend/arch nemesis you call Stephanie. Jackie, I think you're settling. And there's nothing wrong with that, unless what you're settling for becomes unraveled.

Jackie: It won't.

Rick: Spend a week in Paris with me. What do you say? You're entitled to a fling, even the score. What do you say?

(Cell phone rings)

Rick: Oh, my God, I'm sorry. The timing is awful. (Rings) I have to take this.

Jackie: Okay.

Rick: I'm sorry.

Jackie: Mm, it's fine.

(Rings, rings)

Rick: (Quietly) Are you okay? What's going on?

Bridget: Yeah, Logan's doing great. We just didn't get to finish our conversation, so I was wondering if you could stop by. We'll be heading home shortly.

Rick: Uh, can you stall?

Bridget: Stall? Why? Oh, my gosh, Rick, where are you? Are you at Jackie's?

Rick: (Chuckles) Things are going really well. (Chuckles)

Bridget: Rick, what are you doing? I-I don't want you scheming. I told you to please leave her alone.

Rick: Well, it's too late. I'm already here.

Bridget: Rick, no.

Rick: Look, she's a smart woman, okay? Nobody's fooling her. She has a decision to make, and so do you. The game has changed. Everything has changed.

Bridget: I'm not listening to this. I'll se you at home in a minute.

Katie: You were cheated, Bill. This woman, Liam's mother, maybe she thought she had a good reason for keeping you away from your son. But the bottom line is, you were cheated, and so was he. But I don't think it's right for you to blame him for accepting his mother's choice. That's what we do when we're kids. We believe that our parents know what's best for us. It's not until later where we start questioning everything we're taught. You didn't have the chance to take responsibility for your son when he was born, but you have the chance to do that now. He's angry. You're angry. Maybe he hates your guts.

Bill: (Sighs)

Katie: Maybe he doesn't. But I can tell that it hurts you. And the question is, are you gonna be the bigger man and turn the other cheek?

Liam: Hey, you know what you never talk about anymore?

Hope: Hmm?

Liam: Your boyfriend. See?

Hope: I'm... uh, I don't think we should talk about Oliver.

Liam: Yeah? Why? I mean, you and I are just... friends.

Hope: Liam, no, we're not.

Liam: Oh, uh, so what are we?

Hope: Um...

(Cell phone rings)

Liam: (Laughs)


Hope: (Clears throat) Hey, Aunt Katie.

Katie: Hi, uh, Hope. I'm looking for Liam. Do you know where he might be?

Hope: Uh, Liam? Yeah, actually, I-I'm with him right now. We're at Insomnia. Um, did you want to talk to him? Okay, yeah. Hang on. (Whispers) It's my aunt.

Liam: (Mouthing words) Um, Mrs. Spencer?

Bill: Liam. I'd like another opportunity to work this out.

Liam: Yeah, the problem is, I don't have another lifetime to give you, so...

Bill: I realize that we've both been cheated.

Liam: Excuse me? Excuse me, but, uh, by whom exactly? Are you--are you blaming my mother for protecting me from you, for stopping me from turning into some vile, evil junior version of you? I was cheated by cancer. You were cheated by nature, born without something, and it's not my job to fill that void.

(Phone hangs up)

(Glass shatters)

Bill: I'll buy you a new one.

Hope: I'm sorry. I didn't realize--

Liam: That's okay. It's fine.

Hope: At least he's trying.

Liam: Yeah. How do I get him to stop?

Jackie: Thank you for the refreshment. It was quite lovely.

Rick: Can I walk you downstairs?

Jackie: Oh, there's no need. I-I'm not clumsy. (Chuckles) And I'm never careless.

Rick: You're beautiful. You know that.

Jackie: So are you. You reek of masculine freshness and well-being. Don't you waste it.

Rick: Oh, I don't intend to.

Jackie: (Scoffs) (Chuckles) Then stop trying to spend it on me. Good night.

Rick: (Laughs)

Bill: (Sighs) "Your obnoxious attitude aside..."

Liam: "This is to inform you--" what, am I a lawyer? (Sighs) "Dear Mr. Spencer..." (Laughs) Dear? No. "Mr. Spencer, I request that you cease trying to contact me. I don't have an attorney... yet, but when I do..." I'm gonna have him sue.

Bill: (Sighs) Bill: "Dear demon seed, I can't tell you how relieved I am by your rejection since obviously you and I having nothing in common." (Sighs) "Dear... son I never had..." (Sighs) "Dear son... I would have been a better man for-- if I knew you existed."

Katie: Hope.

Hope: Oh, hey, uh, question-- that guy standing out there, does he have a camera in his hand? I was calling a cab to go home. I kind of don't want to go outside.

Katie: Oh, don't worry about it. I'll give you a ride.

Hope: Oh, thanks.

Katie: Is Liam still here?

Hope: Uh, no. Things didn't go very well when Bill called him.

Katie: Yeah. (Sighs) I don't like leaving things like this.

Hope: No, I don't think Liam does either, but Bill was really awful to him.

Katie: Bill's just not handling this well. I know it has to do with his own issues with his father.

Hope: Yeah, but that doesn't make it hurt Liam any less.

Katie: Look, you and I both know why this is so important. I grew up without my father. And even though you had Ridge, I'm sure you always felt like something was missing-- that hole in your heart that you just can't fill. I was so angry at my father, too, when he finally decided that he wanted to be part of our lives. But I could see how much regret he had inside him, and I just--I just knew that it must be awful to live your life with regret, and I don't want that for Bill. I don't want it for Liam. That's why we can't give up on this. I am not gonna let my husband lose this chance to build a life with his son. Yes, they've missed a lot. But there's still so much more time. We are Logan women, Hope. We don't give up on family.

Hope: (Chuckles)

Katie: It's up to us. We've gotta make this happen.

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