B&B Transcript Thursday 9/2/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/2/10


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Stephanie:  Bridget, you came up here to relax. Let's sit down

Bridget: I will. I'm just feeling a little bit restless. You know, maybe I'll take a walk.

Stephanie: Later. I just made some tea, and I am determined that we're going to talk.

Bridget: Thanks for driving me.

Stephanie: Of course. I was concerned about you. Well, I thought you and Nick were so happy-- expecting a baby. And now all of a sudden, the marriage is fin-- are you okay?-

Bridget: (Sighs) Yeah.

Stephanie: The marriage is finished. What happened, honey? What went wrong?

Jackie: (Sighs)

Owen: Mm. I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself.

Jackie: Oh, well, then by all means, so help yourself to more.

Owen: More?

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Owen: Mm.

Jackie: Mm. I've got a message for you from Bridget.

Owen: Yeah? What, uh is everything okay?

Jackie: Oh, yeah, yeah. Everything's fine. She just went up to Big Bear for a few days.

Owen: What, so close to her due date? Is that--is that okay for her to be alone?

Jackie: She's not alone, darling. Stephanie is with her.

Ridge: You've been gone a while.

Hope: Well, something important came up.

Ridge: Have you talked with your mother?

Hope: Um, she sent me a text telling me to call her, but, um... is everything all right?

Ridge: Hope, your mother has taken a leave of absence from the company. I just wanted you to hear it from me.

Donna: So it was your idea?

Katie: You chose to back away? I don't understand.

Brooke: I agreed that it was the best way to handle the situation-- a temporary break.

Katie: Whoa. Woah. You agreed with whom?

Donna: Brooke, was it your decision to leave Forrester or not?

Hope: Well, you can't let her do this. Mom loves Forrester. I mean, we--we need her here.

Ridge: Yes, we do. And she'll be back once all this media frenzy is over.  With your mother out of the spotlight, it'll give you a chance to get some sense in your life, and it'll give Steffy and I a chance to work out our issues.

Hope: Well, does she have something to do with mom leaving? I mean, what, did she threaten her again?

Ridge: Nobody threatened anyone. Your mother understood it was the only decision I could make. And she accepted it as the best one.

Hope: Wait, you-- you made the decision? You sent mom away?

Brooke: Ridge is C.E.O. It was his call, and I agree with it.

Katie: Well, of course you're gonna say that.

Brooke: I mean it, Katie. This story isn't dying down any time soon. And Hope is being followed by reporters everywhere she goes. Being at Forrester keeps me in the spotlight, and that's not where I need to be right now.

Amber: Ta-da! Hot of the desk of the most exciting designer-- uh... I-I thought we were having a meeting.

Jackie: Uh, we are.

Amber: Oh, well, am I supposed to squeeze in there?

Jackie: Let's see what you got.

Amber: (Chuckles) Okay.

Owen: It's good.

Jackie: Oh, yeah.

Whip: Okay, let's get this show on the road. Oh, those the new designs?

Amber: Yeah, well Bridget hasn't approved it yet, but yeah.

Whip:  I like it.

Nick: Where is Bridget?

Aggie: Yeah, the pattern makers are expecting those first thing tomorrow.

Owen: Well, she's up in Big Bear. I can run them up to her if you want.

Nick: That's what computers are for.

Jackie: Well, she didn't take one with her. She wanted to unplug.

Owen: Listen, I'm--I'll just leave now, and by the time she signs off on them, the pattern cutters can start first thing in the morning. I'll just rush out there.

Jackie: Okay. Kiss, kiss.

Owen: Kiss. Mwah.

Jackie: Mwah see you.

Whip: They're really gorgeous.

Amber: Thank you. Thank you.

Stephanie: I was just a little concerned that you were avoiding me.

Bridget: An. (Chuckles) God, Stephanie no. Look, I've just been dealing with a lot.

Stephanie: I can see that. I know. I know. (sighs) Ending a marriage, getting ready to be a single mom.  Jackie must be really angry with Nick-- the fact that he'd walk away from you, the mother of his child.

Bridget: Yeah, um... I'm not, Stephanie. This is what I've been trying to tell you, and I guess everyone's gonna find out anyway, but Nick isn't the father of this baby, Owen is.

Stephanie: Jackie's Owen?

Bridget: Yeah

Brooke: Can we please change the subject all we've talked about is me, and I'm so tired of boring you with my problem.

Katie: We, I have some news. Apparently Bill has a son that he never knew about.

Donna: Bill has a son?

Katie: Mm-hmm. You're never gonna guess who he is.

Ridge: Your mother's dealing with a lot right now.

Hope: That's not my fault.

Ridge: No, of course it isnít.

Hope: Look, I-I know. Mom's overwhelmed. You know, there's been bad press, bad publicity. It's all been hard, but the worst part is that she lost her relationship with me. I mean, that--that's what you're gonna say, right?

Ridge: Sweetheart not having you in her life has taken a big toll on your mother. Now she's not at Forrester. She realizes that's probably the best thing for you to get your life back on track. But this is gonna be very difficult for her. Look, uh, I don't really want to pressure you. But the two of us would really like to have you back home.

Bridget: I'm sure youíre disappointed in me. I mean, I don't see how you couldn't be. So please just go ahead and say it-- like mother, like daughter. I learned this behavior from my mother.

Stephanie: Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. I'm just sorry that you had to carry this secret all by yourself for so long.

Bridget: So you're not upset with me?

Stephanie: Of course Iím not upset with you. I'm a little disappointed you thought I'd be so judgmental.  Honey, these things happen in life. I'm sure that night, you were just crazed with grief. I understand that. I do. I also understand why you wanted to get away for a little while. God, being around Jackie and Owen and keeping this truth from them, it must be so difficult.

Bridget: Oh, I'm not keeping the truth from them. Oh, no, Stephanie, they know that the baby's Owen's.

Stephanie: Oh.

Stephanie: Well, you've surprised me for a second time this evening. The three of you are going to raise this baby?

Bridget: I know I know. It does seem strange.

Stephanie: Well, how is it gonna work? I mean, isn't Jackie gonna be a little concerned that Owen might, you know, stray again?

Bridget: Stray? I...no I wouldn't--no. It--it's not like he...strayed. It didn't affect the way he loves Jackie or his commitment to the marriage. Look, what happened between us was a mistake, but because Jackie is so understanding and forgiving, our baby won't be a mistake. The reality is I don't know what I would have done without Jackie an Owen. They have been so supportive and understanding during this pregnancy.

(Car approaches)

Stephanie: Are you expecting anyone?

Bridget: No.

Stephanie: Oh.

(Car door shuts)

Stephanie: Oh. Well, someone's ears must have been burning.

Owen: Hello, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Owen.

Owen: Thank you. You, uh, you never answered my texts.

Bridget: I'm sorry. I didn't get 'em. Stephanie and I have just been up here talking.

Stephanie: I understand congratulations are in order.

Owen: Uh, yeah, thank you. So, um... how's the baby?

Bridget: Great. We're just takin' it easy.

Stephanie: That's not work. You didn't bring any work up here. She's supposed be taking it easy.

Owen: I know. I know.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Owen: These are-- these are Amber's first designs, and I just gotta get them  approved by Bridget, and then, um, they're gonna go down to the cutters tomorrow morning.

Bridget: My goodness. That was so nice of you to bring them all the way up here for--

Owen: Well, yeah, yeah. I mean, I wanted to do this, and I wanted to also come up here, you know, make sure that you're doing all right.

Bridget: I'm fine.

Stephanie: You know what? I am going to drive back to Los Angeles. Kitchen's stocked. The number for the caretaker is right by the phone. You need him, he you can call at any hour.

Bridget: Thank you.

Stephanie: Owen, I'm a little concerned that Bridget would be up here alone.

Bridget: Oh

Owen: No, no, I will--I'll hang out for a little while, and I'll make sure she's all right.

Stephanie: Okay. I love you.

Bridget: I love you, too, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Bye, Owen.

Owen: Bye-bye. (Sighs) So... is everything all right?

Bridget: Everything's great.

Hope: I should go. (Sighs)

Ridge: Sweetheart, it's not only your mother who lost something precious here. What happened at your graduation party changed all of our lives. Yes, it was an accident, a tragic case of mistaken identity. That's why I was able to forgive her. That's why you forgave Oliver.

Hope: Yeah. Uh, we're still working on it.

Ridge: But you're making progress. You gave him a chance. Sweetheart, that's all your mother really wants, too. That's all anyone can ask for. Will you give your mother another chance?

Bridget: I mean, Amber is really talented. I've gotta give her that.

Owen: Yeah? So what's the story with you two?

Bridget: (Scoffs) It's honestly just ancient history. And given my current state of affairs, I am not one to be throwing stones.

Owen: Stephanie give you a hard time?

Bridget: No. No, she was actually really lovely, very understanding.

Owen: So when she congratulated me, that was her being sincere?

Bridget: See, that's Stephanie. That's what's so funny about her. Just when you think she's gonna do one thing, she surprises you... kind of like your wife.

Owen: Yeah. And you. So tell me something. What's the real reason you're up here? I mean, Jackie said that you needed some r & r, but is that really it? Or is there something else going on here?

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: What's goin' on?

Brooke: Oh... (sighs) well, my sisters just left. It's been a while since we had a good talk.

Ridge: You explain how you, uh, took a leave of absence?

Brooke: (Sighs) Among other things. There's a lot going on. So how was your day at work?

Ridge: Work wasn't the same without you, my dear.

Brooke: (Sighs) Oh. Just feel at loose ends. (Sighs) I sent Hope a text.

Ridge: She got it.

Brooke: You saw her?

Ridge: I told you I would. I explained you were stepping back from the company for a while.

Brooke: (Sighs) Thank you. (Sighs) What did she say about that?

Ridge: She said that, uh, Forrester needed you. I think she was worried that Steffy was still threatening you.

Brooke: She was worried about me?

Ridge: Yes, she was. I told her that your stepping out of the spotlight for a while would be a good thing for all of us. It would be good for the company and definitely good for and Steffy and that you agreed with the decision. I just tried to make her see how positive it all would be.

Brooke: She didn't think so?

Ridge: Se was concerned how it would affect you.

Brooke: (Sighs) But she didn't really say that.

Ridge: She wasn't thrilled that it was my decision.

Brooke: (Sighs) Great. (Chuckles) That's great. Now she's angry with both of us. (Sniffles)

Ridge: You just have to hang in there, Logan.

Brooke: I know. I-I know. I just... (sniffles) I just miss her so much.

Stephanie: What in the world are you doing?

Jackie: Stephanie! You're supposed to be with Bridget.

Stephanie: Your husband's taking care of her instead.

Jackie: Oh, good. She's going over the new designs. Wonderful.

Stephanie: Wonderful?

Jackie: Well, yes. I mean, they can't go to the pattern cutters without Bridgetís approval.

Stephanie: Did you hear what I just said? Your husband is up at the cabin in Big Bear with the mother of his child.

Jackie: (Sighs) Bridget told you.

Stephanie: What is this routine you're doing? You've got this whole company in stitches, playing some sort of three musketeers routine?

Jackie: (Sighs) Actually, I don't think there's anything funny about it.

Stephanie: Well, neither would I.

Jackie: You disapprove.

Stephanie: I am dumbfounded.

Jackie: (Scoffs) You should be grateful. If I had reacted any differently, I could have made Bridgetís pregnancy unbearably stressful.

Stephanie: Well, it seems-- what I--from what I understand, you haven't reacted at all. She says that you've accepted this entire situation. This doesn't sound like the Jackie I know. I can't imagine that you would ever accept second position in your husband's life.

Jackie: I wouldn't, and I assure you, that is not what's happening here, Stephanie. (Sighs) Bridget, Owen, and me, we're just all so excited about the arrival of our baby.

Stephanie: Our baby?

Owen: Amber, hey. It's Owen. Yeah, so, uh, Bridget got to look at your designs, and she loved them. Yeah, so they can get started tomorrow morning. Hey, listen, uh, do me a favor. Will you tell Jackie I'm gonna hang up here a little bit longer? No, no, no. Everything's fine. There's no problem at all. Yeah, just--just tell her that I'll give her a call later. All right, thank you.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Owen: What? What? I just--come on. I don't feel comfortable leaving you up here all alone. Come on, even Stephanie was concerned.

Bridget: There is no need.

Owen: Look, Bridget, I will stay out your hair.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Owen: You won't even know I'm here, but I'm not going anywhere.

Bridget: I just-- I don't want to be pulling you away from Jackie.

Owen: I already phoned in the approval for the designs. Beside Jackie wouldn't want you here all by yourself anyways. She's gonna understand.

Bridget: Of course, she will. That's Jackie for you. (Chuckles) Maybe you're right. Maybe I shouldn't be here alone. I am feeling a little nostalgic there's no way that you would know this, but I was born here.

Owen: What?

Bridget: Ridge delivered me. (Laughs)

Owen: What, are you serious?

Bridget: If I could just sit down and tell you all the stories that have happened in this cabin, you would never believe it.

Owen: That's crazy.

Bridget: But right now, I just want to enjoy the peacefulness and the quiet here.

Owen: That's exactly what our baby needs.

Bridget: Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  Thank you so much for being here.

Owen: Yeah.

Bridget: I wasn't trying to get away from you and Jackie. I just told Stephanie how much I appreciated you both. (Groans)

Owen: What? You okay?

Bridget: Yeah, I'm probably just hungry. I haven't eaten all day.

Owen: Ok well, come on. I-I'll make you something to eat. If you're hungry, then the baby's gotta be hungry.

Bridget: Stephanie said the kitchen was stocked. Let's go see what they have.

Owen: All right. Good?

Bridget: Yeah, thanks. (Grunts) Ooh.

Owen: Wait. What? You--you--you okay? You sure?

Bridget: Yeah, it's just-- yeah. I shouldn't have been sitting all day. I told Stephanie I should have taken a walk.

Owen: Okay, just checking. Wait.

Bridget: Ow!

Owen: Bridget. Bridget, are you okay?

Bridget: Ow!

Owen: Listen, hey. You all right?

Bridget: (Sighs) Yeah.

Owen: Yeah?

Bridget: This isn't hunger. Owen, I'm having contractions. I... I think I'm going into labor.

Owen: What, the--the baby's-- the baby's here? It--it--now?

Bridget: Oh, yeah, I think the baby's coming.

Owen: Oh, God. Oh, whoa.

Bridget: (Grunts) (Moans)

Owen: I--okay, come on. It's o--it's okay. What do--what do I do? Just keep breathing, okay?

Bridget: (Groans)

On: You're doing good. You got it. You got it. Just breathe, Bridget. Come on. Just take a deep breath. Breathe. You're doing good. Come on.

Bridget: (Groans)

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