B&B Transcript Monday 8/16/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/16/10


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Stephanie: What did you just say?

Liam: I'm your son. (Sighs)

Steffy: You know who sabotaged my tribute to Brooke?

Bill: I found out after the damage had been done. By then, it was too late to change it.

Steffy: (Sighs) You really would do anything to get your hands on my stock.

Bill: It's the truth. It was done without my knowledge. I never would have allowed it.

Steffy: Who? Who did it?

Bill: I already told you. It was someone in my organiza--

Steffy: Someone in your organization. I want a name.

Bill: Steffy, it's water over the dam. Believe me, I was angry as hell when I heard about it, but the bottom line is--

Steffy: I don't believe you.

Bill: (Sighs) All right. I'll tell you how it happened and who did it.

Steffy: (Scoffs)

Daddy Yankee: Pose pose, pose pose, pose, pose

Hope: (Sighs) Um... (Sighs) I can't--I can't do this

Oliver: Hope.

Hope: I can't, Oliver. I'm sorry.

Oliver: Why?

Hope: I can't be with you, because every time that I kiss you, I-I-I think about what happened that night, you know? And nothing's ever gonna change that. You--you have to go.

Oliver: Did you get my e-mail?

Hope: Yes, and I watched the video you made. It was beautiful.

Oliver: Hope, we-- we had so many great times together.

Hope: I know, and I loved you, Oliver. I never wanted this to end.

Oliver: It doesn't have to.

Hope: I can't be with you after knowing what happened.

Oliver: But I didn't mean for any--

Hope: Yeah, you know what? I-it's not like I didn't tell you how special I wanted my first time to be. You know, I did. How could you ever, ever think that I would want it to be outside like that with all my friends and my parents right inside? That is not something that I would have ever done. I thought, you know, you understood that, but apparently not. The truth is, Oliver, is that you are not the guy I thought you were, and I am certainly not the girl that you think I am.

Ridge: You little punk.

Liam: I mean, I didn't want to tell you like this.

Stephanie: You don't think we're going to believe this.

Ridge: Mother, would you deal with this idiot? I've gotta go find Steffy.

Liam: Whoa. Hey. Whoa. You don't want to hear my side of this?

Ridge: What side of this? That you almost ruined my daughter's life?

Liam: Uh, no. My paternity.

Ridge: I'm about a heartbeat away from wringing your neck, and you're gonna try and weasel your way out of this by telling me you're my kid?

Liam: Well, I am.

Stephanie: Oh, I want to hear this.

Bill: My attorney Justin Barber-- he's responsible.

Steffy: Justin. Justin somehow got through Forrester security, broke into my office, and changed my laptop--

Bill: That's not how it went down. Your laptop-- you gave it to an I.T. guy named Liam.

Steffy: Yeah, he does contract work at Forrester.

Bill: What you don't know is that there was a recorded conversation between you and your father concerning Brooke on the laptop. Liam was about to wipe out your files when he came across it.

Steffy: But how do you know all this?

Bill: Because Liam is also an intern at Spencer. Justin came by and heard the recording, realized the kid had struck gold.

Steffy: Okay, but my tribute-- it wasn't on that laptop.

Bill: No, it was on a laptop in your office.

Steffy: So he hacked into my office laptop?

Bill: No, he didn't have to. It was already tied into the Forrester network. Justin just had to hit a few keys, and up popped the tribute.

Steffy: And he changed it. He changed it. I remember that conversation with my dad.

Bill: Justin did the edit. He took your words and placed them in the tribute.

Steffy: You know, get him over here. I want to talk to Justin.

Bill: That's not gonna be possible. He's traveling. Believe me. I already lowered the boom on him.

Steffy: (Scoffs) So you say.

Bill: Steffy, I'm married to Katie. I wouldn't do that to her sister and her niece.

Steffy: Really? It didn't stop you from running with the story once it broke.

Bill: It was already out there. If Spencer hadn't covered it, that would have made news. I did try to suppress it. Katie asked me to. I know this is upsetting for you. It's upsetting for me, as well. Let me make it better.

Steffy: How?

Bill: By talking to your father, clearing your name.

Steffy: (Sighs) Oh, man.

Hope: I thought you said you never took that off.

Oliver: So you do care.

Hope: I never said I didn't care, Oliver. I just said I couldn't be with you.

Oliver: I took it off to go swimming in the ocean. I wasn't gonna risk losing it. And I'm not gonna lose you. Hope, please, all right? Don't do this. Don't blow us off because of some stupid, ridiculous mistake.

Hope: That stupid, ridiculous mistake changed everything. I-I don't even know if my life is ever gonna be the same again.

Oliver: Yes. Yes, it will, okay? Just give me-- give me another chance, all right? I want to help you get through this.

Hope: I know, but, Oliver, this is my life now. This. It is magazines and TV shows, and they all want a piece of me, you know? And I-I don't blame you, you know, not--not near as much as I blame my mother, okay? But if I want any kind of normal life at all, I've gotta start over.

Oliver: I said it before. Let's just go away, get a fresh start somewhere.

Hope: No, we can't, okay? Oliver, you've got a job. So do I, and college, and I'm not gonna give all that up, and neither are you.

Oliver: I don't care about that anymore. I just want... I just...

Hope: Just stop. Please, just stop, Oliver. You are making this so much worse than it already is. Okay, I-I don't want to stop seeing you. I don't want to stop loving you, okay? But I have to. I-I have to, okay? Please go.

Oliver: (Sighs)

Hope: I want you to leave.

(Door closes)

Ridge: You got something to say? Say it and get the hell out of here. I have a daughter who needs me.

(Door opens)

Thorne: Did I walk in on something?

Ridge: Oh, yeah, you walked in on something, all right. It turns out, Steffy's been telling me the truth.

Thorne: Ahh, the tribute to Brooke.

Stephanie: Someone at Spencer Publications sabotaged it, and Liam here knew about it all along.

Ridge: If that's not bad enough, he's claiming that he's my kid.

Thorne: (Chuckles) What?

Liam: Okay, all right, okay. Give me a chance to explain though.

Thorne: Can I throw him out of here, Ridge?

Ridge: No, thanks, Thorne. I will take care of this.

Ridge: You've got one minute.

Liam: Uh, uh, o-okay. Um, my mother, sh--she-- well, she's dead now. She used to be a model, and--

Ridge: What's her name?

Liam: Kelly Hopkins.

Stephanie: Oh, I knew of her. She was very successful.

Liam: Yeah, back in the day.

Ridge: She never worked here. I never even met her.

Stephanie: So you're saying that your mother actually told you that your father was Ridge Forrester?

Liam: Well, no, she-- well, she had a bunch of articles about Forrester Creations. She said I should go to L.A. to find my dad, and I-I'd find him here at Forrester.

Ridge: So you just decided on your own that it must be me? What kind of bizarre scheme are you-- there must be a dozen guys my age that work here, my friend. How did I get to be the lucky one?

Stephanie: This is crazy. I don't believe any of this.

Liam: Hey, you know what? She told me all this on her deathbed. I kind of felt like I had to follow through.

Ridge: So you come here and got a job at Spencer, not Forrester.

Stephanie: You know what? This doesn't make any sense at all.

Liam: It's-- it's an internship. I needed a place to land.

Ridge: And it's a chance to impress your boss by destroying my daughter who outsmarted him.

Liam: N-no. That's--that's not how it went.

Ridge: Everything else is just a bunch of lies, my friend, because I'm not your dad. But you are right about one thing. I would never hit my son.

Liam: (Grunts)

Ridge: Mother, call Security. Get him the hell out of here.

Stephanie: (Scoffs)

Ridge: I've gotta go to find Steffy.

Liam: (Sighs)

Steffy: You'll really talk to my father. You'll help me clear my name?

Bill: He never should have doubted you. That was his fault. I'll tell him the truth. I'll take responsibility. But the way he treated you, a daughter who worships him, that was uncalled for, and don't let him off the hook too easily. There's still the matter of his wife who created this whole mess.

(Cell phone rings)

Steffy: (Sighs) Even as we speak... hello?

Ridge: Steffy, it's Dad. We need to talk.

Steffy: Yeah, I've been telling you that for days.

Ridge: I know. There are things I need to say to you, too.

Steffy: Okay. You want to talk to me, fine. I'm at Bill Spencer's house.

Ridge: You're where?

Steffy: That's where you'll find me. I can't come to Forrester. I've been exiled, remember?

Ridge: Steffy--

Steffy: Dad, I'll wait for you. Bill and I are sort of in the middle of something, all right? I'll see you. Looks like you'll have that chance to make it right, Bill.

Stephanie: I've been looking for you.

Oliver: Mrs. Forrester, I can only say it so many times, okay? It wasn't my fault.

Stephanie: I understand that, Oliver. It's Brooke's fault. I just wanted to know how you and Hope are doing.

Oliver: She doesn't want anything to do with me.

Stephanie: Well, that's understandable, isn't it? My gosh, you hurt her. She's in a lot of pain.

Oliver: I know, but I want to help her with it.

Stephanie: Maybe the best thing would just be to give her some space and some time.

Oliver: I don't want to lose her.

Stephanie: That's a real possibility, isn't it?

Liam: Okay, I-I'm going. I'm going.

Man: Don't come back.

Liam: (Sighs)

Hope: No comment. No. No. I have nothing to say.

Man: How do you feel about your mother?

Hope: No comment, guys. No comment.

Man: Just give me one comment. Just one comment.

Liam: All right. Okay. Guys, hey. Hey, guys, that's enough.

Man: Just one comment.

Liam: Back off. Back off. Wow.

Hope: (Sighs) Thank you.

Liam: Yeah. Yeah, no problem.

Hope: Uh, I-it's Liam, right?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Liam: Huh?

Hope: You're-- you're bleeding. What happened?

Liam: Oh, I, uh, I had a run-in with someone's fist. (Laughs)

Hope: Who hit you?

Liam: Your dad.

Steffy: You're gonna tell him everything?

Bill: Every ugly detail.

Steffy: And in return, I sign over my stock to you? Is that your plan?

Bill: Well, you should do that whether or not I speak to him. You'll never get a better price for it.

Steffy: (Scoffs) Yeah, it's enough to start my own fashion house.

Bill: Success is the best revenge.

Steffy: You would know that, huh?

Bill: I'm gonna give you some advice, all right?

Steffy: Hmm?

Bill: The best part about making it on your own is independence. You answer to no one. You seek no one's approval. It's all about you.

Steffy: No, my-- my family comes first to me.

Bill: Well, you've gotta get over that.

Steffy: Yeah, no. I-I don't think I can. My family has been the most important thing to me ever since I was a child.

Bill: Well, you're not a child anymore, Steffy. You're a remarkable young woman with unlimited potential.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Bill: And that's not even taking into consideration your other considerable assets.

Steffy: My other assets?

Bill: Look in the mirror.

Steffy: Oh, you really, really want my 25%, huh?

Bill: I sure as hell do.

Steffy: Mm. Well, you know, I-I don't think I'm ready to let go of my stock just yet. So I guess that means you don't talk to my father.

Bill: No, I'm gonna talk to him regardless.

Steffy: Even if I don't sell?

Bill: Even if you don't sell.

Steffy: Why?

Bill: Well, let's just say that face is too beautiful to have tears rolling down it. I don't like seeing what's happening to you, Steffy.

(Knock on door)

Ridge: Open up, Spencer.

Bill: Game time. Hi, Ridge.

Ridge: Steffy, what are you doing here? And what are you trying to pull with my daughter?

Oliver: I won't let her go, Mrs. Forrester. I mean, I know it sounds weird coming from a guy my age, but Hope's the one. She's the one for me.

Stephanie: No, it doesn't sound weird at all to say something like that. I mean, I was only about 18 years old when I first laid eyes on Eric, and, uh... (Sighs) knew that he was the one for me.

Oliver: And everything worked out, right? I mean, you were meant to be together.

Stephanie: Well, we-- I think it's safe to say we've had our problems along the way. Yours are rather unique, though. They are the result of Brooke. But no, honey, it didn't just work out.

Oliver: It's gonna work out for Hope and me. It has to. I-I can't lose her.

Hope: My father hit you? What--why? You know, I'm gonna go talk to him. There's no excuse for that.

Liam: Uh, wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait a second. Um, I deserved to be hit. I mean, I-I kind of did something I should have my head examined for.

Hope: What?

Liam: You know, I really--I don't even think I should be here right now. You don't want to be seen with me so--

Hope: Why not? I mean, if it weren't for you, I'd still be fighting off reporters. So actually, I owe you now.

Liam: Yeah, you're gonna change your mind once you find out what I did. I was--I was working on Steffy's laptop and, uh...

Hope: Yeah, you're an I.T. guy. That makes sense.

Liam: Yeah, well, I'm also an intern at Spencer, so when it's not busy over there, I work on my computer stuff, right? Well, I had Steffy's laptop out, and suddenly this untitled file starts to play. It's an audio recording of an argument she had with her dad--really nasty-- about your mom.

Hope: Yeah, well, Steffy hates her, so...

Liam: Yeah, pretty obvious.

Hope: Yeah, okay, but why was--I mean, why did she record it? I don't get it.

Liam: No, it was an accident. She didn't even know it was recorded. Anyway, this-- this bigwig attorney comes in. He overhears the next thing I know, he's in the Forrester server, like, downloading Steffy's tribute to Brooke.

Hope: Liam?

Liam: Yeah?

Hope: (Chuckles) Uh, was this before or after the tribute was given?

Liam: Before.

Hope: What happened next?

Liam: The guy... he--he ended up changing it, okay? He cut in all these things that Steffy said to her dad when they were arguing, but she didn't write any of that, Hope. I mean, it was all edited in from the recording.

Hope: Okay, wait. So, okay, so what you're telling me right now is that Steffy wasn't responsible for that. That's what you're saying?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: And--and you knew that the tribute was going to be a disaster, but you didn't say anything?

Bill: We were discussing something very important.

Ridge: What?

Bill: Well, let's just say it's business related. I have great admiration for your daughter's business acumen.

Ridge: You should, after what she pulled over on you.

Bill: Point taken. It's a shame you don't feel the same way.

Ridge: What does that mean?

Bill: Well, it seems I have more regard for Steffy than her own father. A woman this valuable? I never would have booted her out of my company.

Ridge: Well, Bill, that doesn't really concern you. There were circumstances, and now I'm here to correct that.

Steffy: So you've come to your senses?

Ridge: Yes, sweetheart. Let's get out of here so we can talk privately.

Steffy: No. Bill and I are not finished.

Ridge: Steffy, I need to talk to you privately. Whatever you were discussing can wait.

Steffy: No, it can't. We were in the middle of a very important discussion, or should I say negotiation?

Ridge: Negotiation?

Steffy: Yes. He offered me a large sum of money for my 25% of Forrester.

Ridge: Oh, sweetheart, you wouldn't seriously consider selling to this man.

Steffy: Why not?

Ridge: Come on, Steffy. You worked your tail off to get this company back. You're not gonna do this.

Steffy: Bill has made a very good point, Dad. You banned me from the company. You no longer believe me.

Ridge: That's not true.

Steffy: How could I contribute to the company when the C.E.O., my own father, doesn't believe me, doesn't trust his own daughter?

Ridge: Sweetheart, I was wrong. I found out the truth. I know you didn't sabotage that tribute to Brooke. It was Spencer's people.

Bill: Actually, I can't take the credit for this one.

Steffy: You know, it--it doesn't even matter now.

Ridge: Yes, Steffy, it does. I am very sorry for not believing in you. Please accept my apology. Do not sell your stock to this man. I'm asking you, please, don't align yourself with him. Steffy, I love you.

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