B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/27/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/27/10


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Brooke: Hope, sweetheart--

Hope: No, don't come near me. I mean it. Stay away from me, okay? I don't want you trying to comfort me.

Brooke: I'm your mother. You know how much I love you.

Hope: Your love is sick. It is destructive. You can't do what you did and then pretend to give a damn now.

Brooke: I am not pretending.

Hope: (Sighs)

(Telephones ringing)


Stephanie: You have to undo this.

Ridge: Wish I could.

Stephanie: It's very easy. You just tell your daughter that she's not fired.

Ridge: No.

Taylor: No?

Ridge: It's not what she needs, Taylor.

Taylor: You know what? This is nothing new from Brooke. She slept with Hope's boyfriend, just like she did to Bridget with Deacon. How dare you use your daughter. How dare you use Steffy to keep your head in the sand.

(Knock on door)

Bridget: Oh. (Sighs) I must be delirious from the heat. I-I'm seeing a man standing in my doorway with a pint of ice cream.

Owen: Yes, well, maintenance said that they're gonna have the air-conditioning fixed...

Bridget: Ahh.

Owen: In a few hours. So I figured that would ease some of the pain.

Bridget: How did you know?

Owen: Well, I may have overheard you talking to Jackie about your cravings.

Bridget: Oh, my goodness. This is very sweet of you. I could definitely get used to this.

Owen: What, Nick never brought you ice cream?

Bridget: No. Nick was very thoughtful. He was a good man. (Sighs) You know, I'm the one that let him down. I've done a lot of things in my life that I regret. Nick isn't the whole story.

Owen: What, that you were married before and it didn't work out?

Bridget: I guess that's becoming a pattern with me, huh?

Owen: Oh, come on, Bridget. Don't tell me that you're up here just beating yourself up.

Bridget: No. I'm up here just thinking about a lot of the choices I've made in my life, especially with men. They haven't been the best. I mean, no offense. I mean--

Owen: No. None--none taken at all.

Bridget: The worst was my first husband Deacon. (Scoffs)

Owen: Uh, Hope's father.

Bridget: Yeah.

Owen: Yeah.

Bridget: I'm sure you're thinking that it's like a-- a Greek tragedy.

Owen: No, it's complicated. I'm--I'm definitely not one to judge.

Bridget: Sometimes it-- it's complicated, but not always. It's never been with Hope and me. She was as much of a victim as I. You know, she didn't ask to be born into that situation, and neither did this little one.

Owen: Well, this little one is gonna be very loved.

Bridget: Oh, my God! Did you feel that? (Laughs)

Owen: Oh, my God, that was-- that--was that a kick?

Bridget: Yes. (Laughs) Wow, that one was really hard.

Owen: Wow.

Owen: Oh, my gosh. There's--it's crazy to think that there's a little-- this little person that's in there.

Bridget: I know. Getting bigger and more active every day.

Owen: God, that's so incredible. Listen, Bridget, you-- you've gotta stay positive. Stay positive, and just give our baby good vibes, all right?

Bridget: (Laughs)

Owen: No matter what happens in your life or... or with your family.

Bridget: Owen? Oh, no, what happened? Owen.

Owen: Look, I'm sorry, but it has to do with, uh, with Hope and--and your mother and--and, uh, Hope's boyfriend Oliver. Look, Bridget, it-- it's happened again.

Oliver: Thank God you're here. I've been looking all over for you.

Hope: (Sighs) Oh, God.

Oliver: Hope, I am so sorry. Just please let me explain, okay? The way Steffy made it sound, it-- it wasn't like that at all.

Brooke: I tried.

Hope: Oh, God, I can't do this.

Oliver: No, no, no.

Hope: I can't be here. I have to leave. No.

Oliver: No. No, I can't-- I can't let you run away from me, okay? I love you, Hope. I'd never do anything to intentionally hurt you. Please, if you don't believe anything else, you have to believe that.

Stephanie: Your wife betrayed you.

Taylor: And I can't believe you're backing her over your own daughter.

Stephanie: Where is your self-respect?

Ridge: Look, I'm not backing Brooke over anyone. I'm just doing what I have to do to help my family survive this. I don't expect your support, Mother. But you better not do anything to make it worse.

Bridget: Mom and Oliver?

Owen: Yeah, uh, it's-- it's all over the fashion press, all over the--the internet. I guess Forrester had a press conference today, and it was supposed to be a tribute to Brooke and welcoming her back to the company, and Steffy was in charge, and Steffy's the one who leaked the scandal.

Bridget: And Hope was there?

Owen: Yeah, I-I heard that she gave a very beautiful and loving introduction to the tribute. And that's when all hell broke loose.

Bridget: Oh, my God. How could mom do this to her?

Hope: You want to explain? Okay, sure. Go ahead. Explain. I-I want to understand how you could do what you did with my mother. No. No. I want to hear it all from you.

Oliver: Okay. The party was insane-- the music, the lights, everyone was wearing the masks, and you came out of the crowd. I saw your necklace, and we--we started dancing. And then you said-- I mean, I thought it was you. You said, "I'm ready." I'd been waiting and waiting, and I just-- I just wanted you so much. I-I had no idea it wasn't you.

Hope: Not a hint? The whole time, not one hint, Oliver?

Oliver: We didn't talk. We didn't take off the masks. Okay? I-I just got carried away. A-and then-- then I came back inside, and I-I saw you coming down the stairs, and... I thought I was losing it. I'd just been with you, but--but no. No, it wasn't you. And then I-I saw your mom take off her mask, and I saw that she was the one wearing the necklace. And she took it off and gave it to you, and I felt like I was hit in the gut with a wrecking ball. You remember. I almost--I almost passed out.

Hope: Yeah, I thought you were exhausted, you know. You had worked so hard to make that night perfect for me.

Oliver: Until that moment, I-I thought it was...

Hope: (Scoffs)

Oliver: The--the best night of your life.

Hope: (Scoffs) Y-you thought that--that that was perfect? That that's what I would want my first time? To be out on the terrace with all my friends inside?

Oliver: I should have known.

Hope: Yeah, you should have known, Oliver. I mean, if you had stopped for one second to think or to be romantic, you know? Not one kiss? Really? I mean, you didn't even stop once to ask, "are you okay?" Or--or, "are you sure?"

Oliver: I had--

Hope: No, you just got all turned on, and you made love to a body. A body that wasn't even mine.

Oliver: I had my own dreams about that night. And no, no, of course it wasn't like that. I got caught up in it, okay?

Hope: (Scoffs)

Oliver: I don't even know how it happened.

Hope: (Scoffs) I do. Yeah. It's because of her. It's not normal to have a mother like this, not the way she is. Accidents like this don't just happen unless it's because of my mother. It happened to Bridgetís husband, and now it is happening with you.

Oliver: I don't think that's the same thing at all. This--it-- it was an accident.

Hope: Then why were you so desperate to hide it?

Oliver: Your mom is the most important person in your life. I didn't want to ruin that for you.

Hope: It's too late now.

Brooke: Honey.

Oliver: You can't just turn off your feelings, not for your mom... or for me. I... I wear this necklace every day... (sniffles) because I want to remind myself how lucky I am to be loved by you. You mean everything to me, okay? I was living in fear that you might find out the truth, and now it's all out in the open, okay? Everything. Everything. I'm praying that we can move past this.

Hope: I can't tell you what you want to hear, Oliver.

Oliver: Please. Come on. Give us a chance. I love you. That hasn't changed.

Hope: Everything's changed.

Brooke: Just give it some time. The pain will fade.

Hope: The ugliness wonít. And that's what I see when I look at you, you know? I-I see something disgusting and wrong.

Oliver: That's why I-I worked so hard to keep this from you. I wasn't-- I wasn't trying to protect myself. I was trying to protect you.

Hope: (Sighs)

Oliver: I-I hate what this is doing to us. I-I never wanted to hurt you.

Hope: I'm not saying I don't love you anymore, 'cause I do. And I probably always will. (Sighs) But, I mean, we had something really beautiful and really special, you know? But that doesn't exist anymore. We can't get that back. (Sighs)

Oliver: Don't give up on us, Hope. I havenít.

Hope: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Stephanie: You are the one that's made this situation untenable by firing Steffy.

Ridge: She has to understand there are consequences.

Taylor: Oh, Steffy gets consequences, but Brooke doesn't?

Stephanie: Wait a minute. We know what Brooke did, because she admitted it. But you've jumped to conclusions. You've assumed that Steffy's guilty. She told you someone has tampered with her computer and with the video.

Ridge: When? Where?

Taylor: Well--

Ridge: Who did it? It's all right there on her computer in her voice. What happened between Brooke and Oliver was an accident, but what Steffy did today was a deliberate attack.

Taylor: Okay, if Steffy did it, it was wrong, but she has had to put up with a lot from Brooke. So even if she did do it, it's only because she is sick of seeing Brooke get away with things like this.

Stephanie: And you shouldn't let her get away with it either.

Ridge: No one's getting away with anything.

Stephanie: Wait just a minute. That's because Steffy got the truth out. Now Hope gets to see her mother for what she is. The fact that you can't see that is absolutely astounding to me. Is that woman's hold on you so strong that you are absolutely willing to jeopardize the-- the relationship with your children just to keep her in your bed?

Brooke: Honey, I know that I've hurt you incredibly.

Hope: Hurt me? You have ruined my life.  I just said good-bye to the guy that I love because you poisoned everything good between us. You knew how much he wanted me, and you knew that we were being patient and taking our time, building something really beautiful and special. There is so much that I wanted to share with him and with you, you know, but I can't now. God, I just... I-I can't look at you. You know, everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie. I can't be near you. Not here. Not at home. Nowhere.

Brooke: Honey, look, I-I really think that you do need to come home, and you shouldn't be alone right now.

Hope: No.

Brooke: You need to be around your family.

Hope: No, I need to be around people I can trust. Steffy told me the truth when my own mother couldnít.

Brooke: She only said that because she wanted to hurt me.

Hope: No! You are the one who did this. Steffy went public, but you're the one who did this with my boyfriend. Don't you dare blame her for that. All this time... all this time, I was worried about Steffy when the fact is, I should have been worried about you. I had hope for my life, you know? I had hope for my future. And it is gone. It is ruined because of you.

Brooke: Hope. (Sobs) Hope, wait, please.

Hope: No.

Brooke: Just wait.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Stephanie: How many times? How many times have I warned you about Brookeís behavior?

Ridge: It was an error in judgment.

Taylor: She was a chaperone.

Ridge: It shouldn't have happened. No one's denying that.

Taylor: You are, because you don't want to see what it means.

Stephanie: Ridge, she's used sex to control every element of her life. That's how she got her foot in-- in the door at Forrester. That's how she keeps... (sighs) her daughters from overshadowing her. Don't you understand this? Can't you see the damage to these young girls? It makes them feel insecure. It makes them feel inferior.

Ridge: All right, that's enough.

Stephanie: All right. Uh, yes, you're right. Enough is enough. Now I am not going to let you punish Steffy because the truth came out about your wife.

Ridge: And I am not gonna let Hope lose the most important relationship in her life.

Stephanie: Oh, please.

Ridge: Because in spite of everything I've said and done, Steffy still holds onto this. Look, I'm sorry, Taylor. You should be concerned about our daughter. I am, too. But right now, my big concern is keeping Brooke and Hope together, all right?

Taylor: (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Bridget: Hope.

Hope: Hi.

Bridget: I heard.

Hope: (Sighs)

Bridget: I'm so sorry.

Hope: I didn't know where else to go, so...

Bridget: Oh, well, I'm glad you're here. Please come in. Come in.

Hope: (Sighs) (sighs)

Hope: How did you do it, Bridget? How did you get through this? Because, um, because I don't think I can.

Bridget: You can.

Hope: I canít. It's too awful.

Bridget: It is. It is awful. It's terrible, and it-- it will be for a while. But, you know, honey, in time...

Hope: Yeah, in time. That's--that's, um, that's what she told me.

Bridget: I know that you're confused...

Hope: (Sighs)

Bridget: And you're hurt. And you're probably angrier than you've ever been in your whole life.

Hope: It was worse for you, though. You know, I mean, you were married. Momómom slept with your husband... and now my boyfriend. (Sighs) What kind of a person does that? What is wrong with her?

Bridget: Oh, come here.

Hope: (Sighs)

Brooke: Hope? Hope, are you in here? (Breathing heavily)

Hope: You have ruined my life.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Disgusting, isn't it? Maybe you don't see it that way. Maybe it's thrilling for you. Take you back to the night of the party? You looking for Hope? I don't think she's here. She probably never wants to see you again. (Chuckles) Your daughter's boyfriend. God. (Sighs) What were you doing? Asserting yourself while you're still in your prime? Is that what this is all about? Showing your daughter who the hottie in the family still is? First Bridget, and now Hope.

Brooke: It was an accident.

Stephanie: You keep saying that, and nobody believes it, because you did it.

Brooke: My daughter's out there alone and heartbroken, and I am going to find her. I am not gonna sit here and listen to this crap.

Stephanie: Listen to me, and you leave her alone! I'm not gonna let you poison her the way you did Bridget, ruin her life. You let her be!

Brooke: You would love that, wouldn't you? To be able to use this situation to push my daughter out of my life. Well, it's not going to happen. You stay out of this, Stephanie. This is between my daughter and me. You are not going to do anything to undermine my relationship with Hope, or do anything to brainwash her. I mean it. You leave my daughter alone.

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