B&B Transcript Monday 7/12/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/12/10


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Bill: This is gonna be a hell of a day.

Katie: Hmm. Check.

Bill: I know we can pull this off, Katie, but I'm gonna need you to trust me.

Katie: I do trust you always. Check.

Bill: I need you to remember, above all else, that I'm looking out for your father.

Katie: (Sighs)

Bill: And you and your sisters, you're not alone anymore.

Katie: I really wish you'd tell me what you're planning.

Bill: You'll see at the hearing.

(Cell phone rings)

Bill: Check.


Bill: Jarrett.

Jarrett: I'm here.

Bill: Good. You know what to do, right?

Jarrett: (Sighs) Bill, I'm really not comfortable with this.

Bill: Jarrett, I don't pay you to be comfortable. I pay you to do what I tell you. So just do it. (Sighs)

Katie: Ah. And checkmate.

Bill: What-- (scoffs) Where did that come from?

Katie: The mind of a genius.

Bill: The mind of a genius...

Bill: And the body...

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: Of a goddess.

Katie: (Giggles) Mm.

Stephanie: Nobody knocks anymore?

Ridge: Not when it's my office.

Stephanie: You have a point.

Steffy: Are we meeting the arbitrator in here?

Eric: Yes.

Steffy: What do you think are our chances?

Stephanie: Well, we seem to be on a roll, don't we?

Steffy: Hmm. Seems like it.

Eric: I can't see Donna turning down the offer. And then she'll drop the suit against me and Stephanie will drop the charges against her father.

Stephanie: I think it's a fair deal.

Ridge: You really think she's gonna walk away from 12 1/2% of this company?

Eric: She will if she thinks it's the best thing for her father.

Stephanie: Let's hope she does.

Stephen: I do not want you to take Stephanie's offer. And another thing-- when Donna was here earlier, she mentioned you leaving Forrester. Tell me that's not true.

Brooke: Oh, Dad, I don't want to get into that.

Stephen: You can't let them force you out. You're the only one left over there.

Brooke: Please, let's not talk about that. It's you I'm worried about.

Stephen: Well, don't. Bill Spencer has this well in hand.

Brooke: Stephanie may be the only person to get the D.A. to drop the charges. We have to take the deal. Please, Dad.

Stephen: I will not depend on Stephanie to intervene on my behalf. I'd rather have them lock me up and throw away the key.

Brooke: Oh, you don't mean that. You're just being stubborn.

Stephen: Will you listen to me? We are not accepting that offer. We have to trust Bill. This is gonna work out. Donna is gonna own a piece of that company. I'm not gonna let her give that up. Now Bill will come through. I know he will.

Stephanie: Uh... (sighs) Brooke will be here soon. She was visiting with her father.

Eric: Oh, convincing him to accept this arrangement, I hope.

Ridge: I hope so, too. (Sighs) She's got a lot to deal with. She doesn't need to be stressing over her father getting a prison sentence.

Steffy: He'll agree, Dad, and so will Donna. Then she'll be out of the company, and with Brooke gone, too, Forrester Creations will be back in the hands of our family where it belongs.

Stephanie: Ridge, I know you really feel as though you've been caught in the middle of all of this, but it's for the best, isn't it, honey? I think, you know, Brooke resigned because that's what she wanted and felt that she needed to do.

Ridge: She's going through something. I guess she just needs the time.

Stephanie: Yes. And now you should be happy. Your family's in control of this company again, thanks to your daughter. I know how proud you are of her. But do you know how much it really means to her that she was able to give you and your father here control of this company again?

Steffy: (Sighs)

Stephen: Can you take me back now?

Man: Not yet. They say that you have another visitor.

(Knock on door)

Stephen: Pamela.

Pam: Hello, Stephen.

(Telephone rings) (Rings)

Stephen: Uh, this is a wonderful surprise. I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting to see you again. Thank you. Thank you for... all your kindnesses.

Pam: (Sighs) I brought you something.

Stephen: Let me guess. Lemon bars?

Pam: (Laughs) Well, more like lemon bar granola now, I'm afraid.

Stephen: Well, what do you mean?

Pam: Well, the guard outside cut them up. I-I guess he was looking for a weapon or something.

Stephen: Yeah, I, uh, guess it's the rules.

Pam: Yeah. I suppose you could eat it with a spoon.

Stephen: Even if I have to use my fingers, thank you.

Pam: I'm worried about you, Stephen. A man like you is not cut out to be in a place like this.

Stephen: Well, your sister offered to help me get my release if Donna will drop her suit against Eric for a portion of Forrester.

Pam: She did?! But that's wonderful! When are they gonna let you go?

Stephen: Well, I'm not gonna accept that offer. I'm gonna tell my girls not to.

Pam: Why? W-why would you do that?

Stephen: Pamela... (sighs) I-I-I hope you understand what I'm saying, but my daughters are all I have left in the world. I have to make sure that they're well provided for. Even if it means I spend the rest of my life in here, that's what I have to do for them.

Pam: (Sighs) Wow. I hope your girls know how lucky they are to have a dad like you.

Stephen: (Chuckles) No. I'm the one who's blessed.

Pam: You're wrong about one thing, though. Your daughters? They're not all you have left.

Katie: Oh, good.

Brooke: Sorry I'm late. I was visiting Dad, and Donna's not coming to the hearing.

Katie: What?!

Brooke: Yeah, she's too upset.

Justin: Well, as Donna's attorney, I'll be representing her interests.

Katie: (Sighs) How's Dad?

Brooke: Uh, it kills me to see him in that place.

Bill: He won't be there for long.

Brooke: What is your plan, Bill?

Bill: You'll see.

Katie: Yeah, you-- you keep saying that, sweetheart, but maybe you ought to let us in on it.

Brooke: I really think we should accept Stephanie's offer.

Katie: We've got to get Dad out of jail.

Bill: Your father will be freed, and Donna will get her percentage of Forrester.

Katie: How are you going to accomplish that?

Brooke: I know you want to get your foot in the door over here again, but not at the expense of our father.

Katie: Please, Bill.

Bill: Katie, I know what I'm doing. You both just have to trust me.

Stephanie: Oh. Well, finally. Where's Donna?

Justin: I'll be speaking on her behalf.

Stephanie: Great. Come on in. We're waiting.

Stephanie: Justin, you know our attorney Gloria, don't you?

Justin: Yes. Hello, Gloria.

Gloria: Justin.

Justin: Indeed.

Eric: And this is Clayton Cornish, the arbitrator.

Justin: Justin Barber, counsel for Donna Forrester.

Clayton: Okay. All right, shall we begin?

Eric: Yeah.

Clayton: All discourse will be recorded by the stenographer. This is the matter of, uh, Donna Forrester and her settlement agreement against Eric Forrester for his half of Forrester Creations in the amount of 12.5% of common stock for said company. Present are Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Brooke and Steffy Forrester, Bill and Katie Spencer and counsel for both parties. Now, uh, this is not a courtroom, so we may be free to speak. However, everything said will be on the record. Both parties have agreed to a binding judgment that I will render after this hearing. So who would like to speak first?

Stephanie: I would.

Clayton: Go ahead.

Stephanie: Justin, don't you think we can just reach a simple and amicable agreement quickly?

Justin: You offer to speak to the D.A. on Stephen Logan's behalf in exchange for Donna dropping her suit with Eric is missing one crucial ingredient. There's no guarantee this will succeed.

Gloria: (Laughs) As the harmed party, Justin, Stephanie's position will be very influential with the district attorney.

Justin: Still, that's not a judgment. We could drop our suit for her portion of the company and Stephen will still end up in prison.

Bill: Which is unacceptable. You know, this is really about respect, the respect that Donna Forrester deserves. Donna, who was too distraught to be here today, was escorted from the Forrester premises in an exterminator truck. She was locked in that truck, thanks to the machinations of these people. Donna was nothing but a loving and loyal wife to Eric Forrester, only to be discarded like so much trash. 12 1/2%? She deserves that 12 1/2% and a whole lot more.

Stephanie: This is really all about you. Bill, you want to get control of this company again. And if Donna is granted the 12 1/2% of the stock, you intend to use it to get your foot in the door here.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Bill: I am so sorry. I thought I had turned my phone off. Uh, if we could hold the proceedings for just a moment... Jarrett.

Jarrett: I'm still at the jailhouse.

Bill: What's going on?

Jarrett: Pam's with Stephen. I can't hear what they're saying, but, uh, they seem pretty friendly. She even brought him a treat.

Bill: Oh, let me guess. Lemon bars.

Jarrett: Probably. Look... (Sighs) Bill, I-I'm not sure this is going to work.

Bill: And why is that, Jarrett? Because your loyalties lie with the Forresters and not me?

Jarrett: Well, no, not at all.

Bill: Then do what I told you to do, or you'll be working for the Forresters for half of what I pay you. You got that? Now move it. We're in the middle of the hearing.

Jarrett: (Sighs)

(Indistinct conversations)

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sorry. I know we--you have such a busy social calendar, but we'd like to resolve this. We've made an offer. We'd like an answer, Bill.

Bill: The answer is no.

Pam: We have to get you out of here. So what if--if Donna gives up her share of the company? She'd still have plenty of money from the divorce. And you'd be free.

Stephen: Then what, Stephanie wins again?

Pam: (Sighs)

Stephen: First she robs my wife of her last days with her children and then she robs our children? U-u-uh, I'm sorry, Pamela. No, I-I shouldn't speak to you that way. I was wrong. (Sighs) You are her sister, and I shouldn't put you in the middle like that. You've given me nothing but support, and I-I just give you grief.

Pam: That is not true. You gave me something that I never had from any other man.

Stephen: No. No, I gave you nothing compared to what you gave me. My only regret is I saw it too late. Your kindness, your goodness...

Pam: (Inhales sharply)

Stephen: Your...

Pam: (Sighs)

Stephen: Your beauty, both inside and out.

Pam: Oh, St--Stephen...

Man: No touching the prisoner, ma'am.

Pam: (Sighs)

Eric: You're not accepting the offer, Bill?

Brooke: Our father's freedom is at stake. We're accepting the offer.

Bill: It's not your call, Brooke.

Stephanie: It's not yours, either.

Justin: It's Donna's, and I'm her attorney. I already told you. The answer's no.

Katie: Listen, I know you don't like to give in, but this is my father's life we're talking about. We have to get him out of jail.

Bill: And I'm telling you we will.

Stephanie: But not without my help, you won't.

Brooke: She's right. Let's cut our losses and accept this deal. We can't take a chance with our father's life.

Ridge: Bill, the man conspired to kill my mother. He could go away for a very long time. His daughters don't want that and neither do I. Let's settle this.

Bill: I need a moment alone with Brooke and Katie.

Eric: Oh, for God sake.

Bill: All right, listen to me. I know you're concerned. But I wouldn't be doing this if I weren't certain of my ground.

Brooke: We don't even know what you're doing.

Bill: Well, it's better you don't.

Brooke: I can't accept that.

Katie: Bill, if this doesn't work--

Bill: It's going to work. And Donna deserves her percentage of that company. Just give me a little more time.

Brooke: Bill, we're running out of time.

Stephanie: Correction-- you're out of time. Look, I've put the offer on the table. You accept it, or I'm gonna pull it. What's it gonna be?

Stephen: Somehow... (Sighs) Someway, I've got to get out of here. Oh, Beth. (Sighs) Our beautiful daughters-- I've let them down so many ways. I will make it up to you, I promise. One day soon, I'll walk out of here. I'll be a winner, and Stephanie, the loser. And she'll never harm you again. (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Bill: Well, Stephanie, this is a negotiation. I don't know why you feel the need to bulldoze.

Steffy: An offer's on the table. You haven't even countered it yet.

Bill: Then there's plenty of room for discussion, isn't there?

Stephanie: Why are you stalling?

Eric: What are you doing, Bill? Why don't you let them take the offer?

Brooke: We will take the offer.

Bill: No, we won't.

Brooke: Bill, stop playing Russian roulette with our father!

Ridge: Now, everybody, stop. Stop. Let's settle this.

Bill: Thank you, Ridge. Donna is entitled to half of Eric's share. They were married at the time the transaction took place. Everything that Eric had was held jointly with Donna 50/50. That's indisputable.

Steffy: Oh.

Stephanie: You want to play hardball? Is that what you girls really want to do? Because if you do, I promise you this. I will have your father prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That means prison time. And I give you my word, I will use all of my legal rights to make sure that that happens.

Brooke: No!

Katie: Please don't let her do this, Bill.

Bill: You both need to calm down.

Brooke: We will take the offer.

Stephanie: Good.

Brooke: Where are those papers to sign?

Bill: Brooke, stop it.

Katie: Bill, Donna and Eric weren't married that long. She's getting $10 million. She'll be fine.

Bill: Peanuts.

Brooke: It's not an option. I don't want my father going to prison. We're gonna take this deal with or without your cooperation.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Brooke: (Sighs)

(Phone vibrates)

Bill: You may want to hold off on that, Brooke. We have a witness, someone who was there, someone who can tell us whether or not Stephen Logan truly committed attempted murder.

Stephanie: Pam, what are you doing here?

Bill: She has something she'd like to tell you, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, you can tell me later.

Bill: No, she's gonna tell you now.

Pam: I-I know what's going on here, Steph. I-I know all about Donna going after half of Eric's share of the company, and I know about your offer to the Logans. But, Stephanie, Stephen is not gonna let his girls accept your offer. And I-I can't let him spend maybe the rest of his life in jail. So I-I just want to say to everyone that it was never my intention to actually kill my own sister, and certainly Stephen wasn't going to kill you either. No, he had just lost his wife, and--and he was under tremendous strain, and--and he is not a cold-blooded murderer.

Stephanie: (Quietly) What the hell are you doing? (Normal voice) You son of a bitch. You're using her just like their father used her.

Pam: No.

Bill: Well, I would say the complexion of today's proceeding has changed dramatically. Attempted murder? No. Stephanie was never in any real danger. And the fact is that "6-gun sally" over here had an itchy trigger finger. Stephen Logan should be freed from jail. Eric, Ridge... Stephanie, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

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