B&B Transcript Monday 7/5/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/5/10


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Brooke: I thought that it was you. But it wasn't. It was Oliver. The night was so... it was so magical. The party and the music and everything just seemed so perfect. I got carried away. And I thought... I believed that you did, too.

Oliver: Wait, Steffy. Don't do this. I won't let you.

Steffy: Oh, yeah?

Oliver: You're not gonna tell anyone what happened that night with Brooke and me.

Rick: Are you ready to take on the world?

Hope: (Chuckles) With you here, I bet I could.

Rick: So what can I do to help? I mean, what did-- what did Steffy do with these things? Did she give pep talks or orders?

Hope: (Chuckles) You know, if you want to give a pep talk, you might want to give our sister a call.

Rick: I know--Bridget. I'm worried about her. Something--something's wrong.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Whip: Look, Bridget, uh, you don't have to tell me the whole story...

Bridget: (Sighs)

Whip: Or--or any of it for that matter. I just know that you and Nick are not staying together or coming to work together, and...

Bridget: Well, I guess we can't really hide it. We're obviously going through something.

Whip: Is there anything I can do to help?

Bridget: Thanks. I just need to talk to him. I mean, there's probably... I don't know. I may not have a chance at saving my marriage, but I know I don't if I don't communicate with him.

Nick: (Sighs)

(Touch-tones beeping)

(Cell phone rings)

Bridget: Oh, God. Nick, answer, please.

(Cell phone rings) (Rings) (Rings)

Steffy: Oliver, I'm sorry.

Oliver: You'll crush your dad. Brooke and Hope-- their--their relationship will be ruined. You want revenge, but it's not gonna make you feel good. You think it will, but it won't. You're a better person than this.

Steffy: Oliver, it is not about revenge. It's about justice.

Ridge: I did get carried away. You were right.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: It was me.

Brooke: (Sighs) No. It wasn't.

Ridge: (Sighs) I knew I should have said something. I knew it.

Brooke: It was Oliver.

Ridge: I let him think that, Logan, but it was actually me.

Brooke: I don't understand. What-- (Sighs)

Ridge: Everything that happened at that party, I set it all up.

Brooke: Wha-- (sighs) Ridge, why would you do something like that?

Ridge: Logan, I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. Look, I would have told you, but I didn't want it getting back to Hope. She doesn't know, does she?

Brooke: Oh, my God, no. Of course, she doesn't.

Ridge: Okay, well, then I don't think we should tell Oliver either. I mean, he was so proud of himself doing something so great for Hope. Plus, I don't think it would mean nearly as much if they found out I was actually the one that scored Daddy Yankee. I did everything. That meeting in the office was just an act. I've been speaking with his people for weeks.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Look. I got a thank-you note from him today. Hey, why is this all so upsetting to you? Look, I would have told you. I swear I would have, but I know you can't keep a secret from Hope.

Brooke: (Sighs) You're right. You're right. I can't keep a secret from Hope. (Sighs) And I can't keep a secret from you either.

Bridget: (Sighs) Everybody's been really great. Jackie and Owen... and you. My goodness, thank you so much for letting me stay in your loft.

Whip: Ahh, it's okay. Don't worry about it. You're not gonna be there long. Look, Bridget, whatever is going on between you and Nick, it's none of my business. But I do know one thing. You'll be able to deal with it a lot better face-to-face.

Bridget: I know. You're right. I know where he is. I should just go and talk to him. Yeah, it's time I find out where my marriage stands.

Hope: All I know is that Nick and Bridget are having problems.

Rick: And that's it? You haven't heard anything else?

Hope: Mnh-mnh, no. But, I mean, it must be bad if it drove those two apart. I thought they could withstand anything.

Brio: My model's here. Let's get started.

Rick: Whoa, wait a second. Where's--where's Oliver?

Hope: Um, I don't know.

Oliver: I guess I was a fool for listening to you.

Steffy: What do you mean?

Oliver: All the times you said you care about me.

Steffy: Oliver, this isn't about you.

Oliver: It's not just about Brooke. It's about Hope and me, too.

Steffy: (Sighs) You know, it hurts me so much. Every time I see "Hope the intern" modeling her hope for the future line, I think about Phoebe, my beautiful sister who's dead. She is the one who should have been in the spotlight, not Brooke's daughter.

Oliver: Look, what happened with Phoebe was tragic.

Steffy: It's because of the Logans. Don't you see that? If there's anyone who I thought would understand, it'd be you.

Oliver: I do.

Steffy: You're the only one who gets me.

Oliver: Steffy, I want us to be friends.

Steffy: Really? Because that's--that's something that I want, too.

Oliver: How can we be friends when you're about to blow things up? It's Hope I'm worried about.

Steffy: She matters that much to you.

Oliver: You know she does.

Steffy: Hmm. And you're--you're willing to do anything to protect her.

Oliver: Yeah, I'll do anything.

Steffy: Hmm.

Oliver: I-I'll do whatever you say if you keep her from knowing what happened.

Steffy: Well, maybe there is a way.

Oliver: Oh, God, please. If you--if you keep this secret, I'll do whatever you say.

Steffy: Now I can't have Brooke in the company. She has to go.

Oliver: She already said she'd leave.

Steffy: That's my first condition. Brooke leaves the company. She resigns from Forrester Creations. The--she has no role here now or ever.

Oliver: Your first condition?

Steffy: Number two, Hope is out. There's no place for her at Forrester. She leaves. She goes to that college back in Boston. She builds a real life for herself, not a fake one created by Brooke and her sisters.

Oliver: You--you can't just send her across the country. That's not--

Steffy: Making Forrester Creations Logan-free. You want my silence?

Oliver: Yeah.

Steffy: Well, I want to expose Brooke so badly. And I want the world to know, especially my dad to know the truth about her. But there might be something I want more.

Oliver: What?

Steffy: You know, you're such a prince. You come here, and you tell me to back off, all for the girl you think you love.

Oliver: I do love Hope.

Steffy: Enough to let her go?

Oliver: What?

Steffy: Condition number three. You give us a chance, and see if we'd be good together.

Oliver: I-I can't do that.

Steffy: Why not? It's just for fun, and I'll keep your secret. Those are my three conditions. One, Brooke leaves the company. Two, Hope is out. You convince her to go to college back East. And number three, you ditch Hope, and you give us a chance. That seals the deal. Those are my terms, and non-negotiable.

Oliver: You mean, like, we start dating?

Steffy: Oh, there's something real between us. You feel it, too. I know you do. That is the deal. It's in your hands. I need an answer now.

Ridge: Logan? What is it?

Brooke: (Sighs) (Sighs) Ridge, uh, I-I-I just need to get you to understand this, and I-I'm trying to find the right words. (Sighs) I know... (sighs) I know I promised that I wouldn't disappoint you. No more scandals. I wouldn't let you down in any way.

Ridge: You haven't.

Brooke: And I wouldn't... (Sighs) Not intentionally. (Sighs) I love you. (Sighs) I love everything about you. You're the world to me. Our marriage is stronger than it's ever been, and I wouldn't want to do anything to... (sighs) Ever jeopardize that or destroy that in any way. Our home-- we made a stable home for our kids, and... (Sighs) A safe haven from stress away from work, and your mother, my father... But I have to say this. (Sighs) I have to tell you before Steffy does.

Bridget: I guessed that you would be here. Smoking. I can't believe you're already back to that disgusting habit. Where's Jack? Is he with the sitter? Nick, I would watch him. I miss him so much. I miss both of you so much. I've been calling.

Nick: I noticed.

Bridget: Look, this is already so hard. But we'll never get anything straightened out if we don't... talk. Can we do that? Will you just talk to me for a moment?

Bridget: What--what is this? "Petition for dissolution of marriage." God, Nick. Please don't do this.

Brooke: I want you to understand how much I love you, how important you are to me. You and the kids, you are my life. And I wouldn't want to do anything to embarrass you or disappoint you in any way. (Sighs) But nobody's perfect, right? I mean, things happen, and I-I don't know why. It just... it seems like fate is interfering with our destiny.

Ridge: Okay, Logan, now you're really getting me nervous here. Just tell me what's going on.

(Knock on door)

Oliver: Mrs. Forrester, um--

Brooke: Not now, Oliver.

Oliver: I know I'm interrupting, but it's important.

Brooke: I'm dealing with something with Ridge.

Oliver: Could you just give me a couple minutes here, please?

Ridge: Look, you talk with him. Then I want to know exactly what this is all about, okay?

Brooke: Okay. (Sighs) (Sighs)

Oliver: You were about to tell your husband?

Brooke: Yeah, if I don't, Steffy will, and she is primed to blow this up. I don't want them to hear this from her. I have to tell them.

Oliver: There's a way we can stop her. She wants to make a deal.

Brooke: A deal? (Sighs) You got through to her?

Bridget: I'm not gonna do this. I'm not giving up on our marriage. I know that you're angry, Nick. I know you're upset, and you do have every right to be. I broke... my vows. But I never, ever stopped loving you, and I don't believe that you've stopped loving me. O-or did you? Have you stopped loving me? Look, I made a terrible, terrible mistake, one that I might not be able to make up for, but I want to try. Please. Can we just do that? Will you just let me put these papers away, please? Nick? (Sobs) Oh, my God, Nick, I love you so much. Just please, just tell me, is there anything I can do?

(Camera shutter clicking)

Brio: That's great. That's great. That's beautiful. Right there. Hold that. Hold that.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Brio: Beautiful. Right there. Hold that. Hold that.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Brio: Beautiful. Beautiful. I love that. That's great. Hold that. Hold that. Nice. Great. I think we got it.

Hope: Yeah?

Brio: Yeah.

Hope: All right. So did I meet your approval?

Rick: You did, yeah. You're really startin' to get the hang of this, you know? Being the face of the Hope for the Future campaign. I mean, it is you, after all.

Hope: It is. I wonder why Oliver never showed up. I don't know, it's weird. But, oh, well, I mean, we'll have other shoots, so...

Rick: (Chuckles)

Steffy: (Clears throat)

Hope: Oh, hey, Steffy.

Steffy: Hey. Uh, Rick, may I speak to Hope alone?

Rick: I don't think that's a great idea.

Hope: No, really, it's-- it's fine. I'll catch you later.

Rick: Be nice.

Hope: So, uh, what's up?

Steffy: Well, I see Rick's taken over for me now that my dad took me off your line.

Hope: I still think it's too bad we couldn't work together.

Steffy: Well, I know you love it here-- representing the company, being the spokesmodel, the face of Hope for the Future. But it's all gonna end.

Oliver: Yeah, I got through to Steffy.

Brooke: So she's willing to make a deal in exchange for her silence?

Oliver: If we agree to her conditions. She's waiting on my answer.

Brooke: Oh, my God, Oliver. Thank you. I'd given up. I had begged her. She wouldn't even accept my resignation at Forrester.

Oliver: She will now. She changed her mind. That's her first condition-- you leave Forrester.

Brooke: Uh, okay, okay. Well, I already said that I would do that. So that's the first condition?

Oliver: She has three.

Brooke: What else?

Oliver: Your daughter's gone, too. She wants Hope to leave Forrester.

Brooke: But she's happy here.

Oliver: Look, it's non-negotiable. She's insisting on this. She wants Hope out. She wants us to talk her into going to college in Boston.

Brooke: Oh, my God, but this is my daughter. She wants me to drive her away across the country?

Oliver: Look, I hate it, too, okay? But if we don't agree...

Brooke: Then everybody will know. You said there were three conditions.

Oliver: I'm number three.

Brooke: You?

Oliver: Steffy wants me to give her a chance.

Brooke: A chance?

Oliver: Just see what could happen between us.

Brooke: Steffy wants you. A relationship-- that's the third condition.

Oliver: You resign. Hope's out, goes away to school, leaving me and Steffy here. (Chuckles)

Brooke: Oh, my God, and you're supposed to what? You're supposed to d-develop feelings for her?

Oliver: Look, it's ridiculous. I-I-I can't do it. It--Hope's all I care about.

Brooke: But if you don't...

Oliver: I'm not gonna break your daughter's heart.

Brooke: It doesn't really matter. If she finds out, her heart's going to be broken anyway.

Oliver: You think we should go along with this?

Brooke: What choice do we have, Oliver?

Oliver: No, it's-- it's--it's wrong, okay? It's blackmail. It--it's vintage Steffy. I won't do it.

Brooke: No, there are really no other options. I know what this could do to a young girl. If Hope were to find out, it would kill her. She would hate both of us. And Ridge, he'll be crushed. And Stephanie, she will have a field day. We can't let her find out. Above all, we just have to protect Hope. We have to accept Steffy's deal, and as much as we're going to hate it, we have to do everything that Steffy wants. It's the only way, Oliver.

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