B&B Transcript Monday 6/7/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/7/10


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Daddy Yankee: (Playing "Descontrol") Descontrol/ tu mirada me tiene/ besame cuando/ estes/ bailando/ ahi la presion/ va llegando!/ Los dos seguiremos/ viajando!/ En descontrol/ oh, oh, oh, oh/ da, da dee, dee/ yan, yan kee, kee/ por ahi viene el castigo…

Hope: Mom, where have you been?

Brooke: Oh... (Sighs) I've been around.

Daddy Yankee: One/ two, two, three/ esto ves no te me quintas

("Pose" playing)

Daddy Yankee: (Rapping in Spanish) Modelame así, dame ahora/ tu mejor pose/ pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose/ vivetelo así, dame ahora/ tu major/ pose, pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose

Brooke: I'm ready.

Daddy Yankee: Modelame/ así, dame ahora/ tu major/ pose, pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose/ vivetelo así, dame ahora/ tu major/ pose, pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose/ pose, pose, pose…

Brooke: Oh, honey. Look what I have. You're right. You did leave it in the office. Marcus brought it for you.

Hope: (Sighs) Oh, that was so sweet of him. Thank you for keeping it safe.

Brooke: I know how important it is to you. It's very special.

Hope: It is, because I got it from this guy right here. Doesn't he look great, by the way? I, uh, I loaned him one of Dad's jackets, the ones that were in his office, you know? You don't mind, do you?

Brooke: No, no. Your father might.

Ridge: Hey, so does it meet with your expectations, sweetie?

Hope: Dad, this party is amazing. Thank you.

Ridge: Well, this is the guy you should be thanking right here. Hey, Oliver.

Oliver: Hey.

Ridge: And how are you doin'?

Brooke: (Laughs) Oh, I think you know the answer to that.

Daddy Yankee: Descontrol…

Ridge: Hey, what are you gawkin' at? You know, we're married, legal, all that stuff.

Brooke: (Chuckles)

Ridge: Come on.

Daddy Yankee: Besame/ cuando estes bailando/ ahi la presion/ va llegando/ los dos/ seguiremos/ viajando…

Brooke: (Sighs) That was so daring.

Ridge: Yeah? What's that?

Brooke: You know what I'm talking about. I can't believe we actually... (Giggles) (Sighs) Ridge Forrester, you never cease to amaze me.

Daddy Yankee: (Rapping in Spanish)

(Soft music playing)

Eric: Now this is dancing.

Stephanie: (Laughs) I don't know. I think our grandkids might not agree. They'd probably like to give us a few lessons.

Eric: (Chuckles) They probably would.

Stephanie: You think the house is still standing?

Eric: Of course it is. Wh--it's not a rave. It's a--it's a party. It's--it's dancing and it's music. It's romantic.

Stephanie: Right.

Eric: (Sighs) Now you've got me worried.

Stephanie: (Chuckles)

Eric: (Chuckles)

Daddy Yankee: (Playing "Descontrol") (Rapping in Spanish) Descontrol/ tu mirada me/ tiene/ en descontrol/ besame cuando estes/ bailando/ ahi la presion/ va llegando/ los dos/ seguiremos/ viajando/ en descontrol/ oh, oh, oh, oh

Woman: He's your friend? Daddy Yankee is your friend?

Oliver: We know each other.

Woman: Uh, they know each other.

Hope: (Chuckles)

Woman: Can we meet him?

Oliver: Ho-Hope can do that.

Woman: Really?

Hope: Yeah, of course, guys. Come on.

Daddy Yankee: (Rapping in Spanish)

Ridge: Nice jacket.

Oliver: Oh, yeah, um, uh, sorry about that. There was a rack of them at the office. Hope said it was okay to--to wear it.

Ridge: Anything else you want to borrow of mine?

Oliver: N-no. Here, you can--you can take it.

Ridge: I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It's okay. I don't mind being "twinsies" for one night. It's all cool. You know, the jacket.

Oliver: Oh.

Ridge: Yeah. Hey, what you did tonight, uh, means a lot to my wife.

Oliver: It does?

Ridge: You gave our daughter a night she'll never forget. You're a good guy, Oliver. This all means the world to Brooke.

Oliver: She said that?

Ridge: Yeah. Yeah. She's crazy about you. Have fun.

Daddy Yankee: (Rapping in Spanish) (Playing "Impacto")

(Indistinct conversations)

Daddy Yankee: Sube! Sube! Sube! Ensena todo lo/ que tu tienes/ no improvisa/ lo que/ ella tiene/ este choque quien/ lo detiene

Hope: When I'm ready, you'll know because I'm going to come up to you

and put my arms around you and then get really close to you and whisper into your ear

that I'm ready. And then you'll sweep me off my feet, and we'll go make mad, passionate love like we're in a romance novel.

Daddy Yankee: Se produce/ el impacto asi que/ no pares, no…

Hope: Put my arms around you and then get really close to you and whisper into your ear...

Brooke: I'm ready.

Daddy Yankee: No pierdas/ el enfoque y/ Sube! Sube! Sube!/ Pegate pa'ca/ y siente el impacto…

Oliver: But it wasn't Hope. It was her mother.

Hope: Hey, there you are. Come on, let's dance.

Eric: Mm.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Eric: Well, it's hard to believe-- Hope graduating from high school.

Stephanie: They grow up so fast.

Eric: (Chuckles) Yeah, they do. And here we are, tucked away in the mountains.

Stephanie: I'm glad you wanted to come up. It's nice.

Eric: Oh, we needed this.

I needed this. To, uh, to graduations, ours in particular.

(Glasses clink)

Stephanie: This place certainly has a lot of memories, and not all of them precious ones.

Eric: Yeah, well, we've had a few of those, haven't we?

Stephanie: Usually pertaining to Brooke and me.

Eric: Well, let's, uh, let's save those memories for another time. What do you say?

Stephanie: Actually, I'd like to forget them all together.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah. You have had a few inglorious moments, haven't you?

Stephanie: You wouldn't be--

Eric: We, uh, we all have. We all have. No, no.

Stephanie: Oh, please, not all of you. I was the one usually trying to kill Brooke.

Eric: (Chuckles) Yeah. (Sighs) What makes you think of all that right now?

Stephanie: The graduation.

Eric: Yeah?

Stephanie: Well, it's a passage, you know? One of life's passages. Here we are, settled. Hope is graduating high school. I'd like to think we're all changing and growing. You, me... even Brooke.

Daddy Yankee: Tas/ calentandote/ yo calentandome/ me dice que te pasa…

Brooke: It's kind of crazy tonight.

Ridge: Oh, yeah?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: What's that?

Brooke: What happened. It was very different, even for us. (Giggles)

Ridge: What do you mean?

Brooke: It was probably the masks. It kind of turned you on, didn't it? (Giggles)

Ridge: Kinda loud in here. What'd you say again?

Brooke: (Laughs) Forget it. Never mind. (Sighs) Oh.

Daddy Yankee: Pegate/ pa'ca y siente el impacto/ pegate pa'ca/ y siente el impacto…

Brooke: Look at how happy our daughter is. (Laughs)

Ridge: And not a sign of Steffy around.

Brooke: Yeah, not yet anyway. I just didn't want her to spoil this evening for Hope.

Ridge: I don't think anybody can spoil it for those two.

Daddy Yankee: Ya hice/ que sudara/ toda esa ropa cara/ estamos dando/ a la calle el estilo

del barrio dale sigue y/ no pares, no/ no, no pares, no/ no, no pares, no/ no, no pares…

Hope: Hey, why do you keep staring at my mom and dad? Hey, Oliver. (Chuckles)

Oliver: Your dad, he-- he's wearing the same jacket as me.

Hope: I know. I-I told you he's cool with it. Oh, God, I'm so happy that my mom kept my necklace safe for me. It was so sweet of her. Hey, where's yours?

Oliver: Right here, inside my--

Hope: Ah.

Oliver: My shirt.

Hope: Good. I like it there so all my friends can see it.

Hope: Hey, come on. Hey... (Chuckles) Oliver?

Oliver: (Sighs)

Hope: Oliver, are y-- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you all right?

Daddy Yankee: (Playing "Que Tengo que Hacer") Vuelvas conmigo/ vamos a dejar/ el pasado atris/ para mi la vida…

Rick: This is a great party.

Thomas: This is huge.

Marcus: Hey, Oliver, are you all right, man?

Hope: Uh, no, can someone get some water or something? Something's wrong with oliver.

Marcus: Yeah, I got ya.

Hope: Thank you. Um, will you get Mom and Dad or something?

Oliver: No, no, I'm fine.

Hope: You are not fine. Oliver, you almost just fainted on the dance floor.

Oliver: I'm--I'm just dizzy.

Marcus: Here, I got that water. Here, man, drink up. What happened?

Oliver: Oh, nothing. It's hot--it's hot in here.

Hope: Hey, are--

Oliver: It's hot, right?

Hope: Oliver, are you sure that's all it is?

Oliver: Come on. Stop worrying. I'm--I'm all right. Really, I'm... n-nothing's gonna spoil this night for you, okay?

Hope: Thank you, Oliver.

Eric: You know, a lot of our problems have come from your, uh, obsession with Brooke.

Stephanie: Yeah. Trying to keep Ridge away from her. (Sighs) I was so... (laughs) determined that wherever that girl was, trouble was sure to follow. I... what can I say? She's proved me wrong.

Eric: What?

Stephanie: Why are you looking at me like that?

Eric: W-well, because of what you just said.

Stephanie: Well, maybe I need to view her from a different perspective.

Eric: So what, uh... (Chuckles) what brought all this on?

Stephanie: Her daughter. She's done a remarkable job of raising Hope. She really has.

Eric: Yeah. She's a lovely young girl. She really is.

Stephanie: Very sweet.

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: So unlike her mother.

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Okay, okay, maybe Brooke's sweeter than I think--give her credit for.

Eric: Well, when you think of everything that Hope has gone through, the way she came into this world...

Stephanie: Oh, my gosh. She could have turned into such a mess. You're right.

Eric: Mm-hmm. Brooke's been very protective of her children, especially Hope.

Stephanie: Well, I wouldn't go quite that far. With Hope, yes, but she wasn't exactly...

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: A wonderful role model for Rick and Bridget.

Eric: Yeah, well...

Stephanie: I mean, she put Bridget through hell. Come on, Eric.

Eric: All right, but not Hope. Not Hope. Brooke really turned things around. Nothing like what happened with Bridget is ever gonna happen again.

Hope: Oh, hey, okay, before everyone leaves, can I--can I say something?

Daddy Yankee: Hey, have at it.

Hope: First of all, I want to thank Daddy Yankee for being here. You were amazing. Thank you so much.

Daddy Yankee: Thank you.

Audience: (Cheering)

Hope: And I also want to thank my own daddy, Ridge Forrester, for putting this on for me.

Brooke: Oh, yes, of course.

Hope: And-- and my beautiful mom. Come up here, please. Come here. Yes.

(Cheers and applause)

Hope: This is-- this is the most loving, supportive mom any girl could have. There is no one I trust more than you. And thank you so much for putting up with me and for putting this on for me tonight, Mom.

Brooke: (Laughs) Of course.

Audience: Aw.

Brooke: I love you.

Hope: I love you, too. Okay, and last but not least, I want to thank the guy who helped get Daddy Yankee here tonight, my incredible boyfriend Oliver. Come here!

Audience: (Cheering)

Hope: Oliver. He is a perfect gentleman. Do you hear that, guys? Perfect gentleman, I said.

Audience: Aw.

Hope: But he got us in our very first music video tonight, guys!

Audience: (Cheering)

Hope: Okay, so stay safe on the drive home. Keep in touch, and never forget the night that we partied together after our high school years! Happy graduation!

Audience: (Cheering)

Brooke: Oh, Oliver. Our hero. (Giggles)

Oliver: We need to talk, Mrs. Forrester.

Eric: You've changed. And that makes this an evening that I will never forget.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. Have I changed?

Eric: Yes.

Stephanie: Or is it just that we've gotten a lot older and maybe a tiny bit wiser?

Eric: Meh.

Stephanie: Oh, come on. If our kids and our grandkids can be happy, why shouldn't we be?

Eric: They are, aren't they?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Thorne, the girls, Ridge.

Stephanie: Ridge, yes. I never ever thought that he would be happy with Brooke.

Eric: (Chuckles)

Stephanie: I thought, oh, my God, this relationship's going to implode on itself. One scandal after another, one indiscretion... (Sighs) I was sure of it.

Eric: Well, there wasn't another scandal.

Stephanie: I know. What can I say? She proved me wrong. (Chuckles) There wasn't any. She loves Ridge. She loves her daughter. She'd never do anything to hurt them ever again.

Eric: No.

Stephanie: Mnh-mnh.

Stephanie: Sweetie.

(Glasses clink)

Eric: These are good.

Stephanie: Yes.

Brooke: What is it, Oliver?

Oliver: She's your daughter.

Brooke: Yes, she is.

Oliver: Well, all those things she said up on stage about you...

Brooke: Yeah, that was so lovely.

Oliver: She trusts you, Mrs. Forrester. She trusts me, too.

Brooke: Yes, she does. That's why we need to do everything we can to protect her.

Oliver: Yeah, we do.

Brooke: And you know what that means.

Oliver: Uh... why don't you tell me?

Brooke: Do I really have to?

Oliver: Well... a-are you suggesting that we don't talk about it? Hope and me?

Brooke: No, I-I think you should. As two young adults, you definitely should. You can't hide from something like sex.

Oliver: I-I-I can't believe you're saying this.

Brooke: No, I just-- I think it's really important that you communicate. I mean, communication is the most important thing in a relationship. And, you know, you need to discuss what happens before you have sex.

Oliver: Well, I mean, we didn't discuss it when--when you and me...

Brooke: No. Yes, we did. (Chuckles) You, me, hope. We had that little chat about sex. Don't you remember?

Oliver: Wait--wait a minute. That's what you're talking about? When you told Hope and--and...

Brooke: Yeah. (Chuckles) Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. What are you talking about?

Ridge: Hey, Logan.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: Party's over. We did it.

Brooke: Oh, did we ever.

Ridge: Aw.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Oliver: (Thinking) (Echoing) The jacket... jacket... the necklace... the necklace...

the necklace... I thought she was Hope. She thought I was Ridge... thought I was Ridge...

thought I was Ridge... oh, my God, I made love with Hope's mother, but she doesn't know it was me... she doesn't know it was me... she doesn't know it was me...

Brooke: Um, okay. So are we finished with our little conversation?

Oliver: Uh... yeah.

Brooke: Now take Hope straight home, and you be very careful with my daughter. (Giggles) You were a prince tonight.

Oliver: She doesn't know. She doesn't realize... it was me.

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