B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/18/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/18/10


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Who you want to know? Where you want to go? What you want to do? What you want to say? Who you want to know? Where you want to go? What you want to do? What you want to say? Who you want to know? Where you want to go? What you want to do? What you want to say? Who you want to know? Where you want to go? What you want to do? What you want to say? Who you want to know? Where you want to go?

Pam: That was brilliant.

Stephanie: That was wonderful.

Pam: Good job, sweetheart.

Steffy: Yeah, you guys are hot. Thank you.

Pam: Good job, girls.

Steffy: Thank you so much. Hot, hot, hot.

Pam: (Chuckles) I can't even believe that Brooke is letting this happen.

Stephanie: I don't think she really has much of a choice.

Steffy: She is right. I am the new spokes model for the bedroom line. It's my baby now.

Pam: All right, now we're all alone. You got to tell us what happened last night with your cutie-patootie.

Steffy: Uh...

Hope: Mm.

Oliver: That is the way I like to start off my day.

Hope: Mm, yes, but man cannot live on kisses alone, so...

Oliver: Cinnamon rolls!

Hope: Yes! I know they're your favorite, so I got up early, and I made them for you.

Oliver: You're the best.

Hope: Well, it's the least I could do after what you did for me yesterday.

Oliver: Hey, you're the one that handled the press like a pro.

Hope: Yeah, but I couldn't have done it without you. I mean, looking out into the audience and seeing your face is the only thing that helped me. Plus, you were so understanding about what didn't happen last night. Most guys would... well, let's just say, you're not most guys, okay? You're my guy. Of course, Steffy would like nothing more than to change that, (chuckles)

Oliver: Speaking of Steffy, uh... after you left, she... stopped by.

Hope: Please tell me you didn't let her in.  (Sighs) Oh, God. What now?

Oliver: Steffy was already inside when I got back from my swim.

Hope: Okay. What did she want? Do I even have to ask?

Oliver: Don't worry. I set her straight. I told her I didn't forgive her what--for what happened at--at the launch.

Hope: For her to go to such great lengths to humiliate me like that is just... (sighs) unbelievable. Plus, not to mention, it could have cost Forrester the entire youth line. I mean, that's why dad had to drop her from the campaign, which is just gonna make her resent me more.

Oliver: Or maybe, just maybe, she'll start taking responsibility for what she's done, stop blaming you for everything that's happened, realize that you didn't steal her father. Just be patient. Who knows? Maybe... I don't know, you and Steffy could be friends again.

Hope: Yeah, I'm not holding my breath.

Oliver: Don't give up on her, okay?

Hope: (Sighs) Meanwhile, she'll just keep dropping by your place crying on your shoulder. Or was there more to it? What exactly happened last night, Oliver?

Steffy: Okay, well, there was a kiss.

Pam: (Gasps)

Stephanie: Does that kiss have some special meaning?

Steffy: Unfortunately, Oliver didn't crack.

Pam: Well, that's not good. I mean, if little Miss Hope doesn't get jealous, what--what's gonna happen with your plan?

Steffy: Actually, I may have to start rethinking some things.

Stephanie: Rethinking in what way?

Steffy: I'm playing games with Oliver, and last night I... I realized I could actually have feelings for this guy, and I think he feels the same way. Look, he said some things that-- he read me really well. He knows what I'm about.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Pam: Oh, I-I'm just totally confused. I thought that you were going to the beach house to, you know--

Steffy: No, I--no, I did. But he saw my plan. He called me on it. Look, I know I should have-- I know. I should have punched him, but he was just being his honest, straightforward self, really.

Pam: Yeah.

Steffy: Yeah.

Pam: Regular boy scout. (Chuckles)

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, he--he kind of is. Look, I'm--I'm just starting to see things differently.

Pam: Uh-oh.

Steffy: No, that doesn't mean I'm not determined to get rid of the Logans. I am.

Pam: Hallelujah.

Steffy: Look, we are so close to having them out of the company. We can't stop now, and look, I-I know this is a risk, but it's gonna be worth it. Once Hope is gone, then Brooke follows. Look, I-I got a photo shoot to go to. And I don't want to keep that cutie-patootie waiting. See ya.

(Door closes)

Oliver: Nothing happened last night... not like you're thinking, anyway.

Hope: So Steffy wasn't coming onto you?

Oliver: I didn't say she suddenly turned into a nun. It was her typical flirting, but once I cut through that, I saw the real Steffy, the--the vulnerable one.

Hope: Mm, the Steffy I used to know, before she started attacking my family and coming after my boyfriend.

Oliver: You have nothing to worry about there.

Hope: Even though she's willing to give you something I'm not ready for?

Oliver: I'm a patient guy. I'm not gonna pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do. Okay? We have all the time in the world. When we're ready, we'll know. Right now, being with you like this...

Rick: Hello?

Hope: (Chuckles)

Rick: Isn't there something in the personnel manual about kissing the boss' daughter during work hours, or...

Hope: You should know, big brother. You used to lock lips with Steffy around here all the time when you two were engaged.

Steffy: Did someone mention my name?

Oliver: Rick was just enlightening us on the proper office protocol.

Hope: (Chuckles)

Rick: Uh, Steffy, y-you ready?

Steffy: Don't I look ready?

Oliver: All we need is the photographer.

Brio: Sorry I'm late. My assistant bailed on me at the last minute.

Stephanie: Yeah, so I thought we could, uh, volunteer Oliver to help.

Brio: Great.

Stephanie: Brio, there's some stuff I want to show you in the, uh, in the office-- some proofs, please.

Oliver: Uh, I-I guess I'll set up.

Steffy: All right, let's get down to business. You know, my first photo shoot was a disaster. I was stiff, up tight, a total virgin. You probably felt the same way, Hope. Oh, I mean, your photo shoot.

Rick: Uh, Hope, can I speak to you outside for just a second?

Hope: Yeah, mm-hmm. I won't be long.

Steffy: Hey.

Oliver: Here's some music I brought for the shoot.

Steffy: Oh, thanks. Look, um, I wanted to thank you about last night. It made me think about a lot of things.

Rick: Talk to me.

Hope: About what?

Rick: Well, Oliver, for starters. You're crazy about him, huh?

Hope: (Chuckles)

Rick: And the feeling is mutual? So what's the deal with Steffy?

Hope: Isn't it obvious? She wants Oliver, too. (Sighs) The campaigns say it all.

(Upbeat music playing)


Brio: That's it. Great, Steffy. Great.

Steffy: Yeah? Oh.

Brio: That was wonderful.

Steffy: Thank you. Thank you so much. Wow.

Stephanie: (Sighs) That was great. You look absolutely fabulous.

Steffy: Do you really think people are gonna miss Brooke as a spokes model?

Stephanie: Honey, after they see you, they're not even gonna remember she was ever alive.

Steffy: Oh, that's not biased or--no.

Stephanie: No.

Oliver: I'm not biased and-- sorry.

Steffy: No, no, you're part of the photo shoot. I would love to hear a guy's opinion, wouldn't we, Brio?

Brio: Hey, what man doesn't like sexy lingerie, right?

Oliver: Uh... (chuckles) I'm not a lace and teddy type.

Steffy: We're not meaning on you, silly. On me. We're taking the bedroom line into a whole new direction-- youthful sensuality.

Stephanie: Yes, youthful. No more old-- definitely no old and saggy.

Steffy: So, Oliver, your honest, red-blooded male opinion... you like what you see?

Rick: So Steffy's after your man, huh?

Hope: You say that like you don't think it's something she'd do. But you saw her just now. I mean, what is it about her that guys can't resist... besides the obvious?

Rick: You're-- you're asking me?

Hope: Well, who better to ask? You were almost married to her, or have you forgotten?

Rick: No, hardly. But look, it... (sighs) it's important that you know that it wasn't always smooth sailing for us. I mean, we came together under extraordinary circumstances.

Hope: Phoebe's death?

Rick: Yeah. I mean, she was hurting, and--and she was vulnerable. And her dad thought that, um, you know, that I was just trying to get--get back at him because we had a rivalry, and in some ways, that was--that was true. But Steffy suffered. I hurt her. I made her suffer, and for that, I will never forgive myself.

Hope: (Sighs) You still care about her?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do. But she's different now. I mean, she’s... (chuckles) she's tougher. And she's a little bit more self-protective. But there are times, Hope, when--when I-I see that twinkle in her eye, or that--that smile of hers, and I-I do wonder...

Hope: You wonder what might have been?

Rick: Yeah. But, look, I... (chuckles) I'm not looking to get anything going, if that's, you know, the impression I'm giving you.

Hope: Well, yeah, but, I mean, you wouldn't mind just hanging out, you know, for fun, so why don't you?

Rick: Why don't I what?

Hope: Ask Steffy out.

Rick: Oh, I get it. "Ask Steffy out" meaning "keep her occupied," so she won't go after your man. Is that what you're really asking me? (Chuckles)

Hope: (Sighs) Come on. When was the last time I hit you up for a favor?

Rick: Asking Steffy out? I mean, that's a little above and beyond.

Hope: You just said you still have a thing for her.

Rick: Wha--I didn't--

Hope: Yes.

Rick: Wait, no, I didn't say I have a thing for her.

Hope: Okay, but I did hear you say that you wouldn't mind spending time with her, right?

Rick: I-I did say that, yeah. But look, I don't even know how she feels about me, especially with Steffy on the warpath against all things Logan.

Hope: But you're not even gonna try? For your adorable baby sister?

Rick: Wow. So this thing with Oliver is--it's serious.

Hope: I cannot even put it into words. (Sighs) You know, I-I think he feels the same way about me, but he's a guy, you know? He's--he's got certain...

Rick: Certain expectations.

Hope: (Sighs) Yeah. I mean, last night, let's just say he went a little... well, he wanted to go a little further than I'm comfortable with. But he was totally cool about it, you know? Didn't push. But with Steffy out there and available, it just...

Rick: So this-- this is where I come in? You need me to remove temptation by distracting her.

Hope: Look, I trust Oliver. But Steffy... I mean, whatever she is doing with him, it's not because she has real feelings for him. You know, it's all a game. She's just messing with me.

Pam: (Gasps) How did the photo shoot go?

Stephanie: Well, Oliver definitely has eyes for her.

Pam: See? I knew it. She's your namesake, Steph. So her plan's gonna work after all, right?

Stephanie: I'm concerned about all of this. She's walking an emotional tightrope. Her father's on one side. Brooke and--and Hope are on the other. I mean, I just--I'm worried. I'm--I'm--I'm worried about it.

Steffy: Hey, you forgot these.

Oliver: I thought you went to change.

Steffy: Look, I wanted to talk to you now that we're alone.

Oliver: I don't think we should be. (Chuckles)

Steffy: Why? Afraid your girlfriend's gonna get the wrong idea?

Oliver: Just so you know, I told Hope that you stopped by after she left.

Steffy: So that's why she was giving me the evil eye.

Oliver: She's not like that.

Steffy: Look, I-I don't want to talk about Hope. I just wanted to, um, thank you again for everything you said last night. You said some amazing things.

Oliver: And I meant it, all of it. You got a lot going on inside. Did I upset you?

Steffy: What, do I look upset?

Oliver: No, you look... like you did in front of the camera.

Steffy: What, amazing? Vivacious? Bold? Go on. (Laughs)

Oliver: All of the above.

Steffy: And a little vulnerable, too? Look, um, I don't usually open myself up to a lot of people, but with you, I feel like I can be myself, my real self. I don't feel like I can pretend and that you won't judge me, even when everyone else is. Now I can see why Hope's into you. You know, you deserve a great, great woman,

Oliver: I'm--I'm gonna go. I'll--I'll, uh... see you later.

Steffy: (Sighs) hmm.

Hope: Hey, I want to talk to you.

Steffy: Mm, I guess I know what this is about.

Hope: (Sighs) Steffy, look, I know you wish that I would just disappear and never come back, okay? But that's not how it always was. You and I used to be so tight. What happened? We're acting like rivals. I feel like we're following in the footsteps of our mothers, okay? You and I are the future of this company, and we should be working together instead of ripping each other apart. Steffy, I want to be friends again. And I really feel like we can be if we just work at it, but... we both got to be in this. Okay, I'm willing if you are. So are you?

Steffy: Wow. Wow, that's a great strategy, Hope. Way to go. I never expected that at all.

Hope: No, that's not a strategy.

Steffy: I bet.

Hope: I hate the tension between us.

Steffy: I bet. You see it happening, don't you? That's where all this peace and good will is coming from.

Hope: I don't-- I don't know what you mean.

Steffy: Oh, come on. That pitch? It's really, really great, but it's not about our family. This is about Oliver. You're afraid you can't compete. Oh, and I bet you already told him that I'm using him to get to you, but news flash-- Oliver is a great guy. Not only does he get me, he likes me. And I'm not saying he doesn't like you. It's just you're a little girl. He's too old for you. You can't give him what he needs. So I say, he's single. I'm single. Let the best woman win. And since you're just a school girl...

Hope: (Sighs)

Steffy: That woman will be me.

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