B&B Transcript Friday 5/7/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/7/10


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Donna: Can you do these things for me, Eric? I know that you say that you love me, but I... I need proof. I need to know that I am a priority in your life. Don't put Stephanie first.

Pam: Now don't forget-- when you get to the reception area, be really thorough.

Man: Sounds like you got a problem in that area.

Pam: (Scoffs)

Man: What are we talkin' about? Cockroaches, rats? 'Cause if it's something bigger, I can trap it and set it free in the middle of nowhere. They'll never find their way back.

Pam: Really?

Man: Mm-hmm.

Pam: Now is that even 2-legged pests that scurry around like they own the place? Only they don't anymore, thank heavens.

Man: (Chuckles) I don't know any 2-legged pests. Do they have names?

Pam: Yeah, Brooke and Donna.

Man: (Laughs) You're something else, ma'am.

Pam: (Chuckles)

Man: You relax. I'll take care of it.

Pam: If only you could. (Sighs)

Jackie: You have to keep this secret, Bridget. You have to.

Nick: Hey.

Bridget: (Gasps) Oh, hi. Hi, honey, I didn't-- I didn't hear you.

Nick: No, you didnít.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Nick: You seem pretty shaken up.

Bridget: (Sighs) no.

Nick: You want to tell me why?

Bridget: (Sighs)

Nick: You're sure there's no problems?

Bridget: Nope, mnh-mnh. The baby is fine. The test didn't show any abnormalities.

Nick: Why do I get this feeling that you're panicked or upset?

Bridget: Oh, really? I'm sorry, baby. You know, this just isn't an easy pregnancy for me.

Nick: Don't be negative about it, all right? Let's stay positive. We're definitely gonna carry this baby to term.

Bridget: Okay.

Nick: I think we oughta start spreading the word a little bit. What do you think, hmm?

Bridget: Well, I did call Mom and Dad.

Nick: Oh, really? What did they say?

Bridget: I had to leave voice mails for both of them, so they still don't know.

Jackie: Oh, sorry. A-Are we interrupting?

Nick: No, no. I'm just trying to keep my worried wife from worrying.

Whip: Oh, I'm sorry, guys. Can we come in for a minute?

Owen: Yeah.

Nick: Sure.

Aggie: Bridget, how did it go with the doctor?

Bridget: Oh, um, oh, the tests went well.

Aggie: Good. So no--no problems? No surprises?

Bridget: (Sighs)

Eric: All right, I'll sell the house. I'll put it on the market.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Dad.

Eric: I understand where she's coming from. Donna's mother died on that property.

Donna: Thank you. Thank you, Eric.

Bill: What about the other two stipulations?

Brooke: Maybe we could discourage Stephanie from coming in.

Eric: No, Brooke. Stephanie's an integral part of this company. You know that, Donna.

Donna: One of you has to leave.

Ridge: Donna, you know what this company means to Dad. Do you really want to rob him of that?

Bill: This whole situation will be academic once Stephanieís in prison for the death of Donnaís mother.

Eric: (Sighs) Donna, I'm sorry, but the police have already concluded their investigation of your mother's death. I-I'm not gonna ask them to open it up again. Now look, you and I... you and I can work this out. We will work this out, if you'll just... if you'll just give a little.

Donna: I canít. Stephanie has caused my family and me too much pain. And if you're with her, you're not with me.

Bill: Okay, well, then it's settled. Eric, you'll be hearing from Donnaís attorney. Donna?

Eric: No, Bill, you go. I want some--some time to talk to Donna by myself.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

Nick: No, Aggie, no surprises, no problems. All is good. Thanks for asking. She's pregnant.

Whip: (Laughs)

Nick: (Chuckles)

Whip: Well, that's fantas-- con--congratulations.

Nick: Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Whip: That's great. Mwah. I'm so happy for you.

Bridget: Aw, thank you, Whip.

Owen: Yeah, congratulations, Nick. I know how this must sound, but, uh, I do want to be a hands-on grandfather.

Nick: Well, you can consider this baby your own, Grandpa.

Steffy: Well, what's goin' on with Donna and Granddad?

Pam: Yeah, I mean, how long does it take to say, "Sayonara, sweetie"?

Stephanie: Pam, please.

Pam: What?

Stephanie: Stop making fun of this whole situation, for God sake.

(Nozzle spraying)

Pam: Oh, oh, wait. Oh, you don't have to do this now. I told you to focus on the executive suite. And don't forget about those 2-legged cockroaches. They've got blonde hair.

Man: Okay.

Pam: Okay.

Man: (Chuckles)

Steffy: Hey, what happened?

Stephanie: Did you talk to your father?

Ridge: Yeah, I did.

Steffy: Dad?

Ridge: Your grandfather and Donna are ending their marriage.

Eric: Donna, there's no reason we can't work this out.

Donna: My mother... is dead, Eric. She wouldn't have drowned in that swimming pool if she wasn't out there arguing with Stephanie.

Eric: Donna. Donna. What happened to your mother was a terrible, terrible accident. Stephanie was not responsible for it. You have to accept that.

Donna: Just like I have to accept you working with that woman? No! I'm sorry. I canít. I can't live like that. I can't be your wife like that. You--you just can't seem to let go of Stephanie. And I... I can't have her be part of my life. I can't share you, Eric, not with that woman. I... (Sighs) I'll always remember the smiles... and your laughter... the way that you look at me and make me feel so beautiful. I will never love anyone the way that... that I love you. Good-bye. Good-bye.

(Door opens)

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: How you doing?

Eric: Hmm.

Stephanie: You still love her.

Eric: Yes.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. Any chance with the two of you?

Eric: No. She can't tolerate us working together. She wants to open up the investigation again. She can't accept that it was an accident, what happened to Beth. And I... I won't let any of that happen.

Jackie: You've got to put this behind you, Bridget. I mean, if I can, you certainly should be able to.

Bridget: You aren't pregnant.

Jackie: And you are... with Nickyís child. That is our reality now.

Bridget: I don't know that I can do this, Jackie. I don't know that I can keep this secret forever. (Scoffs)

Donna: (Sighs) Don't look so surprised. I got your text. I know you wanted to see me before I left.

Stephanie: I wasn't sure that you'd come, actually.

Donna: And miss your warm and fuzzy good-bye?

Stephanie: I wanted to tell you again, actually, how sorry I am for your loss.

Donna: Everything worked out just the way you wanted. You got rid of my poor, sick mother, and now you're rid of me, too.

Stephanie: Well, I will certainly admit to you that I've always thought I'd get my husband back, but certainly not under these circumstances.

Donna: Oh, come on. You don't care about the circumstances. You care about the end results, not the means. That's why you moved into the house with my poor, sick mother staying there.

Stephanie: Are we gonna rehash this every single time?

Donna: You show up at the door like a-- this poor, pathetic homeless person. Of course he's gonna take you in.

Stephanie: You know that he has always cared for me. You've always acknowledged that.

Donna: I'm sure you delight in that.

Stephanie: I don't delight in any person's pain. I donít. Am I glad that my husband has finally come back to his senses? Yes, I am. I-I-I certainly could admit that. Look... (Stammers) it's just... it's the beginning of a new era, and the closing of an old one.

Donna: Right, and I'm supposed to go get my next rich husband and exploit him? Isn't that what you said so many times?

Stephanie: I'm sorry I said that. I am. On the other hand, I can't see you running off to a convent.

Donna: My God, you don't see any--any good in me, do you?

Stephanie: No, not really, Donna. Not after what you did with Eric. You sided with Spencer so quickly. Taking the company away from him like that? You see, that's the one thing that he and I have ever-- never ever, ever given up on, the dream that we had together when we first created Forrester Creations. And now that dream's back on track. The company is right where it belongs again, in our hands. Don't you... don't you try and take any part of this company away from him or the rest of us. If you do, I promise you, there'll be so many skeletons dancing out of your closet, you won't know what happened to you. You're no longer part of our lives. You have to accept that.

Donna: I will never, ever forget what you did to my mother. And you better just accept that, Stephanie.

Jackie: You have to keep the secret, Bridget. You--you have to. There's no alternative.

Bridget: But Nick is not the father of this baby. Keeping that from him is compounding the felony. It will lead to one lie after another for the rest of our lives. I simply can't do that, Jackie.

Jackie: You have to. Have--you--you just have to, and--and you will. You will, because otherwise, you are gonna lose your husband, and then I'm gonna lose my husband, and what is that going to accomplish? Please? Please?

Nick: Well, you two are at it again.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Nick: I'm startin' to feel a little left out here, all these intense, private little talks the two of you are having.

Jackie: Oh. Huh.

Nick: Well, who's it gonna be, huh? Which one of you two is gonna tell me what's going on?

Man: Mrs. Forrester? I have a package for you. Could you sign for it?

Donna: Oh, it's okay. I'm really just too busy. Thanks.

Man: Please, Mrs. Forrester? It would help me out.

Donna: Okay. What do I do? Where?

Man: Just sign right there.

Donna: Thank you. Thanks. Whoa.

Pam: Donna! (Laughs) I just... I just wanted to say "Tootles."

Donna: (Sighs) Pammy, you know, I... I really had a terrible day. Please don't mess with me.

Pam: Yeah, that-- that's why you're slithering out through the loading dock. But you know, actually, that's perfect for me, 'cause I've been trying to exterminate this place. I got rid of "Cockroach Katie" and "Beetle Bill," and now it's your turn...

Donna: (Scoffs)

Pam: "Dust mite Donna." (Laughs) Take her up, Mac!

Donna: What? What? Whoa! Whoa! Oh, hey, stop this thing. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, help. Get me--get me down from-- Pammy! Oh, my God. Somebody, help! Help! Aah! (Scoffs) (Screams)

(Opossum growling)

Donna: Help! Oh, help! Oh, somebody, help me!

(Rats chittering)

Donna: Oh! Aah! Aah! Help! Help! (Shouting indistinctly)

Stephanie: Anything I can do for you?

Eric: You can assure me that today's not gonna get any worse.

Stephanie: I wish I could. I don't think I can. Why don't you go home?

Eric: What would I do there?

Stephanie: Well, um, I'll come over.

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I'll make you a martini, fix you dinner. We'll call the kids, have them come over.

Eric: Eh, I'm afraid I wouldn't be very good, uh, very good company.

Stephanie: Well, you know what we could do? We could play, um, you remember that game we used to play with the kids? You know, when they would, uh, be so difficult sitting around the dinner table? What--what'd we used to call it?

Eric: Oh, "who smiles first?"

Stephanie: Yes.

Eric: Yeah. Nobody wanted to be the first person to smile when they were mad.

Stephanie: That's right.

Eric: Yeah.

Stephanie: And then you would all those silly old routines, those jokes.

Eric: Yes, they would get even more upset, yeah.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Yeah. They're good memories.

Stephanie: Exactly. When you're family, it's all about memories... old ones, new ones, good ones, bad ones-- they're each a gift.

Eric: Thank you. Thanks for reminding me.

Ridge: Well, how about that?

Brooke: The Forrester kingdom is back in place... matriarch and patriarch reuniting... while my family is in ruins.

Ridge: You're a Forrester, too, Logan.

Brooke: I know. (Chuckles) I'm gonna go back down to the office. Mm.

Ridge: Want some company?

Brooke: No, I'm fine.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Steffy: Look at Grandma and Granddad. God, I just-- I'm so happy for them. You know, they'll soon be back together. Grandma's been through a lot, but... she's endured. I think she's earned this. I'm proud of her. Long live the Forresters!

Stephanie: I just wanted to, um, tell you that... (Sighs) the fact that you stood up for me today the way you did, I... it meant the world to me. I guess it means you're not such a weak fuddy-duddy after all. Gotcha. (Chuckles)

Steffy: (Laughs) Did you--

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