B&B Transcript Friday 4/2/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/2/10


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Whip: My beautiful bride.

Nick: Aw.

(Glasses clink)

Donna: Thanks for coming back here with me.

Hope: Yeah, of course. I mean, it seemed like you could use the company.

Donna: God, you know, I used to love this home, and now it just seems so lonely to me.

Hope: It's just a wedding, Aunt Donna.

Donna: Yes, one that I wasn't invited to.

Hope: Yeah, neither was I.

Donna: Are you kidding? You'll be fine. I mean, Oliver seems like he really likes you.

Hope: Yeah, and Eric loves you. He's your husband.

Donna: Yes, but right now he's at a wedding with Stephanie.

Pam: Did--did I just see Ridge and Brooke leaving?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Pam: Knowing those two, they probably want to celebrate alone. (Chuckles) Champagne. Good idea. It takes the edge off.

Stephanie: I think I'll wait for the after party.

Pam: What after party? You mean you and Eric back at your house?

Stephanie: Actually, his wife called me. She doesn't want me to use the guesthouse.

Pam: Oh! And we always do what Donna says, don't we? It's really happening, isn't it, Steph? The hot tamale's days are numbered. Come on. Think about it.

Eric: Hi, you two.

Pam: Hi.

Stephanie: Hi, honey.

Eric: What are you grinning about?

(Indistinct conversations)

Nick: Nice dress.

Bridget: Oh.

Nick: You did a good job.

Bridget: Thank you.

Nick: Actually, you outdid yourself. Not just a good job.

Bridget: I was happy with it.

Taylor: Hey.

Nick: Congratulations. You look beautiful.

Taylor: You love this gown?

Nick: I do.

Taylor: It's beautiful.

Nick: You look happy, too. Very happy.

Taylor: I am very happy, Nick.

Nick: You know what? Maybe this guy's the right guy. Maybe this one will stick.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Taylor: Spoken like a very sensitive ex-husband.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Nick: (Laughs) Whip Jones is a very lucky man, just like I am.

Taylor: Thank you.

Bridget: He adores you. Don't forget it.

Taylor: That's good advice. It seems to work for you.

Nick: Can I take some cake home?

Taylor: Yes. I'm just glad you came here. I-I've got--

Nick: Just one...

Whip: (Chuckles) Look at you.

Jackie: (Chuckles) I love weddings, being able to spend such a special day with family and friends.

Owen: Yeah, well, we, uh, kind of missed out on that with our wedding being in Hawaii, I know.

Jackie: No. Darling, I am not complaining. Believe me. Our wedding on that beach was just perfect. If only I'd known what I know now.

Owen: Oh, yeah. What's that?

Jackie: That after a year of marriage, I am even more in love than I was on our wedding day.

Owen: Ohh.

Jackie: (Sighs)

(Indistinct conversations)

Oliver: I wish you could forget you ever saw that dumb video. Let it go, Aggie.

Aggie: Have they let it go? I don't think so.

Eric: That must have been very interesting.

Stephanie: What?

Pam: What?

Eric: The conversation you were just having.

Pam: Oh, well, no, we were just talking about clothes, how fabulous everybody looks, especially Stephanie. Now come on, does she look gorgeous, or what?

Stephanie: Would you stop fishing for compliments?

Eric: (Chuckles) There's no need to fish for compliments. You look beautiful.

Stephanie: Well, thank you.

Eric: You're welcome.

Pam: You see what happens when you throw a little bait in the water?

Steffy: Mmm.

Oliver: What are-- what are you doing?

Steffy: I'm removing your first item of clothing tonight.

Oliver: Steffy...

Steffy: We have one more official duty. Then you and I can disappear. Come on. Excuse me. Excuse me. May we have your attention, please? As a very proud maid of honor...

Oliver: And the very honored best man.

Steffy: May we present to you Mr...

Oliver: And Mrs.

Steffy: Whip Jones' first dance.

Woman: Ohh. Ahh.

Whip: Okay.


Whip: I, um, I actually have one more thing to say.

Stephanie: Ohh.

Whip: Yes, I know, I know. Um, I wanted, uh...

Taylor: (Laughs)

Whip: I wanted a very special way to tell you and everybody what you really mean to me, so I have enlisted the help of my friend here, Beau Davidson...

Pam: Ohh.

Whip: To, uh, put my feelings into song. So he's gonna sing it right now for us. It's my wedding gift to you. "You're All I Ever Wanted."

(Music begins)

Beau: Everything that's ever been anything/ is standing right here before my eyes/ all I know is your love/ has touched my heart and filled every empty space inside/ if I never see all my dreams come true/ the one that mattered the most was you/ you're all I ever wanted /all I ever needed/ you've given me something to hold onto and believe in/ as long as you're in my arms every night for the rest of my life/ I won't need nothing/ you're all I ever wanted/ I feel you move through my heart and soul/ you're a part of me/ and I'm not letting go/ you're all I ever wanted/ all I ever needed/ you've given me something to hold onto and believe in/ as long as you're in my arms every night for the rest of my life/ I won't need nothing/ no, no you're all I ever wanted/ you're all I ever wanted.


(Soft music playing)

Bridget: (Chuckles)

Nick: May I?

Jackie: (Laughs) Oh.

Owen: Yeah. Hi.

Bridget: Hi. This--this seems a little awkward.

Owen: Well, it's a wedding. And I think we're gonna be okay. All right?

Eric: (Speaking indistinctly)

Stephanie: Oh, I know.

Pam: Isn't that sweet?

Hope: Okay, I vote we make a pact. I will not worry about Oliver with Steffy, even though I know she is throwing herself at him, and you won't worry about Eric with Stephanie.

Donna: Even though I know she's doing the same thing?

Hope: Yeah, we'll just-- we'll let them each have their innocent little night with the enemy.

Donna: Yes, yes, innocent little night.

(Cell phone rings)

Donna: (Sighs)

Hope: Hmm. Hi.

Oliver: Hey. Just wanted to touch base.

Hope: How's the wedding going?

Oliver: The ceremony's over. Reception's in full swing.

Hope: Oh, I'm shocked Steffy let you out of her clutches.

Oliver: I managed to slip away.

Hope: Not for too long, I bet. So what's her quarterback rating? I'm sure she's thrown several passes your way.

Oliver: All incompletions.

Hope: Hmm. Don't let your guard down.

Oliver: I wonít.

Hope: Good. Hey, thanks for calling. It really means a lot to me.

Oliver: Catch you later.

Hope: Okay. Bye.

Thomas: I saw you on the dance floor.

Steffy: Uh, yeah, I saw you, too.

Thomas: Uh, actually, no, you didnít. Your eyes were closed.

Steffy: I was getting into the music.

Thomas: You were all over that guy. So tell me, are you in love with him, or is this some infatuation?

Steffy: Neither. (Giggles) Mmm. There you are! You're not supposed to abandon your maid of honor.

Oliver: I thought you'd be safe with your brother.

Steffy: Well, maybe I don't want to be safe. Actually, that's definitely not what I want.

Oliver: Yo, dude, you know, thanks again for letting me stay at your friend's beach house.

Owen: Oh, yeah. Wait. Uh, what do you mean?

Oliver: What--

Owen: Oh, I-I don't know. I guess I just kind of forgot about that. Uh...

Oliver: Well, if you talk to your buddy, tell him thanks again. And if he needs me to leave, just--just let me know.

Owen: Yeah, uh, I will-- yeah, I'm gonna tell him that. Look, would you excuse me a second?

Oliver: Sure.

Donna: (Sighs)

Hope: I wonder how long the reception will last.

Donna: Too long.

Hope: Hey, Aunt Donna, I've got a wild idea.

Donna: You know, I-I just have to believe that he will not bring that woman here. I mean, he won't do that to me. (Sighs)

Eric: So are you about ready to go?

Stephanie: Uh, you go ahead.

Eric: What about you?

Stephanie: Your wife called me this evening. Eric, she really does not want me to stay in the guesthouse.

Eric: Stephanie, I invited you to stay in the guesthouse. Do you not want to?

Stephanie: Well, it isn't that I--

Eric: I'll get the car.

Taylor: Mm.

Whip: Okay, this is gonna be the nice piece. Open. Aah. Aah. Aah-aah.

Taylor: Mmm.

Whip: Good, huh?

Taylor: I still can't believe you did that, that incredible song, and having your friend come here and sing it.

Whip: Every word was from the heart.

Taylor: That was the most romantic... wedding gift ever.

Whip: Mmm.

Aggie: Romance is in the air, isn't it?

Bridget: (Laughs nervously) Yeah, it's kind of thick, isn't it?

Aggie: You know, did you mean what you said, Bridget, about giving us another chance?

Bridget: You know, I was wondering the same thing about you. It's just sometimes when you look at me, I feel like it's really intense, like you're accusing me or something.

Aggie: What would I have to accuse you of?

Bridget: I don't know.

Oliver: Hey, ladies, lighten up. It's a wedding.

Bridget: Yeah.

Oliver: Aggs, I want to take a picture with my sister. Come on.

Nick: Very good to see you and Aggie talking a little bit.

Bridget: Really? Hmm. (Sighs)

Whip: Whoo! (Sighs)

Pam: Hey, Whip.

Whip: Hey.

Pam: This is for you...

Whip: Oh.

Pam: And your bride.

Whip: Thank you, Pam.

Pam: But don't shake it or turn it over. And if you don't open it tonight, then you should put it in the refrigerator.

Whip: Wow. I wonder what it could be.

Pam: Just a little something that I "whipped" up in the kitchen...

Whip: Oh.

Pam: For this guy that I still have a crush on. But now he's married. Oh, and, um, Taylor should sample that first and then wait and see if anything happens. Just kidding.

Whip: (Chuckles)

(Door opens)

Donna: Eric? Oh, Eric, you're home. I'll make us-- let me fix you some dinner. I'm so glad you're home. Mwah.

Stephanie: Would you mind setting the table for three?

Donna: What?

Oliver: You gotta lay off Bridget.

Aggie: Oliver, she's a guilty woman.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Oliver: Yeah, well, wouldn't you know?

Aggie: Excuse me.

Steffy: You know, the guests are almost gone. And then the newlyweds will go upstairs. And I wonder what they'll be doing? But really, who cares, 'cause we have the whole place to ourselves down here.

(Silverware clinking on glass)

Taylor: Okay, um, before anybody goes home, I-I have some thank-yous I want to say. First, I... (Sighs) I want to thank my children, my beautiful children, Steffy and Thomas. Thank you so much for being there for me, even when I haven't been able to be there for you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you both so much, more than you know. And the rest of you, I-I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you're here to share this-- this special day in my life. I can't thank you enough. And a tribute to my husband Whip, whose energy and love can be felt...

Whip: (Chuckles)

Taylor: In every single corner of this room.

Whip: Oh, yeah.

Taylor: Thank you so much for making this day so special to me. I love you, Whip. I love you. And I'm looking forward to our future and... thank you for making me happier than I could have ever dreamed of.


Woman: Whoo!

Hope: So the wedding was good?

Oliver: Yeah, I guess. I'm not a big fan of weddings, but...

Hope: Hmm. Well, how about you tell me about it over ice cream?

Steffy: All right, best man, your maid of honor is... what are you doing here?

Hope: Oh, hey, Steffy. It looks like you changed, huh?

Steffy: You know, it's considered rude to go to a wedding that you're not invited to.

Hope: Mm, seems to me like the wedding's over. Besides, we're not staying. Oliver and I are going out for ice cream.

Oliver: I'm just gonna go grab my iPod from Thomas.

Steffy: You couldn't stay away, could ya?

Hope: I'm sorry. Did I ruin your plans for the rest of the evening?

Steffy: Let me give you some advice, Hope. Women who cling are a turnoff. Oh, but you're not a woman just yet.

Hope: Oh, she's jealous.

Steffy: Mm, of a high school girl. Hardly.

Hope: It seems to me, Steffy, that you're the one who's being clingy.

Steffy: Look, I don't mean to be rude, but Oliver is an adult, and you're just a kid.

Hope: Oliver and I have something special.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. You're infatuated.

Hope: He likes me, Steffy, a lot, okay? And I know that's hard for you to stomach, but you're just gonna have to get over it.

Steffy: Okay, okay, fine. You know, why are you guys going out for ice cream when you can have some cake? I'll leave you two alone.

Hope: Yeah?

Steffy: Yeah, serious. Knock yourself out. Oops. (Gasps) Now you can have your cake and eat it, too. Have fun, kids.

Hope: (Giggles)

Oliver: Chocolate, my favorite.

Hope: (Giggles) Here.

Whip: Mmm. Mmm. Well, we pulled it off.

Taylor: Mmm.

Whip: (Chuckles)

Taylor: It was a little touch and go there for just a little bit.

Whip: Oh, you mean the part where Ridge decided to stand up out of the whole ceremony?

Taylor: Yeah, I half expected a horse to show up in the doorway.

Whip: (Chuckles) No, thanks.

Taylor: (Chuckles)

Whip: Well, I guess there's only one thing to say at this point, huh?

Taylor: Hmm?

Whip: Giddyap. (Whinnies)

Taylor: Mmm.

Donna: What is she doing here?

Stephanie: There I go teasing you again. I'll just be in the guesthouse for a few days.

Donna: Stephanie, we-- Eric, I love you, and you have transformed my life, but there is a time that you have to put the past in the past, okay? You have to be loyal to your wife, and that's me, Eric, not Stephanie. Now I know you're upset, okay? I know that you're upset about the takeover and Katie and Bill, but that is not my fault, okay? I can--I can put up with Stephanie at the office, and I can--I can even put up with her crazy sister Pam, but not here, not in my home. That is where I draw the line. Just please just ask her-- ask her to go.

Eric: Donna, she's staying in the guesthouse.

Donna: No. I cannot accept that.

Eric: Well, what is this? Is this an ultimatum?

Donna: No, I will not live with that woman, Eric. Not now, not--not even for just one night. Just ask her to go. Please, just ask her to go.

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