B&B Transcript Friday 3/26/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 3/26/10


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Brooke: To a very interesting evening.

(Glasses clink)

Ridge: To say the least.

Brooke: What in the world happened? I mean--I mean, am I hallucinating, or did Whip and Taylor leave here extremely happy?

Whip: And they're coming into the home stretch! And they're coming around the bulkhead turn.

Taylor: Oh, stop it! Stop! You're killing me!

Whip: No? You don't like that?

Taylor: You're gonna give me a charley horse.

Whip: Oh, that's bad. Okay. Time. Time. No more--no, please. No more horse jokes.

Taylor: Okay, okay, although, I am glad we trotted on home.

Whip: (Laughs mockingly)

Taylor: Oh, God, that's bad. So bad.

Whip: Mm.

Taylor: (Laughs)

Oliver: "Touch me, please. Make me see as only I can see when I don't think. Take me please. Take my soul, the you and me, the only place to be beyond the brink."

Aggie: What are you doing with that?

Oliver: You wrote this poem?

Aggie: Yes. It's called "Prayer."

Oliver: It ought to be called "Love." It's about Nick Marone, right?

Bridget: Wow. All of that just for rehiring Aggie?

Nick: Give me an excuse, any excuse.

Bridget: Oh, honey, you don't need an excuse. (Giggles) Of course, you do know that she still has a thing for you, don't you?

Nick: Well, I can talk to Aggie if that would make you feel better.

Bridget: Honey, your talking to a woman that professes to love you will definitely not make me feel better.

Nick: I thought we were past all this.

Bridget: I-I-I do want to get past it. And that's why I rehired her.

Nick: Well, let it go, then. You do trust me as much as I trust you, I hope.

Aggie: It's not about Nick. It's called "Prayer," for God sakes.

Oliver: Ah, yes, a prayer to Venus, the goddess of love.

Aggie: Oh, shut up.

Oliver: Hey, you were never able to lie to me, even when we were kids.

Aggie: You always thought I was lying, and I wasn't, and I'm not now.

Oliver: I'm not being judgmental.

Aggie: You are.

Oliver: I'm just worried.

Aggie: Well, don't be.

Oliver: Bad things happen when you hold in your feelings, and you know that.

Aggie: So what you're saying is I should act on my feelings.

Oliver: (Sighs)

Brooke: I am starting to believe in miracles again. (Sighs) I never thought Taylor would really be over you-- neither of us did.

Ridge: Well, we were wrong.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Ridge: But when that maÓtre d' mentioned that "man and horse," Taylorís reaction-- that was amazing.

Brooke: (Giggles) She really lost it.

Ridge: I bet that minister still talks about that one. Hell, I still talk about it. You showin' up there with that horse, breaking up Taylorís and my wedding, that's--

Brooke: (Sighs) I really pushed poor Trigger.

Ridge: You know what, Logan?

Ridge: I owe that horse.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Taylor: (Sighs)

Whip: You understand now why I had to do this, hmm?

Taylor: I just never would have thought that it would turn out this way.

Whip: (Sighs) Old habits are hard to break.

Taylor: You know what? You are exactly right.

Whip: Mm.

Taylor: I think my feelings for Ridge-- they've become like an old habit. You know, like, I-I just always expected them to be there... that is... until tonight.

Whip: How do you feel now?

Taylor: Free.

Whip: (Sighs)

Taylor: Free for the first time since-- since I can even remember. I honestly feel like I'm free of Ridge. Mm.

Brooke: I wonder what's really going on in that head of yours.

Ridge: About what?

Brooke: No longer the object of Taylorís desire. Must have hurt a little bit. Admit it.

Taylor: Tell the truth.

Whip: Hmm?

Taylor: Did you really think tonight would turn out the way it did? Truth.

Whip: (Laughs) Okay. Truth. Um, I don't know. I-I didn't know what was gonna happen. I just knew something had to give, you know? I had gone as far as I could with you, but it definitely wasn't far enough.

Taylor: (Sighs) I didn't see that. I--I thought we were fine.

Whip: (Laughs) Yeah, I know. I know. That's what was so frustrating. You were completely unaware of something that I was hauntingly aware of.

Taylor: I figured most--most ex-wives must feel that way about their ex-husbands. I don't know.

Whip: Hmm.

Taylor: But at some point, it--it left me. It was gone. It just took tonight for me to see that.

Whip: Well, when did that feeling leave you?

Taylor: The moment I fell in love with you.

Bridget: Oh, trust. Gosh, that's not really something I en-enjoy talking about these days.

Nick: (Scoffs) Honey, come on, seriously, I mean, you really don't think anything would happen between me and Aggie, I mean, seriously, huh?

Bridget: No, no. I've--of course I donít. I know. I-I-I know that's not what you meant, and I trust you, Nick. I do.

Nick: Okay. So why is this such an issue?

Bridget: It's not. Well, it's--it won't be. It's--

Nick: Here. Look at it this way. There's no way anything would happen between her and I because she knows too much. She's learned all your lessons.

Bridget: My lessons?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, your lessons-- the loyalty and commitment and all that good stuff.

Bridget: Right. Um, I did-- I have to get back this stuff. Um, can I use your phone?

Nick: Whoa, look at you. My wife can't take a compliment. (Laughs) I'm sorry. You're just gonna have to get used to that. You're gonna have to get used to it, because that's the way it's gonna be, because in my book, you represent everything that's good.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Oliver: No! I don't want you acting on your feelings for Nick, but at least admit you have them.

Aggie: I like him. Who doesn't like him? He's a great guy.

Oliver: Oh, cut it out! You have a mega crush on this dude.

Aggie: I just--I don't get how Nick and his mother can both be married to these two-faced lying-- like Bridget, she has everyone convinced that she's--

Oliver: Are you gonna obsess about this forever?

Aggie: No. I'm not gonna obsess about it. I'm gonna act on it.

Nick: Hey.

Aggie: Hi, Nick.

Nick: Hey, how you doing?

Aggie: This is my little brother Oliver. You--you've met or--

Oliver: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah. How are you?

Aggie: Oliver was just leaving.

Oliver: Right.

Aggie: Talk to you later.

Oliver: Later.

Aggie: Hi.

Nick: Hey. Did you, um, by any chance, see that folder. My mother--I think she had left--what's this?

Aggie: Nothing. Just a--oh, it's a poem that I wrote.

Nick: Well, what's it about?

Aggie: It's, um, a prayer for something I want very badly.

Owen: Hey.

Bridget: Hi.

Owen: Well, you look, uh, pretty beat.

Bridget: I am.

Owen: Well, why don't you take off, go ahead and, um, you know, get some sleep?

Bridget: Sleep is not really what I need right now, Owen. I'm just struggling with accepting this new me.

Owen: This new you?

Bridget: Yeah, the kind of woman that would cheat on her husband and then pretend like nothing happened.

Aggie: So did you, um, did you get your subpoena?

Nick: I did, yeah. Are you ready to testify?

Aggie: I am, you know? Show me a courtroom. I'm there.

Nick: You're a strong woman.

Aggie: I am a grateful woman. If it wasn't for you, Nick, I would still be locked in that little bitty trailer with my demons.

Nick: But we are in agreement, right? Uh, we shouldn't have kept this from Bridget.

Aggie: The woman who hates secrets, yeah.

Nick: Um... you know, I-I really think that she--she deserved to be treated better, especially by me.

Aggie: You don't think she's ever kept a secret from you?

Nick: (Laughs) Well, I'm-- not of any consequence.

Aggie: Really? I mean, she's--she's a human being, Nick. She's not a saint.

Nick: Well, what she did for you is pretty saintly.

Aggie: Oh, absolutely. Giving my--me my job back-- yes, absolutely. I... especially since she knows how I feel about you.

Nick: Yeah, we should probably talk about that.

Aggie: No, listen, you don't have to worry about that, because I might be attracted to you and feel love for you, but unlike a lot of people, I know how to respect a man and his marriage.

Nick: That's what I've been telling Bridget.

Aggie: She doesn't-- she doesn't trust me still?

Nick: Well, that is-- it's understandable, given what you just said.

Aggie: I don't think it's understandable, Nick. I think it's guilt.

Taylor: I still cannot believe how this evening turned out. (Sighs) Did I pass your test?

Whip: Yes, with flying colors.

Taylor: That test was genius, Mr. Jones.

Whip: Thank you.

Taylor: But I think I probably needed it more than you did.

Whip: Oh, no. No, maybe as much, but... not more. You see, I needed you... more than I've ever needed or wanted anything, but I couldn't have you. I mean, I could only have part of you, and for a while, that was okay. I thought that maybe... maybe after a while, I could... replace Ridge in your-- your heart or your mind, but... you're not that kind of person and neither am I.

Taylor: So what do I get for passing your test? An "A"-plus?

Whip: Hmm.

Taylor: A trophy? Diploma?

Whip: (Clicks tongue) No. Well, let's see. How about... this.

Ridge: How appropriate that we're the last to leave.

Brooke: Gonna really miss this place.

Ridge: Had a great run. Robert, we're ready for our check, please.

Robert: Not tonight, Mr. Forrester. This one's on me.

Ridge: Oh, come on. This is your last night of business. At least let us pay the check.

Robert: You have paid so many checks at Cafť Russe. You were my best customer. I want to do this.

Brooke: Oh, Robert, I'm so sad it's closing.

Robert: So many memories. You know, there is one way you could repay me.

Ridge: Name it.

Robert: I'm gonna sit at the bar and have one last drink. And you have one last dance.

Ridge: Okay, Robert, you got it.

(Romantic music playing)

(Glasses clink)

Owen: Look, Bridget, we are going to get through this, okay?

Bridget: Yeah. (Sighs) I know we will as long as I lie. I just don't know how much longer I can do that to Nick.

Owen: You are gonna be doing something infinitely worse to Nick if you do tell him.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Owen: All right, not just to Nick, but to yourself, to--to Jackie and to me. There is way too much at stake here. This has got to stay our secret. It's the best thing for everybody-- for you, for me and for everybody that we love, okay?

Bridget: (Sighs)

Nick: Bridget has nothing to feel guilty about.

Aggie: And yet she does, doesn't she?

Nick: Well, you sound like she almost-- like you feel she deserves it.

Aggie: Oh, no. I'm not your wife's conscience. I mean, she's gonna have to deal with what she's done on her own.

Nick: "What she's done"? What--are you somehow blaming her for the miscarriage here? Is that--

Aggie: No, I would-- no, I don't blame her for that. I don't blame anybody. It was nobody's fault.

Nick: Well, then why do you say that she deserves to feel guilty? Does--

Aggie: Those were your words, Nick, not mine.

Nick: O-Okay. Uh, still we have a bit of a touchy issue here, and that is your feelings for me.

Aggie: That's okay. You don't have to worry about that. I told you.

Nick: (Scoffs) Okay. I'm committed to my wife.

Aggie: I understand that. I got it.

Nick: Okay.

Aggie: I know, you know? You s--I know how you feel about her. You see her as this great woman of principle and integrity and...

Nick: And you don't see her that way?

Aggie: No, I--look, I'm not--I'm not gonna criticize your wife, Nick. I know how you feel about her. I just--I don't-- it doesn't take away what we shared, you know, what came between us. You gave me my life back. You were my savior, and you didn't do it because you were in love with me. You did it because you care. That's the kind of person that you are--you care, and that, more than anything, is the reason that I have the feelings for you that I do. So I can't talk myself out of that. I can't make myself not feel the way that I feel. I care for you because you cared for me. And you can't talk me out of it either, so don't even try, you know? Don't try to make me not care about you or not love you, because I can't, because you're you, okay?

Nick: (Laughs) Okay.

Aggie: Okay.

Whip: Well, it's just a box until you open it.

Taylor: (Gasps) Oh, Whip.

Whip: Hmm?

Taylor: (Gasps)

Whip: May I put it on?

Whip: Oh. I'm sorry. You're right. Let me do this the right way. (Clears throat) I want to share my life with you. I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?

Taylor: Yes. Yes, I'll marry you.

Whip: Mm-hmm.

Whip: Okay. Now let me put it on.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Whip: Let me see. (Sighs) Okay. Oh, look at that.

Taylor: Oh.

Whip: It's a perfect fit. (Laughs)

Taylor: (Sighs)

Whip: Okay. So now I hope you don't mind, but, uh, I'm not really into long engagements, so if you want to wait for, you know, six or eight months, I mean, I-I'm willing to negotiate that, but...

Taylor: Or how about next week?

Whip: Well, thatís... that's a horse of a different color. (Laughs)

Taylor: (Laughs)

Whip: Next week it is.

Taylor: (Laughs) Mm. Mm. Mm.

Whip: I love you.

Taylor: I love you. Mm. (Sniffles)

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