B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/24/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/24/10


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Brooke: Oh, my goodness. I can't believe that I agreed to this. You, Taylor, Ridge and me on a double date? (Laughs) we must be crazy.

Whip: What? It's just dinner between ex-wives and ex-husbands. What could go wrong?

Brooke: Well, I could think of a few things.

Whip: Look, I know you'd rather be doing a hundred different things tonight, so thank you for doing this.

Brooke: Don't thank me yet. Ridge may very well back out of it.

Ridge: Taylor, do you agree the hem just a tad shorter?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, that's good.

Ridge: All right, tell Stella bring the hem up an inch and a half, and I think we'll be good. Thank you, ladies.

Girl: Thank you.

Girl: Thank you.

Ridge: Only here a few days, and you're already bored?

Taylor: No, no. It isn't that. I'm just thinking about our dinner tonight.

Ridge: Ah, yes, our double date. What's up with that anyway? Whose idea was it?

Taylor: Not mine.

Ridge: So it was Whip's idea? Why would he even want us all in the same room together? What, is he looking for something explosive for one of his P.R. campaigns?

Taylor: No, that's definitely not it.

Ridge: Okay. Well, then I have to ask, what is this dinner all about?

Stephanie: These designs are wonderful.

Eric: I'm feeling inspired again. I've got my muse back.

Stephanie: We're getting a little old for that one.

Eric: (Chuckles) No, I wouldn't say that, not ever. You have always and will always be my inspiration. I had forgotten how much.

Stephanie: Thank you. That's very sweet. The truth be known, I-I think it's because you own the business again.

Eric: (Chuckles) Well, that's true enough. The Bill and Katie chapter in Forresterís history is over now, and it feels damn good.

Donna: Is, uh, Eric in there? Are those brownies you're hiding?

Pam: No, no, no, no. They're just lemon bars. You hate my lemon bars, remember?

Donna: Uh-huh.

Pam: (Sighs)

Donna: Liar.

Pam: I'm just trying to protect you from yourself.

Donna: (Laughs) Funny, Pam. You protect me from myself.

Pam: Well... (Sighs) someone's got to, sweetheart. Look, I-I'm not trying to be mean, but you know... (Laughs)

Donna: Okay. All right, stop. You--you've already said that too many times before.

Pam: Not that you're not still beautiful. You are. You got a little more jiggle to your wiggle. (Laughs) Do you get it? Jiggle to your wiggle?

Donna: O-O-Okay, you--you are harassing me in the workplace, and it's not funny.

Pam: Oh, don't be serious. I'm just teasing you.

Donna: No, you're being cruel. And you know what? If I were still vice president, I'd fire you.

Pam: Yeah, but you're not, are you? Lucky for me. (Laughs) My sister's back. You're out. So I'm not gonna be taking a hike anytime soon. But you might be. (Laughs)

Katie: You know, I don't miss Forrester Creations one teeny tiny little bit. I mean, it's nice to have a break from the grind, right? Go on long walks on the beach in the middle of the afternoon, go to the farmers' market, stay in bed all day long with my husband. Hmm? You have to admit, this little break's been pretty good for our love life.

Bill: Well, you know, you do have a point. Maybe you should get fired more often.

Katie: Mmm.

Bill: Mmm. You know, you do make a compelling argument for being a beach bum.

Katie: (Giggles) Right? It's kind of fun, huh?

Bill: Mm. Yeah. But no matter how much you hate to admit it, you do miss Forrester Creations.

Katie: Maybe I miss it a little bit. But I do not miss all that drama. I'm sure it's off the charts now that Stephanie is back.

Stephanie: It was interesting walking back into the building today.

Eric: Was it?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Everybody in this building is very happy to have you back again, you know? In fact, so is the whole industry. Take a look at these. None of these are, uh, Spencer Publications, by the way.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) Well, that's no surprise.

Eric: (Chuckles) I guess not.

Stephanie: Look at Ridge. He's so happy to be C.E.O.

Eric: Yeah.

Stephanie: And it's nice not having the Logan girls run the company. I'll tell ya, it seems to me all's right with the world...

Donna: Eric, we need to talk.

Stephanie: Almost.

Brooke: So tell me, what is this dinner all about?

Whip: Well, um, Taylor and I are becoming much more involved, and I'm, um...

Brooke: You're what? Are you falling in love with her?

Whip: Yes.

Brooke: (Gasps)

Taylor: The dinner tonight is about... you and me.

Ridge: What about us?

Taylor: Well, more like my feelings for you. Whip and I have been talking about possibly having a future together, and he knows how much I care about you. He knows that you've always been an important part of my life.

Ridge: What does the four of us having dinner have to do with anything?

Taylor: I guess so he can see if I'm still emotionally attached to you at all. I think it's something like a test.

Ridge: Hmm. You think you'll pass this test?

Taylor: I don't know.

Eric: Donna, what happened?

Donna: It's Pammy. She's driving me a little bonkers. But what's new?

Pam: I was only kidding.

Donna: No, you were not joking, Pammy.

Pam: Yes, I was.

Eric: What happened?

Donna: Okay, I-I already feel like the odd man out here with you two working together, and... (Sighs) I may not be president anymore, but I still--

Stephanie: Vice president.

Donna: Vice president. But I still deserve to be treated with a little bit of respect. I mean, is it too much to ask to visit my husband at work without being harassed?

Pam: Oh, lighten up, Donna. And, no, I didn't mean it that way. I didnít.

Donna: Are--are you just gonna let her treat me like this?

Stephanie: Pam, apologize to Donna, please. We have a lot of work Eric and I are going to do.

Pam: Okay. Okay. I'm very sorry, Donna. And now I think you and I should really go. I mean, we shouldn't be disturbing Stephanie and Eric. They can't be worrying about our little squabbles. They're way too busy for little you and me. Well... (Chuckles) sorry. Little me, big you. We should go.

Brooke: So you're falling in love with Taylor.

Whip: Yeah, I am.

Brooke: That's really very sweet, Whip.

Whip: Thanks.

Brooke: But be careful, because she's never really gotten over Ridge.

Whip: Yeah. Look, I know that she's still attached to him.

Brooke: I'm not sure that's ever going to change.

Whip: Well, that's why I had this dinner arranged for tonight. I gotta find out. I want to see how she interacts with Ridge. I have to see if she's still committed to her ex-husband or if she's committed to me. Watching her interact with Ridge is the only way I'm gonna find out.

Ridge: Why don't we just cancel the dinner?

Taylor: No, no, I-I think-- I think Whip has a right to know my feelings.

Ridge: It's just that you're being put on the spot, and that's not fair to you.

Taylor: No, I don't think it's fair to him to be wondering whether or not I'm truly over you. (Sighs) I... (Sighs) I don't want to do this in another relationship with a man. I... (Scoffs) get to a point, and I can't go on, and it's because I haven't gotten over you. But, you know, I know that our time has come and gone. I'm--I'm aware of that. But Whip and I have been becoming very intimate, and... before I-I hurt him... I need to know my feelings. And he needs to know if I'll be able to love another man as much as I have you.

Ridge: Taylor, you and I have had a wonderful life together, beautiful children, and I wouldn't trade the time we had for anything in the world.

Taylor: No, I know-- what I'm trying to say is I know what it feels like to be second best. I lived that with Brooke, and I-I don't want to do that to Whip. I mean, I-I admit, I've--I have some lingering feelings for you, but I guess I don't know if that's because we were together for so long or... if maybe I never will really get over you.

Ridge: You're putting way too much pressure on yourself. You know that?

Taylor: No, I don't, because this is a very defining moment in my life and my future and possibly having a future with Whip. I just-- I don't know what's going to happen.

Whip: Look, wouldn't you want to know if the person you were in love with was still hung up on their ex?

Brooke: Yeah, I know what you mean. I spent years wondering the same thing about Ridge. I am kind of curious to see how Taylor will react. But one night, Whip? Is that really enough to get the answer that you need?

Whip: Well, I'll be able to tell if Taylorís not over Ridge. I'll see it in her eyes. I'll know if there's any replacing him in her heart.

Ridge: You're doing a lot of soul-searching here, Taylor. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

Taylor: I've done a lot of soul-searching over the last few months, and I've tried to figure out what went wrong, and I still haven't figured it out.

Ridge: Well, maybe it just wasn't our time.

Taylor: Yes, it was. It was taken from us, Ridge. That's all. I mean, we said our vows. (Stammering) Brooke rode in there on that damn horse, or we would be together right now.

(Cell phone rings)

Ridge: Hello. Yeah, I'll be right there. I'm sorry. I gotta run. I'll be back.

Taylor: All right.

Bill: Let's make a deal.

Katie: Mmm. Am I gonna need a lawyer for this?

Bill: (Laughs) No. The deal is no more talk about Forrester Creations.

Katie: Oh. You're tired of hearing me whine.

Bill: What's done is done, sweetheart. It's in the past.

Katie: You're right.

Bill: We've got bigger fish to fry.

Katie: We've got each other, and that's all that matters. To leaving Forrester Creations and all the bad memories that go with it in the dust, where they belong.

Bill: Cheers to that.

(Glasses clink)

Donna: Is that true, honey bear? You're--you're too busy for me?

Eric: No. No, Donna. I did not say that.

Donna: Well, I-I certainly feel like I'm being shut out.

Stephanie: Well, perhaps you're overreacting because I'm back at the company.

Donna: Yeah.

Pam: Well, don't fret, little miss hot tamale. (Laughs) I bet that sounds pretty good to you right now, doesn't it, with a side of guacamole and a little sour cream.

Stephanie: Oh, Pammy.

Pam: I'm kidding.

Donna: Do you see what I have to deal with? Eric, please just get rid of them. Please.

Eric: (Sighs)

Minister: It is my great pleasure, by the power of the church and the State of California, to pronounce you man and...

(Horse whinnying)

Minister: Horse!

Brooke: (Gasping)

Ridge: Logan.

Brooke: Hold it right there, padre. There isn't gonna be a wedding today.

(Footsteps approach)

Ridge: Sorry about that.

Taylor: No, it's okay.

Ridge: You okay?

Taylor: Yeah, I guess we'll see.

Ridge: You know, we don't have to go through with this dinner. I mean, there's still time to back out.

Taylor: Yes, we do. I need to go through it for me. And I need to do it for Whip.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Whip: Hey.

Brooke: Hi.

Whip: So we, uh, ready to go?

Taylor: As ready as I'll ever be.

Whip: Great. Come on.

Taylor: Okay.

Brooke: We'll see you there.

Whip: Okay.

Ridge: This is gonna be a very interesting evening.

Katie: You know, I have a lot of really good ideas for Spencer Publications.

Bill: Well, let's hear them.

Katie: Well, I thought that we could tap into the youth market.

Bill: Yeah.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Bill: All right. Tell me more.

Katie: You know, Spencer Publications is the king when it comes to fashion magazines and gossip magazines. I thought we could do something that was more teen-oriented, you know, maybe do some hip online content, maybe a talk show for teens, like "The Catwalk," only for younger people. (Laughs) And you are not listening to me at all.

Bill: Oh. All this talk about business is turning me on.

Katie: Oh, I had no idea it was such an aphrodisiac.

Bill: Then you must have forgotten who you were talking to.

Katie: You're right. I did. Silly me. I should have known better.

Bill: You know, you are such an incredible businesswoman. I can't wait for you to get to know more about Spencer Publications.

Katie: Well, right now, I just want to get to know a little bit more about Mr. Bill Spencer himself.

Bill: Mmm.

Donna: Look, I-I can't be here with the two of them. I-I shouldn't have to leave. Okay, and I understand that you are now part owner, so you shouldn't have to leave either.

Stephanie: You're right. I'm staying.

Donna: But she has no right to be here. Eric, please, just--just send her away and--and make her go.

Stephanie: Donna, she is my sister. She is staying.

Donna: No. No, she isnít.

Stephanie: Yes, she is.

Pam: Eric?

(Indistinct conversations)

Whip: Well, it looks like we beat Ridge and Brooke here.

Taylor: Hmm. Listen, Whip, um, no matter what happens tonight, I want you to know that I do care about you.

Man: Mr. And Mrs. Forrester.

Brooke: Oh, hi.

Ridge: Robert, good to see you.

Robert: Welcome, all. Please, follow me.

Whip: Here you are.

Robert: Champagne?

Whip: Yes.

Brooke: Oh, please.

Ridge: Yes.

Brooke: Thanks.

Taylor: Um, do you have some sparkling water, please?

Robert: Certainly.

Taylor: Okay.

Whip: (Clears throat)

Brooke: Say something.

Ridge: Well, imagine this, the four of us out to dinner together.

Whip: (Chuckles) Yes, it is a little unorthodox. Just a table full of ex-wives and ex-husbands. I mean, how L.A. is that, right?

Brooke: (Chuckles) Yeah.

Taylor: (Chuckles)

Whip: Okay, look, um, I-I understand how awkward this is for all of you, um, so I just want to start by saying thank you for--for doing this. It's a very important evening for Taylor and me. So, uh, what do you say? A toast... (Clears throat) to what I hope will be an enlightening evening and, uh, to this beautiful woman who has consumed my thoughts and my dreams. To you, Taylor... with the hopes that this night, forsaking all others, I can do the same for you.

(Glasses clink)

Whip: Cheers.

(Glasses clink)

Brooke: Cheers.

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