B&B Transcript Tuesday 3/23/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/23/10


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Oliver: (Sighs)

Aggie: Hi. (Laughs)

Oliver: (Laughs)

Aggie: You look wiped out. What is this?

Oliver: Oh, I was up all night workin' on some music for Forrester.

Aggie: Did you get a job?

Oliver: Not yet. Could happen if I get real lucky.

Aggie: Well, tell me about it, will you?

Oliver: You first. Last night you were hell-bent on showin' Nick the tape of his wife. Where's my phone?

Aggie: Right here. Right here. By the way, I e-mailed the Owen / Bridget sex tape to myself, and I deleted it off your phone.

Oliver: Well, did you show the tape to Nick? Is Bridget headed to divorce court?

Owen: You know how much you mean to me. I'm here for you. I want to help you.  Whatever you need, I'm here.

Bridget: Oh, my--um...

Owen: Oh, Bridget. Hey.

Bridget: I didn't think that you would be here yet.

Owen: Uh, yeah, I-I didn't think that you would be here either. Otherwise I would have just come at a different time.

Bridget: Right, um...

Owen: Look, I'm sorry. Listen, I'll--I'll leave. I'll--I'll go, okay?

Bridget: No, look. Look. Look, this is really silly. We're gonna run into each other at the office.

Owen: Yeah, I mean, of course. We--we work together.

Bridget: Right. Look, just to be perfectly clear, I love my husband.

Owen: Okay, and I love my wife.

Bridget: Well, as messed up as it is that we spent the night together, at least it's just our secret.

Brooke: These are stunning. Great work, Ridge.

Ridge: Now that the company's mine again, I've got all sorts of creative ideas. It feels good.

Brooke: (Chuckles) What do you think, Hope?

Ridge: Would your friends wear these dresses?

Brooke: Hope?

Hope: What? Oh, yeah, they're beautiful. In fact, the whole world is beautiful today.

Brooke: Ooh.

Ridge: Uh-oh. I think this might be about a boy, huh?

Brooke: Seems like somebody had a good time at the dance last night. Can we focus over here, please?

Hope: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm trying to keep my mind on fashion, but all I can think about is Oliver.

Hope: (Sighs) It was the most perfect night.

Brooke: (Sighs) You looked so beautiful, honey.

Hope: That's how I felt.

Ridge: Hey, did this, uh, Oliver treat you right? I hope so. Do I need to have the "scary dad" talk with him?

Hope: No, no. Oliver was a perfect gentleman. He treated me like a queen the whole night, and his music totally rocked the party.

Brooke: Oh.

Hope: (Sighs)

Brooke: So there was no trouble? Nobody tried to interfere?

Steffy: No need to be so subtle, Brooke. Oliver's really into Hope. I would never get between them.

Bridget: It was--it-- it's always good talking to you. (Sighs)

Owen: Yeah. No, you, too.

Bridget: I should go, 'cause I think Nick's waiting. I just needed to print out this memo and stuff, so...

Owen: Yeah, I'll, um, I'll see you around then.

Bridget: Okay. Oh, I--oh, my God. I'm so clumsy. I'm sorry. I--

Owen: Ooh. Oh, wow, here. Let me help you. Here. Look, are you sure you're okay?

Bridget: Yeah, I mean-- oh, God, I'm really--I'm so-- I'm just-- I feel like I'm a nervous wreck. I can't eat. I can't sle-- I have never cheated on Nick before.

Owen: Bridget, it wasn't planned, and it's not gonna happen ever again.

Bridget: I know, but I-- I can't just keep this secret from him either.

Owen: Trust me, all right? I'm doing the exact same thing with Jackie, and I hate it.

Bridget: I'm sorry. And, God, Nick has just been so amazing lately. He took me on this second honeymoon. I can't explain to you how guilty I feel.

Owen: There's nothing that we can do about it.

Bridget: Yes, there is. We could tell the truth. I don't think I can keep this secret much longer.

Owen: (Sighs)

Aggie: You'll be happy to know I did not drop the bomb.

Oliver: The way you flew out of here, I thought for sure that's what you were planning.

Aggie: It was.

Oliver: What stopped you?

Aggie: Nick, you know, he said some really moving and powerful things about how the child we lost would hate what had happened to us.

Oliver: Wow.

Aggie: And then Bridget stepped up, and she said she wanted to start over, and she gave me my job back, so...

Oliver: Didn't see that coming.

Aggie: No, it was, like, the last thing that I expected. What she did was wrong, but I know. I mean, I know how life can sometimes knock you upside the head.

Oliver: I'm sure it was all that grief and emotion over losing a baby.

Aggie: Yeah. When you're grieving, though, you reach out to a friend or a counselor. You don't jump in bed with your mother-in-law's husband. (Shudders)

Oliver: People mourn in all sorts of ways, I guess. (Chuckles)

Aggie: Well, I guess. Nick--Nick has been really great. He was really great. I kept Bridget’s secret. How ironic is that?

Oliver: It sounds like you did what he wanted.

Aggie: Yeah, well, he's been really good to me. (Laughs) I care about him.

Oliver: Come on. Fess up. You love the guy.

Aggie: Well, he's a married guy. But, you know, I think to myself, why should I respect Nick's marriage when his own wife doesn't?

Steffy: So how was your dance, Hope? Guess it was one for the scrapbooks, huh?

Hope: Oliver and I had a great time. Never wanted the night to end.

Ridge: Did you stop by, Steffy?

Steffy: (Chuckles) Why would I? But I-I think it's cute, Hope, that you have a crush.

Ridge: We're just going over the new line. You care to weigh in here?

Steffy: Actually, I got a cool promo for the launch, so why don't I show it to Hope, get her opinion not influenced by you guys?

Brooke: Maybe we should stay.

Ridge: No, let's let these two work together. It'll be good for them. Come on, sweetheart.

Brooke: Uh--

Ridge: Come on. Besides, I'm needed in that accounting meeting.

Brooke: Mm.

Hope: No wonder you're so good at P.R. You can make anyone believe anything, like what you just fed them.

Steffy: What do you mean?

Hope: You have no intention of staying away from Oliver, do you?

Owen: Bridget, please. We agreed. You cannot tell anybody about what happened between the two of us.

Bridget: What I'm hiding from Nick goes against everything that I believe in-- honesty, loyalty.

Owen: Look, I don't think that that's true. You love the man. You never meant to betray him.

Bridget: So what, Owen? That doesn't make it all right. If it had been anyone else but you, I would have told Nick as soon as I got home that night. But I can't do that to his mother.

Owen: Jackie means everything to me. Please don't tell anyone.

Bridget: Well, it's not fair to ruin your marriage as well as mine. You were so good to me that night.

Owen: It was just one moment of comfort. That's all it was.

Bridget: Was it really? Or is that just what cheaters tell themselves to justify their actions? God, Owen, what have I done? I had the perfect life, and I've just gone and blown it.

Aggie: It just gets me, you know? Bridget gets to have sex with Owen, and then just sweeps it under the rug and goes on with her perfect little marriage like nothing happened?

Oliver: Didn't you say that's what Nick wanted?

Aggie: I don't know. I mean, maybe I should just tell him the truth. I'm still thinking that.

Oliver: No, no.

Aggie: Well, I've heard about these Logan women. I mean, they're--they're horrible. That's what I hear.

Oliver: Be careful. I'm dating one.

Aggie: What? Well, you have a potential job, and now you have a girlfriend? Who is it?

Oliver: Hope, Brooke’s daughter. We went to a dance last night.

Aggie: And you had fun.

Oliver: Hope's pretty special.

Aggie: Good. I'm so glad. I'm so happy for you, Oliver. That's what you should be doing, having fun, you know? You should have been out skateboarding with your friends and not staying at home taking care of me.

Oliver: Hey, that's what family's for.

Aggie: Little brothers are supposed to annoy the heck out of their big sisters, not pick 'em up off the ground when they're in a crying heap, and they're afraid to leave the house.

Oliver: Hey, hey, those bad times? They're over. I'm glad the video didn't surface. I don't think Hope would forgive me if I destroyed her sister's marriage. Don't use it, Aggie.

Aggie: You know, before I met Nick, I mean, I-- after what happened to me, I-I just--I didn't think that I was good enough for a man like him, but he really made me see that I am, that I'm okay, and I'm good enough for him-- maybe better for him than his own wife.

Oliver: What are you thinking, sis? What are you gonna do?

Aggie: I'm just gonna watch her every move. And if she steps over the line, even just a little bit, I'll tell him. I will, Oliver. I will tell Nick everything.

Whip: What, are you guys deaf?

Oliver: Hey, it's the Whipster.

Whip: You're not too big to take over my knee and spank, buddy, okay?

Aggie: (Laughs) What are you do--you don't exactly like the beach. Why are you-

Whip: Well, tell me about it. You know, sand and good Italian shoes? Not really my thing. But it is a special occasion.

Oliver: It's a little early for that.

Whip: It's for Aggie. It's a celebration. I hear that you're gonna be staying on at Jackie M. That's wonderful.

Aggie: Yay! Thank you. It is good news. I thought it was just gonna be a temporary job, but you know what? It's really given me a reason to get up every day and put myself together.

Whip: Good. Good. Look, um, I know that things got kind of, um, complicated.

Aggie: It's okay. It's not exactly a secret.

Whip: Oh, okay. Good. Well, I'm just glad that you were able to work that out with Bridget, because that was an impossible situation.

Aggie: What do you mean?

Whip: Well, with Nick and Bridget. I mean, their marriage is solid. There's nothing that's gonna come between them.

Bridget: A liar and a cheater-- that's what I've become. How did I let this happen?

Owen: Look, I was there, too. It was extraordinary circumstances.

Bridget: My God. What--we just weren't thinking.

Owen: No, we were running on emotion. We're both having to face the terrible truth that neither one of us has a baby in the future. All right, that's no excuse, but we've-- we've got to accept this, and we've got to move forward.

Bridget: Have you? Have you just been able to accept this?

Owen: Look, I have to. When you love someone, you've got to take what comes. Now come on, Bridget. Look at me. Look at me. You got to stop beating yourself up. You are a good person. You're a good person.

Bridget: (Sniffles) Owen, what we did was awful.

Owen: Look, I know. I was just trying to help you and be there for you at first, and... (sighs) and then things just kind of got out of hand.

Bridget: (Sighs) (sniffles) Oh, my God. I mean, look at us. Here I am. I'm just crying. You're--you're trying to console me. (Sniffles) This is exactly how it happened the last time.

Brooke: Now I thought you said we were going to accounting.

Ridge: Yeah, yeah, I know. I thought this was a much better idea.

Brooke: And that's why I love you so much, among other reasons. Mm-hmm. Didn't Hope look lovely? (Sighs)

Ridge: A vision. As lovely as her mother. (Sighs)

Brooke: You know what I wish?

Ridge: What?

Brooke: I hope that Hope meets somebody that is handsome and honest-- somebody just like you.

Ridge: (Laughs)

Brooke: But just not for another ten years. Now is that so horrible of me?

Ridge: Well, you got to face it.

Brooke: Yeah, she's growing up.

Ridge: Better get used to it.

Brooke: If Oliver makes her happy, then I will welcome him with open arms, but if he hurts her, then I will hunt him down and rip his heart out.

Ridge: Mm.

Brooke: (Laughs)

Ridge: (Laughs) Come here.

Steffy: I have been working really hard promoting Hope for the Future. It's really cool stuff.

Hope: (Sighs) Steffy, be honest. Would you sabotage me because you have a thing for Oliver?

Steffy: You think I'd purposely let the Forrester line fail?

Hope: Well, when it comes to the Logans, you're not exactly rational.

Steffy: Oh, don't be paranoid. Here, I put together a promo. It's ready to go. I just want your take on the music.

(Corny music playing)

Hope: Okay, now I-- I know you're gunning for me.

Steffy: Okay, how about this one?

(Upbeat music playing)

Hope: (Sighs) Oh, I like this one.

Steffy: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah.

Steffy: It's Oliver’s.

Hope: You asked Oliver for music samples?

Steffy: Don't worry. Strictly business. Or would you rather I stay away from him professionally? I could get another composer. It wouldn't even--

Hope: Cut it out.

(Upbeat music playing)

Hope: You know, it would be really cool if we could use Oliver’s track.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Oliver: Yeah, it would. Wait, Steffy, are you actually doing the hiring?

Steffy: Well, no.

Hope: Oliver, we both really love your track, so that's got to mean something.

Steffy: Well, I'm sure I can get you a crack at the gig.

Hope: We'll both work on it.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Oliver: So you're both gonna put in a good word for me?

Steffy: Well, I have a lot of influence with the powers that be.

Hope: But it's my campaign, so I should have a say in the music, too.

Steffy: Well, I'm the genius who found you. As the head of P.R., I will give you a strong recommendation.

Oliver: You're-- you're both too much. Thanks. Any help you can give me is great.

Steffy: I'm making it my personal challenge to get you this gig. You are my protégé now, you know that?

Hope: I'm rooting for you.

Oliver: You know, today was an awesome day. And last night was an awesome night.

Hope: (Laughs)

Brooke: Mm. Mm.

Ridge: Is it me, or is it getting really hot in here?

Brooke: (Sighs) I love doing these things-- sneaking away with you, doing these naughty things.

Ridge: Mm, yes.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Well, as C.E.O. of this place, I mandate that we do this as often as possible.

Brooke: (Laughs) It's a deal. Mm. Oh, we are so lucky...

Ridge: (Sighs)

Brooke: To have you back in charge. (Sighs)

Ridge: Bill Spencer is pretty much a distant memory now.

Brooke: (Chuckles) Our kids are doing so well. Even Bridget. She's rallying after her loss.

Ridge: How is she doing?

Brooke: She's healing.

Ridge: Well, at least she has a very, uh, solid marriage like we do.

Brooke: Yeah. As long as she's with Nick, Bridget will be fine. (Chuckles) (sighs)

Bridget: I should go.

Owen: Look, are you gonna be okay? I mean, do you--I'll call Nick. Do you want me to call him?

Bridget: No, please. No, no, no, no, no. I-I can't be in the same room with him right now. He's--he's great. He hasn't changed. I have. (Sighs) Something in me changed that night.

Owen: But you can't let it, Bridget. You can’t.

Bridget: I can't help it. I don't recognize myself. Someone that would be that dishonest--

Owen: No, you were completely honest that night. All right, your pain was real, and--and it broke my heart, all right?

Bridget: (Sniffles) I think I was just trying to outrun it. (Sniffles) You know, I wanted to outrun that kind of pain, and I didn't know where to go. And there you were. (Sniffles) You were a real lifeline for me that night. I-I-I shouldn't have gone with you. I should have just gone home. I don't know why I didn't just go home to Nick, but honestly, I thought my marriage was over. (Sobbing)

Owen: You--you were wrong, because what you and Nick have is way too powerful.

Bridget: Right.

Owen: And what happened between the two of us is not gonna ever happen again.

Bridget: Right.

Owen: And I'm sorry, all right, because Jackie’s the love of my life.

Bridget: (Sniffles) I know.

Owen: But I'm not sorry that I was there for you that night.

Bridget: (Sniffles) Thank you, Owen. Thank--thank-- thank you for being there for me. And I'm so sorry. (Sniffles)

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