B&B Transcript Thursday 2/4/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/4/10


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Bridget: Graham Darros?

Nick: Right, the photographer.

Bridget: Yeah, I know who-- who he is. He's got quite the international reputation.

Sandy: Well, he's been using that as his free pass. Even the women he drugs and rapes don't believe that he could ever do such a thing.

Bridget: Oh, my God, poor Hope.

Nick: She's here in the hospital right now. I think she's gonna be okay. I don't know if she's come to yet, but your mother's with her.

Bridget: You're gonna be her hero all over again.

Sandy: Yeah, he is that, isn't he?

Bridget: I don't understand... (stammers) I'm still not c-completely getting this. You're in the hospital, and our child might be in danger, but what does that have to do with Hope? Sandy doesn't even know Hope.

Nick: She was with me when I found her.

Bridget: What?

Nick: Her--her breathing was shallow when--when I-- when I found her. So, uh, Darros took off, and I felt it was best I stay with Hope.

Sandy: So I went.

Bridget: Went where?

Nick: Sandy's the one who actually chased him down. That's when the fall happened.

Doctor: How many fingers am I holding up?

Hope: Um, four. But are you moving them?

Doctor: We're gonna keep her here for a few more hours, I think. The dizziness is transient. She may not remember parts of tonight. The lab's identified the drug she was given, and although it's a serious narcotic-- it can't even be prescribed in this country-- we know of no long-term effects with a single use.

Brooke: (Sighs) Well, that's good news.

Doctor: Yeah.

Ridge: Baker said that Draham would have a drug charge waiting for him, too.

Brooke: Thank you, Doctor.

Doctor: You're welcome.

Ridge: Oh, doctor, is it okay if I give her some juice? She complained about a chemical taste in her mouth.

Doctor: Yeah, just a sip. Don't slug it down, or your tummy may protest.

Ridge: Ask nicely.

Hope: (Sighs) May I please have some juice, Ridge?

Ridge: Well, you haven't called me that in a while.

Hope: Mm, doesn't matter. It doesn't mean anything.

Brooke: Uh, your doctor said to sip it.

Ridge: Taste okay?

Hope: Yeah. Thanks.

Brooke: (Sighs) There'll be plenty of time to talk when you get home.

Hope: Mm. If we even need to.

Brooke: You understand that what your f-- what, uh, Ridge and I were talking about-- it--honey, it wasn't really about you. We were just discussing about those thoughtless people who don't know us, how they would talk. And we just worry. We--we want to protect you from that kind of ignorance.

Hope: You have. I mean, no one's ever said anything like that to me, so...

Whip: You sure this is the right hospital?

Oliver: Yeah, University. Excuse me--

Whip: Hey, hey, hey, hey. We don't know exactly what Aggie's told people or why she's even exactly here.

Oliver: Man, I hope there's nothing wrong with the baby.

Whip: It won't be.

Oliver: It's gotta come out that way. This pregnancy's put a whole new look on my sister's face. After everything she's been through, I don't want her to lose that.

Whip: Don't worry about it.

Steffy: Whip?

Whip: Steffy, hi.

Steffy: Hi. Hi.

Whip: Um, is everything okay?

Steffy: Yeah, the family had a little scare, but it sounds like everything's gonna be fine. You?

Whip: I'm--I'm just here dropping off a friend for, uh, some--some tests.

Steffy: Oh. Okay, well, um, I'll see you later.

Whip: Mm-hmm.

Oliver: Dude--

Whip: Hey, hey. Why don't you go ask that nurse over there, um, where your sister is, you know, just in case that she was brought in here under her married name.

Oliver: Why me?

Whip: You're cuter than I am.

Oliver: (Chuckles)

Bridget: It was very brave what you did.

Sandy: Just instinct.

Bridget: But chasing after him-- that was a huge risk...

Nick: It all happened so fast.

Bridget: For your own safety, but also for our baby's safety.

Sandy: Well, he was gonna get away.

Bridget: Everybody knows what Graham looks like and where he lives. Didn't you think the police would be able to find him?

Sandy: I don't know. I wasn't thinking. He bolted, and so did I.

Bridget: Well, what did you plan on doing with him when you caught him?

Sandy: I didn't know, Bridget. I thought I might strangle him with my own hands. Five years ago, Graham did to me what he tried to do to Hope tonight. But in my case, there wasn't anyone around to help me. (Sniffles)

Bridget: Oh, Sandy.

Sandy: (Sobs)

Brooke: Is there anything that you want to say? Anything that you might want to talk about?

Hope: Hmm, gee, I wonder what that could be.

Brooke: I realize you heard some things.

Hope: It's just really difficult for me to wrap my mind around the-- the timing of it all. I mean, to think that Bridget was still married to--to Deacon.

Brooke: (Sighs) I'm sure that was a terrible thing for you to overhear.

Hope: It's a secret you've kept from me my whole life.

Brooke: I just didn't know how to tell you.

Hope: Well, it's out now. No more secrets.

Brooke: It doesn't change how much I love you.

Ridge: We both do, very much.

Brooke: Please believe that, sweetheart.

Steffy: Hope, my God, I heard what happened.

Ridge: Steffy? She's okay. She's just a little fuzzy.

Brooke: How did you find out?

Steffy: Lieutenant Baker stopped by the office. He wanted notes, contacts, everything--what-- what Graham was working on. I just-- I'm so sorry.

Hope: Hey, it's not your fault.

Steffy: I thought it was a stroke of genius hiring-- I-I-I swear I-- I had no idea.

Hope: Hey, I was the one foolish enough to trust him. You know, to--to feel flattered by him.

Brooke: Look, I am not gonna sit here and listen to the two of you blame yourselves about what happened. There's only one person responsible for the evil that man did and planned to do again.

Sandy: I knew where it had happened. I mean, I had his address. It just didn't seem possible to me that it-- that it could be Graham himself.

Bridget: I wish you had told me.

Sandy: I really didn't feel like I could.

Bridget: It probably would have been wise. It certainly would have explained a few things, like the way you reacted to Nick at the beginning.

Sandy: I wasn't under my control at the time. You know, you kept telling me what a great man he was, but I had to see that for myself.

Bridget: And how, exactly, did that come about?

Nick: I kept pushing her until I got an answer.

Sandy: He knew that I was hiding something, and he was being very protective of you. He didn't want you to get hurt. You know what--

Bridget: I am speaking to my husband now. You knew about this?

Nick: I knew after she told me.

Bridget: You didn't think I would be interested?

Sandy: Well, I made him promise not to say anything.

Bridget: That would be a promise that you had no right to make.

Nick: I know that, and I knew it then. But could you try to understand what I'm dealing with here? I-I had no clue. If I don't keep her confidence, I don't know if she might pick up and run.

Bridget: I cannot believe at this point in our lives, I have to tell you that your loyalty is to me. To me, Nick, not her.

Sandy: You know, Bridget, this is my fault. Blame me.

Nick: Bridget... (sighs) I did not know what to do. I was lost. I even went to your mother. I asked her what to do.

Bridget: What?

Nick: She guided me to this.

Bridget: You went to my mother before you came to me?

Nick: I did, because I felt she might have some insight, some knowledge, because she's been through what Sandyís been through.

Woman: Miss Jones? I thought you'd want to know your brother's here, if you don't think you'll be too tired to see him.

Sandy: Thank you.

Bridget: Who is Miss Jones?

Sandy: I am. Agnes Jones. Sandy Sommers doesn't exist. I made her up.

Bridget: What?

Nick: That's the other part. Please.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Nick: After the rape happened, she started using the name Sandy...

Bridget: Oh, my God.

Nick: And--

Bridget: I don't-- I-I don't know what to think right now. I mean, your name's--

Sandy: I didn't want to be that woman anymore, who didn't stand up for herself, you know? Who slept through the worst thing that's ever happened to her.

Bridget: So this is who you've been trusting with our child? A woman that lies and that thinks it's perfectly okay to get into a brawl while she's pregnant? God, Nick, I cannot believe that I ever, ever trusted you again.

Nick: Bridget, I'm sorry.

Bridget: I guess things will just never really change between us, Nick.

Nick: Don't make this about us, please? Don't make this about us.

Bridget: Is marriage too confining for you? Is that what it is? Is--is--is just keeping something from me, anything, is that freedom to you, Nick?

Nick: No, I wanted to tell you.

Bridget: Oh, do you know how childish that sounds? My God, nick. (Sighs) Trying to fool your doting wife isn't a challenge. I believe what you tell me.

Nick: Sandy asked me not to tell you.

Bridget: Oh, that makes me sick. Sandy? Since when are we listening to Sandy? Oh, is that even her name? My God.

Nick: I didn't even know about this until after the implantation. I didn't know what to do. She asked me not to tell you, so I didn't, because I didn't know what her reaction would be if-- if I--if I lost her trust.

Bridget: So who did you go and tell instead? Am I a child bride again, Nick? 'Cause the two adults in this relationship are not you and me. They are you and my mother.

Nick: And do you know what your mother said to me? "Do whatever it takes to keep Sandyís trust."

Bridget: (Whispers) What about my trust?

Nick: I guess we all felt that you would understand the situation when the truth came out.

Bridget: (Normal voice) (laughs) Did you? Right, well, I guess there was a point in time when you were all really concerned about me. But then you crossed the line and you two became fellow crime fighters. The last thing on your mind was me or our baby.

Nick: That is not true.

Bridget: Yes, it is, Nick. My God, that's exactly what it is. Were you thinking about me or our baby when you charged off to try to catch the bad guy? One more damsel in distress that you had to go and save. Of course she idolizes you. You came in and saved the day. Was that your goal? Because congratulations, you achieved it. It's Katie all over again.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: She's okay.

Brooke: (Sighs) She's till upset.

Ridge: Hope's been through one hell of an ordeal. But she's gonna be fine.

Brooke: How I wish I could believe that.

Hope: (Sighs) Will I have to testify?

Steffy: Well, if we're lucky, he'll plead guilty, and we won't have to see him again. Hope, I am so sorry.

Hope: It's not your fault.

Steffy: No, don't argue with me. I'm right. You shouldn't have had his number. He shouldn't have had your number. Contact between you two should have been through me. This is a situation that I created, and it made you feel more comfortable to talk to a stranger.

Hope: I didn't know how it was supposed to work.

Steffy: Why would you come to me, right? Since I've been such a total bitch to you.

Hope: (Sighs)

Steffy: This was never about you, Hope, ever.

Hope: I know.

Whip: So you're okay, huh? The baby's okay?

Sandy: Yeah, I-I fell, and something didn't feel right, but it's better.

Whip: Oh, did your H.M.O. tell you to diagnose yourself?

Sandy: (Sighs) The doctor took some tests, and she'll be back. What doesn't feel right now is Bridget. She's all over Nick for not protecting the baby.

Whip: It all came out, huh?

Sandy: Yeah, apparently... (coughs) I'm just an incubator for her child.

Whip: So they caught the guy, right? They--they, uh, they arrested him?

Sandy: It was Graham Darros. Nick's hunch was right.

Whip: The photographer. The same one who--

Sandy: Yeah. He was, um, still up to his old tricks. He tried to do the same thing to Hope Logan tonight, but I stopped him. I mean, Nick s-stopped him. Nick and I stopped him. But Nick was the hero. Oliver, come here! (Chuckles)

Oliver: (Sighs) It's over. I never thought I'd say it, but it's finally over.

Steffy: Hope and I have decided that I should be fired because of the stupid mistake for hiring Graham.

Brooke: Steffy!

Ridge: Wait a minute--

Steffy: But since it brought him back to the U.S. and he can now be arrested, I think we're gonna give me another chance.

Brooke: Oh, I see.

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Hope: (Chuckles)

Brooke: Okay, the executives have spoken.

Ridge: Such wise leadership we have.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: (Laughs)

Steffy: (Laughs)

Oliver: It's over.

Sandy: It is.

Oliver: You don't need to hide anymore.

Sandy: Never again.

Oliver: I just wish I was the one-- the guy to be there for you.

Sandy: Hey, you have always been there for me, little brother.

Oliver: No, I mean the guy that found him and beat him to a pulp.

Sandy: (Chuckles) I don't think I need that anymore.

Oliver: Did you spit in his face? I don't think they'll let us do that anymore.

Sandy: Well, I don't think that I need that either.

Oliver: What do you need? I'll get it for you.

Sandy: I have it. I'm alive again. I'm able to feel now, you know? I'm alive! (Laughs)

Nick: I'm sorry. I was trying to do the right thing given the circumstances.

Bridget: I just don't understand how you could do this again. You have been more married to Sandy or Agnes and my mother than you have been to me.

Nick: That's not true.

Bridget: Yes, it is, Nick. A marriage isn't about who you're sleeping with. It's about who you're sharing your real life with, and that has not been me.

Nick: The only thing I'm guilty of here is trying to protect you.

Bridget: Oh, please, I don't need that kind of protection from you or anyone else.

Nick: The hell you donít. Losing each other and losing Nicole at the same time was the most horrendous thing that I've ever been through in my life. And you, too, I think. Can you believe that I understand? I get it, Bridget. I know what kind of fear surrounds anything going wrong with this pregnancy, because I feel it, too. And, yes, there was a time when I could have told you everything.

Bridget: Yes.

Nick: I could have come completely clean here, but this girl asked me not to becau-- stay with me. Because she believed that you want to have a perfect, pure, sacred pregnancy. And if this girl had told the truth, then you would know that she had a tainted past. We really don't know how you would have reacted. We don't know how you would have felt if you'd known that your surrogate had been raped. Would it have changed your mind about her carrying our child?

Bridget: It wouldn't have, Nick.

Nick: I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I should have. But let's not lose sight of the most important thing here...and that is that I love you. But I gotta love you my way, okay? I can't love you the way that you want me to. And I'm gonna make mistakes. I'm not gonna be perfect, and I'm not gonna blame you when you get pissed off. I'm gonna get it. But never, ever accuse me of not sharing my life with you, because you're the reason... you're why I do everything I do.

Bridget: I hope we don't lose this baby.

Nick: We wonít. We wonít.

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