B&B Transcript Monday 1/25/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/25/10


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Brooke: (Sighs) Oh, Ridge, where are you?

(Telephone rings)

Stephanie: Hello? Honey, are you sure? Well, of course. Yes, I'll tell her. All right, good-bye. Well, that was Ridge. He said thank you for the invitation, but don't expect it.

Taylor: Okay, thank you.

Stephanie: You invited him over here?

Taylor: Yeah, if he wanted to talk.

Stephanie: You mean he didn't go home?

Taylor: No, he was sitting in his own car in front of his own house. Brooke had her sisters over for a dinner party.

Stephanie: And he's sitting in his car in front of the house? Oh, my God. This is the "grand destiny" with him and Brooke?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Steffy: Wow, he left.

Hope: (Chuckles)

Steffy: You've really got to work on that "la-de-da-da, I'm not trying to check you out" thing.

Hope: Oh, God, was I that obvious?

Steffy: Eh, there's nothing wrong with being obvious. I wasn't really into those girlie peek-a-boo games.

Hope: (Sighs) Yeah.

Steffy: So did you get the deejay's number?

Hope: He gave me his card.

Steffy: Nice!

Hope: Mm-hmm--Oliver Jones, "entertainment specialist."

Steffy: You're kidding me.

Hope: No, I'm not.

Steffy: Oh, my God.

Hope: (Laughs) I know.

Steffy: He seems a little old for you.

Hope: Oh, all the interesting boys are too old for me.

Steffy: I know what you mean. We get, like, interesting probably ten years before they do.

Hope: Yeah.

Steffy: Yeah. (Clicks tongue)

Hope: Are you upset with me?

Steffy: What? No. No, absolutely not. I know there's people out there who would want me to be, and if I name names, you'd probably be upset with me. But I think it's just really important to--to know work is just work.

Hope: Yeah, exactly.

Steffy: You know what? I don't even know why I just said that, 'cause I don't believe it. The fact that it's Forrester Creations means it's always gonna be more than a job to me.

Hope: I understand that.

Steffy: Cool.

Hope: Steff, you know what you're doing there. I donít. I mean, I've had one idea, kind of a half-baked idea.

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Hope: It was just as much a shock to me that Katie liked my idea as it was to you.

Steffy: Well, it wasn't entirely a shock.

Hope: (Sighs) Look, if-- if my "Hope for the Future" idea succeeds, then I'll know it's because you made it yours.

Sandy: Oh, no. What time is it?

Oliver: She must be a real slave driver for you still to be working.

Sandy: (Sighs) No. I mean, she is, yes. But, no, it's not that. I just--I-I-I--

Oliver: "Principles of Clothing Design, volume two."

Sandy: (Chuckles) There's stuff I have to know if this is gonna be my business.

Oliver: Is it? Or is it gonna be your job?

Sandy: I don't know. I mean, what else do I have going on?

Oliver: I guess it's better than a career of having other people's babies. I'm sure the family's all very nice, but you used to want to have a life of your own.

Sandy: I still do.

Oliver: Good, 'cause that's the one I'm a part of, and that's what brought me home.

Taylor: Well, did, um, Ridge ask me to call him back or anything?

Stephanie: You think he just wants to sit in his car and wait until it's safe to walk back into his own home?

Taylor: Donít. Don't, please.

Stephanie: Listen, he called you. I didn't tell him to do that.

Taylor: (Sighs) Stephanie, it is over. He went to Brooke. He chose her. He's stuck with her.

(Door opens)

Brooke: There you are. Are you hungry?

Ridge: I could go for something.

Brooke: Well, I would have kept dinner warm, but I didn't know when to expect you.

Ridge: I've been here.

Brooke: You have?

Ridge: (Sighs) I was outside waiting for Katie and Donna to leave. I can only bend so much, Logan. I go to work. I put in my hours. I try to be reasonably pleasant. But I so much as hear Katieís name or see her or Bill Spencer, I just-- I feel like I'm suffocating. I can suck it up and be pleasant to Katie and Donna at work. Just don't ask me to do it here in my own home.

Brooke: In other words, you don't want my sisters in this house?

Sandy: So how did it go tonight?

Oliver: A little weird.

Sandy: Being a deejay in a coffee shop? Welcome back to L.A.

Oliver: No, it was weird that no one proclaimed me a genius, or the, uh, foremost mix artist of my generation.

Sandy: Maybe tomorrow. They liked you, though, right?

Oliver: Everybody seemed to like everything... for about three minutes.

Sandy: (Chuckles)

Oliver: This guy C.J., the owner, he's like "Mr. Distracted."

Sandy: Yeah, his mom actually used to own the business that was here before this.

Oliver: That explains it. He's got money to burn.

Sandy: I think that's what the clientele there have in common.

Oliver: Maybe I'll find Paris Hilton, and she'll make me her "boy toy."

Sandy: Ah, pretty young crowd, bro. Maybe one of their moms will need a boy toy.

Oliver: (Laughs)

Sandy: (Chuckles)

Oliver: (Sighs)

Sandy: What?

Oliver: I'm thinking I have my sister back. I'm thinking of the months that I couldn't get you out of that damn trailer. I'm thinking about how hard it was to hit the road without you and how scared I was that if one of us didn't make some money, you'd be out on the street.

Sandy: I'm sorry for that.

Oliver: Did you get the checks I sent?

Sandy: Yes.

Oliver: Did they find the guy? Did they lock him up and throw away the key? The guy that... hurt you?

Sandy: Raped me-- it's okay. I can say it now. Um, no, they didn't find him. I don't know if they ever will.

Oliver: I wanted to be your man of the family. I wanted to find him and take a knife. I let you--I let you down like everybody else.

Sandy: No, Oliver, you didnít. You were the one person who's never let me down. You're the one person that I could even tell about it, you know, until Nick.

Oliver: I knew it. There's a--there's a new guy in your life?

Sandy: Yeah, no, the... (Chuckles) the baby's father. You're the only man that I'll ever need in my life.

Oliver: But when the baby's born, there's-- there's no tie to him, right?

Sandy: That's right.

Brooke: Oh, there you are. How about some pad Thai?

Hope: You're having take-out Thai?

Ridge: Your mother had company.

Brooke: Your aunts were here.

Hope: Oh, well, thanks, anyway, but I just had an omelet with Steffy. Yes, really.

Brooke: (Gasps)

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Is there a punch line coming here? You had to break a few eggs, something like that?

Hope: Steffy is great. I love her, okay? We worked everything out, and it's gonna be fine. We're a team now.

Steffy: Hope is gonna be just fine.

Taylor: (Scoffs) Oh, I could have told you that.

Stephanie: Her mother wouldn't have it any other way. Now what's this I hear you're going to be reporting to her?

Steffy: No, I'm not. I'm not getting pushed out of my job.

Stephanie: Oh, okay.

Steffy: Although Katie would like to see that happen.

Taylor: Why do you say that?

Steffy: Hope's not my problem. She's a sweetheart.

Stephanie: Well, she is. That's true, but I guess, uh, you get promoted to the head of the class automatically if your name is Logan, right?

Taylor: Oh, well, that's how Katie got her success, right?

Steffy: Well, I'm no one to talk. I wouldn't be head of P.R. if I wasn't a Forrester.

Taylor: No, you have a very successful campaign under your belt. You have a right to be there.

Steffy: Yeah, I have one, but every workplace has this kind of drama. The boss likes her suggestion over mine. Who cares? Maybe this campaign might be a hit, and maybe it might be a miss. Life goes on, so...

Stephanie: You're right. Either way, life goes on, and Forrester Creations will go on. The question is, will your father?

Hope: Bet you don't know what a "declension" is.

Ridge: Is that a sneaky way of asking for help with your homework? A declension-- hmm-- is that little, uh, well, uh, it's about the size of, like, this. It attaches to the "framostat" of a motorcycle engine.

Hope: (Laughs) No, that is incorrect. (Laughs)

Brooke: How much homework do you have?

Hope: Um, just Spanish, and if that doesn't put to me to sleep, nothing will. Oh, by the way, I'm engaged.

Brooke: Oh. Well, that's nice, sweetheart. Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Are we invited to the wedding this time?

Hope: Mm, unfortunately, that's impossible.

Ridge: Is he wanted by the police?

Brooke: Another vampire insisting on a 100-year engagement?

Hope: No, no. The wedding's going to be in Switzerland-- either that or Barbados-- but sorry, no guests.

Ridge: For the sake of world peace and international security, I assume?

Hope: No, he--he needs a solitude to create. He's a musician-- mm, well, he's-- he's somewhat musical.

Brooke: Sounds like he'll make a somewhat nice husband.

Hope: Mm.

Brooke: (Laughs) How long have you known him?

Hope: Oh, I don't know him. His name's Oliver, though.

Brooke: We're very happy for you. Aren't we, sweetie?

Ridge: Yeah. You got exactly 45 minutes to finish your homework.

Hope: Yes, sir.

Ridge: Good night.

Brooke: Good night.

Hope: Good night.

Oliver: No way.

Sandy: Yes way.

Oliver: Whip works here?

Sandy: Uh-huh, yes. And nobody knows we're related except for Nick.

Oliver: No wonder you changed your name.

Sandy: Stop!

Oliver: He's a dork.

Sandy: He is not.

Oliver: He's a weasel.

Sandy: He is not! Look, he has been really great to me here.

Oliver: He got you this job?

Sandy: No.

Oliver: D-don't tell me, he got you knocked up by this Nick?

Sandy: No, Oliver! Will you just stop? Whip is our cousin, and I love him dearly. And he might be a dork, but we were really close when we were younger. And I shut him out, and I'm not doing that anymore. I've told him everything. He's been very supportive.

Oliver: Okay, I'm sorry. Can we go back to the, uh, unpleasant subject for a moment?

Sandy: Yes. You know that you can ask me anything.

Oliver: Are the police still looking for the... (Clears throat) the guy?

Sandy: There wasn't a D.N.A. match in the database.

Oliver: So? There's no D.N.A. When someone robs a bank, but they still go after the--the robber, right?

Sandy: We have a couple of leads, and Nick actually has me convinced we might catch him.

Graham: Uh, excuse me. There was a-- there was a girl here earlier-- blonde, um, really pretty?

Man: Sorry, man, they're everywhere.

Graham: Okay, thank you.

Steffy: I just--I wish I could make things better for Dad. He hates his job now. He hates answering to Katie.

Taylor: No, he hates the way they're treating you.

Steffy: (Sighs) Could you just leave me out of it? Dad already has enough to deal with without having to defend me.

Stephanie: Honey, it's only natural that your father would defend you. What I don't want you to do is take on any sense of responsibility if there's discord between Brooke and your father, because if it wasn't you at this moment, believe me, it would be something else.

Taylor: No, donít. Donít. Donít.

Stephanie: Honey, she's been witnessing this her whole life. I mean, we all know all Brooke does is tease him and torment him.

Brooke: We're here again. (Sighs)

Ridge: Where is "here"?

Brooke: A place where life isn't easy.

Ridge: Well, what would be the fun in that? (Sighs)

Brooke: I don't know how to have a home where my sisters aren't allowed.

Ridge: And I don't know how to have a home where it's not a home to me.

Brooke: Well... (Sighs) we are here again, a place where words don't help.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Steffy: Are you coming up?

Taylor: Uh, yeah, soon.

Steffy: Sometimes, Grandma just doesn't know when to stop. Dad's marriage is his business.

Taylor: That is very true.

Steffy: Although I do have to admit, sometimes, I have this thought in my head before I go to bed, like, I'd better not lock the door. Dad's coming home.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: Anyways, good night.

Taylor: Sweet dreams.

Oliver: Okay, open your eyes.

Sandy: What is it?

Oliver: I made it for you. It's a late Christmas present.

Sandy: How do I know something gross isn't gonna pop out of it?

Oliver: You don't, until you open it. (Singsong voice) It's a record of my travels.

Sandy: Truly? What is this?

Oliver: (Normal voice) It's the Grand Canyon.

Sandy: Oh, that's so sweet that you made this for me. Thanks.

Oliver: "Sweet"? It's the Grand Canyon.

Sandy: (Gasps) Uh-huh. And th-that's, um, the San Juan Mountains, Colorado-- beautiful, though you wouldn't know it.

Oliver: Yosemite.

Sandy: Uh-huh.

Oliver: See the falls?

Sandy: Aw, look, thatís... (Laughs)

Oliver: What?

Sandy: (Sighs)

Oliver: You don't like it?

Sandy: Um, no, I love that you made this for me. But you couldn't get out of the car?

Oliver: I got out of the car. I ate. I slept. I went to the bathroom.

Sandy: But to take the pictures?

Oliver: I was in a hurry. I worked at a lot of clubs. Give me--

Sandy: (Laughs)

Oliver: I didn't have time to be tasteful. (Laughs)

Sandy: (Laughs)

(Cell phone rings)

Hope: Graham?

Graham: Did I wake you?

Hope: Uh, no. No, I was awake.

Graham: Good. Look, uh, look, um, how impulsive are you?

Hope: Uh, like, on a scale of 1 to 10?

Graham: Okay, hear me out. I'm--I'm looking at your-- at your, uh, proofs right now, and I don't know-- the way the shadows shape your face... I just-- I had this crazy idea for a night shoot.

Hope: Uh, well, um, now?

Graham: The unlit corners of L.A., The places that we don't go to at night, the side streets, the alleys-- it's "Hope for the Future" in the dark. What do you think?

Hope: Um... wow, um, Graham, I-I can't go out now.

Graham: Well, dark only happens at night.

Hope: Look, I-I-I have school tomorrow, plus Forrester. You know, I-I'm sorry. I-I just canít. You know, maybe if we had planned it in advance, though...

Graham: Yeah. No, um, I'm sorry. I-- (Sighs) I shouldn't-- I shouldn't have bothered you with this. I just get these crazy ideas and--

Hope: No, no, you didn't bother me. No.

Graham: Anyways, get some sleep. I'll, uh, I'll see you at Forrester, okay?

(Cell phone hangs up)

Steffy: You'd better not lock the door. Dad's coming home.

Brooke: We really can get through everything. You keep not believing it, but we keep doing it.

Ridge: You're right.

Brooke: And when we can't think or talk our way through something, then this is how we will connect. Your body will talk to mine-- your hands... your arms... your gorgeous chest... your eyes. No matter what happens, this will always be home. Wherever you and I are together is home.

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