B&B Transcript Thursday 1/21/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/21/10


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Brooke: (Sighs) Ridge, please. We can't let this come between us. We can't let this be about family against family.

Ridge: Brooke, I don't blame you for what's happened here. But I do blame your sister and her husband. Bill and Katie have taken my company, destroyed my father's dream, marginalized my family. Well, I have to do something about it, and I will. Look, I realize it's a lot to ask, but I need your support. I need to know you're on my side.

Taylor: (Clears throat) You can learn a lot more about a woman by going through their kitchen cabinets. Would you like to go do that?

Whip: Uh, yes, I'd like that very much.

Taylor: Alternatively, you can find out what kind of woman she is by tasting how she makes coffee.

Whip: Oh. Thank you very much. Mmm.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Whip: So is your, uh, your roommate here tonight?

Taylor: My roommate?

Whip: Mm.

Taylor: Oh, very funny.

Whip: Oh, oh, I'm sorry, your--your ex-mother-in-law.

Taylor: No, she's my best friend. She's the one person I can count on whenever I need someone to be there for me.

Whip: She's not the only one, Taylor.

Taylor: Whip, I've-- I've really enjoyed getting to know you these last few weeks...

Whip: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: And I enjoy our friendship.

Whip: Well, thank you. And thank you for giving me another shot... at being more than your friend, I hope.

Taylor: Well, we'll see how things develop over time.

Whip: Okay. So is Stephanie out for the night?

Taylor: Oh, yeah, she loves to work late.

Whip: Yeah? Thomas and Steffy?

Taylor: Yes, uh, "A"-type personality runs in the family.

Whip: Good, good, 'cause I'd like to play a game.

Taylor: You mean like a-- like a board game?

Whip: Mm, no, no. With a couch. See, I'm gonna be the doctor, and you're gonna be the patient.

Steffy: In my opinion, it's counterproductive to abandon a successful line in favor of something untested and not even well thought out.

Katie: We've gotten all we're going to get out of "Hollywood Glamour." It's old news. We have to move on. Hope's concept is a perfect fit for where this company should be headed.

Steffy: Is this really what you want, Bill? To place the future of Forrester Creations in the hands of a teenage girl?

Bill: Steffy's absolutely right. Hope isn't a professional. She's a high school student. Logic dictates that we continue to roll with the "Hollywood Glamour" line. It's a proven winner. And I'm sure with Steffy's ability, we will have another successful season.

Steffy: Thank you.

Bill: You've done well, Steffy. You delivered at a time we desperately needed it.

Steffy: And I will deliver again.

Bill: I know you will... promoting "Hope for the Future," because that's the line we're gonna roll out next.

Taylor: (Chuckles) You want to play doctor with me?

Whip: Well, it's not the same game I played in grade school.

Taylor: This doesn't happen to involve a-a-a physical exam, does it? (Laughs)

Whip: Well, I'm open if you're open.

Taylor: W-w-why don't you tell me what your version of playing doctor really is.

Whip: Well, see, I'm gonna be the shrink-- I'm sorry-- I'm gonna be the psychiatrist. You're gonna be the patient, okay? So would you like to lay down on the couch?

Taylor: I'm a good sport.

Whip: Good.

Taylor: I'm game.

Whip: Okay.

Taylor: Okay.

Whip: Let's see. All right. (German accent) All right now, tell me vhut you are feeling, Taylor.

Taylor: Silly.

Whip: Silly? Silly-- what, your life is silly? Your relationships are silly? Vhut do you mean, silly?

Taylor: You really want to know what-- what I'm feeling right now?

Whip: (Normal voice) Yes, I do. And just so you know, I will keep it in the strictest of confidence.

Taylor: Well, actually, this is not silly.

Whip: What isn't?

Taylor: Ridge and everything that he's going through right now. (Sighs)

Brooke: Of course you have my support. You always have, and you always will.

Ridge: Even if my goal is to defeat your sister and her husband? I hate putting you in this position.

Brooke: I love you, Ridge. Have you forgotten the "Dare" campaign, how I virtually betrayed my sister by trying to get back the company?

Ridge: Yes, you did. And I'm very sorry you had to go through that.

Brooke: I would do anything for you.

Ridge: What about this issue between Hope and Steffy, our children? They've come between us before, Logan. You keep saying we can't let that happen, but how do we prevent it this time?

Steffy: You're choosing Hope's line over mine?

Bill: I'm allowing my C.E.O. to run Forrester Creations the way she sees fit.

Steffy: Your C.E.O. is biased against me.

Katie: Don't be a child. Thank you, baby. Oh. I knew I could count on you.

Taylor: Steffy means... (sighs) everything to Ridge, probably more than anyone else in his life. He loves her so much.

Whip: Yeah. And Steffy's idea was rejected for Hope's, so... how did Ridge react?

Taylor: He's just been through so many disappointments here lately. (Scoffs)

Whip: Yeah. So is he gonna leave Forrester?

Taylor: He's in a contract. He can't do that. But I think, more importantly, he's there because of our children.

Whip: So he'll go on fighting.

Taylor: Yes, and it's heartbreaking to watch because he's given practically his whole life to that company. (Sighs) And now here he is scratching and clawing just to get a little respect for his own children.

Whip: Well, waging a war against Bill Spencer-- I don't envy him.

Taylor: (Sighs) Oh, Bill Spencer is the least of his problems. It's the sisters, the three Logan sisters who are running Forrester Creations.

Whip: So, what, he's going up against Katie, Donna?

Taylor: And his own wife Brooke. Yeah. Especially since it was her daughter who was promoted over ours.

Whip: Wow. Well, that can't be too healthy for their marriage, can it? Does that encourage you? Seeing as how you're still in love with Ridge?

Brooke: This is not the same as what we went through with Rick.

Ridge: You're right. Different scenario. Your daughter versus my daughter-- a direct competition.

Brooke: And Steffy lost this round, but that doesn't mean--

Ridge: Steffy shouldn't have lost, Brooke.

Brooke: (Sighs) Okay, look, Steffy was given a huge opportunity by Bill to be the head of P.R. of this company. She had very little experience, but she came through. And I'm sure she will have many more experiences. But this is Hope's opportunity. Can't you just give her this moment?

Ridge: You sure make it sound so simple.

Brooke: It is.

Ridge: I wonder if Katie sees it that way.

Brooke: Katie would never do anything deliberately to hurt Steffy.

Ridge: Even if my daughter did something to hurt her?

Katie: Is Brooke here yet?

Donna: Hi. Not yet.

Katie: (Sighs) I am so looking forward to this dinner. I feel like I want to scream.

Donna: It's about what Brooke and I did--

Katie: No, no, no, it has nothing to do with that. I-I-I understand why you did what you did with the "Dare" line. I-I know you wanted to get the company back for your husbands. I get it. I-I've forgiven you. For me, this is about much more than that. I'm fighting for this company, but I could also be fighting for my marriage.

Steffy: (Sighs) I left my portfolio in here.

Bill: I see.

Steffy: Yeah, I got a little emotional, okay? Surprise, surprise, Steffy has a soft side. Trust me, you won't see it again. (Sighs)

Katie: I just wanted to strangle her. I mean, it's one thing to disagree with me, but to go above my head to my husband?

Donna: Well, I hope he told her off.

Katie: (Laughs)

Donna: Well, he--he did, didn't he?

Katie: You should have seen her pitching the "Glamour" campaign. I mean, all this talk of passion and this inexplicable draw that can't be ignored. And I was like, "Hello, I'm standing right here."

Donna: (Scoffs)

Katie: How obvious can you be?

Donna: Well, so, w-w-what?

Katie: Bill sided with me.

Donna: Well, of course. Of course he did.

Katie: You should have seen the look on her face. It was like she actually thought that she was gonna be able to win him over. I mean, it's unbelievable. The nerve of that girl thinking that she can influence my husband against me.

Donna: It's almost like she feels like she has some sort of hold over Bill. Look, Katie, after all that's happened, I really think that Bill should just--

Katie: No, no, no, no, no, don't--don't say it. Don't even think it. Bill is my husband. He loves me. He's committed to me. And I am not gonna start feeling insecure. (Sighs) But she's not giving up. I mean, she's not even being subtle. She's gotta go.

Steffy: What? Are you gonna apologize?

Bill: I have nothing to apologize for.

Steffy: Maybe not to me, but your board of directors are gonna have a problem when your team protégé takes a dive.

Bill: It's one campaign, Steffy. There'll be others. You'll have your chance again.

Steffy: This company cannot afford a flop. Not a problem if you chose to go with my "Hollywood Glamour."

Bill: I'm sure your dad and granddad will make a big hit out of "Hope for the Future," just like they did with your line.

Steffy: My dad may leave the company, contract or no contract. He's here because of me.

Bill: Daddy's little girl.

Steffy: And my stock has fallen considerably.

Bill: No, it hasn’t.

Steffy: Don't fool yourself. Katie will get rid of me at her first opportunity. I really just don't know how you do it. Why don't you give me the company? Look at what I did with the P.R. department. Imagine what I could do with the whole enchilada.

Brooke: So you--you think that Katie might have hurt Steffy in some way?

Ridge: I have no idea. I don't know what it could be. I just know that Katie was Steffy's biggest supporter. Then suddenly, the tables just turned.

Brooke: Well, maybe she just believed in Hope's presentation more than Steffy's. That's probably all it is. There's no real conspiracy here.

Ridge: I want to accept that. I really do.

Brooke: Sweetheart, I feel your frustration with all things Logan. I just hope it's not with all the Logans.

Taylor: (Sighs) I'm tired, Whip. And I really have to get up early in the morning.

Whip: Yeah, okay. Look, I'm, uh, I'm sorry about that.

Taylor: What?

Whip: Well, having you talk about Ridge. I know that-- know that really wipes you out, doesn't it?

Taylor: Well, I'm the one that brought it up...

Whip: Yeah.

Taylor: Because I know that Ridge deserves so much more than he's getting from Brooke.

Whip: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so do you, Taylor. You deserve somebody who cares, who really cares... so badly like it-- nothing else matters.

Taylor: I had that once.

Whip: Yeah. You can have it again. Personally, I happen to know a guy that would love to give that to you.

Ridge: (Sighs) I just wish for one day I could forget all about this place.

Brooke: Everything?

Ridge: Well, maybe not everything. It's just not the same anymore, Logan. This place used to be my second home. And now I get sick to my stomach whenever I come through the door.

Brooke: It won't always be that way.

Ridge: I have to believe that. It's only a matter of time, though, and a plan I don't yet have. But somehow--somehow I've gotta get this company back from Spencer.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. And you will. You will find a way to make that happen. But meanwhile, there is a lot to remember hidden in these walls.  A lot of memories to remember, a lot to create.

Bill: (Chuckles) Put you in charge, huh?

Steffy: Yeah. Then you'd see things happening.

Bill: Like what?

Steffy: Like huge profits, success, dollar signs, "dollar" Bill. Big, beautiful dollars signs.

Bill: (Chuckles) You really know how to get a guy's blood boiling, don't you?

Steffy: Mm. But there'd be some changes. But change is good, maybe for you. Actually, especially for you.

Bill: Really?

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Bill: What kinds of changes?

Steffy: Make my dad C.E.O.

Bill: (Laughs)

Steffy: Put Forresters back in charge of Forrester.

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: And get rid of the Logans... all of them. Think about it.

Bill: Oh, I'll devote a lot of mental energy to that one.

Steffy: Hey, maybe you won’t. Either way, it's always gonna be a dream to me.

Brooke: We'll get through this.

Ridge: I just can't put my daughter out of my mind, her dreams. I'm not gonna let Katie and Bill force her out.

Brooke: That's not my sister's intention.

Ridge: Look, we don't see eye to eye as far as Katie goes, but I don't really want to argue with you about it.

Brooke: No, let's not.

Ridge: But I will protect my daughter, Logan. I didn't create this war, but I will finish it. I want to restore my family's dream.

Bill: (Sighs)

Steffy: I know you feel something for me, Bill. You don't need Forrester Creations, not really. But I do. And my family does. It's a part of our soul.

Brooke: Does it have to be a war?

Ridge: (Sighs) Ever since her sister's death, Steffy's been struggling to find a purpose for her life. And it was starting to happen here. But then everything changed. And I want to help my daughter, but working for Spencer and your sister, she's never gonna get the respect she deserves.

Brooke: (Sighs) Please don't let this divide us.

Ridge: Logan, I don't want to hurt you, but I'm taking this company back starting now, today, by any means necessary.   I'm sorry, Logan. But this is war. And it's a war that I am gonna win.

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