B&B Transcript Monday 1/4/10

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/4/10


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Nick: Lieutenant, help me understand this. What are these rape kits all doing down here? They're still sealed. They're unopened. Isn't this evidence of crime? Lieutenant? This is D.N.A. of rapists-- fingernail scratchings and swabs. But it's-- it hasn't been touched, like it's waiting to be processed. Lieutenant!

Lt. Baker: Miss Sommers, I am so very sorry.

Nick: Sorry about what, Lieutenant? So somebody collects these, and they bring them down here, hundreds of them. They don't bury them. They don't burn them. They bring them here. Why, Lieutenant? You've been around here long enough. You know how this works. Are you saying that this is inadmissible?

Lt. Baker: Look, I'm as shocked as you are.

Nick: Well, he doesn't look shocked. He looks like this all makes sense somehow. Does it?

Lt. Baker: Yeah, I guess so.

Sandy: Well, then tell us. Please do tell us why the hell they haven't been opened.

Whip: Um, Nick isn't here, and I would appreciate it if you would not tell him that I was using his office, which I'm not. I'm just looking for something. I mean, not in his desk, but, you know, kind of around it. (Clears throat)

Brooke: (Chuckles) You haven't changed.

Whip: What’s that supposed to mean?

Brooke: Your first instinct is to act like you've been caught red-handed.

Whip: Well, I know what people think of me.

Brooke: You seem to be a pretty good citizen around here.

Whip: Well, I know what you think of me.

Brooke: Water under the bridge. Basically, I think you're a pretty good person.

Whip: Really? (Chuckles) Oh, that's right. Essentially, you think everybody's a good person. Can I give Nick a message for you?

Brooke: (Sighs) I was looking for you.

Whip: What'd I do?

Brooke: You tell me... about Sandy... I mean "Agnes."

(Indistinct conversations)

Stephanie: Oh. Hi.

Bridget: Hey.

Stephanie: Well, hi. Where’s that good-looking husband of yours?

Bridget: Oh, thank you. He's, um, a-at the office, I'm sure.

Stephanie: And Jackie is, uh--

Bridget: Well, this isn't a meeting, Stephanie. It's just a lunch. I, uh, I just wanted it to be you and me.

Stephanie: Oh, well, that's lovely. Then let me ask you a question just between us. Is Pam getting on people's nerves, or is it all right?

Bridget: Oh, goodness, no, not that I know of. I love her.

Stephanie: Oh, good. I do, too. You're not going to retire, are you, when the baby's born, and leave us high and dry?

Bridget: No, not--not--not anytime soon. I-I wanted to talk to you about being a part of my family.

Whip: Well, you know, what do you mean?

Brooke: Nick and I talk.

Whip: Apparently, Nick talks a little bit too much.

Brooke: Sandy and I are okay. (Sighs) And I'm really good at keeping personal information-- yours, for instance.

Whip: Well, Sandy's my cousin, which you know, obviously. There's not a lot that she doesn't know about me.

Brooke: I gather she doesn't know about the years that you worked at Forrester and your involvement with me?

Whip: Well, you know, now I get to say I've never been married. Why are you bringing all of this up?

Brooke: Because you just turn up in my daughter's life, and months later, so does Sandy. I know you a little too well to think that that might be purely coincidental.

Lt. Baker: My expectation would be that if the kits were never opened, then it was because the D.A. didn't need them. There--there was a concession or--or a negotiated plea.

Sandy: But there wasn't in my case. I mean, the investigating officer would have told me. I called him every day for weeks and then months, every day until he retired. The guy who attacked me-- he can't be in jail. There would have been a hearing.

Zev: I know the answer why these kits have never been opened. You do, too. Tell her, Lieutenant.

Bridget: All my life, I always had my mother, and then I had my father's wife...

Stephanie: Wives.

Bridget: Who I should have been able to call my stepmother.

Stephanie: Well, you never really thought of me in those terms.

Bridget: Well, that's because you and my mother spent my formative years trying to throw each other off bridges and cliffs and...

Stephanie: (Laughs)

Bridget: Lord knows what else.

Stephanie: Well, thank God we were a lot younger then, and we could still run really fast.

Bridget: But quite frankly, it made me feel-- it made me a little odd.

Stephanie: Bridget, you're not odd.

Bridget: Well, you wouldn't say that. Of course you wouldn't tell me that, and people meeting me now as an adult wouldn't say that, but you remember that little girl who thought she had to fix everything between you and my father and you and my mother and my mother and my father. I thought I was the glue that had to hold the family together.

Stephanie: Well, I think most children that age when they go through a divorce with the family--often they feel they have to try and fix things.

Bridget: You're probably right. And some people-- I'm a perfectly good example-- seem to really have it all together, but you scratch the surface, and you find a different picture. And then there's those people that look like they're hanging on by a thread, and when you get to know 'em, you realize they're pretty competent. They have their life together, and they actually don't really need anyone.

Stephanie: You speaking of your mother?

Bridget: You know, I-- I love my mother. I spent years trying to rescue her. I thought that was my job. And then came Deacon. And then came Hope and I was through with her.

Stephanie: And rightly so, sweetheart.

Bridget: You do know that I spent those years wanting you to replace her? And then you had your so-called cardiac arrest, and I wanted nothing to do with you either.

Stephanie: Not my finest hour. And I don’t… (Sighs) I think too many of us-- your father, your mother, me, and a few other people I can think of have broken that little heart of yours too many times. And I'm sorry for that.

Bridget: It's all right. All that is behind us now. My mom is officially, officially with Ridge. Have you even really accepted that?

Stephanie: Oh. (Chuckles) (Sighs) Oh.

Lt. Baker: Sometimes things get lost in the cracks. They get labeled a lower priority.

Sandy: Lower priority? That's--that's ridiculous. These women-- all of these women are what? What? Girls that nobody believed? 'Cause I always wondered if the officer took a look at my occupation, saw "bartender" and thought, oh, yeah, right. Sure she was raped.

Lt. Baker: (Stammers) Our officers don't make those judgments.

Sandy: No, you know what? Everybody makes those judgments.

Zev: Do you really not understand why he can't answer you?

Sandy: No.

Nick: No, we don’t. Please, why?

Zev: Because anything he says can be used against us in a court of law--

Sandy: (Scoffs)

Zev: The department.

Nick: A lawsuit. That's what you're afraid of?

Lt. Baker: No. (Sighs) I work for you. We as a police department, we're accountable to you. I'm just--I'm really ashamed of the way we failed you.

Nick: Well, thanks again for the apologies here, Lieutenant. But what does that have to do with her case? It was processed, what, five years ago?

Zev: Look, sir--

Lt. Baker: Zev, stop. The lady's been waiting a long time for an answer. She's gonna get one today, and she's gonna get it from me.

Stephanie: Am I happy about your mother being with Ridge? I don't want to even go there. I don't want to even have a battle over that anymore. That's over.

Bridget: Well, you know that Ridge will always love you. So will my mother in her own way. So will my father, but more importantly, and more pertinent to our lunch this afternoon, so will I.

Stephanie: Well, thank you. I'll take that.

Bridget: (Chuckles) It's kind of a weird backhanded definition of family, I suppose, but I wanted you here today because I just want you to know how much I admire you. No, seriously. You--you have such a-- a presence about you. You reek of power and loyalty, goodness. You real do. There's a lot left in life that I hope you can teach me. But I truly, truly hope that there's a lot you can teach my children. I want my children growing up thinking of you as their grandmother.

Stephanie: Oh, Bridget. (Laughs) Wait--wait a minute. How many grandmothers does one tiny person need? You have Jackie and-- and you have your mother.

Bridget: Sure I do. Of course. But what kind of mom would I be if I didn't share the most significant people in my life with my kids?

Stephanie: Wow.

Lt. Baker: Murders come first. Abductions, assaults with serious bodily harm, cases where kids have been attacked, obviously.

Nick: What do you mean "comes first"?

Zev: Take precedence in the lab, uh, f-for D.N.A. testing.

Lt. Baker: A thousand dollars.

Sandy: For what?

Lt. Baker: Five or six samples here. Probably about $1,400 for this one. What it costs to run a D.N.A. test. A thousand's the average. We can't do it unless the D.A. feels there's a solid case.

Nick: How can they know they have a solid case unless they run the D.N.A.?

Sandy: That's right. When are--when are these gonna get tested? I mean, all of these women are waiting. They should have been tested immediately.

Lt. Baker: To tell you the truth, Miss Sommers, cities all over the country have had problems getting D.N.A. evidence processed.

Sandy: That's not acceptable.

Nick: You do understand how we're a little shocked right now, Lieutenant?

Lt. Baker: I'm shocked myself seeing this facility, but I'll let you know this. We are working through the backlog. Criminals like this one-- they're being tracked down, identified and--and convicted every day. I mean, it's not like we're just doing nothing.

Sandy: Well, there are hundreds of kits in this room that have never been opened.

Lt. Baker: Unfortunately, it's a slow process. Some women have been waiting months, some for years.

Sandy: Years? Years?

Nick: Does that mean--

Sandy: What, mine? Mine? No. No! No, no, no, no, no. Mi--mine is in here?

Lt. Baker: Maybe.

Sandy: This is about money?

Lt. Baker: The lack of money.

Sandy: But there are some things that-- you can't put a price on this. All of this time? Lies? I thought that you were investigating, and you were doing nothing. It's not just me. Every one of these bags-- this--this is a woman's life. Every one of these are lives that were shattered. I mean, who is this? Who's that? Who's 9-5-4-C-M-R-5-2? She's-- she's been waiting for eight years. (Chuckles) And the statute of limitations is ten.

Lt. Baker: That's correct, yeah.

Sandy: Do hers, too. I mean, do hers first. Look, I'll work it off. I'll pay for it. I'll pay you back.

Lt. Baker: Uh, Miss Sommers, that won't be necessary.

Sandy: No, really, please. I mean, look at this. Look. She's got some of his hair here. (Sniffles) There's blood. I mean, maybe she cut him. Do--do hers-- do hers next.

Nick: Sandy, we need to find your kit and match its case number.

Sandy: Why? What’s so special about me? Look. Look at this one. (Sniffles) She was wearing this. She was wearing this for someone special, for someone that she loved. He got to her first. Do hers. Do hers, too. (Sobs) How can you stand it in-- Do her. Oh, my gosh. It's-- all of this sadness, all of these good girls waiting, watching, as their bruises fade, lots of girls waiting patiently for their turn, locking their doors, locking their windows, sleeping with knives and baseball bats, and they're wondering, ‘Is it that guy that was watching me at the library? Is it the guy from the grocery store?’ But they don't want to bother you, because they know that you're doing your best, but you're not. You're not doing your best. So why didn't you just say that? Why didn't you just say, "There's not gonna be any justice for you, so don't put your life on hold"? Why? All these women came forward. They did the right thing. That took courage. Where's your courage? Where's the courage of-- of the police department to at least just stand up and say, "We have done nothing for you"?

Lt. Baker: Look, I want answers as soon as you've got them, all right? Look, top priority, son. Take it to the chief himself if you have to. All right. Good enough. Uh, what you got?

Zev: (Sighs) I-I checked your report with the lab-- past five years. It's never been processed.

Nick: So her kit has been in this room all these years?

Zev: "S80." That's what it says. It's been a long time, but it could still be here.

Nick: It's there to find.

Whip: You think that I somehow arranged for-- for Aggie to be your daughter's surrogate?

Brooke: I don't have any theories.

Whip: (Chuckles)

Brooke: But you and Sandy show up here months apart and make it a secret-- the fact that you're related, and I have to ask why, that's all.

Whip: Look, it was purely coincidental. I had my résumés floating around. Stephanie picked up on one. That's how I got my job here in P.R. at Jackie M. And she wanted me to make a play for you. You didn't hear that.

Brooke: (Groans) She’d rather I have slept with a labradoodle than with her precious son.

Whip: Thanks for the compliment. Look, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't let Nick and the others in on this one.

Brooke: You don't think it's occurred to them?

Whip: Look, I don't know, but... (Sighs) but Sandy--Aggie--I don't know. I-I don't know. Maybe--I get this sense that she's going through something in her life, and she's trying to turn the page.

Brooke: Why would you say that?

Whip: Well, the way she lives. I mean, have you seen it? It's like somebody who's lost everything.

Zev: Some 25s here.

Sandy: My eyes are wearing out.

Nick: It's just hard to read the writing and match the case numbers.

Lt. Baker: (Sighs) Uh, is there anything visual that you can remember that might help us? Uh, something you could see through the case? Glasses, cell phone, wh--what about the clothing you were wearing?

Sandy: He ripped my shirt, and they gave me something to wear home.

Lt. Baker: What kind of shirt?

Sandy: It was sleeveless, and it looked like silk,

Nick: Here it is. It was a shirt, blue. "Light blue shirt, torn, blood stains."

Sandy: Yeah, the blue one.

Zev: All right, some of the clothes are in brown bags. But, uh, we're gonna need a court order to open them up.

Lt. Baker: Well, you get the court order, and I'll put a rush on this. Top priority. Miss Sommers, if it's here, we’ll find it.

Sandy: (Gasps) (Sighs)

Nick: Hey. You okay?

Sandy: (Sniffles)

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