B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/30/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/30/09


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Sandy: If you have enough information, this is really hard for me.

Lt. Baker: I'm sorry. No woman should ever have to go through what you did. There are some real sickos out there.

Sandy: Yeah, and the scum who violated me is still out there wandering the streets free to do this to somebody else.

Lt. Baker: Well, I see you filed a police report.

Sandy: Yes, I did. I-I went to the hospital. They collected D.N.A. The cops took interviews.

Nick: She did everything she was supposed to do, Lieutenant.

Lt. Baker: So what's the status of your case?

Sandy: I don't know. That's why I'm here. I haven't heard a word in five years. Five years. Five years, I have waited-- waited by the phone for a phone call, for someone to tell me something. Nothing, okay? I need answers now. I'm done waiting. I need you to help me get them.

Bill: So we finally get to see what this is all about.

Justin: Yep, this new Dare line Eric and Ridge are promoting.

Bill: They seem very enthusiastic about it.

Justin: You don't seem to share their enthusiasm.

Bill: It intrigues me that they've come around so quickly.

Justin: Especially Eric, after even refusing to come down here.

Bill: Mm. And, uh, now he is, uh, back on board, the ultimate team player, designing a new breakout line.

Justin: Could it be that his resistance wasn't getting him anywhere?

Bill: Could be. He is a good man with a strong sense of responsibility.

Justin: You know, I get the feeling that it bothered him losing to Jackie M. on "The Catwalk."

Bill: Well, maybe it did. The Glamour line is his granddaughter's baby, right?

Justin: That's true. Seems like you still have questions.

Bill: You know what, Justin? I've got a lot riding on this, personally and professionally.

Justin: The Spencer board wasn't exactly in favor of acquiring Forrester.

Bill: No, they weren't, but I exerted some pressure.

Justin: (Chuckles) You always wanted to own the company.

Bill: I want the Dare line to be a hit to prove I was right.

Justin: Well, the Forrester team seems to be confident it will be.

Bill: But I realize that, uh, what I'm asking is quite a departure for them.

Justin: Mm.

Katie: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Justin: Hey.

Katie: I was downstairs caught up with some copy.

Bill: Hey.

Katie: Mwah. What's going on? Am I holding things up?

Justin: Oh, no, no. Ridge asked us to wait out here while they did some last-minute preparations.

Katie: Okay.

Bill: Yeah, and I've got other things to do today, and they're takin' their own sweet time.

Katie: I wonder what they're gonna show us.

Bill: We've had our concerns about the sketches.

Katie: They're a little different.

Justin: Yeah, well, different could be good.

Bill: I told them I want something new and bold, exciting.

Katie: They were hesitant to show us the collection.

Bill: Well, I'm glad you insisted.

Justin: (Chuckles)

Katie: I'm interested to see what they'll come up with.

Justin: Me, too.

Bill: Well, folks, we are about to find out.

Katie: (Sighs)

Eric: Donna, you go first. Your dress is, um--

Thomas: The least over the top.

Thorne: I still have qualms about this plan. Katie and Bill are not fools.

Donna: Yeah, they're gonna wonder why Brooke, Steffy and I are modeling 'em.

Ridge: Well, we tell 'em the truth on that. It's too risky to use our own models. We can't risk another leak to the press.

Eric: The models can't even see these dresses. They'll gossip, and word will spread throughout the industry.

Brooke: We definitely have to keep this line under wraps.

Thorne: By the way, I had the sewers sign a confidentiality agreement.

Eric: Good, Thorne. Good.

Steffy: If it weren't for the preview, we'd be golden.

Donna: We have to convince Bill and Katie, or we're toast.

Steffy: Guys, I don't know if I can do this. I'm so nervous, my stomach is flip-flopping.

Thomas: Well, if you feel like you're gonna throw up, just aim for Bill.

Eric: All right, everybody, get it together. This is serious business.

Ridge: Our future is depending on this.

Steffy: Oh, no pressure.

Ridge: Look, we have to sell this collection like it's the best one we've ever done.

Eric: Creative genius. It's a--it's a-- it's an innovative new line. We have to convince Bill that that's exactly what his clientele wants. I want him to see nothing but dollar signs. This is the biggest performance of our lives.

Sandy: I had so much hope when this first happened that they would catch this guy and put him behind bars, but then days turned into weeks, and the weeks became months. I heard nothing.

Lt. Baker: Well, I assume you attempted to contact the investigator assigned to your case, right?

Sandy: He didn't have answers for me.

Nick: Lieutenant, I know this isn't your case, but we didn't have anywhere else to turn. She's been lookin' over her shoulder for five years. She'd like some closure.

Sandy: I gave them D.N.A. evidence. They have what they need to catch this guy. Was he not in the database?

Lt. Baker: Well, if he was never convicted of a felony, he wouldn't be in any criminal database, state or federal.

Sandy: But when they run the D.N.A. evidence, they're supposed to do a background check, right?

Lt. Baker: That's the protocol.

Sandy: So why haven't I heard anything?

Lt. Baker: Let me look at this report here. It says here the name is "Agnes Jones"?

Sandy: I changed it.

Lt. Baker: Oh.

Lt. Baker: (Sighs) I don't get it. I-I really don't know, but you know what? We're gonna get to the bottom of this.

Bill: Let's get this show on the road. I have meetings back at my office.

Katie: We're excited to see what you've got.

Eric: Well, we're sorry you had to wait, but you sprung this preview on us right out of nowhere. Just wanted to be sure these first few gowns ware perfect.

Ridge: So without further ado, we present Forrester’s newest creation-- Dare.

(Upbeat music plays)

Sandy: Look, is there someone we can talk to? Maybe someone who was in charge of processing the kits back then?

Lt. Baker: That was a strange time. The department was going through reorganization, layoffs, cutbacks... um, look, I'll look into it, and I'll give you a call, all right?

Nick: She's waited five years for a call. And Lieutenant, I know you have a wife and daughter. Can you imagine if something like this happened to them? You would do everything in your power to get answers, to find justice. Don't make this girl wait for another call.

Lt. Baker: I'll call my guy from the crime lab, see if I can get him here A.S.A.P. You're right. If you and every other woman in your situation-- you deserve some answers.

Sandy: (Mouthing words)

(Upbeat music plays)

Eric: Keep in mind this is a sample.

Ridge: We had to do a quick turnaround. Once it goes into production, it'll be even better.

Katie: Let's hope so.

Bill: And what was your inspiration for this piece, Eric?

Eric: Well, with the economy the way things are, most women can't afford a high-end couture gown.

Ridge: We're pricing this line competitively. Women will be able to buy a high-end designer without the high-end price tag, and as you can see from the paper right there, the profit margin is huge.

Bill: I don't need an economics lesson, Ridge. I know how this works. I'm asking you what your creative inspiration was. This is unlike anything you've designed in the past.

Eric: Well, that's exactly the point, Bill. I mean, playing it safe isn't something we can do anymore. We have to, uh, push the envelope-- more bling. More, uh, showmanship. These gowns are meant mo to be seen, to be noticed in.

Bill: How do you feel in that, Donna?

Donna: Who, me? Uh, oh, I-I feel gorgeous.

Bill: Really?

Donna: I mean, don't you think?

Katie: Where on earth would you wear that dress?

Donna: I would wear it out to dinner with my honey bear. And I'd wear it out on the town with girlfriends. You know, a gala event at an elite country club. I mean, you wear something like this, and you totally stand out. Blending in is so last year.

Katie: (Groans) Next. Wow.

Justin: Whoa.

Bill: Does that come with sunglasses, Ridge?

Ridge: Well, we could certainly add some accessories.

Bill: I meant for me.

(Knock on door)

Man: Hey, Lieutenant Baker. Hope I didn't keep you waiting.

Lt. Baker: Was I expecting you, Zev?

Zev: Uh, Commander Johnson was all hung up with the C.S.I.s on the slasher case. He asked me to come over and-- to see if I could help you guys out. I-It's just me and the Commander in the lab today. We're way understaffed. Sorry, I'm rambling. Uh, how can I help you?

Lt. Baker: Well, we're gonna help this young lady here. She's been looking for some answers for five years.

Zev: Wow. No wonder you're anxious. Uh, sure, I-I'll try. Uh, I'm Zev, by the way.

Sandy: I'm Sandy.

Nick: Thanks for the help.

Zev: I can't promise you anything, but I'll try. Okay if I use your computer, Lieutenant?

Lt. Baker: Go ahead.

Zev: You--you got a case number for me? Okay, I'll, uh, log in and pull it up.

Zev: Oh, boy. Um, well, I-I've only been here a couple years. Uh, before I started, the department had some huge cutbacks.

Nick: Nobody's running for office here. We just want some answers.

Zev: I'm, uh, I-I'm sorry, but I-- I can't--I can't help you.

Sandy: You can help me, and you will.

Nick: No, we are no walking away from this.

Lt. Baker: What's the problem?

Zev: This was in 2005. That was before my time here--her case isn't even in my computer files.

Sandy: Why not?

Zev: I'm sorry, ma'am. The--the evidence kits collected back then... (Sighs) That person was fired.

Sandy: So my case isn't even in the database?

Zev: You need to go down to the L.A. County municipal building, room S-80.

Sandy: Well, S-80? What is it?

Nick: Where is it? Let's go.

Zev: Well, it's a storage facility in the basement of that building.

Lt. Baker: Well, what's in there?

Zev: You ought to go check it out. You should, Lieutenant.

Sandy: So should we.

Zev: They're not too keen on having civilians there, sir.

Lt. Baker: I don't care.

Nick: We're going with you.

Zev: Lieutenant?

Lt. Baker: Anybody has a problem with it, they can talk to me. Let's go.

Bill: Well, well. A lot going on there.

Eric: It's daring. It's vibrant.

Katie: You don't think it's a little heavy-handed with the sequins?

Ridge: No, it's making a statement, like, "Notice me. I'm here."

Justin: You won't go unnoticed in that.

Thomas: Well, how do you feel wearin' it, Steffy?

Steffy: I feel hot and sexy, like I'm on the move.

Katie: So you really like it?

Steffy: Yeah, I absolutely love it. Look, um, no offense, Dad, but sometimes Forrester Creations can be a little conservative. This is the best line we've ever done. The retro '80s look, the--the fabric, it's all futuristic. The bling--I think it's way hot.

Katie: Okay, well, I'm assuming Brooke is hiding back there, so why don't you come on out?

Brooke: Coming!

Ridge: Now we have our showstopper, modeled by the incomparable Brooke Logan Forrester.

Brooke: It's timeless. It's a few different styles mixed together throughout different decades to create a new and inspired look.

Katie: Well, you certainly could stop traffic in that thing.

Ridge: Oh, I think she could stop traffic in just about anything.

Justin: Could definitely give Tom Brady a run for his money with those shoulders.

Ridge: Big shoulders are all the rage for spring.

Eric: Flattering to a woman's figure.

Donna: Yeah, they make her waist look, like, tiny-teeny.

Eric: So now you've seen the first few pieces that Ridge and I have designed, pieces for the new Dare line. What do you think?

Bill: That's it?

Katie: I thought we were seeing the whole collection.

Thorne: There's not enough time. The sewing room is backed up. Um, I can whip up some more prototypes if you want.

Bill: No, that won't be necessary. My eyes are full. I've seen enough.

Lt. Baker: (Sighs) Hmm, police storage room, and I still had to pull rank to get the master key.

Bill: So you think Dare is a real money maker?

Eric: Ridge showed you the margins, Bill.

Bill: Margins don't mean diddly-squat if the product doesn't sell.

Eric: Oh, we'll definitely profit from this.

Bill: I will give you some credit for, uh, making a bold move, getting away from what you normally do out of loyalty to Forrester Creations. You've broken away from your conservative sensibilities of the past.

Katie: Bill, Forrester has always had a tradition of class and elegance. These gowns are--

Bill: Well, sometimes, you have to break away from tradition. Look, um, I publish wrestling magazines. That doesn't make me Hulk Hogan. I publish cooking magazines, and that doesn't make me Wolfgang Puck. I publish fashion magazines, and that doesn't mean I have the creative sensibilities of a designer. That falls to Eric and Ridge, doesn't it? You know your market. You know your customer. So we're just gonna have to go with that.

Ridge: We're bringing back an '80s flavor with a futuristic spin. Maybe a little flashy, true. But put a Forrester label on them, and they're safe. Women will buy them, because they'll feel fabulous wearing them.

Bill: No qualms?

Ridge: None.

Eric: This collection is exactly what we need right now.

Bill: We're done.

Donna: Thank God.

Thorne: Shh! We did it.

Steffy: We did it. I'm--I almost fainted when he gave us the thumbs-up, okay? I'm like--

Thorne: He bought it.

Donna: Shh.

Brooke: You know, it seems like it.

Thorne: He said it himself. He's not a fashion expert, you know?

Ridge: He's a one trick pony. He's a money guy. That's all he is. He has no business owning a fashion company.

Eric: Our customers will never buy this line.

Thorne: (Chuckles)

Eric: I mean, this will be a knife in the heart of Forrester Creations.

Ridge: Stock will plummet. Spencer will be forced to sell, and we'll buy it back, and we will finally bring our company back to life.

Bill: They didn't have much to show us.

Justin: It's hardly an entire line.

Bill: They got a lot of work ahead of them.

Katie: Okay, those designs-- you liked them?

Bill: Sweetheart, you heard what I said. I am giving the design professionals some latitude.

Justin: Well, Eric seems totally confident it's the right direction.

Katie: Yes, he does. I'm not sure I share his vision. It's quite a departure.

Bill: He was workin' us pretty hard in there.

Katie: And my sisters seem to agree that we're headed in the right direction. I don't know. I mean, Eric and Ridge are the best in the business, and I trust my sisters implicitly. I'm gonna trust their judgment. They all believe that the Dare line is going to take Forrester in a whole new direction.

Sandy: What is all this? Rape kits unopened?

Lt. Baker: Uh, don't touch.

Nick: Lieutenant, what the hell is all this?

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