B&B Transcript Friday 12/11/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/11/09


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Nick: Thank you. There you go.

Brooke: Thank you. (Sighs) So I think our next step...

Nick: (Sighs)

Brooke: Should be to set up a scholarship committee meeting.

Nick: Okay. (Sighs)

Brooke: But, of course, that's the furthest thing from your mind, isn't it?

Nick: (Sighs) I'm worried about our surrogate.

Brooke: You think Sandy Sommers is hiding something.

Nick: Sandy, Agnes, whoever she is.

Brooke: Well, maybe there's a good reason.

Nick: Brooke, Bridget is getting attached to this girl. Now I don't want her to get hurt. So I got to find out everything I can about Sandy and soon.

Bridget: I always feel so good after yoga.

Sandy: I just feel hungry.

Bridget: Well, that's to be expected. I'm glad. You're eating for two now. (Sighs) Today was so fun.

Sandy: It was.

Bridget: I loved getting to do some girlie things. I loved getting to order a veggie pizza.

Sandy: (Laughs)

Bridget: I mean, you cannot be for real, can you?

Sandy: Did Nick--

Bridget: You are way too cool, way too hip. We have way too much in common. I mean, it's like, what miracle brought you into my life? But I am really glad that one did. I'm so glad you're here.

Taylor: No, I do not wish to say why I'm deleting this account. Okay. No more online dating for me.

Woman: Your new patient's in the waiting room. Are you ready?

Taylor: Yes. Send him right in. (Sighs)

Whip: Hope I'm not late.

Taylor: What are you doing here?

Whip: I made an appointment. Well, I know I fudged the name a little bit. (Chuckles) (Clears throat)

Taylor: We agreed that we were not going to pursue this relationship.

Whip: Well, actually, you made that decision. I really didn't get a vote.

Taylor: Okay, well, I told you that I can't date you.

Whip: Okay, that's fine. That's fine, but you're a doctor, right? You took an oath. You can't turn away a man who is in dire need of help.

Ridge: Hey, Logan. Thorne and I took the kids Christmas shopping at Macy's. Alexandria was able to mail that letter she wrote to Santa while we were there. We had a blast.

Brooke: Well, it looks like it from all the gifts that you got.

Ridge: Did you know that Macy's will give a dollar to Make-a-Wish for every Santa letter that's mailed from there?

Brooke: That's great. More people should do that. So I bet the kids are pretty excited, huh?

Ridge: Oh, yeah. Yeah. You know how they feel about the holidays.

Brooke: I love Christmas. Such a magical time of the year. Mm.

Ridge: Mm.

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: And what was that for?

Brooke: Because you're such a wonderful husband, a wonderful father, and my heart skips a beat every time I see you, even after all this time.

Ridge: Really?

Brooke: (Giggles)

Ridge: We are pretty lucky, aren't we?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, we are so lucky. (Sighs) I just hope Nick and Bridget catch some of our luck, and I hope this experience with their surrogate is everything that they want it to be with no surprises.

Taylor: You really do have to go.

Whip: Well, you can't send me away. I-I have issues.

Taylor: (Sighs) Well, no. I-I think you're the most confident man I've ever met.

Whip: Yeah, you would think so, right? Well, uh, not anymore. No, I've had a, uh, a swift kick to my--my ego, uh, a sucker punch to my self-esteem. I finally get the nerve to ask out a beautiful woman, and she says "no." So I think it's gonna take all of your talent and training to get me back on my feet. So how shall we do this? You want me to lie down?

Taylor: (Sighs)

Whip: Okay. I think you need to sit down. We're gonna be here a while.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Brooke: (Laughs)

Ridge: It's for Steffy.

Brooke: This is great. A great score.

Ridge: Yeah, well, I know a thing or two about dressing beautiful women.

Brooke: Yes, you certainly do. Steffy's gonna love this. Do you want me to wrap it and put it und the tree?

Ridge: That would be excellent.

Brooke: Sorry I missed the trip to Macy’s.

Ridge: Yeah, me, too. How was your visit with Bridget?

Brooke: It was good. Ah, Bridget isn't the one who's pregnant, but she's definitely the one who's glowing.

Ridge: Did you meet the surrogate?

Brooke: Sandy Sommers? Yes.

Ridge: What's she like?

Brooke: Well, kind of hard to explain.

Ridge: Try.

Brooke: Uh, I guess she's a bit of a mystery.

Bridget: I can't believe I was able to persuade you to have dinner with me. You're usually running off somewhere.

Sandy: I have been busy. (Chuckles)

Bridget: Mm, yeah, and I'm also a little selfish right now. I'm trying to take up most of your time.

Sandy: (Chuckles)

Bridget: I'm sure you have a very full life outside of just being our surrogate.

Sandy: It's not anything special.

Bridget: What about-- do you have a boyfriend?

Sandy: Mnh-mnh.

Bridget: You're just so pretty. I figured you were fighting off men all the time.

Nick: Hello, girls.

Bridget: Hey, honey. What a nice surprise. We were just eating our veggie pizza. You're right in time to join us. Get a plate.

Sandy: Um, you know what? Nick can take my place, 'cause you guys should have some time alone together probably.

Bridget: No, Sandy, you don't need to go.

Nick: No, no, please. Don't--don't leave on my account.

Bridget: Is something wrong?

Sandy: Uh, no. No. Okay, I'll stay.

Bridget: (Chuckles)

Nick: Sit down. Sit down, please. We'll, um, have a chance to talk, get to know each other a little better.

Taylor: Would you like my professional opinion?

Whip: Yeah. Shoot.

Taylor: No one has ever died from being turned down for a date.

Whip: Not yet. But I've been feeling very, very faint.

Taylor: You look fine to me.

Whip: I just-- I have this problem. I-I can't stand when somebody says no to me. Look, we had a good time the other night, didn't we?

Taylor: It wasn't terrible.

Whip: Okay, see? So that's a connection... a-a not terrible connection. It's a start.

Taylor: Why can't you just let this go?

Whip: Because I can't let anything get in the way of what could possibly be the best second date in history.

Ridge: What's Sandy's story, anyway?

Brooke: She filled out all the forms and answered all the right questions, but still, with all the facts, some women can be hard to figure out.

Ridge: Tell me about it.

Brooke: Well, we women need to be a mystery. It's what keeps you guys intrigued.

Ridge: Mm.

Brooke: Although sometimes, we get lost in our secrets, and if trust is broken, we become invisible.

Ridge: I will never let you disappear, Logan. I'll bring you back from the ends of the earth. Why all this mystery talk, huh? You're worried about this woman Sandy, aren't you?

Bridget: That's so good.

Sandy: Mm.

Nick: So, Sandy, are you excited about carrying this child?

Sandy: Yes, absolutely. Bridget, someone gave me this book-- a friend of mine-- "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

Bridget: I've heard of this. It's got some really interesting stuff in it. There's a chapter on men's involvement. They want men to get more active during the pregnancy.

Sandy: If men could get pregnant, there'd be a cure for stretch marks.

Bridget: Sandy, did you just make a joke?

Sandy: (Chuckles)

Bridget: (Chuckles) God, you're so cute. Look at her.

Sandy: Yeah, I think I did.

Bridget: You should smile more often. You just light up when you smile.

Sandy: I just want everything to go right. I want to do everything right with this pregnancy. I think it's making me a little uptight.

Nick: That's understandable.

Sandy: (Laughs)

Bridget: Yeah. But, you know, pregnancy should be joyful—it’s a beautiful, natural experience.

Sandy: What if I, um, I don't know. What if everything doesn't run smoothly?

Nick: Like what?

Sandy: I don't know. What if I get those unhealthy cravings, and I'm--I'm standing out in front of the doughnut shop at 1:00 in the morning waiting for the guys to make the doughnuts?

Bridget: (Chuckles) Well, why don't you call me? I'll talk you out of it.

Sandy: What if I start stalking the ice cream man and--and--and stalking the girl scouts for their cookies, and chasing them, and--

Bridget: Well, I-I-I-- you know what? Why don't we think of this like a buddy system? You can call us-- you can call me 24/7. Anytime you want, I'll be there for you.

Sandy: You will?

Bridget: (Chuckles) Yes. We're in this together.

Sandy: Thank you. I really didn't know what to expect when you hired me to be your surrogate. I really didn’t. I mean, I-I thought that I might make a little extra money and do something decent for a good couple, and I-I did expect my ankles to swell and my hormones to bounce off the walls. I didn't expect to find a friend. Can I call you that, Bridget?

Bridget: Oh, Sandy, you better call me that. Of course you're gonna be in our lives for a very long time. So, yes, please do call me your friend. Definitely. You're also a lot more than just a friend, though.

Nick: And what about me? How do you see me?

Sandy: As a friend, too.

Nick: Good, because I want you to feel as though you can talk to me, too, about anything.

Ridge: You've got that look about you that says you're worried. Would it help to talk about it?

Brooke: This Sandy just seems so alone and so--I don't know. There's just something guarded about her.

Ridge: Well, it is a business arrangement. Maybe it's good there's a little distance there.

Brooke: Yeah, but she's gonna be a big part of Bridget’s life. All of her history and all the reasons why she wanted to become a surrogate-- it's all wrapped up in a big package, and her life and Bridget’s life-- they're entwined, for better or for worse.

Ridge: Look, some people are, uh, more open than others. Ok? Just give it time. Your daughter's gonna be fine.

Brooke: How do you know that?

Ridge: Because she has the best mother in the world. And that little baby is gonna have the best grandmother.

(Glasses clink)

Sandy: That was delicious.

Nick: You going some place?

Sandy: Yeah, I-It gets dark so early now. I don't really like to be out after dark, so...

Bridget: Thanks. That was the nanny. Jack is running a slight fever.

Nick: Is he all right?

Bridget: Yeah, I think it's just a cold, but he was getting fussy. I just want to get home to him as soon as I can. Honey, do you mind taking her back home?

Sandy: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, that's okay. I don't want to put Nick out. I'll take a cab.

Bridget: Did we not just discuss that we're friends now? And friends don't let friends hang out alone at night.

Sandy: Okay, fine.

Bridget: (Chuckles)

Sandy: Look, I just-- I want to say what a great time I had this evening with you.

Bridget: Oh.

Sandy: You know, it-- it meant a lot to me. I mean, I've kind of become a loner, and I've gotten used to a table set for one, so being part of a family is nice once in a while. So thanks for including me.

Bridget: Absolutely.

Whip: You know what? I-I think this is going much better. I think we should continue this whole thing later over drinks.

Taylor: A therapist cannot socialize with her patients.

Whip: Oh, so what's your plan "b," the internet?

Taylor: No, I cancelled the account. Dating isn't a priority for me.

Whip: (Sighs) You are-- you are such an exciting, beautiful woman. You're just too vibrant to shut yourself off from the entire world.

Taylor: Well, maybe I'm not ready for dating. It wasn't that long ago that I was going to get married...

Whip: Oh, yeah, Ridge. Ridge.

Taylor: But a woman came in in the middle of my wedding on a horse...

Whip: You know what? You know what about Ridge? Ridge was a fool to let you go. But you know what? I got to thank him. No, really, I-I got to thank him, because if he hadn't gone back to Brooke, I-I would never get the opportunity to, um...

Whip: What do you think?

Taylor: I think if you want to be standing this close to me, you need to find another psychiatrist.

Whip: You know what? I think I'm feeling a lot better. I'll call you.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Nick: Would you like some music?

Sandy: No, thank you. I'm fine. Thanks again for the ride and for not saying anything to Bridget about the name change.

Nick: I'm not sure how I'd explain it. See, I really don't know the whole story. Would you care to fill me in on some of the details? My son says I'm a great listener. I'm better than all his stuffed animals put together.

Sandy: (Chuckles)

Nick: Of course, he also thinks I'm a superhero that can fly. You sure you don't want to fill me in on anything? It may make you feel better to get this off your chest.

Sandy: You know what? On second thought, I think I would like the radio on.

Brooke: Bridget's wanted this for so long-- a child of her own with the man that she loves. And she was really in pain when she lost Nicole. I just hope everything goes perfectly for her.

Ridge: Oh, it will, Logan. Just relax.

Brooke: I know. It's just--it's hard, because time goes by so fast. I love my family, and I love my life. I don't want anything to change.

Ridge: Look, when you're, uh, an elderly great-grandmother, pushing around your little scooter thing...

Brooke: (Chuckles) Oh, God.

Ridge: I'm gonna be right there beside you, okay?

Brooke: Yeah?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Well, when you lose your hair and you can't hear me anymore, I will still tell you how much I love you...

Ridge: What? What? What?

Brooke: Even louder! (Laughs) Silly.

Ridge: Look, no matter how much time passes, you're always gonna be that gorgeous girl I married...

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: Several times, actually.

Brooke: That's true.

Ridge: Mm

Brooke: But you had to get it right.

Ridge: Oh, boy, did I.

Nick: Here we go.

Sandy: What are you doing?

Nick: I was going to walk you to the door like a gentleman.

Sandy: That's not necessary. Thanks again.

Nick: I want to ask you a couple questions.

Sandy: Nick, I'm carrying your child. That's all I signed on for.

Nick: Everything that you do affects this baby growing inside you. You have to understand that.

Sandy: All I have to do is hand you a healthy child at the end of nine months. Let it go now please. Thanks again.

Nick: Well, that went well.

(Floorboard squeaks)

Sandy: Who's there?! Aah!

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