B&B Transcript Thursday 12/10/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 12/10/09


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Bridget: I made sure-- it's on his Blackberry.

Brooke: He better be here soon.

Bridget: I don't know why he wouldn't be--oh. I spy someone here for you. I didn't let her touch anything or look at anything.

Brooke: The design scholarship we're cosponsoring-- remember?

Nick: That's today?

Bridget: Honey, it's on your calendar.

Brooke: We are the selection committee.

Nick: No, no, no, no, no. I remember that anybody from Forrester or Jackie M. could do this, so I thought you and Stephanie might want to take this on.

Brooke: Think again.

Bridget: Oh, well, don't look at me. I-I-I have a yoga class I'm going to.

Nick: Haven't you graduated yet?

Bridget: (Sighs)

Brooke: "Support for your surrogate-- how much is too much?" Well, I imagine you wouldn't want the woman carrying your baby to feel isolated and alone.

Bridget: No. You also don't want to smother her. I asked her to go to yoga with me.

Nick: Not too much of a good thing, you know? She's not our buddy.

Bridget: She could be. This web site says that every single situation is different. What, now you-- you don't like her?

Nick: I didn't say that. I'm just saying that if you're gonna let that web site dictate who your friends are gonna be, that's almost learning to drive by mail.

Bridget: Well, that explains a lot. His driving skills are like he's on the open sea. My goodness, there's no signs, no roads, no limits, no speed limits.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Mwah. I'll see you at home later.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Oh! Ooh!

Pam: Oh, sorry.

Bridget: My goodness.

Pam: Scoot by.

Bridget: Excuse me. It looks like somebody has their work cut out for them.

Nick: Pam?

Pam: What? (Grunts)

Nick: Whatever that is, it doesn't belong here.

Pam: Oh, well, Brooke said she needed them.

Brooke: All of those are the scholarship applicants?

Pam: Yep. (Sighs)

Nick: This is gonna take a while.

(Knock on door)

Sandy: Who is it?

Whip: (Nasal voice) Package for OctoMom.

Sandy: Would it kill you to give me a straight answer once in a while?

Whip: What did I do?

Sandy: I live alone, in case you hadn't noticed, and there are safety considerations.

Whip: Oh. What, are you in the witness protection, Sandy? Is that why you changed your name?

Sandy: Is there something that you wanted? Because Bridget’s gonna be here to pick me up soon.

Whip: You know, you used to be able to take a joke.

Sandy: Yeah, well, you used to live with your mother and dress like a hustler in clothes two sizes too small.

Whip: Well, it's nice that some things have changed.

Sandy: What is this?

Whip: Open it.

Sandy: Stretch mark oil?

Whip: Well, you're gonna need it.

Sandy: (Scoffs)

Whip: It's a-- it's a pregnancy gift box. That's what the store called it, anyway. It's my way of saying congratulations if that's what you want.

Sandy: It is. I do. Thank you.

Whip: You're welcome.

Sandy: I'm sorry.

Whip: That's okay. I irritate a lot of people. I was gonna drop it by yesterday, but, uh, I noticed Nick's car was here.

Sandy: Yeah. He was here.

Whip: Did you tell him we were cousins?

Sandy: No.

Whip: Hmm. I'd be, uh, I'd be careful if I were you. Nick's the kind of guy who has a way of finding things out.

Pam: (Gasps)

Serge: Lemon biscotti?

Pam: No one has ever baked for me before, except Mom.

Serge: Well, that's what friends are for.

Pam: Oh!

Taylor: Oh.

Pam: If-- if you're looking for Stephanie, she's somewhere in the building, but not here.

Taylor: Uh, I don't mean to interrupt, but is Whip Jones anywhere around? Have you seen him?

Pam: You need something publicized? (Laughs) Only kidding. I'll check.

Serge: Biscotti?

Whip: Look, I'm supposed to call the scholarship winner and have a release put out by the end of the day.

Brooke: (Sighs) Define "end of the day."

Nick: (Sighs)

Whip: Um, 6:00? Okay, uh, I'm not hanging around all night. Let me know when you're done.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Nick: Interesting.

Brooke: Yeah. These portfolios better be interesting, because we certainly have a lot of them to go through.

Nick: No, it's just interesting that you and I are here together at this particular time.

Brooke: What particular time?

Nick: That my life is going so well. I would cut my arm off before I'd do anything to damage my marriage or do anything to hurt Bridget, but I find that I'm keeping this big, fat, scary secret from her, and I don't know what to do-- that particular time. So I thought I'd ask for your help.

Pam: Oh. Where did Serge go?

Taylor: Um, he said something like "woof" and then he ran off to find Whip.

Pam: (Scoffs)

Whip: Hey, how am I supposed to answer your page when I don't know where you are? Hi.

Taylor: Hi.

Whip: Um, I'm sorry. Um, Serge's car-- you're blocking him in. You need to move.

Pam: Oh. Imagine that. (Laughs) Tootles.

Whip: Does Stephanie know that you're here? You came to see me.

Taylor: Do you find that strange?

Whip: No. Yeah. (Laughs) I mean, look, I-I know that our surprise date went very well, and we said that we'd like to try it again, but I thought maybe you were just being polite. It's good to see that you, uh, you meant it.

Taylor: Yes, I did. But... (Sighs) I've changed my mind.

Nick: Sandy isn't who we thought she was.

Brooke: Is she demanding more money?

Nick: No. No. I mean, literally. She changed her name. It was Agnes Jones.

Brooke: So you think she's hiding something.

Nick: I know she's hiding something.

Brooke: Well, Nick, she's carrying your child.

Nick: Well, exactly. And you know that these agencies, um, the--the profiles that they put out, now you're gonna expect that there's some fabrication, at least a little bit.

Brooke: And her profile, you think, is all lies?

Nick: Feels to me like it's more, uh, like wishes, like there's some sort of fantasy that she wants Sandy to be.

Brooke: Aren't these agencies supposed to put out background checks on these women?

Nick: Well, of course they do. They--they have their criminal records. They have medical records. But if they're all blank...

Brooke: You think she might be unstable.

Nick: I really don't know what she is.

Sandy: (Sighs)

Bridget: Oh, my goodness. I am so sore!

Sandy: I feel like I could bench-press that waitress.

Bridget: (Sighs) Of course you could, because you got all the easy moves.

Sandy: True. I didn't even know they had yoga for pregnant women. Prenatal yoga?

Bridget: Yes, so no inversions for you.

Sandy: (Giggles) Well, that's okay. I could never really get those balances anyway. You know, that's actually, um, the very first yoga class I ever went to.

Bridget: Yeah, uh, I kind of figured.

Sandy: Really? Uh, you know, it's not-- I didn't--I didn't lie before. It's not that those things are not important to me. They are. It's just that some of the things that you read in that profile, it's--well, that's who I am on a good day. It's not necessarily who I am every single day.

Bridget: Wait, l-listen, Sandy. I-I'm so sorry that I ever put you in this position. I don't want you to feel like that you-- (sighs) that I'm gonna hold you accountable or that you have to tell me all of your secrets, if you have them or whatever they might be. I just got this idea in my head that we could or we should be friends, and if I was wrong about that, I apologize.

Sandy: No. I-I used to have friends, good friends. And I-I used to be a good friend. But then, um... you know, my life just changed, and I really couldn't be that same person that I used to be. And, um, I would really like to be your friend, Bridget, but I know that I would disappoint you.

Nick: You know, Brooke, originally, she came off all granola-- organic food, mediation, yoga, healthy lifestyle. But when you see where she lives in this trailer, that's not her.

Brooke: Did you ask her why she changed her name?

Nick: She didn't answer. And she really doesn't have to. You know, she didn't sign up for this deal for me to barge in and ask a bunch of personal questions.

Brooke: (Sighs) I think you need a lawyer.

Nick: What good is that gonna do? It's not like I'm looking for a judgment or some lawsuit here, even if she is running from something. I'm looking for a healthy child. That's what I want. Okay, so she mislead us. But I really believe, in her heart, she wants to have this child.

Brooke: So you don't think she's pulling some kind of scam?

Nick: No. No, she's a good person. She's a good person that had something really bad happen to her in her life. And now she's a frightened person.

Brooke: And those people can be the most dangerous of all.

Bridget: I don't think you know me well enough to know what would or would not disappoint me.

Sandy: Bridget, come on. We're very different people. We had very different backgrounds.

Bridget: If you're referring to money, money doesn't make as big of a difference as you think it does.

Sandy: No, maybe not, but you're a fashion designer. You have an interesting life, and it's not something I could do in a million years.

Bridget: Mm. Whatever. I'm sure there's things that you can do that I can’t. You probably did five things that I can't do today.

Sandy: You have a life that works. That's all I'm saying and...

Bridget: Mm-hmm. Well, you have a uterus that works. That's all I'm saying. And if money could buy that, my daughter would probably still be alive, so I am not gonna let you use me to feel badly about yourself.

Sandy: I just get in my own way, I think, sometimes. I want people to like me, so I know that people like people that make them feel superior.

Bridget: I-I don't really want that in a friend.

Sandy: Well, maybe that's why I don't have any friends. (Sniffles)

Bridget: Well, you don't need to make me like you. Sandy, you're doing something for me that I simply cannot do for myself. You're loving my baby into existence, and I thank God for that every single day.

Whip: (Laughs) Okay. Somebody told you something about me.

Taylor: Who?

Whip: Well--

Taylor: Nobody knows we went on a date.

Whip: No, I know. It's some--some rumor that you heard, and I just-- I'd like the opportunity to defend myself.

Taylor: Are there that many awful things out there about you that somebody might be wanting to tell me?

Whip: Oh, well, please, there's the--you know, there's, of course, the one about my ego, and let's get one thing straight--this country is founded on ego-maniacs. And then there's the one about my vanity, which, you know, that's a crock, because at one point, it was true, but frankly, I'm just not that good-looking anymore. And then there's the one about, you know, how dishonest I am. Yada yada yada yada yada.

Taylor: Are you?

Whip: Only when I say I'm not good-looking anymore.

Taylor: Listen, Whip, I-I enjoy being around you. I think you're very attractive. You're very fun. It's just that, um... this is something I-I don't want to pursue.

Whip: You don't want to pursue. Me.

Taylor: Yes.

Whip: Okay. (Sighs) All right, let-- let me tell you something about me, okay? I-I don't deal with rejection very well, which means that if I don't see it and I don't hear it, it really doesn't exist. So the way I see it is this relationship is in its early stages, and I passed the test, so, um, why don't we go to dinner, and I can tell you all the things that you just learned about me? Come on.

Taylor: I'm serious, Whip. I'm serious. What--whatever it was about to start with us, it has to be over.

Whip: Why not, Taylor? Come on. You don't know me well enough to not want to have anything to do with me.

Taylor: I'm trusting my instincts, and I-I don't feel safe.

Whip: (Scoffs)

Taylor: For one thing, you work for my ex-husband.

Whip: Oh, please. Nick and Bridget are obnoxiously happy. You could be dating the entire Hells Angels chapter, and he wouldn't notice.

Taylor: My children and their father are your competition, okay?

Whip: Okay, but Forrester and Jackie M. have a friendly rivalry.

Taylor: And probably the most important reason is because I made a promise to myself that I would never get involved ever with one of Brooke’s "men."

Whip: I am not-- hear me--one of Brooke’s men.

Taylor: You were married to her.

Whip: Yes, briefly.

Taylor: All of Brooke’s marriages are brief.

Whip: Okay, it was a mistake.

Taylor: That's what they all say.

Whip: She doesn't even like me. Does that count?

Taylor: She loves everybody! What are you talking about?

Whip: You are really reaching.

Taylor: (Laughs)

Whip: I must scare the hell out of you.

Taylor: No. I-I'm trying to tell you that this was my daughter's idea. She... (Sighs) she thought it would be great for me to get out and start meeting people and going out on a date. And it sounded fun, because, you know, a date-- it shouldn't have to be something that's serious. It shouldn't be, you know, thinking about where you're headed, and you--you shouldn't have to start wanting things that it's too soon for you to want again. I'm sorry, Whip. I'm sorry.

Nick: We're supposed to be reading essays, you know.

Brooke: You think this Sandy is sincere?

Nick: She wants to have the experience of having a child, but knows she'll never have one of her own.

Brooke: Why not?

Nick: I think she has a problem with men.

Sandy: I used to go, like, twice a week. That's how I stayed in shape.

Bridget: Yeah? O-oh. Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Brooke: Hi.

Bridget: I didn't realize you guys would still be here.

Nick: Yeah, you know, I'm sort of eeny-meeny-miney-moe, but Brooke thinks whoever gets the scholarship should deserve it.

Bridget: Right. Yeah, well, um, you get to meet my mom. Um, this is Brooke Forrester, and Mom, this is Sandy Sommers.

Brooke: Hi. (Sighs) Nice to meet you.

Sandy: Nice to meet you, too. Thank you.

Bridget: Uh, well, we just came by to pick something up, so I'll just be a minute.

Nick: Sandy, I heard you talking when you were coming in about you used to go some place twice a week or...

Sandy: Uh... yeah.

Bridget: We were talking about salsa dancing, and I told her that was probably something you would never try.

Nick: Hey, I'd love to watch. I offered to get you belly dancing lessons, if you'd take them.

Bridget: Uh-huh. See, marriage is all about communication. You have to know when to mentally put your fingers in your ear...

Sandy: (Giggles)

Bridget: And just ignore what's going on. See, this is--feel it. It is so cushy. It's exactly-- I think you would love it.

Sandy: Oh, wow.

Bridget: It's 100% rubber. There's nothing synthetic in it. It's all natural. Oh, just carry on. Forget we were even here.

Sandy: Okay.

Bridget: Bye.

Sandy: Bye. It was nice--nice to meet you.

Brooke: Bye.

Sandy: Hey, thank you. Thank you for the mat, and I had such a good time this afternoon. I really did.

Bridget: Oh, so did I. Do you have to go home right away? I'm pushing again.

Sandy: No, it's okay. What were you gonna say?

Bridget: Well, uh, Nick obviously isn't gonna be home for dinner, so I was just thinking, if you wanted, we could grab something to eat, but I completely understand if you have some place you need to be.

Sandy: You're so good with him--with your husband. He seems so gruff and in charge. (Laughs) And then you walk in, and he's not.

Bridget: Nick can definitely intimidate people. (Scoffs)

Sandy: It's pretty clear he loves you, though.

Bridget: Yeah, he does. He does. Our love's been tested time and time again, and it's great, 'cause I trust him.

Sandy: So let's eat. I don't have anything to do. (Laughs)

Bridget: Good. I'm starving.

Sandy: All right.

Bridget: What sounds good?

Brooke: Jeez. She was scared to death of you. You shouldn't have asked her that question maybe.

Nick: Maybe I should have asked her a lot more questions right from the very beginning.

Brooke: Does Bridget know any of this?

Nick: No. I promised I wouldn't say anything to keep Sandy from freaking out.

Brooke: Well, then maybe you should keep that promise. I mean, what's most important is the baby's safety. I'm sure Bridget would agree with that. What you need to do...

Nick: (Sighs)

Brooke: Is get Sandy's trust. Get her to trust you and your motives long enough so that she won't bolt or do something crazy.

Nick: All right. But I got to know what I'm dealing with here. So it'll be all smiles and sunshine to Sandy Sommers while I find out everything I can about Agnes Jones.

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