B&B Transcript Monday 11/23/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/23/09


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Dr. Lewis: Mrs. Douglas?

Pam: Mom? Mom, the doctor wants to talk to you.

Stephanie: Mother? Mother, you have to tell the doctor what it is that you told us, what--what you want. Have you changed something? Because a little while ago, she--she was lucid.

Dr. Lewis: The nurse said that she complained of discomfort, so I adjusted the dose.

Taylor: Pain management is not an exact science, Stephanie.

(Speaking indistinctly)

Stephanie: I'm not clueless about--this is becoming a nightmare!

Pam: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Look, my mother is dying of cancer, and the one thing that she has asked of us is that we do not allow her to die in a hospital. Now apparently my word isn't good enough for that. And now you've got her so drugged, she can't tell you what it is she wants! She may not be my favorite person in the world, but this shouldn't happen to anyone. What if this is it? What if she never regains consciousness?

Dr. Lewis: I will explain this again as simply as possible. One or more blood clots is blocking the flow of blood to your mother's lungs. Her diagnosis is terminal, but Mrs. Douglas does not have to die today.

Pam: How much longer do you think that we could have her with us?

Dr. Lewis: That's impossible to say.

Stephanie: That isn't even a question that my mother would ask! You're keeping her here against her will, Dr. Lewis. We are perfectly capable of making her comfortable at home.

Dr. Lewis: Can you? Can you really?

Stephanie: Excuse me?

Dr. Lewis: I am trying my best to save the life and relieve the pain of a woman with a very treatable problem, and I haven't got much time. People don't come to hospitals not to be treated. Mrs. Douglas was an emergency admission. And I take my orders from no one but her or the party named in her advanced directive.

Taylor: Then there was somebody that she named, so has that person been contacted?

Pam: What?

Dr. Lewis: It's you. You have your mother's power of attorney for health care.

Pam: (Sighs)

Steffy: Mom, uh, hey. I'm in the guest room. I was looking for great-grandmother. Did something happen?

Taylor: (Sighs) Ann isn't doing very well. We're at the hospital.

Steffy: What?

Taylor: It's not very clear what--what they're gonna do. They--they may be releasing her, so why don't you just stay there, and straighten up the guest room a little bit?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I'll take care of it. Tell her I'll be waiting, okay?

Taylor: Okay.

Stephanie: Uh, we still have the number from the hospice. I'm sure they can give us a list of supplies that we'll need--

Pam: Steph, you were not there to hear her when it happened. I don't want to see her in that kind of pain again.

Stephanie: Would you rather see her like that?

Pam: What if she can't tell us that she changed her mind?

Stephanie: Then if she can't, it will be your decision. She's here because of you. So the decision that you're going to make is that she's going to be released from this hospital. She is not going to die here. Is that clear, Pam? Is that clear?!

Pam: (Sighs)

Pam: "Illinois statutory form. Power of attorney."

Dr. Lewis: You don't recognize it?

Pam: Um... but this is from her gall bladder operation?

Dr. Lewis: You're named as the agent.

Pam: But what-- what are all these blank lines?

Dr. Lewis: Decisions she left to you.

Stephanie: This is about what Mother wants, honey. She can't speak for herself now. You've got to do it for her.

Pam: Well--

Dr. Lewis: Ms. Douglas, you can technically insist that your mother be discharged against medical advice. Is that what you want?

Stephanie: Pam?

Pam: You didn't see her, Steph. You didn't hear her. I don't think that I could just watch mother die and do nothing about it.

Dr. Lewis: These are some of the most difficult decisions any family has to make. Then I have your consent to proceed with the treatment to dissolve the embolus?

Pam: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Dr. Lewis: Thank you. Thank you.

Taylor: And hopefully, she'll improve very quickly and--and then she'll be able to make her own decisions again. There is no right or wrong here.

Pam: Oh, Steph, look--

Stephanie: No.

Pam: Donít.

Stephanie: Pam, it's wrong to drug and torture a helpless woman who just wants to be left alone.

Pam: And it's right to take her off her pain medication and drag her back to Taylorís?

Stephanie: It's what--

Pam: That's insanity.

Stephanie: If it's what she wants.

Pam: Yeah, but she didn't know how bad it was gonna get. You know Mother. She's a terrible coward. What?

Stephanie: Well, you finally have the power now, don't you? Something you've never had all these years-- power over Mother. How does it feel, kiddo?

Pam: (Scoffs) (Voice breaking) I am only trying to follow the doctor's advice. (Sobs) And if it turns out that Mother doesn't get the death that she wanted, well, how much of what we wanted did we ever get from her? Oh, I'm sorry. Where's the chapel? Oh, never mind. I'll find it myself.

Stephanie: Why did you let him hurt me that way? Always when he drank, which seemed to be almost every night.

Ann: A man is a man. I mean, if you had acted more like a lady--

Stephanie: With his hand, with his belt, with the razor strap. By god, Mother,

you saw the bruises, and you did nothing. I was a child. Why didn't you stand up for me

when I couldn't stand up for myself?

Ann: Yes, I saw bruises. I knew where they came from-- your own stubborn nature.

You want to blame me, and worse yet, your father for the fact that you can't get along in life. My answer is the same as it was then. Shame on you.

Stephanie: Mother, no, no, no, no, no. Leave that. Leave that. Leave that.

Ann: Thirsty.

Stephanie: All right. Wait a minute. Hold on.

Ann: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Here, here, here.

Ann: (Chokes)

Stephanie: Easy, easy, easy, easy. Don't choke. Don't choke.

Ann: (Gags)

Stephanie: Easy. Easy.

Ann: (Sighs)

Stephanie: They put you on oxygen because you've had trouble breathing.

Ann: I had trouble being listened to. Get me out of here!

Stephanie: You have a blood clot in your lung. It's called a pulmonary embolism. They've had you on pain medication. That's why you've been drifting in and out. Oh, they--they left the I.V. in case they want to try and dissolve the clot. This is important. If you don't want to be here, if you don't want to be in the hospital, you have to tell the doctors. They have to hear it from you. Pam can't do it. She's afraid. Look, they-- they think that they can get you over this attack that you had. Or they can do nothing, Mother. In that event, you'll probably die, probably today. You understand?

Ann: (Humming "Beautiful Dreamer")

Stephanie: Why do you do this?

Ann: (Humming)

Stephanie: Never mind. You know what I was actually going to say? Mother, you cannot continue to block out all the unpleasant things in your life.

Ann: (Humming)

Stephanie: What the hell. Why not? (Sighs)

Ann: I was an awful mother. (Sighs) If--if there is a hell, I don't think I'll go there if you forgive me.

Stephanie: I don't want you to go to hell, and I don't want you to suffer. I want you to have just... the one thing in life that you want exactly the way you want it, even if it's the last thing that you want.

Ann: Oh, leave me. Let me die here. Ii-it's what I deserve. (Sobs) Mother wants to see me in red.

Stephanie: It's okay. It's okay.

Pam: Oh, Mom. You're awake.

Ann: Hi, baby girl. Just let me go.

Pam: Mom, I'm so afraid.

Taylor: The nurse said Annís awake?

Pam: Yeah.

Stephanie: She was, but I guess she just wore herself out.

Pam: No, no, no, mom. Mom, the doctor's here. Can you talk to her?

Stephanie: Dr. Lewis, look, she's comfortable. I don't want you to put another needle or an I.V. in her please.

Dr. Lewis: Actually, there's been a complication.

Taylor: Come here. There is blockage in the pulmonary artery, but the C.T. also shows there's hemorrhaging now.

Dr. Lewis: Weak and swollen veins in the G.I. tract aren't uncommon for pancreatic cancer. One or more of them has burst, and she has lost a lot of blood. We can't dissolve the blockage with anticoagulants when she's bleeding internally. I'm sorry.

Pam: (Sobs) Steph, what do we do now? To take her to Taylorís just doesn't seem to make any sense now. (Sighs)

Dr. Lewis: She may not regain consciousness.

Dr. Lewis: This isn't paradise, but it's the best that we can do.

Pam: (Sighs)

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Pam: Mom? Mom, we're here.

Taylor: Those are beautiful, sweetheart.

Steffy: Hey. Is great-grandmother still in the hospital?

Taylor: No.

Steffy: Well, that's a relief. Is everybody downstairs then?

Taylor: No. It's just you and me, sweetheart.

Steffy: Oh, my God.

Taylor: No, it's-- it's gonna be okay. It's all right.

Steffy: Oh, Mom.

Pam: Who's gonna take care of us, now, Steph?

Stephanie: I don't know, Pam. We're almost old ladies ourselves.

Pam: Mm. Too old to be orphans.

Stephanie: (Chuckles)

Pam: It all goes by so fast.

Ann: (Inhales sharply)

Pam: Mom.

Ann: Good girls.

Pam: Mom? Don't leave us. Mom?

Ann: Sit up straight, Pammy.

Stephanie: It's okay. You can go.

Pam: (Sobs) Mom.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Orla Fallon: The water is wide/I can't cross o'er /and neither have /I wings to fly /give me a boat /that can carry two /and we shall sail /my love and I /oh, love is gentle

Pam: We did it.

Orla Fallon: And love/ is kind/ and love's a flower/ when first it's new/ but love grows old/ and waxes cold/ and fades away/ like morning dew/ Give me/ a boat/ that can carry two/ and we shall sail/ my love/ and IÖ

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