B&B Transcript Thursday 11/5/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/5/09


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Steffy: That's great. Perfect. Thank you. Thank you so much. Um...

Bill: Hey.

Steffy: Hey, I wasn't expecting you. You checking up on me?

Bill: Absolutely not. I have every confidence in this campaign and your ability to run it. But is the first big shoot, and I would be remiss if I didn't come by and wish you luck, "leading lady."

Steffy: Why do I get the feeling you're actually here to see your real leading lady in that gorgeous dress my father designed?

Bill: Well, that might have something to do with it.

Steffy: Mm. Oh, well, I think you'll be glad you came.

Donna: Hi.

Bill: Wow. Something tells me this campaign is going to be a big hit.

Nick: Well, these brochures they give you all these stats, but they give you no information. They don't give you anything about their hip size.

Bridget: What?

Nick: Well, it'd be nice to know her hip size, if she has healthy hips-- you know, birthin' hips.

Bridget: (Scoffs) Please don't ask any questions about sizes when we meet her.

Nick: Well, I won't ask, then, but I will look.

Bridget: (Sighs) God help me.

Nick: Well, that's what this is about, right? That's why we have these interviews, to find out she's right for us or not.

Bridget: Sure. Sure. Just let me screen your questions first

Nick: Okay. You can do all the talking.

Bridget: Just think, if we like her...

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: We could have a baby this time next year.

Nick: Have what?

Bridget: A baby.

Nick: A baby?

Bridget: A baby.

Nick: Whose baby? Whose baby?

Bridget: Our baby.

Nick: Our baby?

Bridget: Our baby.

Nick: We'll have our baby? Hmm? Oh, no! (Laughs)

(Camera shutter clicking)

Brio: Great. Beautiful. Beautiful. Oh, yes.

Steffy: Yeah, we're getting the look. I'm loving these black and whites.

Katie: Well, we want the clothes to be the focal point. We're trying to create an ambiance.

Steffy: Times gone by. A different era-- classic Hollywood glamour. Okay, how about we change the shot and bring in the vanity?

Brio: Okay.

Steffy: All right? Cool.

Donna: Great.

Brio: Okay, just a-a real, real sexy there.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Steffy: Effortless. Classic. That is the key to glamour. You put a Forrester gown, and we'll take you there. Should we do some individuals for press kits or public appearances?

Katie: That sounds great. Yes.

Brio: Okay, you got it. Brooke, uh, let's set you up first. Guys, let's get out the column.

Katie: Excuse me. Okay, so you go.

Brio: Here we go.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Steffy: Perfect.

Brio: Beautiful. I love it. I love it.

Bridget: (Sighs) It's spooky how similar we are.

Nick: We really are, aren't we?

Bridget: I mean Sandra and me. She's kind of a health nut, you know, all of her yoga. She's really into organic living.

Nick: If she has half the heart you have, we'll snatch her up right now.

(Cell phone rings)

Bridget: Oh, gosh, maybe that's Andrea.


Bridget: Hello? Yeah, hey, Andrea. It's good to hear from you. Oh, no.

Nick: Ask her if she's talked to Sandra.

Bridget: It's--it's okay. No, it's fine.

Nick: When can we meet her?

Bridget: Shh, honey. Yeah, um, I do. I-I can. Uh, go ahead. Okay. Perfect. No, it fine. I-I just hope your father's gonna be okay. Well, we'll give her a call right now. Okay, bye.

Nick: We're gonna call her?

Bridget: Yeah, she said that, um, that she's sorry she didn't get in touch with us earlier, but that she had, um, her father was in an accident or something, so she didn't have time to coordinate a meeting between us a--and Sandra, so she just recommended us calling her directly.

Nick: Oh. Well, I guess we should dial.

Bridget: Yeah.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Steffy: Rita Hayworth, eat your heart out. Okay, last set up. Let's, um, reset the vanity and take out the chaise. Cool.

Brooke: Okay.

Donna: Oh.

Steffy: Absolutely.

Brooke: Thank you.

Bill: Steffy' really stepped up, Ridge. You should be very proud.

Ridge: I am. And I appreciate your treating her with respect, too.

Bill: It's easy. She earned it. She's showing her-- her loyalty and her commitment to the company. I hope the rest of the Forresters will follow her lead, embrace this opportunity.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Steffy: Donna, turn away from the camera. Give us more profile.

Steffy: That's the look.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Steffy: Any more shots you'd like, or setups?

Bill: Don't ask me. It's your shoot.

Steffy: Katie?

Katie: Why don't we take break and see what we've got? But this looks great.

Steffy: Thank you.

Brio: Thank you.

Katie: Mr. Spencer, your C.E.O. would like to have a photo with you. Oh, come on. Humor me. Haven't you always wanted a Hollywood glamour queen on your arm?

Bill: Only if it's this Hollywood glamour queen.

Katie: (Chuckles)

(Camera shutter clicking)

Brio: Beautiful.

Katie: (Chuckles) Okay, okay. That's a wrap. Thank you so much.

Bo: I will get these proofs to you right away.

Katie: Perfect. Thank you.

Bill: All right.

Katie: So I think it's gonna be a great success.

Bill: This campaign's gonna work.

Katie: I think so. You going back to the office?

Bill: Yeah. I'll see you at home, okay?

Katie: Okay.

Bill: Good job.

Katie: And don't forget.

Bill: What? Catering. Catering. Yeah. No, I'll--I' be there.

Katie: Yes, don't forget the caterers.

Bill: Oh, red lips?

Katie: Yes, a little bit. Bye.

Bill: Okay, I'll see you later. (Chuckles)

Ridge: Good job, sweetie.

Steffy: Thank you.

Steffy: Thank you.

Bill: For what?

Steffy: Giving me this amazing opportunity and letting me do my own thing.

Bill: You did it well.

Steffy: Um, can I ask you something?

Bill: Sure.

Steffy: Why did you give me this opportunity? Was it so you could build bridges with my family, or...

Bill: Building bridges is a bonus. But you got this opportunity because you set me up with this great campaign idea. And you sealed the deal with your-- your tenacity, your vitality, your enthusiasm.

Steffy: Oh, do go on.

Bill: Oh, no.

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Bill: I better stop. Your head will get as big as mine. That's pretty big.

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Bill: Don't rest on your laurels, all right? As soon as the proofs are ready, I want to go over them with you. Once know somebody is capable of perfection, I expect nothing less. Got it?

Steffy: Got it.

Donna: (Sighs)

Woman: Oh, Donna, is this what you're looking for?

Donna: Oh, yes. (Chuckles) Thank you.

Woman: (Chuckles) Yeah, I found it in Eric's off -- um, Ms. Logan's office after the photo shoot. (Chuckles)

Donna: Thanks.

Woman: See you later.

Donna: (Sighs) Justin.

Justin: You avoiding me?

Donna: No.

Justin: Have you thought about what I said?

Donna: (Sighs) Justin, I am married. I-I'm committed my husband.

Justin: So why wasn't he here supporting you?

Donna: He's just having a difficult time, you know? He doesn't want any part of it.

Justin: So he doesn't want you to have any part of it either?

Donna: Look, he just has the way things are. He wants me to resign from the show.

Justin: Is that what you want?

Donna: Maybe.

Justin: (Scoffs) No, you don't.

Donna: (Sighs)

Justin: I know you are an unselfish person, Donna. You have quite a history of sacrificing your own happiness for what you think may be better for others. That's no way to live. You have to stand up for what you want.

Bridget: Um, uh, hi, Sandra. This, is, uh, Bridget-- this is Bridget Marone.

Nick: Miss Sommers. We should probably call her Miss Sommers until we know otherwise.

Bridget: Right, okay. That's good. Okay. Ask me to call. Just tell me to call.

Nick: Okay. Call.

Bridget: O-okay.

(Touch tones beeping)

Nick: Be cool. You're good.

Bridget: Shh! It's ringing. It's ringing.

(Telephone rings)

Bridget: (Sighs)


(Telephone rings)

Sandy: Yeah?

Bridget: H-hello?

Sandy: I'm not interested.

Bridget: W-w-w-wait. This is--this is Bridget Marone.

Sandy: I think you have the wrong number.

Bridget: Oh, no, please don't hang up. Um, I- this Sandra?

Nick: (Whispers) Miss Sommers. Miss Sommers.

Bridget: Oh. Oh, I am, um, Miss Sommers. M-Miss Sommers. Uh, this is Bridget Marone. And, um, Andrea Kessler gave us your number.

Sandy: From the surrogate agency?

Bridget: Yes. Yes. Exactly.

Sandy: Oh, yeah. Yes, you've-- you called the right place. Uh, this is Sandy Sommers speaking.

Bridget: Oh, great. Um, well, I don't know exactly how to say this. Uh, but my--my husband and I got your number from Andrea because we're interested in, uh, finding a surrogate.

Sandy: Oh.

Bridget: And based on your profile in the catalog, we felt that you were exactly what we're looking for.

Sandy: Well, isn't that great news?

Ridge: Well, that went well, didn't it?

Brooke: It was fantastic.

Katie: Definitely another hit on our hands.

Ridge: I was so proud --Steffy-- the way she took charge of all that.

Brooke: Your daughter's emerging into a wonderful young lady.

Ridge: Isn't she? And as much as I hate to admit it, I have to give Bill credit for recognizing just how special she is.

Steffy: Hello? Hello?

Steffy: Bill? Bill?

Bill: Don't try and steal anything.

Steffy: Oh, then you can check my pockets when I leave. You want to hear something funny? I was actually kind of nervous stepping into your office yesterday. But today's different.

Bill: How it is different?

Steffy: It just is. So you wanted to see the proofs from the shoot.

Bill: Yes, I do. The moment of truth for Steffy Forrester. Is the Hollywood glamour campaign going to be a hit or a flop? Shall we find out?

Steffy: Why do I have a feeling you're not gonna sugarcoat this if it's a bomb?

Bill: You got that right.

Katie: Careful. You're saying something nice about Bill.

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: No, I'm saying something nice about my daughter. If Bill realizes she has talent, more power to him. Doesn’t mean I want to be his friend.

Brooke: It's a good sign, though, that he wants to keep all of the Forresters employed here.

Katie: Of course he does. And that's what I've been trying to tell you. He--he wants this company to succeed. Look, we all know that we've got something special with Steffy. Bill saw it. And he has this knack for igniting spark in people. Look what he did for me. He took me under his wing. He encouraged me to reach my full potential. I have a feeling he's gonna do the same thing with Steffy.

Steffy: Well, what do you think?

Bill: I wasn't imagining this. (Sighs) I thought I was really gonna like them. But you've exceeded my expectations.

Steffy: Wait. What? You mean that?

Bill: I don't say things I don't mean. You've taken Hurrell style and given it Forrester twist.

Steffy: Well, I-I really worked with Brio to make it more dramatic and fresh.

Bill: Well, you've done it. Now run with it. But be forewarned, Steffy. This is your life night and day. You're going to eat, sleep, drink and breathe the Hollywood glamour line. Do you understand me?

Steffy: Yes, I do

Bill: Good, because otherwise I'll fire you.

Steffy: And you mean that, too.

Bill: Yes, I do. But I don't anticipate that happening. This campaign is gonna make me a ton of money. You're going to make me a ton of money.

Steffy: Well, that sounds great. You know, if someone asked me about you last week, I would have said you're ruthless and you're selfish. But now, I'm seeing a different side of you. You're tough. But you're pretty cool, too.

Bill: I'm cool, huh?

Steffy: Yes, you are. But I'm very cool. I'm, like, a really cool chick.

Bill: And humble.

Steffy: Hey, who knows? Maybe someday you'll be as cool as me.

Bill: Well, one can only dream.

Bridget: Um, S-Sandy, is this a good time for you? Uh, is it okay that I call you Sandy?

Sandy: Oh, yeah, of course. Um, no, this -- this is fine. What did you say your name was again?

Bridget: Um, this is Bridget Marone. Uh, if this is a bad time, if--if you need me to call you back--

Sandy: No, no, no, no, no. This is good. (Chuckles)

Bridget: Okay, well, just as long as I didn't take you away from your yoga or something.

Sandy: My what? Oh--oh, no, no. The yoga. I got in, uh, some yoga earlier today.

Bridget: Um, you're probably a little bit surprised that I'm calling you directly, but, uh, Andrea had a family emergency, so she just recommended that I call you myself.

Nick: (Whispering] Profile-- tell her we like the profile. We liked her profile.

Bridget: Oh, it's--it's, um, it's--it's extremely important to us that we find the right person, you know, to be our surrogate, and, well, after reading your profile, you really seem like someone that we would trust to do the job.

Sandy: Yeah, it's a-- it's a huge responsibility, but I am ready to put this computer to work.

Bridget: Okay, well, um, y-you know, after I read your profile, it's--it's really funny, 'cause there's a lot at we have in common. Actually, you seem like the healthier version of me.

Sandy: Well, I-I do try.

Sandy: Oh, my--

Bridget: Is everything okay?

Sandy: Yes. I just, um... I-I have a really good feeling about this. You know how sometimes it just seems like everything falls into place? I have a feeling-- something is telling me that this is happening right now with you and me. Should we meet up, get to know each other?

Bridget: Yes, uh, definitely. Um, how about this afternoon?

Sandy: Um... uh, let me get your address.

Sandy: Okay, um, yeah, just-- let's see. This afternoon? That would be great. See you then.

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