B&B Transcript Thursday 10/22/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/22/09


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Katie: Morning.

Bill: Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Bill: There's my beautiful fiancée.

Katie: Mm, hi.

Bill: Mm. Hi, baby.

Katie: I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get ready. It's just hard to do my mascara with this giant rock on my finger.

Bill: Yeah, well, maybe I should have gotten you something smaller.

Katie: No, no, no, no. It's perfect. It's just perfect. Mm.

Bill: Well, you know, you'd better get used to that thing. We can't have the C.E.O of Forrester Creations staring at her engagement ring all day.

Katie: I know. What am I gonna do? I'm gonna have to figure out a way for it to not distract me.

Bill: (Chuckles) Any first-day jitters?

Katie: No, I'm ready.

Bill: Good girl. There's a lot of buzz out there, you know.

Katie: Oh, yeah? Out where?

Bill: In the fashion world.

Katie: Hmm.

Bill: The press is eating this up.

Katie: Any chance "Eye on Fashion" covered the story?

Bill: I don't know. Hmm.

Katie: Hmm.

Bill: Maybe. Let's take a look.

Katie: Let's take a look. (Giggles) Wow. Oh, my God.

Bill: Huh, tomorrow's cover. What do you know? (Chuckles)

Katie: I can't believe this is all happening so fast.

Bill: Believe it. You deserve it. I always knew that I would have Forrester Creations one day. But I never knew that I would have you, my beautiful fiancée, running my company. This is a day to remember.

Steffy: Okay, Steffy, seriously, just stop it. Oh, my God. Stop it. (Sighs)

Taylor: As a psychiatrist, I can tell you, it's-- it's really not a good thing when you're talking to yourself. What do you need to stop doing?

Steffy: Um, okay, you promise you're not gonna freak out?

Taylor: Well, yeah, I promise. I promise I'll try.

Steffy: It's about Owen.

Taylor: See? Not freaking out. It's all good. What? What is it?

Steffy: Look, I'm just-- I'm worried about him. He and Jackie have this problem, one I don't think he's gonna get past.

Taylor: Their marriage is their business. And I don't think-- well, you shouldn't get involved in that.

Steffy: Mom, he feels comfortable confiding in me. I'm not gonna tell him he can't. God.

Taylor: Well, it depends on what the issue is. Is it something serious?

Steffy: Yeah. Okay. (Sighs) Owen wants a child, but Jackie doesn't.

Taylor: Hmm.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Taylor: Okay.

Steffy: Mom, he would make such a terrific dad, but he's not gonna get that chance if he stays with her. Like, how can you be that happy in a marriage if you have to give up something that big? If he really wants to be a father, I honestly think he'll have to leave Jackie.

Nick: (Speaking indistinctly)

Bridget: Knock, knock. Where's Grandma? (Gasps) Oh. Oh, my gosh, I feel like we interrupted something. Is everything okay?

Nick: Jack, you're all dressed up. Why is Jack all dressed up?

Bridget: Because he's having his picture made today.

Jack: Papa.

Bridget: Did you forget?

Nick: Oh, right.

Bridget: Yeah. Say "Hi, Daddy."

Nick: Hey, buddy.

Bridget: (Laughs) Yeah. I-where's your mom? I want to show her how cute he looks in this outfit she bought him.

Owen: Uh, she should be here, uh, any minute. Oh, my gosh. Look at you, buddy.

Bridget: Say, "Hi, Uncle Owen."

Owen: Hey, Jack, you want to go on a little helicopter ride?

Nick: (Gasps)

Owen: Yeah, you do.

Bridget: Oh, my goodness. Be careful, please.

Owen: (Imitates helicopter)

Nick: If he barfs, you're cleaning it up.

Bridget: Seriously, Owen, please don't get him all rumpled up. It's all I can do to keep him clean for the next hour.

Owen: (Humming) Look. Aah!

Jack: (Laughs)

Brooke: They'll be here soon.

Katie: Good morning.

Brooke: Oh, there she is. Ready for your first big day?

Katie: Absolutely. (Sighs)

Bill: So let's see it.

Katie: What?

Bill: You sitting behind that desk.

Katie: All right.

Bill: Well?

Katie: Feels good.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Bill: I thought it might. I'm so proud of you.

Katie: (Sighs)

Bill: We're gonna do great things here.

Ridge: Let's hope so. We're all counting on you, Katie.

Brooke: I'm sure she won't let us down.

Bill: She certainly won't, and I'm glad you're both starting to realize that.

Brooke: Well, I know we weren't sure at first, but I think she's gonna be a fine C.E.O. In fact, I'm confident this should work out for everybody.

Taylor: I'm am-- I'm worried about this.

Steffy: Yeah, me, too. I can't even imagine being in Owen's shoes. Everything he's sacrificing for Jackie? I mean, like, she has no clue--

Taylor: Steffy, I am talking about you. I-I've told you that you can't get involved with a married man.

Steffy: I know. But it doesn't mean I can't be concerned about him.

Owen: (Sighs) Look who's here! (Imitating airplane)

Jackie: (Chuckles) Wow, he grew right into that, didn't he?

Bridget: There you are. Yeah, you thought he wasn't gonna fit into it until spring.

Jack: (Babbles)

Jackie: Well, it just goes to show what I know about babies anymore.

Jack: (Babbles)

Bridget: (Giggles)

Owen: Here we go. Well, he's a great kid.

Jackie: He is. I'm very lucky to be a grandmother to such a perfect little boy.

Nick: "Perfect"? Grandmother seems to disappear when there's a dirty diaper.

Jackie: (Laughs)

Owen: Mm.

Jackie: Well, that's a privilege I've earned. My job is to sit back, relax and spoil Jack with absolutely no thought of what it means to you guys. Being a grandparent's wonderful, you know? You get all of the glory and none of the fuss.

Bridget: You know, I-I better get moving, speaking of fuss. It takes me a little while to get him wrangled in the car seat.

Nick: Hey, don't let them put him on that rocking horse again, okay? I hate that look.

Bridget: Uh-oh.

Jackie: Are you doing your pictures?

Bridget: Yes, in this darling outfit you gave him.

Owen: Want to go to Bridget?

Jackie: Put him on the rocking horse, darling. I want a 5x7.

Bridget: (Gasps) Got it. Who do we listen to, Daddy or Grandma?

Nick: Jack, hey, you speak up for yourself, okay, boy? You know, man up over there.

Bridget: (Gasps) Uh-oh.

Nick: Have fun.

Bridget: Bye.

Nick: Bye.

Bridget: Love you, honey. Come on. Come on. Come on. Oh!

Owen: Hey, uh, listen, I, uh, probably got to get going as well. Listen, Nick, I'm going to, uh, take a look at these financial reports. Do you mind if I work from home today?

Nick: Why do you need to work from home?

Owen: I just figure I'll get a lot more done, and, um, I've got to prepare for a little surprise I have for my wife.

Jackie: Surprise?

Owen: Why, you don't have a date tonight, do you?

Jackie: (Scoffs) No.

Owen: Well, you do now. Kiss, kiss. Bye-bye.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Nick: All right, Mother, out with it. What's going on?

Brooke: Katie, are you all right? You seem a little sober all of a sudden.

Katie: It--no. No, I'm--I'm fine. Just, it's a lot of responsibility.

Brooke: Well, you're going to have a lot of support.

Bill: Of course she will. The full resources of Spencer Publications will be at her disposal.

Ridge: Lucky her.

Katie: Well, I'm a little overwhelmed, but excited, and it's not just because of my job. I just can't believe you guys haven't noticed. (Chuckles)

Ridge: Is that what I think it is?

Katie: Yeah.

Bill: Katie and I had a little celebration last night. I asked her to marry me.

Katie: And I said yes. (Chuckles)

Brooke: (Sighs)

Nick: Why the look?

Jackie: What?

Nick: The look. That grimace. That British thing you do.

Jackie: Maybe I'm frowning, and I think that's transatlantic.

Nick: What's the matter?

Jackie: (Sighs) Nothing.

Nick: Something going on with Owen?

Jackie: No.

Nick: Something along those lines?

Jackie: No, no, no. (Sighs)

Nick: He doesn't bug me as much as he used to.

Jackie: He's the best, isn't he? And he deserves the best. I've never wanted to hold him back.

Nick: Hold him back? He's lucky to have you.

Jackie: (Laughs) Is he?

Nick: What, is he saying something differently?

Jackie: No, no, no, and he never would, not even if he believed it, as I am starting to. Oh, Nicky. Owen wants a baby. My life is finally where it should be. You know, my job, my marriage, my son's marriage. Everything is just perfect, and I don't want a baby thrown into that mix.

Nick: Well, he understands that, doesn't he?

Jackie: (Scoffs) He's disappointed, you know? He thinks he can probably talk me into it, this surrogacy thing that he wants to do. We love each other so much, and we've overcome so many obstacles, but I don't know if we can overcome this. And I've got to do something. I have got to make a decision, because we can't continue like this.

Nick: Can't continue your marriage?

Ridge: Engaged?

Brooke: (Sighs) You're not serious.

Katie: Oh, come on. Brooke, look at this ring and tell me I'm not serious.

Brooke: Oh, yeah, I know. It's--it's beautiful but--

Katie: It was such a surprise. I had no idea he was gonna propose. And it's just perfect, isn't it? I mean, I have a new life. I have a new job, a new husband. (Chuckles)

Bill: Well, which one of you is going to welcome me to the family first?

Katie: (Chuckles)

Taylor: I understand that you're concerned for Owen and you--you want to show him that you support him, and you want to see him get through this, what looks like a-a huge crisis in his marriage, and I just think you need to step back and--and stop and look at what you're doing and how it could affect you.

Steffy: Yeah, but, Mom, why can't you just trust the things that I do?

Taylor: No, honey, I don't understand why you can't see what I'm talking about. We lived through this. I know what it feels like. When Brooke wrecked our family because she was so busy showing her--her concern and her worry about his best interests, and you know how she justified it? She did it by saying that she was the only one who understood him. She understood him much better than me.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Taylor: I'm not gonna have you turn out like Brooke. I'm not. I won't put up with it.

Steffy: Okay. Okay, I'm sorry. I'm--I'm sorry. Maybe I've gotten a little caught up in Owen's marriage, okay? And you're right. I know it's wrong, and I won't get involved. I promise I will-- I will back away from Owen. I promise. I promise.

Nick: Well... (Sighs) my mother's marriage is at a crossroads. Mother, I mean, we're kind of big people now. Please, I'm begging, don't make the mistake of having a child if you don't want to. Really, you will resent the child, and you'll wind up resenting Owen.

Jackie: No, he'll end up resenting me for not giving him a chance to be a father. So you can see, I'm stuck.

Nick: Okay, I assume you're asking my opinion here, so I-I'm gonna give it to you.

Nick: I suggest that you somehow step away from this. I mean, really, Mother, try to revisit this down the line. You guys haven't been married that long. I mean, do the fun stuff, okay? Be a couple. Be romantic. Be loving. Travel, you know? Try to focus on that.

Jackie: (Sighs) I'm only going to get older. If I'm going to do this, it's got to be now.

Nick: Okay, I-I know that's how you feel.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Nick: We know he wants to be a dad. But, you know, I think more importantly, he wants to be with you. I know he loves you. And that is what's most important to him.

Jackie: And I love him. And I would do anything for him. You know I would. Oh, oh, oh. (Sighs)

Brooke: (Sighs) Katie?

Katie: Hi. How did the call to Kyoto go?

Brooke: Oh, uh, great. Actually, Rick is finishing up with them right now. I just wanted to talk to you alone for a minute. It seems like we've been caught up in meeting after meeting since you told me the news this morning.

Katie: And here I thought you were just avoiding me. Whatever. To-may-to, to-mah-to. You know, I knew you wouldn't be thrilled about my engagement. But I thought you might, I don't know, fake a smile?

Brooke: I'm just really concerned you might be making a big mistake. I mean, don't you think it's a little odd-- the timing of this proposal?

Katie: Please, don't do this. Please? I'm in such a good place right now. I am happier than I've ever been in my whole life. Please don't ruin it.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I want you to be happy. I do. It's just that you made a promise to us, to your family, and now that this proposal is there, I-it--it can't change anything, Katie. You promised us that you were going to be loyal to us.

Katie: Brooke, everything's gonna be okay. I know it.

Jackie: (Gasps) Wow.

Owen: Welcome home.

Jackie: Hi.

Owen: Dinner is served.

Jackie: Oh, that's what you wanted to say to me the other day. You know, you had that lovely, romantic dinner planned. And then it got ruined. It all became awkward.

Owen: I know. And that is what I wanted to say, but now I want to say I'm sorry. I want to apologize for everything that happened with that whole surrogate thing, and I know I should have told you. I just got caught up with so many things. I just--I forgot.

Jackie: That's okay.

Owen: But I want to make it up to you. I want to make it up to you with a nice, romantic dinner for two.

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Owen: Although, this time, I, uh, I didn't cook. I ordered in. Sit, sit, sit.

Jackie: Oh, Owen.

Owen: Look, Jackie, I-- listen, I know what you're gonna say. I know. I know. You've made it very clear. I mean, you were laying it on pretty thick today when you were talking about how much better it is being a grandmother, but I know why you were saying that. Look, you're scared. And I understand that, Jackie, because I'm scared, too. I am. I mean, bringing a baby into this world? It's gonna change everything for us.

Jackie: It's more than being scared. Raising a child is-- well, it's challenging and--

Owen: Good.

Jackie: And there's--

Owen: Good. Let it be a challenge. Look at how many challenges we've already went through, and you know what? We have conquered every single one of them. That shows that we can hold on and withstand anything that comes at us, because every time, we walk away from it stronger and more committed. Jackie, being parents is gonna give us more joy than anything that we have ever had. Let's have that joy. Let's--come on, let's bring a baby into this world.

Jackie: I don't doubt that we would make fantastic parents.

Owen: I knew you were gonna say that. So come on. Let's just-- let's just take a look at some of these surrogates and see if any of them stand out to you. I've already picked a few of 'em that I know you're gonna love. Come on. Listen. I am totally committed to this. And I know that deep down inside, you are, too. Come on, I adore you.

Jackie: What a perfect father you'll be.

Owen: And you, a perfect mother. Let's just do this. Let's do it. Don't think about it again. Don't even give yourself a chance to overanalyze it. Come on. Let's just do it. This baby is gonna be engulfed by the love that we share for each other.

Jackie: Oh, I just know what this means to you.

Owen: Look, it means everything to me and to you. Come on, this is gonna be-- this is gonna be strollers. This is gonna be bottles...

Jackie: Oh, no.

Owen: And soccer games.

Jackie: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Owen: And--no, no. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Come on. Just say yes. This is the greatest symbol of our love.

Jackie: A baby?

Owen: Which is gonna be the luckiest baby ever. Just say it. What do you say?

Jackie: It's crazy.

Owen: Yes.

Jackie: It's insane.

Owen: It is.

Jackie: No, totally insane.

Owen: Totally, but just-- just say it. Say it. Please?

Jackie: We're going to have a baby. We're gonna have a baby.

Owen: We are going to have a baby!

Jackie: (Laughs) Oh, we're gonna have a baby.

Owen: Oh, my God!

Jackie: (Laughs)

Owen: God, I love you. Oh, my God.

Jackie: I love you. We're gonna have a baby.

Owen: Yes. You're gonna be a mom, and I'm a dad. Mm. Mm.

Jackie: (Whispers) A baby.

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