B&B Transcript Tuesday 10/13/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/13/09


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Nick: When do I have to talk to this reporter?

Whip: Um, in an hour.

Nick: Are we talking about sales again?

Whip: Yeah. Sorry. You know, they wanted to interview Stephanie, but I figured in light of the way she's been acting, well--

Nick: Best to go with me right now.

Whip: Exactly. (Sighs) I wasn't confident that in the middle of our-- talking about our rising sales that she wouldn't start ranting on about how she is Jackie M.

Nick: That was a bit weird.

Whip: Yeah. I mean, Stephanie is responsible for the resurgence in this company. There's no doubt about it. I just wish she would treat us all with a little bit more respect. I mean, we're a team, after all.

Nick: A concept that we all seem to get. The question is, why can't she?

Pam: Oh, um, Stephanie, I-- Whip's been asking about those forms.

Stephanie: I'll get it to him when I can. (Sighs) Who's kidding--what am I-- this is--that's-- this is just a mess.

Pam: Don't worry about it. I'll redo it for you. Look, our handwriting's almost the same anyway. So you just dictate to me, and--and I'll write. Then, later on in the future, you can just say you want them typed, and that way no one will ever know.

Stephanie: You? No, thanks.

Pam: (Sighs) Oh, does this say "revalue" or "revenue"?

Stephanie: Why would it say "third quarter revalue"?

Pam: "Revenue" it is. (Sighs) (whispers) Revenue.

Stephanie: Let's just stop.

Pam: (Normal voice) No way, Josť. We are filling out these forms together.

Stephanie: What's the use, Pam? I've had a stroke. I can't do this anymore.

Thomas: So you're not hurt?

Steffy: No. A little embarrassed. I was trying to cheer Owen up and ended up needing C.P.R. Not the joyride I intended.

Thomas: (Scoffs) Steffy, you're crazy. I mean, if Nick finds out that you took his boat--

Steffy: Bridget said I could use it whenever I want. Besides, mom gave it to him, so I consider it half ours.

Thomas: And when she finds out you fell overboard, had to be rescued, she's gonna freak.

Steffy: She knows, okay? So you can stop the lecture. I already heard it from her. I was in good hands. Owen wasn't gonna let anything happen to me.

Thomas: Yeah. Sounds like you got a crush. (Sniffles)

Steffy: (Sighs)

Thomas: Oh, Steffy. You have a thing for Owen?

Steffy: (Laughs)

Owen: (Sighs)

Jackie: (Sighs)

Owen: Oh. Oh. Oops.

Jackie: Hi.

Owen: Oh, I-I thought it was gonna take you longer at work. I was hoping I'd be able to open up the door and be able to say "dinner is served"...

Jackie: (Laughs)

Owen: And have the candles lit and have the flowers in hand. But dinner is served in about an hour.

Jackie: (Laughs) I don't need candles. I don't need flowers. I need just you. I am still walking on air after all of those wonderful things you said to me earlier.

Owen: And I meant it. I meant every word of it, all right? And everything that happened out there on that boat with Steffy, it just-- it brought it all home to me-- how much I love my wife and how important it is to treasure every single moment that we have together. And that's what tonight's about.

Pam: I know you don't want to hear this, but I am just gonna gosh darn say it. Steph, you have to tell everybody what's going on.

Stephanie: Why?

Pam: Because if they know that you've had a stroke, then they can understand why you've been acting kind of strange.

Stephanie: And then?

Pam: And then everyone will support you. You've said it yourself-- these people at Jackie M. are like your new family now.

Stephanie: I also said, "I am Jackie M." Could I have been any more arrogant?

Pam: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I mean, the expression on their faces when I said--oh, my God.

Pam: Yeah, you--you went on a little rant, but everybody does. You were feeling incredibly insecure, and you were just trying to cover that. But you see, as soon as we tell everybody why--

Stephanie: No. I'd rather be thought of as a bitch than an invalid.

Pam: You are so stubborn!

Stephanie: No, I'm not stubborn! I'm proud.

Pam: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I'm proud of what I've accomplished. And I'm the one that's gonna dictate exactly how I leave this business. I'm not gonna be remembered or thought of as some crotchety-- oh, I don't know what--has-been that couldn't even hold a pen.

Pam: Steph...

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Pam: What are you saying exactly?

Stephanie: I don't know what I'm saying. (Sighs) I'm scared, sis. I-I-I-I'm afraid of what I-- I don't know what to do next.

Pam: Oh, Steph. (Sniffles)

Steffy: (Scoffs) Don't be stupid. Owen's married.

Thomas: Yes, he is, and you get that, right?

Steffy: I respect his marriage. Well, I respect the institution of marriage. I'm not convinced this one will last.

Thomas: Oh, boy.

Steffy: Hey, don't get the wrong idea. I enjoy spending time with him. We're really good friends, and as his friend, I'm just worried that Jackie isn't what's best for him. That's all.

Thomas: Cougars are hot right now.

Steffy: But it's not the age that bothers me. It's that they're two different people.

Thomas: And you don't think it'll last.

Steffy: Oh, well, they love each other, and if it works, more power to them. If Jackie makes him happy, that's all that matters.

Owen: Mm.

Jackie: Okay.

Owen: Mm.

Jackie: Let me help you clean up this mess.

Owen: Uh, no.

Jackie: (Laughs)

Owen: You are gonna sit down right here, and I am gonna take care of everything, all right?

Jackie: (Sighs) Owen?

Owen: Hmm?

Jackie: About what happened on the boat with--with Steffy, I mean, you--you saved her life. She's going to feel... a lot of emotion for you. In fact, I already think she just had a little bit of a crush on you anyway.

Owen: It doesn't matter, because I've made it very clear to her that I am madly in love with you.

Jackie: But she might just reach out to you now, I mean, even more.

Owen: You've got nothing-- nothing to worry about-- nada-- except what we're gonna be doing for the next hour while we wait for this roast to simmer.

Jackie: (Laughs) Well, I'm sure we can figure something out. I mean, it's not too often that one gets to spend time with a-a true real hero.

Owen: Hey, I just did what any person would have done.

Jackie: Unh-unh. No, you did not. You risked your own safety to save a drowning woman, and not everyone would have done that. You're remarkable, do you know that? I mean, you've earned my respect. You have never, ever demanded it. So if I choose to think of you as a hero, I shall do so. I just want you to know how much you mean to me. That's all.

Owen: Mm.

Jackie: How much this life we're building together means to me. You're my hero, too, you know.

Owen: (Sighs) God, I love you.

Jackie: Mm. Did you say that we had an hour before dinner?

Owen: Mm. I'd say we have just about an hour now.

Jackie: Oh.

Owen: Mm.

Jackie: I'm not hungry.

Owen: Mm.

Jackie: What could we do to stimulate my appetite?

Owen: I don't know.

Jackie: Mm.

Owen: We'll find something, I guess. Mm.

Jackie: Mm.

(Doorbell rings)

Owen: Are you expecting someone?

Jackie: Mm, no.

Owen: No?

Jackie: No.

Owen: No?

Jackie: Oh! Maybe it's Steffy. Maybe she sent flowers.

Owen: Very funny.

Jackie: Well, it's what I'd do if someone gave me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. (Giggles)

Andrea: Owen?

Owen: Um, yes.

Andrea: Andrea Kessler for the surrogate agency. Sorry I'm late. I couldn't find parking. And you must be Jacqueline. It is so nice to meet you both.

Owen: Oh, is it, uh... to--it is--it's today. Oh, my God. Look, I'm so sorry. I, uh, Jackie, I set this up a couple of weeks ago, and I completely forgot about it.

Andrea: I-is this not a good time? Should we reschedule?

Owen: Uh, no. I mean, no, no. Now is--is fine. Uh, have--have a seat. I wouldn't want to have to reschedule. Um, you--are you okay with this?

Jackie: Um, we briefly discussed adoption, but surrogacy?

Owen: I know. And that may be the route we'll go--adoption-- but I figured it does not hurt to just explore all of our options. Come on.

Jackie: (Laughs)

Owen: We're just exploring some options. You with me? Hmm?

Jackie: Yeah. Yeah.

Owen: All right. (Claps hands) So, all right, what do we got here? (Speaking indistinctly)

Thomas:  Iíll stop bugging you about Owen if you promise to be careful.

Steffy: There's nothing to be careful of.

Thomas: I don't want you getting caught up with a guy who isn't available.

Steffy: We are just friends.

Thomas: Steffy.

Steffy: It's true. I just think that they're in two very different points in their lives.

Thomas: Well... (scoffs) duh.

Steffy: Look, this marriage could be holding him back from what he really wants. He may be missing out on a lot being married to someone much older.

Andrea: And the biggest benefit is someone else gets to do the suffering for nine whole months. No stretch marks for you.

Jackie: Oh. Well, that's-- that's quite appealing.

Owen: Okay, so how do we go about choosing a surrogate?

Andrea: I will leave you with a listing of our current available women. There's a large number to choose from. Rest assured each and every one is heavily screened. Please browse through, select a few who stand out, and give me a call to set up some interviews. If there aren't any more questions?

Owen: Um, no. I mean, I think that we can, uh, well, look this over, and we'll, uh, we'll give you a call tomorrow.

Andrea: Great.

Jackie: Well... (laughs) well, maybe-- maybe not that soon. I mean, there's-- there's a lot to absorb.

Owen: Well, I mean, I figure it doesn't hurt to meet with some of the surrogates. We don't want to lose a perfectly good one to a random couple, right?

Jackie: Oh, darling, I-I'm sure there are plenty of beautiful women just raring to go on this one, right?

Andrea: (Laughs)

Jackie: We don't need to rush into anything. W-we'll be in touch.

Owen: Cool. Thank you. Um, thank you so much for coming and meeting with us. And I am really, really sorry that we weren't ready for you.

Andrea: Oh, not a problem. We'll talk soon.

Owen: Thank you very much.

Andrea: Bye-bye.

Owen: Bye-bye. So... any good ones, hmm? Any Mensa members? Any, uh, rocket scientists?

Jackie: Owen. (Sighs)

Owen: Look, I know exactly what you're gonna say. This woman had better be damn beautiful if she's gonna be carrying your baby, right? Don't worry. We are gonna make sure that she is just like you.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Owen: Beauty, brains and wit.

Jackie: (Laughs) You've all but decided that we're doing this, have you?

Owen: Well, I-- I'm just--I'm excited. I mean, aren't you?

Jackie: More shocked, I'd say. I mean, this is pretty unexpected. I-I... darling, having a child, a-a baby, it hasn't been on my radar, I'm--not in the slightest.

(Timer rings)

Jackie: I just ruined dinner, didn't I?

Pam: You cannot let this stroke beat you. You can overcome this, Steph.

Stephanie: I thought I could, but I'm not so sure.

Pam: Oh, come on. You're gonna be fine. Look, ten years ago, you had that stroke. It put you in a wheelchair. But you fought it, and you're gonna fight this. This is nothing. It's just a little setback.

Stephanie: That was ten years ago. I was a lot younger. It was a lot easier.

Pam: Oh.

Stephanie: I-I mean, what--

Pam: No. You are not gonna use age as an excuse to give up. Oh, for Pete's sake. Mother's 20 years older than you. She had a stroke, and she's healthy as a horse now.

Stephanie: Oh, that's a great vision of the future. (Laughs) Me playing pinochle in some old lady's home bossing people around.

Pam: (Sighs) Oh, yeah. Give me a break. You playing cards with a bunch of old ladies? I don't think so. When you're mother's age, you're gonna be right here still hard at work at Jackie M. bossing people around.

Stephanie: What, in a job that I-I'm no longer capable of doing? Come on, Pam.

Pam: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I can't remember words. You know, I can't write. I'm irritable. I'm on edge. I'm angry. I'm frustrated because... I don't want to have happen to me here what--what the last ten years were like at Forrester. You know, I was wandering the hallways looking for a little self-respect. (Sighs) I've accomplished something here, and now I'm starting to feel as though--I don't know-- that I'm insignificant. I don't want that to happen to me.

Pam: Then don't let it happen to you, Steph. I'll help you fight it, and so will every single person here. You just have to confide in them. You have to let them know that you've had this stroke. This is the time to lean on your friends.

(Knocking on door)

Stephanie: Come in.

Nick: Ladies.

Pam: Hi.

Nick: Stephanie, I think we need to have a talk.

Stephanie: I'm glad you're here, Nick, Whip. I-I wish your mother was, too. Um, I--there's something that I have sort of been holding back from you, and, well, I-I guess it's time to just sort of put all the cards on the table.

Stephanie: Before you say anything, I was--I was rude the other day at the last meeting, and, uh, I apologize.

Nick: Well, you might have been a bit arrogant, but we all have our days.

Whip: (Sighs) Look, Stephanie, what's going on? We're--we're concerned. It feels like something's changed in you.

Stephanie: Well, uh, yes, something significant. (Sighs) Um... I realize I've been very moody, unpleasant to be around, all of that, and, um, well, I also realized, you know, I-I've accomplished what I came here to accomplish, and, you know, I think it's time just to say good-bye.

Pam: Stephanie!

Nick: You're quitting?

Stephanie: Yes, and thank you for letting me be part of this exceptional company.

Whip: (Laughs) What? Sorry. Is this a joke?

Stephanie: Uh, no. No. I-I-I'm--I'm very happy to, you know, to have been able to take the company and make it something that people--well, that we've all been able to take the company and make--make it something that the people in the industry take very seriously now. So I-I just-- I think it's time to move on.

Nick: Hmm. Well, hold on here. This was--this was never a temporary deal here, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I never meant to mislead you in any way, Nick. You know, I was... (sighs) I was just thinking about that day that you found me walking around on the beach, you know, and took me on your boat and gave me that terrible cup of coffee and let me sit there and babble about my life. You saw something, and you--you--you knew I needed help, and you knew I needed a little rescue job there. So, um... well, we've had it. We've had a great run here, and, um, and I've accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, and I, um, I want to focus on other things.

Nick: You can focus on whatever you want, but you're not quitting.

Stephanie: This isn't negotiable.

Nick: What's happened? Something's happened here. Why would you want to leave something that we've built together?

Stephanie: Nick.

Nick: We've started out...

Stephanie: Please.

Nick: As enemies. Then we became partners. And then we actually became friends. Now you can say whatever you want, but that's what's happened here. Now you are a part of Jackie M. You are a part of us, and we aren't gonna let you quit.

Whip: Right.

Stephanie: Well, I appreciate that. And I appreciate that you really feel that I'm part of your family. Honestly, I do, and it's--and this has been just an exceptional experience, you know? But it's just-- it's a chapter in my life, and it's just that-- a chapter in my life that I'll always remember and cherish.

Owen: What, am I missing something here?

Jackie: Well, I don't know. How did we go from "someday maybe adopting a child" to "well, let's interview surrogates first thing in the morning"?

Owen: Come on, Jackie. I'm not completely sold on the idea. It was just hearing Andrea talk. It just got me thinking about what it would be like to have a baby that's part of us. All right? But that doesn't matter. I mean, surrogacy, adoption-- either way, I just would like to be a dad with you as a mom.

Jackie: (Sighs) We haven't talked about this in a while. I didn't realize how important it was to you.

Owen: Look, but, Jackie, we have talked about this. We talked about having a family. I mean, come on, you're not surprised, are you, that I want a-a child?

Jackie: No. I just didn't realize it was... (sighs) such a done deal in your mind. That's all.

Owen: Look, it wasn't until I experienced the love between the two of us and how great that is. Now I think about what it would be like to have a baby, surrounded by that. I mean, how could I want anything more?

Jackie: (Sighs) It's a lot of work. I mean, you can't even imagine. I was much younger than you, and I had Nicky, and even then, I had trouble keeping up. I mean, there's the sleepless nights with the infant and then the wrestling with the toddler and the carpools and the soccer games and the--the marvelous angsty teenage years, and it goes... on and... on and on. I'm sorry, Owen. I'm truly sorry. I hate to disappoint you. I feel horrible, but I can't do it. I'm just not ready. I cannot raise another child.

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