B&B Transcript Thursday 9/24/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/24/09


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Steffy: Okay, how are you feeling?

Stephanie: I-I'm--

Steffy: Any dizziness, or--

Stephanie: No, I'm fine. Thank you very much. And I'm sorry that you were just, you know, so worried about all of this, because it was nothing.

Steffy: I'm--I'm not worried. Come here.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Steffy: Just come sit, and I will make you tea. And just relax, okay?

Stephanie: All right. Thank you for bringing, you know, this change of clothes, sweetheart. (Sighs)

Stephanie: Steff--

Steffy: Grandma, what's wrong? Grandma, can you hear me?

Steffy: I called 9-1-1. The ambulance is coming, okay?

Steffy: Grandma, you have to talk to mom.

Stephanie: No. Your mother's out of town. I'm not going to bother her. Now look, you promised me that you wouldn't talk to-- a-about this with an--anybody.

Steffy: I-I won’t.

Stephanie: Do you have the car keys? 'Cause I'm late for a meeting.

Steffy: Hey, no, no, no. No, you are not the only tough negotiator in this family. I said I wouldn't say anything, but you're gonna let me drive you to work, okay?

Stephanie: (Scoffs)

Steffy: Deal?

Stephanie: (Sighs) Deal. But it's our secret.

Eric: I feel like I should be passing out cigars or something.

Donna: (Laughs) Now are your sure all the adoption papers are in order?

Eric: Yeah, Gloria’s putting the finishing touches on everything as we speak.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: What about you? Are you ready to become a member of this family?

Marcus: (Sighs) Yes, and I solemnly swear not to crash the family car...

Eric: Yeah.

Marcus: And to never throw wild parties while you're away.

Eric: Oh, well, then you're in. That's it.

Marcus: (Laughs) I hope to always make you proud, Dad.

Eric: You do, Marcus. You do every day.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: (Chuckles) What? What are you doing?

Donna: I-I am-- I'm just so happy, you know? Everything.

Eric: And when Marcus adds "Forrester" to his name, our family will be complete.

Donna: You know, this is something I should have given you years ago-- a-a family, a place to belong, a father.


Bill: Hey, what happened to you? I thought we were sparring together.

Justin: Something came up. Besides, you know, basketball's my sport.

Bill: I know. That's why I like sparring with you.

Justin: Never stop competing, do you?

Bill: Nope.

Justin: Mm.

Bill: And now it's time for the biggest game of all-- taking down Forrester Creations. I've been in touch with their banker Michael Galey. If Forrester’s late on a single payment, I'm-- what's going on with you?

Justin: I'm doing some research on Marcus Walton.

Bill: Why?

Justin: He might be my son.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs)

(door opens)

Nick: Stephanie! Just getting in?

Whip: (Chuckles)

Bridget: Hi. Falling down on the job, are we? Hmm.

Whip: Well, maybe it's time to put the old girl out to pasture. Hey, do I get dibs on your office?

Stephanie: No. What, are you questioning my--my work ethics? Listen, I was doing 16-hour days when the three of you were still in diapers.

Bridget: Hey, we--were just joking.

Stephanie: Yeah, well... and I built a global company while you were still a gleam in your father's eye.

Whip: Ooh, somebody needs their morning coffee.

Stephanie: I don't need anything, thank you. When this company's been sold three and four times over, and, uh... (chuckles) and your, um, your mother's boy toy is in a walker, I'll still be standing, okay?

Eric: Gloria has gotten all the papers together. She's on her way over, so I guess, uh, I guess that's it.

Marcus: Well, um...

Donna: (Chuckles)

Eric: (Chuckles)

Marcus: Not quite. Not quite. Um, this is for all those father's days I missed growing up.

Eric: Let's see that.

Eric: Holy cow. This is why you're in shipping, isn't it?

Donna: (Laughs)

Marcus: I know. (Laughs)

Eric: Oh, wow. Look at this.

Marcus: League-- league M.V.P. My senior year in high school.

Eric: Wow.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: That's terrific. My son, the, uh, the star athlete.

Marcus: (Laughs) You know, I remember when I won that, I, uh, I remember scanning the crowds, wishing that my real father was there to share this with. But now I finally found him-- the best possible father I could imagine. So this-- this belongs to you, Dad.

Eric: Thank you. I'll treasure it, just like I treasure you-- the way I treasure you and your mother. (Chuckles) This is great.

Bill: Your son? You sure?

Justin: Donna and I were crazy about each other. I went away to college to play ball, and she suddenly broke it off. I never understood why. Maybe this was the reason.

Bill: Maybe you just want it to be. We all have our fantasies.

Justin: Look, Bill, what Donna and I had was real.

Bill: And young love is fickle, Justin.

Justin: Why didn't she tell me she had a son?

Bill: I don't know. Maybe she was too busy talking about her "honey bear." She can get obsessive on that subject.

Justin: Look, I was standing right there. Donna still didn't let on. In fact, she practically pushed me out of the room. Why would you do that unless you had something to hide?

Bill: (Sighs)

Nick: Sorry, Stephanie. Didn't mean to upset you.

Stephanie: Can we just get to work, please?

Whip: All right, I just need for you to sign these contracts for our cruise campaign. Nick's already signed off on them.

Stephanie: Oh.

Whip: Here you go.

Stephanie: Uh, well, I'll do it later. I-I want to reread them.

Whip: S-Stephanie, they have to go out today.

Pam: Coffee, anyone?

Whip: Oh, me, please.

Stephanie: Um, sis, you have to take notes for this meeting here.

Pam: Okey-dokey. I'll just sit with "The Whipster."

Stephanie: Don't encourage her.

Pam: (Chuckles)

Whip: Uh, what did I do?

Nick: All right, well, these are Bridget’s latest swimsuit designs.

Whip: Oh, let's see.

Stephanie: Oh, wow.

Whip: Let's see.

Stephanie: Oh. Oh, they're stunning.

Pam: Wow.

Whip: Oh, those are terrific.

Stephanie: They're stunning. I love the lace.

Nick: What lace?

Stephanie: The lace.

Whip: You mean the latex.

Stephanie: Well, that's what I just said.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Whip: Okay, here. You know what, Stephanie? I'm no good without my morning coffee either.

Bridget: (Chuckles) So what I was thinking is creating a line of cover-ups that would be suitable to wear, to say, lunch over-- oh, my God, Stephanie.

Whip: Ooh, ooh.

Bridget: Are you okay? What's going on?

Whip: Are you all right?

Stephanie: Yes, yes, I'm fine! I'm fine. Why does everybody ask me that?

Stephanie: That cup was so hot, I just--I--

Bridget: You know what? I spill things all the time. You know that.

Pam: When?

Nick: Well, I'm not sure, but she looks great when she does it, hmm?

Stephanie: Uh, well, I thought I was gonna burn my hand.

Nick: Stephanie, hey, no harm done.

Stephanie: (Sighs) I know, but these beautiful designs and all your work-- I'm so sorry.

Bridget: You work harder than all of us. Stop. It's fine. You're probably a little tired.

Nick: When was your last vacation?

Stephanie: What, you want to ship me off to some island somewhere?

Whip: Well, there's nothing wrong with sitting on an island sipping high-priced drinks with a few cabana boys--

Stephanie: Why? Because I-I-I-I-I-I said "lace" instead of "lace-tex?" Don't worry about my vocabulary. Let's just concentrate on sales and getting back to work.

Donna: How about we go out for a special dinner and celebrate the signing of the adoption papers?

Eric: (Chuckles)

Marcus: (Chuckles) Hey, that sounds good to me. I'll clear my schedule.

Eric: Yeah, uh, well-- well, first--first we're gonna have a little toast here.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: Yep.

Donna: You know, it means so much that you choose to adopt Marcus.

(Cork pops)

Donna: Ooh! God, that scared me. (Laughs)

Eric: Oh, my goodness. It's supposed to.

Donna: Wow.

Eric: Do you know-- do you know that I see you in him? I see your, uh, your grace and your sweetness, and I see your integrity, and I see Marcus, a man on the fast track to success. That's what I see. (Sighs) Just when I thought my life could not get any sweeter, this incredible gift comes to me. And you bring with you this wonderful guy-- this wonderful man that I can call "son."

Donna: And here is to the best day of my life-- the day that you knocked on my door. You know, I wasn't there for you when you were growing up.

Marcus: Mom, I understood that.

Donna: No, but I-- I am gonna make up for that lost time. And you know what I believe? I believe that family isn't just who you're born to. It's-- it's what you create with shared memories. And the three of us have earned the right to call ourselves family. And, no, blood and-- doesn't connect us all, but love-- love and respect do. And nobody is gonna take that away from us, ever.

Justin: What are you doing?

Bill: Protecting my assets. I need your mind on business. I'm gonna have Jarrett research Marcus' birthday. We'll see if the dates match up.

Justin: Then I'll have my answer.

Bill: Could Donna have been cheating on you?

Justin: She's not the type of girl to jump in the sack with just any guy.

Bill: Can't argue with that.

Justin: She says the father's some guy she was dating after I left for college.

(Cell phone buzzes)

Bill: That's Jarrett with the magic number.

Justin: (Sighs) I knew it. (Scoffs)

Bill: (Laughs)

Justin: Marcus was born a few months after we split. The timeline fits. There couldn't have been someone else. I can't believe it.

Bill: Okay. Oh, boy. Well, I guess it's time for you to pay Donna another visit, isn't it?

Justin: Yeah. Thanks, man.

Bill: (Chuckles) All right, buddy. Good luck, huh?

Justin: (Sighs)

Bill: (Exhales deeply)

Donna: Yes, there will be three of us for dinner-- um, my husband, myself and our son. Oh, and, um, could you please give us the best bottle of champagne that you have? Thank--thank you. Okay.

Donna: Justin. I'm sorry. I was just leaving and...

Justin: Celebrating something?

Donna: A family event, yes.

Justin: There's two seconds on the clock. I'm at the free throw line, so I am taking a shot.

Donna: What?

Justin: I'm not trying to mess up your life, Donna, but I believe Marcus is my kid. All the pieces fit-- our split for no good reason, then Marcus is born.

Donna: It was someone else.

Justin: I'd have known. We were tight.

Donna: Don't make me say it.

Donna: I cheated on you.

Justin: Not you. You're the best person I know.

Donna: Well, maybe you were too trusting.

Justin: I had one like this, remember?

Donna: Yeah. I was so proud of you, watching you on the court. You--you floated on air, making basket after basket, crowd cheering.

Justin: The only face I saw was yours.

Donna: You were my whole world.

Justin: Which is why this makes no sense.

Donna: Look, it's another lifetime ago.

Justin: Was it?

Donna: (Sniffles)

Justin: 'Cause the girl that I fell for, this beautiful, sweet girl, is the same girl I see standing right here, and I know she wouldn't deny me the one thing in the world that I want. You have the power to make me the happiest man. You did then, and you do now.

Donna: (Sniffles)

Justin: Donna?

Donna: (Sighs)

Donna: It-- it's-- it's true.

Justin: (Sighs) Marcus?

Donna: He's your son.

Justin: (Sighs)

Donna: (Sighs)

Whip: This company's not about assets or sales. It's about people. You should know that better than anyone, Stephanie.

Stephanie: That's a good line. Keep it for one of your campaigns.

Nick: If you're worried about something, or if we're throwing too much at you at once, just let--

Stephanie: Okay, Nick, that's it. You know, I'd like everybody to leave my office right now. You go work out a campaign for these beautiful suits. And--and you two, you get the--the design off the paper and down into production, down into the cutting room, 'cause they're just absolutely wonderful, and I'd like you to all leave now. Please.

Whip: All right. (Sighs) Look, this--this contract has to go out by courier today. If you could just sign it, I'd really appreciate it.

Stephanie: Later, I promise.

(Door closes)

Pam: How about a little, uh, spontaneous sister time?

Stephanie: Okay, uh, why don't you, uh, pencil yourself in for lunch next Thursday? How's that?

Pam: Okay.

(Door opens then closes)

Nick: Oh, just let it go. It's--

Bridget: I am telling you. Did you see how defensive she got? Something is wrong, Nick.

Nick: There is nothing wrong that a good night's sleep won't fix, or Eric kicking Donna to the curb.

Bridget: (Sighs) I really hope you're right.

Nick: Well, that's why you love me, right? 'Cause I'm almost always right.

Bridget: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs) (sighs) (whispering) Why? Why is this happening to me? Why now? Why? Why?

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