B&B Transcript Friday 9/18/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/18/09


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Katie: So you're not gonna tell Marcus that Justin is his biological father?

Donna: I don't know, Katie. I mean, Eric is adopting him. He -- I've never seen Marcus so happy about anything.

Katie: I wish I could tell you what to do.

Donna: I mean, he'd make a good dad, right? I mean, he would, wouldn't he?

Katie: Maybe you should just sit on this for a little while.

Donna: I-I canít. I canít. Justin is going back to New York, Katie. (Sighs) I don't know. I -- I-I can't -- I can't complicate things. I canít. You know, it's best that Justin not know that Marcus is his son.

Justin: Donna's long-lost son given up for adoption in high school. (Sighs) My God. Could it be? Could Marcus be my son? (Sighs)

Eric: Yes, I'm absolutely certain about this. I'll sign the papers and get them right back to you, Gloria. Thanks very much.

Ridge: Gloria's getting you some legal documents?

Eric: Uh, yes. Yeah, she is.

Ridge: Anything I should know about?

Eric: I made a decision, Ridge. I'm adopting Marcus.

Bill: Hi.

Katie: Hey. So let the evening begin.

Bill: And what an evening it's going to be.

Katie: So where are we gonna go? Cafť Russe?

Bill: No.

Katie: Then where?

Bill: Nowhere.

Katie: Oh. (Chuckles)

Marcus: (Sighs) My family. Thank you, Dad.

Marcus: (Sighs) Oh, man. All right, cool. Hey, Mr. Barber.

Justin: Good to see you again, Marcus.

Marcus: Yeah, um, if you want to speak to Eric, um, he's not in right now, but --

Justin: Actually, I was looking for your mother.

Marcus: Okay, I can call her. I know she's in the office around here somewhere.

Justin: Uh, let's -- let's not bother her. She's probably busy with something.

Marcus: Oh, okay. So Spencer -- um, you like it over there, or --

Justin: It's good. I've been working on some projects, yeah.

Marcus: About Forrester? So that's why you're over here now?

Justin: Well, that's why I'm in L.A., yes, but currently, I'm living in New York.

Marcus: Currently. Well, it sounds to me like you were thinking about relocating.

Justin: Very perceptive.

Marcus: Hey, L.A.'s a big city.

Justin: Yeah.

Marcus: Gotta love our Lakers.

Justin: Well, so I've heard.

Marcus: Oh.

Justin: (Chuckles)

Marcus: Yeah, you -- you're a Knicks fan.

Justin: Yeah.

Marcus: Yeah, I'm so sorry about that, man.

Justin: It's all right. It's all right.

Marcus: (Chuckles)

Justin: I've been reading up on Forrester Creations. Your story's fascinating, Marcus -- discovering your mother after all these years.

Marcus: Yeah, it's been one heck of a ride.

Justin: I see.

Marcus: Oh, hey, Ma.

Donna: Marcus, Justin. Uh, what's going on here?

Justin: I just wanted to see you before I left town. And Marcus was here, so I wanted to get a chance to get to know him a little bit better.

Donna: I see.

Justin: Why didn't you tell me he was your son?

Katie: Mm. (Chuckles)

Bill: What?

Katie: Well, there's always just so much going on behind those eyes of yours.

Bill: At the moment, they're just transfixed by what's in front of them.

Katie: Usually there's something more. What is it, business?

Bill: Usually you're right. But not tonight.

Ridge: You're making Donnaís son a Forrester?

Eric: It's something I've been thinking about for a long time.

Ridge: Dad, has Donna been pressuring you?

Eric: (Chuckles) No. No, not at all. In fact, she was surprised when I mentioned it to her.

Ridge: Well, then I've gotta ask, why now?

Eric: I've been watching him, son. He treats this company the same way you do, the same way Thorne does -- with, uh, with respect and care. And he watches over the company in a way that only a member of the family would.

Ridge: So you decided that he deserves to be family?

Eric: He does deserve it, Ridge. We should all be proud to embrace him as one of our own. I'm just hoping that you agree.

Donna: I-I guess it just didn't really come up, but, yes, Marcus is my talented son.

Justin: Who seems to be a Laker fan. No accounting for taste. I'm guessing you also like the Dodgers.

Marcus: Uh, the Mets -- they're all right.

Justin: Ahh.

Marcus: Yankees, too, for that matter.

Justin: Mm-hmm.

Marcus: But it's all about that round ball though.

Justin: I see. I see. You play some basketball, do you?

Marcus: Oh, do I? Ever since I was 5 growing up in Texas.

Justin: Texas?

Marcus: Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's where I was raised.

Justin: Mm, were you born there?

Marcus: No, I was adopted.

Justin: I see.

Donna: Justin, um, you know, what time -- what time is your flight? Because L.A. traffic can be really a-a nightmare.

Justin: I'm good. You know, I played some ball in my day, as well. Maybe me and you could play some one-on-one sometime.

Marcus: (Chuckles) Okay. New York versus L.A.?

Justin: Okay.

Marcus: All right, bring your game though. (Chuckles)

Justin: All right. All right.

Marcus: Well, look, I got a meeting with Ridge. Um, nice seeing you again, Mr. Barber.

Justin: You, too.

Marcus: Okay, Mom, I gotta go. Love you.

Donna: I-I love you.

Justin: He's a fine young man, Donna. You must be very proud of your son.

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