B&B Transcript Tuesday 9/15/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/15/09


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Marcus: Too late, Mom!

Donna: What? (Gasps)

Marcus: You're busted. (Laughs)

Donna: What?

Marcus: Surfing the net on company time? Hmm? Not to worry. I have an in with the guy who runs this place. I'll make sure Eric goes easy on you.

Katie: Speaking of Eric, where is he?

Marcus: Yeah. He's -- he's not sick or anything, is he?

Donna: No. No, but thank you for being concerned.

Marcus: Are you kidding? After everything that man's done for me? Took me under his wing at Forrester, gave me this great opportunity --  I mean, he's been nothing but supportive since the first day I met him. I guess you could say he's -- he's kind of like a father figure. (Laughs)

Jackie: Oh, Nicky, please stop worrying about me. I'm fine. (Sighs) Actually, I'm anything but fine. My husband didn't come home last night. I'm worried sick that he's left me, which is probably what I deserved considering...

(Key jingles in lock)

Jackie: I got to go. Owen's here.

Owen: (Sighs)

Jackie: (Sighs)

Eric: Marcus, there you are. Just the man I'm looking for.

Marcus: Is everything okay? I mean, I don't want to be in hot water with the boss now.

Eric: No, no, no. No, no, no. Just the opposite, as a matter of fact. You get nothing but high praise from me. I appreciate very much your work around here and your contributions, your skill, your talent, the way you stepped up when Thorne was gone.

Marcus: So this would be, um, a great opportunity then for me to hit you up for a raise then, right?

Eric: Yeah, no, no, no. There's never a really good opportunity for that.

Marcus: (Laughs)

Eric: Look... (groans) Things get so hectic around here, I-I seldom get the opportunity to, uh, tell you how much I appreciate your contribution, but I do, more than you know, actually. Plus, when is see --  when I see how happy it makes Donna to have her son in her life... (sighs) when I think how hard it must have been for her to give you up when you were a baby... but she did, and that's all in the past --  the distant past, and that's where it should stay for both of you.

Katie: So you never did explain about last night.

Donna: Last night?

Katie: Yeah, you know, that lame excuse you gave so you didn't have to have dinner with Bill and me.

Donna: Oh, I, you know, wasn't feeling well. It just...

Katie: Hmm. Well, you looked like you were feeling well. Oh, come on. What's this about? Are you still having reservations about my relationship with Bill?

Donna: Well, what does Justin think? I mean, he's Bill's best friend, right?

Katie: Yeah. Funny you should mention him. You know, it's such a small world that you two went to high school together. Okay, spill it. What was he like back then? Did you have some kind of crazy crush on him? Donna? Donna, what's wrong? What's going on?

Donna: You have to promise me not -- not to tell anyone.

Katie: O-of course.

Donna: Justin Barber... he's Marcusís father.

Katie: (Scoffs)

Jackie: Oh, I'm glad you're home.

Jackie: You know, I-I couldn't really blame you I-if you'd stayed away longer. You know, what I told you a-about my past, it's a lot to absorb. I am sorry.

Owen: Look, I know. But if you would have just been honest with me, and you would have just opened up and... you know, come to think of it, even if you had, I can't guarantee you that I would have understood.

Jackie: (Sighs) No, and -- and you probably never will understand. Perhaps that's the price that I have to pay... for what I did... losing the man that I love so desperately, even though he no longer loves me.

Owen: What happened was a long time ago, and maybe it shouldn't even make a difference but -- 

Jackie: But it does. And if you'd stayed, it would always just be there between us, and that's what this really comes down to.

Owen: No. What it comes down to, Jackie, if the fact that you had a child to take care of. You were desperate. You were -- you were alone. You didn't have anybody. You didn't even have your family. Look, I understand that, but accepting it is... look, I know that your way of dealing with things is -- is by not --  by not thinking about it, but, Jackie, I'm not there yet. I-I-I -- 

Jackie: And you're not sure if you ever will be.

Donna: Now do you see why I couldn't stay for dinner? I mean, running into --  to Justin like that, and then for you --  for you to just say what you just did.

Katie: Oh, come on. I was just joking about the crush thing. I mean, how was I to know about you two? You -- you had a lot of boyfriends in high school, Donna. I didn't pay attention to all of them.

Donna: Okay, but he wasn't just any boyfriend, Katie. Oh, my God. He was --  he was a star basketball player. I-I was a cheerleader. I was -- was crazy about him. And then one night, it just got carried away and... I found out that I was pregnant the first --  the very same day that Justin found out that he got a basketball scholarship, and... you know, it was the chance of a lifetime for him, and I knew that if I told him about the baby, I-I just -- I didn't want to hold him back. I just...

Katie: So you gave him up and your baby, too.

Donna: Yeah. I never hurt so bad in my life, you know? It... (sighs) but it was the only decision I-I felt I could make at the time. It was best for the baby. It was -- it was best for me, so I... (sighs) I went to Aunt Bonnie's and... I gave up that little boy for adoption. And I went on with my life the only way I knew how.

Katie: And Justin never suspected that he had a son? Are you gonna tell him?

Donna: I don't know. I mean, I don't --  I honestly don't know what's best for Justin or... or for Marcus. (Sighs)

Marcus: You know, they say everything happens for a reason.

Eric: Do you believe that, Marcus?

Marcus: You know, I believe that I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world. I mean, finding my mom, getting to work with the greatest fashion designer in the world -- 

Eric: Now, wait, wait, wait. You are bucking for a raise here, right?

Marcus: (Laughs) It's just that I respect you, Eric. I mean, not just your talents. It's like you have this --  this great big heart that -- that touches everything you do, the lives you touch --  I mean, look, my mom, me, your family's.

Eric: My family, yeah. And, um, that's actually how I've come to think about you, Marcus, as part of my family, and that's why I've gone ahead with something that I've been threatening to do for quite some time now. Take a look.

Marcus: "Petition for legal adoption."

Eric: Mm-hmm. I have my attorneys working on it now. Of course, we'll have to get the approval of your adopted parents, but, uh, I want you to be my son, Marcus.

Owen: Look, I'm sorry, Jackie.

Jackie: No. No, don't be sorry. The fact that you're here is a testament to the sweet, decent man that you are.

Owen: (Sighs)

Jackie: I can't ask anything more from you. It took me years to finally forgive myself, and I do realize it's not the way that most mothers would have handled things, but -- 

Owen: You've never been like everyone else, and that's what I love about you.

Eric: I might have presumed, uh, a little too much calling my attorneys about this before I even talked to you.

Marcus: No. No, not at all. I'm -- I'm just so overwhelmed. I-I feel so honored.

Eric: You know, we've really never had a conversation, you and I, about your adoptive parents, and we've certainly never talked about your biological father at all.

Marcus: No, no, no. He, um, he doesn't even know I exist. Mom never told him. Believe me, Eric, I'm -- I'm completely happy with the way things are now...

Marcus: Coming to L.A., finding my mom, having someone like you to turn to, someone that believes me, wants the best for me.

Marcus: You're the real father figure to me, Eric --  the only father I need.

Eric: Good. So this is where we're supposed to hug, right?

Marcus: And where you're supposed to ask me to call you "Dad."

Eric: Actually, I would like that. I would like that very much.

Marcus: And so would I... Dad.

Eric: (Laughs) (speaks indistinctly) good.

Donna: I don't know. I'm just so torn. You know, telling Justin is one thing, but telling our son... I mean, what do I even know about his father?

Katie: You said you were crazy about him.

Donna: In high school, Katie. But what --  what do I know about him now? I mean, it's doubtful that he's the same guy that I was head over heels about back then and --  I mean, time changes people, you know? And -- and you --  and you heard Marcus. Marcus is -- is thrilled about Eric and...

Katie: Yeah, but it -- his feelings for Eric don't have to change just because he gets to know his biological dad. I mean, Justin didn't abandon him. Listen, honey, this is a big decision, and it's yours to make. Just think about it, okay? And you might want to feel your son out about it, too.

Donna: You're right. You're right. I mean, 'cause see if he's interested. If he's not even interested, why bother telling Marcus?

Marcus: Why bother telling Marcus what?

Donna: Sweetheart, I, um, I-I thought you were looking for Eric.

Marcus: Yeah, I found him. Well, actually, he found me, but... (laughs)

(Cell phone rings)

Katie: Sorry. Oh, it's -- it's Bill.


Katie: I'm just gonna take it in the other room.


(Door opens)

(Door closes)

Marcus: Okay, mom, out with it. Come on. What is it that you're keeping from me? Like I already don't know.

Katie: (Sighs) Hey, Eric. Um... you know what? You look busy. I-I'm -- I-I'll catch you later.

Eric: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. In fact, uh, here. Take a look.

Eric: I'm gonna adopt Marcus. I asked him to be my son.

Marcus: Mom, you okay?

Donna: Yeah. I was just thinking, um, how confusing life can be at times.

Marcus: And how we never know what a day's gonna bring, you mean?

Donna: Yeah. You're -- you're going along, and, um, you know, everything seems fine, just the way it should be, and then suddenly something happens.

Marcus: And you're face-to-face with something you didn't expect, which doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Donna: You're right. You know, it doesnít. It's like when you -- you came into my life, I... (sighs) God, I thank God every day for that. Being part of my son's life, it's -- it's such a blessing, you know, one that I thought I'd -- I would never have... which is why I... I feel like it's time.

Marcus: "It's time." Time for what, Mom? What is it that you have to tell me?

Donna: It's time for you to meet... (sighs) your father.

Jackie: Oh, my God. (Laughs) Oh, I never thought I'd hear you say that again.

Owen: Look it, Jackie, I could never stop loving you.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Owen: Okay? Not ever. But, look, after I saw that video, and I-I learned the things that I have, it just --  (sighs) listen, from the first moment that you and I met, I've always had this -- this image of you as this gorgeous and elegant and refined woman. I mean, sure, you could be provocative as heck if it meant getting your company some much needed P.R. or a -- or a big order from a -- from the buyer. But the private Jackie Marone, the one that -- the one that got to me like nobody else ever has, that woman was just class and sophistication all the way. And... that image has just been --  I don't know. I can't see it like that anymore, and I hate it. Listen, I'm sorry. I don't -- I don't mean to hurt you, but I just -- I -- 

Jackie: No, I have hurt you. My past, my mistake with -- with Whip --  that's just chipped away at your trust. I've taken something very precious from you. But things are gonna change. They are --  at home and at the office. There is not going to be another publicity campaign at your expense, and our marriage will never, ever be fodder for public consumption again. I promise you that. I want our relationship to be just respected, as I respect... I so cherish you.

Jackie: And I know that you'll never see me the same way again, but maybe one day. And until then, all I can do is just believe in us.

Owen: Listen to me. But there's still a lot of things that we need to work on. I just -- 

Jackie: Yes, yes, yes. Yes, like... forgiveness. And I know that it's just too much to ask of you, to -- to forgive me again and -- and so soon. But, darling, please, please, if you could just look past this, and... look into your heart and just try to forgive me... one more time.

Owen: (Sighs) Yes, I can.

Jackie: (Sighs) Oh! Oh, I love you!

Owen: Come here. I love you.

Jackie: (Sobs) I love you!

Owen: I love you so much.

Jackie: (Laughs) Oh, thank you. I love you. Oh, I love you. (Sighs)

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