B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/9/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/9/09


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Felicia: You did not call us all the way down here just to tell us you're back together.

Thorne: And I've already been asked for an official comment.

Brooke: Good news travels fast.

Felicia: Not exactly the spin Mom's been putting on it.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Hey, guys. Thanks for coming by.

Steffy: Yeah, well, we, uh, we can't stay long.

Thomas: We want to be home in case Mom needs us.

Rick: Hey. Uh, champagne. (Laughs) I know that you two want to celebrate, but with all due respect, I don't think everyone here feels the same way you do.

Ridge: Well, champagne is for celebrating. True. But it's also for launching new endeavors. That's why I wanted you all to be here today...

Ridge: To christen a new life for us and for Forrester Creations.

Whip: I appreciate you keeping me on here at Jackie M. Thank you.

Owen: Just remember the ground rules.

Whip: Jackie's off-limits. I got it.

Jackie: You are the most incredible man. I mean, to rise above your misgivings and see this situation for what it is.

Owen: It's business. You're a huge asset to Jackie M. You know what? You're good, Whip. You are. I think it would be a bad business decision on our part to put you out there on the open market.

Whip: Well, that was just the point I was trying to get across to your wife. That's my way of saying I won't let you down.

Owen: Good. Just stick to your job, and we won't have a problem.

Whip: Yeah. Um, this is you talking, right? It's Owen Knight, not Casper the twin brother?

Owen: Yes, this is me talking.

Whip: Okay. All right. All right.

Owen: It's me.

Whip: Look, Jackie M.'s reputation is safe with me. I am eager to make this company a huge success. You're not gonna regret keeping me here. Look, I got to say, um, not many guys would be able to get past their ego and rise above this.

Jackie: Owen knows that there's no reason for you to leave, don't you, darling?

Owen: Look, I wanted to put this on you, all of it. I tried. But the truth is I played a part in it as well. Look, if I would have told you from the beginning that I had a twin brother, none of this would have happened. I should have been completely honest with you, but I wasn’t. And from now on, I will be. No secrets ever. I promise.

Brooke: This isn't just about us. It's about all of you, too.

Ridge: It's time to make it right. Brooke and I have done that with our marriage, and now it's time to do the same thing with this company, but we need you guys here. We need your help.

Felicia: But I thought Forrester’s been doing better recently.

Ridge: We're on the right track, but to build on that success, we need you guys all here.

Thomas: You brought us here to talk about business?

Steffy: Yeah, Dad, is that what's really on your mind?

Brooke: You two are Ridge's number-one priority. We want to make sure you're comfortable with all of this.

Ridge: And the only way to do this properly is to put all of our differences aside.

Brooke: Felicia, Thorne, we want you back. Ridge and I want to give you your rightful place back here at Forrester Creations. And, yes, yes, your issues with Donna will be addressed, and we will give you the respect that you deserve.

Ridge: I didn't really realize how much I loved having us all work here together until you weren't here anymore.

Felicia: I miss that, too.

Thorne: Yeah, we do.

Ridge: And this has always been our second home. We grew up in this building, for God's sakes. I think it's time that we all start working here again.

Felicia: (Chuckles) Enough already. You're makin' me cry. Stop it.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Thorne: Congratulations.

Brooke: Thank you.

Felicia: To both of you. You, too, lady.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: Look, it's time to put all the bitterness and bickering behind us and get back to being a family again. We are all Forresters, every single one of us.

Jackie: (Sighs) You really have forgiven me.

Owen: What, you weren't sure?

Jackie: Well, now I am. I mean, if you didn't totally trust me, you wouldn't have Whip in the building.

Owen: Look, it's not about Whip. This is about us. This is about our love. That's what this comes down to. Come on. We almost blew it. Got one misunderstanding after another, and the next thing you know, we're on the verge of falling apart.

Jackie: But it's just as you said. That could have been avoided. All we had to do was talk. I mean, communication-- that is the key.

Owen: It's okay. We all make mistakes...

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Owen: Even a woman as refined and elegant as you.

Jackie: Oh, right. (Chuckles)

Owen: (Laughs) I mean, the Logan sisters are selling themselves as royalty, but I got to say, you are the queen of this industry, Jackie.

Jackie: It's just the accent, darling. (Laughs) All you yanks think we're monarchs. You're being serious. I'm sorry. I love it that you see me that way.

Owen: Because that's what you are. You are cultivated. You are sophisticated. You are straightforward, and you're honest, and what happened with Whip was an aberration. I should have seen it, but I didn't, and I'm sorry about that. From now on, I will-- I will not forget who you are. You're my fantasy, and you are the-- you're my wife, and you're the love of my life.

Whip: Let's see what Forrester’s cruise line is all about. What's this?

(Camera shutters click)

Man: There was a shocking revelation today at Forrester Creations. As the cruise line fashion show concluded, Stephanie Forrester took over the microphone and made a stunning accusation about Jackie Marone's possible promiscuous past.

(Camera shutters click)

Man: More on the scandalous Madame of fashion as details arise.

(Camera shutter clicks)

Whip: "Promiscuous past"?

Ridge: Do you need a minute to stop your head from spinning?

Rick: Yeah, I think so.

Felicia: I think you're the one that might be feeling a little woozy, big brother.

Thorne: (Chuckles)

Ridge: No, strangely enough, for the first time, I'm seeing things very clearly. Phoebe's death threw me into a tailspin. I was in so much pain, I didn't know which end was up. I had to blame someone. It had to be someone else's fault. I don't want to be that man anymore. With Brooke’s help, the help of my family, I was able to see Phoebe's death for what it really was-- a tragic accident.

Ridge: I think under the weight of all that, we became people that we didn't recognize. In all that chaos, there was one thing that bound us together, Rick, and that's our love for your mother. What put us at odds can now be the thing that brings us together. I think that's the only way to make this right. I know it's what your mother would want. And I'm telling you right now, I love her enough to give her that, and I think you do, too.

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Ridge: Good.

Rick: It's time to move on.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Thorne: No more toasts.

Rick: No, please, just one more.

Felicia: Oh, I knew I should have left with Steffy.

Thomas: Yeah, me, too.

Rick: There's something I would like to say, okay? Listen, I just-- in the spirit of what's gone on today, I just want to take this opportunity to apologize-- to apologize to everybody here. I've behaved like a fool for such a long time, and then Ridge speaks of becoming someone else. Well, that was definitely true for me. When I think of everything that I've done, everything that I've said, the things that I've provoked other people to do, I just wish I could take it all back. But I can't do that. What I can do is do things differently from now on. For starters, I can honor the man who makes my mother so happy...

Brooke: (Sobs)

Rick: The man that makes my mother smile. Thank you, Ridge. Really. I'm just so relieved that you've come to your senses. (Laughs)

Brooke: (Laughs)

Rick: I can say this because I, too, have come to my senses, and to prove that, I would like to make another toast. To Ridge and my mom. All the best.

Thorne: Hear, hear.

(Glasses clink)

Brooke: (Giggles) Thank you.

Felicia: Mm-hmm. (Glasses clink)

Felicia: Salud.

Whip: Got a minute?

Jackie: Um, oh, just. (Laughs) Owen's taking me out for dinner.

Whip: He's still in the building, huh?

Jackie: Uh, well, actually, he's gone to get coffee. It's going to be a long night.

Whip: Yeah, well, I'd enjoy the good times while they last. I don't think he's gonna be able to forgive you much after he sees this.

Jackie: Where'd you get it?

Whip: I was doing some research for our upcoming cruise line. I just checked out Forrester, and, uh, the search engine pulled this up. I was just looking for some reviews, you know? "Eye on Fashion," that kind of thing. Picked up something else entirely.

Whip: Jackie, is it true what Stephanie said about you?

Ridge: This okay with you?

Rick: (Chuckles) (Laughs)

Ridge: Some people need a kick in the pants to appreciate what they have. I had to almost lose everything. And I came very close to doing that. One more moment of hesitation, and it would have been gone. If this family is to function together effectively, like I want it to and I think we all want it to, we have to put all of our differences aside right now.

Brooke: Well, thanks to you, we have.

Felicia: That's not saying that issues won't come up.

Ridge: But when they do, we will deal with them as a family.

Thorne: And the company, if Felicia and I have anything to say?

Brooke: Your voices will be heard loud and clear.

Ridge: Look, Jackie M. Designs has become a force to be reckoned with. We need all of our talents here to compete with them now.

Brooke: We all need to work together, focused on the same goal. No more distractions. No more indecisions. Forrester's going to succeed, because we're back on track. We're focused. We are determined. And we're headed for a much brighter future, just like my marriage to Ridge.

Felicia: (Laughs)

Brooke: Right?

Steffy: Actually, um, could you put a bow on it? Thank you so much.

Owen: What are you doing? You decorating your coffee? (Laughs)

Steffy: Mm, coffee cake. It's my dad and R.J.'s favorite. I'm gonna drop it off at Brooke’s.

Owen: What? Really?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. They're, um, back together, so it's my way of saying congratulations.

Owen: Wow, that's big of you. You're not disappointed about it?

Steffy: Well, I'm obviously heartbroken for my mom, but she told me to accept my dad's choice. I really didn't want to, but then I saw my dad's face at the office, and--

Owen: And he was happy, wasn't he, huh?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, he was ecstatic, kind of like you are right now. (Giggles)

Owen: Well, I guess there just must be something in the air.

Steffy: You and Jackie?

Owen: Yep.

Steffy: No. Actually, we're gonna get another one of those-- those cakes? That'd be great. Yeah. Yeah.

Owen: No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, thank you. No cakes.

Steffy: Come on. Let me just get you a coffee.

Owen: No. How about you sit and talk with me for two minutes?

Steffy: Okay.

Owen: Go. Right here.

Steffy: All right.

Owen: So listen, I just--I want to thank you for talking with me and, uh, you know, hearing me out. It really helped me put things into perspective.

Steffy: Good. I'm--I'm glad.

Owen: I don't know. I just--I was so caught up in my head with everything that happened with Whip, you know, what it all meant, and, I mean, what does that say about my marriage, and I guess talking with you helped me remember what drew me to her in the first place. You know, she's wild. She's crazy. She's fun. And most of all, she's honest to the core. I like that.

Steffy: Good. So, um, what about Whip?

Owen: Well, I guess you could say we're just, um, putting it all behind us, and we're just looking forward to the future.

Steffy: So then you forgave her?

Owen: Well, I love her. What can I say?

Steffy: That's all that matters.

Owen: Yeah.

Jackie: Where did you find this?

Whip: I told you. It just popped up on the internet.

Jackie: Show me.

Whip: All right. I was just doing some research on our upcoming cruise line. I was checking out Forrester's, and there were all these-- basically the video came up where--where Stephanie...

Jackie: (Sighs)

Whip: Was revealing your past, and then I was checking these blogs and articles and people were commenting on them. Basically, the implication was that you were--

Jackie: I thought all this was behind me. No one has brought this up or mentioned it for years. I thought Nicky buried it.

Whip: Then it is true.

Jackie: No. No, it is not, not--not the way that it sounds. I was young, you know? I-I had a-a child to raise and-- oh, God. I was just dating some men-- sailors and--and captains, and they... helped me financially, but it was not how it-- (Scoffs)

Whip: Okay, okay, okay. It's--that's--that's-- that's the spin I'll put on it I-if and when it comes up as-- as--as your P.R. guy.

Jackie: You have to understand. I was young. I was broke. I was raising a child on my own.

Whip: Yeah, I-I understand. I do.

Jackie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I had no idea this was out there. If you found it, then Owen will, too. No, that--that can't happen. I mean, he couldn't even handle the fact that you and I kissed just one time. He is not going to be able to handle the fact that his sophisticated, classy wife was labeled as a-- no.

Whip: Oh.

Jackie: Oh, God. We've just got our lives back together. Why did this have to happen?

Whip: O-okay. Okay. Look, calm down. Calm down. Look. Look, th--the scandals don't die in cyberspace...

Jackie: (Sighs)

Whip: But they can be eclipsed. Look, maybe I could just flood the--the web with all kinds of press about our new cruise line and--

Jackie: No, no, no, no.

Whip: But no, Jackie, I can take care of this.

Jackie: No, no. I've got to be honest with him. I have to tell him. I just pray that he will understand and forgive me again.

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