B&B Transcript Monday 8/24/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/24/09


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Jackie: So it was really Casper that said all of those dreadful things, not you?

Owen: Yes, yes. Jackie, I would never say those things to you. Good morning, beautiful.

Jackie: Good morning.

Owen: Oh, God, last night was amazing.

Jackie: Mm.

Owen: It was just what we needed-- the two of us together, reconnecting. Thank God we got past that whole misunderstanding. It's just you and me, together. Mm.

Brooke: With everything that's happened, it's hard to believe we're actually shooting a cover for "Eye on Fashion." I mean, Bill Spencer’s sudden support of Forrester Creations is kind of surprising.

Katie: Well, I think, you know, after we won the fashion challenge, he just thought we deserved a cover.

Donna: Yeah, but Katie’s leaving out a tidbit of information. She and Bill have a crush on each other.

Katie: (Sighs)

Brooke: Oh! He could be playing you, Katie.

Donna: Yeah, well, that's what I told her, but, um, I even tried to seduce him to prove my point.

Katie: Yeah, and he didn't take your bait-- not even a little nibble, and I never doubted him for a moment. I-I just--I think, you know, he's changing.

Brooke: I just want you to be careful. I don't want you to get hurt again.

Katie: I'm not gonna get hurt. I-I just think that there's another side to this guy that no one's ever seen before. And you'll see it. Just give him a chance.

Brooke: Uh-huh.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Katie: (Laughs)

Brooke: Oh, look! (Laughs)

Donna: Honey bear, the king of L.A. fashion. (Giggling)

Eric: You don't think it's too much, do you? No, no?

Katie: Never.

Eric: Never. Katie, you get all the credit. A few minutes ago, Bill Spencer was gonna steal my company from me, and now he's putting us and the whole campaign on the cover of one of his magazines. And you deserve all the credit.

Katie: Oh, I don't know about that.

Donna: Yeah, Katie’s just the expert in public relations.

Brooke: Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Is Jackie still not answering?

Nick: No. Her phone's been off since yesterday.

Bridget: Oh, jeez. I mean, she did say she wanted some time alone, and you can't blame her after what Owen said in that interview.

Nick: The guy has been out for himself all along. He's finally proven it at my mother's expense.

(Intercom beeps)

Nick: Yeah, Clarke? Thanks, I got it. Here.

Jarrett: Owen Knight, the much younger husband of the divine Ms. Jackie M., rocked the fashion world yesterday with his shocking interview...

Bridget: (Sighs)

Jarrett: First, Jackie M. loses the fashion challenge, now Owen has publicly humiliated his lovely older wife. What's next for Jackie M., both personally and professionally? Can they survive this latest scandal?

Bridget: Oh, my gosh, poor Jackie. This is awful. I just--I wish there was something we could do for her.

Nick: If he shows his face around here, I promise you, I'll damage it.

Owen: You know, you...

Jackie: Thank you, Owen.

Owen: Have handled this thing so well, I can't even tell you how much it means to me.

Jackie: But it wasn't you, was it? I mean, I can't be angry at you for something that you didn't do.

Owen: Come on, still, I can't imagine what it would be like to have to sit there and watch me say all those terrible things. Come on, you must have felt so betrayed. Oh, but I hope you know that I would never betray you or our relationship.

Jackie: I do.

Owen: Mm. So I, uh, spoke to Whip today.

Jackie: Whip? Why?

Owen: Yeah, I told him to, uh, set up a live interview, so I can set the record straight. Listen to me, I want the fashion world to know the truth, the truth about what happened. I want 'em to know the truth about how I really feel about my wife.

Marcus: That looks great. Okay, everybody, good. Let's get this thing movin', huh? Let's go.

Steffy: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Here. Can't have the king's crown all cockeyed.

Eric: Most certainly not.

Woman: Okay, my royal subjects, let's begin. Okay. A lot of smiles. A lot of smiles. Great, beautiful, beautiful.

Eric: (Speaking indistinctly)

Woman: Yeah, absolutely. Okay, great. Beautiful, beautiful. Sit up higher.

Whip: Jackie, I'm so sorry. I...

Jackie: (Sighs) You have nothing to apologize for, nothing.

Whip: I know, but I-I feel responsible. Look, you were upset-- I--all I was trying to do was comfort you. I-I didn't mean to complicate your life or upset you in any way, you have to know that.

Jackie: Okay, I'm not angry at you, Whip. I just can't talk to you right now, that's all. I-I-I have to keep my distance.

Whip: Sure, I'll-- I'll give you some space.

Jackie: I want you to take a paid leave of absence a-after the interview. I'm going to tell Owen what happened, and I don't want you to be around when I do.

Whip: Sure.

Woman: Beautiful, beautiful. Just like that. Gorgeous.

Marcus: Mom, you guys are killing it, for real.

Woman: Smiles, smiles. Just a sexy smile.

Woman: (Clears throat) Uh, Katie, over here.

Donna: (Clears throat) Pay attention. We're royalty. We're not supposed to look distracted.

Katie: Sorry, I can't help myself.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Bill: The kingly costume suits you, Eric.

Eric: Bill, is this where you pull the rug out?

Bill: No. No, I-I mean it. You've, uh, you've earned it. You deserve it.

Eric: Well, what's with all this throwing all of your, uh, support in our direction now? Is this another one of your ploys? Build us up one day and tear us down the next?

Bill: Look, I don't blame you for questioning my motivation. I've given you nothing but trouble. I'm just trying to make amends.

Eric: Why should I believe you?

Bill: Because my focus has shifted to something more valuable, more, um... more meaningful than any company, including yours.

(Camera shutter clicking)

Nick: Hey!

Owen: Nick, just listen to me.

Nick: You've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here!

Owen: Okay, listen to me.

Nick: You humiliated my mother!

Jackie: Nicky! Nicky, stop it! Owen didn't do anything wrong. It was his identical twin brother.

Nick: His what?

Jackie: It's true. I saw him with my own eyes, standing-- you--you can't tell them apart. It was his identical twin that played the prank, and he said those horrible things. He did the interview, not Owen.

Owen: Listen, Nick, it's true. I swear to God.

Whip: Nick, I need Owen for an interview in one piece, preferably.

Owen: (Sighs)

Jackie: (Sighs) (Exhales deeply)

(Door slams)

Nick: Explain.

Jackie: There's nothing to explain. Owens’s twin brother did it, but beyond that, there's something else that happened that I-I really do need your help with.

Nick: Something new?

Jackie: Mm-hmm. You know how upset I was after Owen's-- his twin brother's interview.

Nick: Yes.

Jackie: Well, I had a lot to drink...

Nick: Okay.

Jackie: And, um, Whip was comforting me. Nicky, I believed every nasty word that was said, all right? (Sighs)

Nick: Whip was... comforting you? Oh, my God, Mother. You--you went to bed with Whip?

Jackie: No!

Nick: Oh, my God! What are you doing?

Jackie: No, I didn't do that. Stop, will you? No, but there was kissing, and--and... well, I just-- oh, my God, I feel so terrible. I feel so guilty.

Nick: Okay, okay, all right. Okay, okay, okay, calm down.

Jackie: No, no, no, no, I have to tell Owen. I have to tell him, you know, because... (Sighs) I do. Do you think he'll understand?

Bill: Eric, I, uh, wield a fair amount of power in this industry.

Eric: Oh, we're all very, very aware of that.

Bill: The essence of good journalism is impartiality, and I haven't exactly been a, uh, pillar of unbiased reporting where your company is concerned.

Eric: Mm, no. No, you haven’t. You've been blasting us at every turn.

Bill: Yes, I have. But from now on, I'm going to give your company a fair shake.

Eric: Where-- where is all of this coming from?

Donna: I, uh, didn't want to be the one to tell you, but maybe Katie should fill you in?

Eric: Hmm?

Katie: Did I hear my name?

Bill: Hi.

Katie: Hi.

Eric: Uh... wait. The--the--the two of you, right? You're--you're kidding, right?

Brooke: No, she isn't, Eric.

Jarrett: Okay, we're, uh, going live in ten seconds. You ready?

Owen: Yeah. Yeah, let's do it. Let's go.

Jarrett: We're here live with Owen Knight. Jackie M. has requested this impromptu interview to, uh, clear something up. So, uh, let's get right to it. What is it that you want to clear up today?

Owen: Well, as you all know, there was a very controversial interview yesterday.

Jarrett: Yes, you, uh, made some really quite shocking statements.

Owen: Yes, that is why I'm here. It wasn't me in that interview. It was a hoax.

Jarrett: Uh, but I-I have the transcript right here, uh... "I'm having fun. She's having fun. Next thing you know, I'm living in a high-rise loft, driving a fancy car. Connect the dots. You really think I'm in love with her? Come on."

Owen: Listen to me, I never said any of those things.

Jarrett: But you were right here--

Owen: Look, I have a-- I have an identical twin brother. He was the one who said those things, not me.

Jarrett: A twin brother?

Owen: I know that it sounds crazy. His name is Casper. I've got a picture of him here. I've got his birth certificate. You can see for yourself.

Jarrett: Uh, this is incredible. Can--can-- can we get a shot of this?

Owen: He poses as me in the interview. It was a total, total prank. He thought it was gonna be funny, but it was not.

Jarrett: So y-you and Jackie, uh...

Owen: We are doing-- we're doing great. We, uh... can you come down here? Come here. Look, we are more together and we are more committed than we have ever been. And she's an unbelievable, unbelievable woman. She's beautiful, and she is perfect in every way, and there is nothing that she could do to ever make me want to leave her side. Our relationship is strong, and it is based on pure trust and honesty.

Bill: You wanted a word with me, Brooke?

Brooke: I'm concerned about my sister.

Bill: You don't trust me?

Brooke: No.

Bill: You shouldn’t. I haven't given you any reason to.

Brooke: So what's with this sudden nice guy routine?

Bill: (Chuckles) Yeah, I know, I'm, uh, I'm surprised by it as anyone. Katie's had quite an impact on me.

Brooke: She's been through a lot. I don't want to see her suffer any more than she already has. You better not take advantage of her.

Bill: Brooke, I get it. I wouldn't want my little sister involved with someone like me, either. But I want you to know that I realize how special she is, and I would never want to do anything to hurt her.

Katie: Hey.

Bill: Hey, come here. You're just in time to hear me sing your praises.

Katie: Oh, well, don't let me stop you.

Bill: Well, I was just saying that, um, you have brought some things into my life that I haven't experienced before. Things that come pretty natural to most people but are somewhat foreign to me. And you are a very good thing-- good for me.

Katie: (Giggles)

Brooke: Well, you seem sincere. I hope you are. Just know that Donna and I will be keeping a very close eye on you.

Bill: Well, that-- that's good. I, uh, I respect the way you sisters look out for each other, your loyalty.

Brooke: Treat Katie right, and we'll get along just fine.

Bill: Then I guess we're gonna be pals.

Brooke: (Laughs) Yeah. I have to go change. I'll talk to you later.

Katie: All right.

Brooke: Bye.

Katie: She's worried about me, but she doesn't have to be. Thank you for telling my sister how you feel. I know that's not easy for you.

Bill: What do you say we go someplace where we can be alone?

Katie: Okay. I think that sounds good. Actually, I have, um, something planned. It's a surprise...

Bill: Mm.

Katie: Just for you.

Bill: Mm.

Whip: Well, thank you, Jarrett, very much.

Jarrett: Thank you.

Whip: Bye-bye.

Jarrett: Bye.

Owen: (Sighs)

Whip: Well, press conference seemed to go well.

Owen: Yeah, I think it did. Thank you, man. Thank you for setting that up.

Whip: Oh, no problem. That's my job.

Owen: Yeah, it feels good to get everything out there, the truth about my marriage to Jackie. Now everybody knows the truth.

Nick: Mother...

Jackie: Hmm?

Nick: Truly, it seems to me like Whip might have taken a little advantage here.

Jackie: No, no, he did not.

Nick: No, no, he did, because you were vulnerable, very vulnerable. Also very loaded.

Jackie: (Sighs) I wish it were, but that is not an excuse, okay? (Sighs) You know, the good thing is that nothing really happened, but the bad thing is the guilt-- it's the guilt of that--that kiss, and... well, everything else that happened with Whip-- it's just tearing me apart. (Sighs) Owen's been so good to me. I mean, he's the kind of husband I never thought I would have, Nicky. I love him, and I respect him. And I owe him the truth.

Whip: Nick, uh, should we get back to it?

Nick: Yeah.

Jackie: Darling... (Laughs) Oh, my word. Those--the words you said, they were so beautiful, so sweet.

Owen: Well, I just wanted to set the record straight. You know, no more lies, no more secrets. Everything's out there in the open now.

Jackie: I understand totally.

Owen: Good. I'm glad we're on the same page. No damage done.

Jackie: (Giggles)

Owen: Let's look at it this way--it's upward, and it's onward from here. It's you and me, right?

Jackie: We need some time.

Owen: Yeah, of course we do.

Jackie: No, no, I mean, we need to have some special time, just you and I together, 'cause there's, um, things I need to tell you.

Owen: Okay, so go ahead, tell me.

Jackie: No, I can’t.

Owen: Let's hear it.

Jackie: Not--not--not now. It's not the time. Nicky--um, we--we were just talking about how sometimes when life, whew, blindsides you, kind of like what's just happened, how there's always a silver lining, and--and mine is that I realize how totally blessed I am to have you in my life.

Owen: No, my fair lady, I... I am the lucky one.

Jackie: I hope you feel that way after.

Owen: After what?

Owen: Hey, come on. What's the matter? What's bothering you? Is it something serious? What is it?

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