B&B Transcript Friday 8/21/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/21/09


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Katie: (Sighs) Thank you so much. Are you sure this isn't an imposition?

Donna: It's-- it's totally fine. The pool is yours anytime. Though you still haven't mentioned his name.

Katie: Oh, you mean the person that I invited over tonight?

Donna: Sounds like somebody pretty special.

Katie: What would you say if I told you it was Bill Spencer?

Donna: (Chuckles) I'd say, "You're out of your mind." Katie, you are kidding, right? Katie, no. My God. Tell me you haven't fallen for this guy.

Katie: Donna, he's not that bad.

Donna: Right, Katie, yeah. He's just misunderstood.

Katie: Well, he is kind of. I mean, all I know is he's not the same person he was when he first came to Los Angeles. And he's discovering himself. He's discovering me.

Donna: Oh, my God. Please don't talk like this.

Katie: Listen, I-I've seen it. There is another person underneath that cutthroat business tycoon.

Donna: You know, I'm--I'm sorry, Katie. I am sorry, but I just don't buy it. You know, and neither should you, not--not until we put him to a test.

Katie: What test?

Donna: I'm gonna come on to him, Katie, and I'm going to prove that he hasn't changed a bit.

Katie: You're not serious. You're serious?

Donna: Two minutes with me, and I guarantee you he'll show his true colors.

Katie: (Laughs) All right, fine. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. But I gotta tell ya...

(Door opens)

Katie: I really don't see him falling for this--

Donna: Oh, wait, shh, shh. Wait. It's him. Go. Scoot.

Katie: Where am I supposed to go?

Donna: Just go--the bushes. Go, go, go.

Bill: Hey, Donna.

Donna: Hi.

Bill: Where's Katie?

Donna: Oh, she's, you know, caught up in Forrester business. But she asked me to apologize.

Bill: She's cancelling our plans?

Donna: Yep. Yeah, yeah. I guess, uh, I guess you'll just have to deal with little old me.

Jackie: (Gasps) What are you doing here?

Owen: Look, I live here.

Jackie: Not anymore.

Owen: Look, Jackie, no, you need to listen to me, okay?

Jackie: I've had quite enough from you, thank you.

Owen: No, no, no, no, it's not what you're thinking.

Jackie: You humiliated me, Owen Knight. And you didn't just do it privately. You did it in public.

Owen: Okay, listen, stop, all right? This was a mistake. This was a huge mistake. Everything that you saw on that TV is not true. I am committed to you, Jackie.

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Owen: I'm committed to our marriage.

Jackie: Really? Well, you have got a bloody funny way of showing it.

Owen: Look, just let me explain, okay?

Jackie: Don't come near me. I've heard enough. There's no explanations. There's no words.

Owen: You know what? You're right. There's nothing that I can say to get through to you. Look, but somebody else can.

Jackie: What are you talking about?

Owen: Look, you always asked me about my family, and I-I never said much to you. Well, this is going to explain a lot, a whole lot. Jackie, meet my brother... my twin brother.

Owen: Look, this was a prank. It was a very stupid prank. But unfortunately, it's the only type that my numskull brother knows.

Casper: (Scoffs) Whatever, man.

Jackie: Twin?

Owen: Yes.

Casper: It's not like you haven't gotten off on switching places with me back in the day.

Owen: He was the one in the interview. It was not me. He ditched the earrings. He spiffed himself up, and he put on his best Owen impersonation. You know what, dude? It was funny when we were kids, but this was just stupid.

Casper: (Scoffs) Whatever, man. You deserve it. Come moving out here, living the high life in ‘tinsel town,’ and you're leaving me back in San Diego to open up boxes all day long. Anyway, I heard that Mr. Big Shot was coming into town, and I, uh--

Jackie: And so you-- you decided to set your brother up.

Owen: Listen to me, Jackie. When I arrived at the station, some guy came up to me, and he asked me if I was Owen Knight. He told me to come with him, that the location of the shoot has been changed. I thought it was the producer's assistant. And the next thing you know, I'm in a limo, and I'm driving around San Diego all day.

Casper: And that's when I moved in and hijacked the interview. I had you fooled, though, didn't I? I fooled everybody. (Laughs) Ahh.

Jackie: So it was really Casper that said all those dreadful things, not you?

Owen: Yes, yes. Jackie, I would never say those things to you. When I found out what he'd done, I gave him two choices-- either he came here and he explained himself, or I hauled his ass to jail.

Casper: Dude, it was--it-- it was a--I'm sorry, all right? It was--it was a good prank.

Owen: You know what? Wait outside. I'm puttin' your ass back on the first bus to San Diego.

Owen: Jackie, I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry. Listen, if I would have told you about Casper sooner, this whole thing, it never would have happened. Come on, do you forgive me?

Jackie: It wasn't you.

Owen: So do you still want me to move out?

Jackie: Never. Never, never, never, never, never. Never. Never. (Sighs) Oh, never. (Laughs)

Bill: Well, that's quite a bikini, Donna.

Donna: (Giggles)

Bill: Doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Donna: That's the idea. (Giggles)

Donna: You can start with the shoulders.

Bill: You want me to rub lotion on you?

Donna: Oh, just, you know, the hard-to-reach spots.

Bill: It's sunblock.

Donna: Well, I-- I burn easily.

Bill: It's night.

Donna: (Giggles) Well, here in L.A., but, you know, in Fiji, it's midday, and the sun's out full force.

Bill: What about Eric?

Donna: What about him?

Bill: Well, I don't think he would appreciate his wife asking another man to rub lotion all over her.

Donna: He's at work. No need to worry.

Bill: You two have a little spat?

Donna: Yep. Yeah.

Bill: Well, I'm sure you and your honey bear will kiss and make up. You always do, right?

Donna: Ooh. Mm.

Donna: You know what I need right now?

Bill: A hose?

Donna: (Laughs) Something, um, sinful and--and sweet. Help me out.

Bill: Is this what you had in mind?

Donna: Oh!

Katie: Oh, my God.

Donna: A doughnut?

Bill: Yeah. Katie loves 'em. So I thought I'd bring some by.

Donna: (Laughs)

Bill: I'm gonna go change.

Donna: Oh, you're funny. Funny Dollar Bill. (Laughs nervously)

Katie: (Laughs)

Donna: Oh, did-- did you see him? I mean, he was totally flirting with me.

Katie: Oh, please. I saw you. You were flirting with him.

Donna: What?

Katie: (Laughs)

Donna: Look, I still don't trust him, Katie, and neither should you. Look, I'm gonna prove this to you that you are way too good for that guy.

Katie: (Laughs)

Jackie: (Breathing heavily)

Whip: Jackie, are you-- you okay?

Jackie: Um, no, no, I, um, I'm not okay. Oh, God, what have I done?

Whip: Jackie, what's wrong? What happened?

Jackie: Owen is downstairs.

Whip: He's downs-- that son of--

Jackie: No, no, whip, don’t. You don't understand. It wasn't Owen that said all those dreadful things.

Whip: What?

Jackie: He's got a twin brother. Yes, a twin brother. His name is Casper--identical. They were standing side by side. I couldn't tell them apart.

Whip: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, time-out, time-out. He--he has an identical twin brother that you knew nothing about?

Jackie: Exactly.

Whip: And he, what, he switched places with Owen and pretended to be him?

Jackie: Yes, which poor Owen, he couldn't do anything about because Casper had a friend who abducted him and then...

Whip: (Laughs)

Jackie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I was so desperate. I kissed you.

Whip: (Scoffs) Jackie, we--we held each other, you know, we kissed. We didn't make love.

Jackie: It was wrong. It was wrong. I mean, it shouldn't have happened. How am I going to explain it to my husband? (Sighs)

Whip: Who says you have to?

Bill: You're still here.

Donna: What?

Bill: Let me help you with that. I don't want you to pull a hamstring.

Donna: (Giggles) Oh, thank you.

Bill: So you always wear high heels with your bikini...

Donna: (Giggles)

Bill: Or is this a special occasion?

Donna: You like? (Giggles) Oh! Oh. (Laughs)

Katie: (Laughs)

Donna: Wow. It looks like, um, somebody works out.

Bill: (Chuckles) Well, it pays to stay in shape, right?

Donna: Yeah. Remember when you, um, you called me your little barracuda? Barr... (Rolls tongue) acuda. I just--God, I love the way that rolled off your tongue. Could you-- could you just say that again?

Bill: Yeah, you know...

Katie: (Sighs)

Bill: Actually, I'm glad you brought that up. I had no, uh, right to call you my little anything. My behavior was inappropriate. You're a married woman. In fact, my behavior in other aspects of my life has been, uh, inappropriate. I'm not saying that I am a totally changed man. I'm not. But because of your sister, I'm trying to be a better one.

Katie: You can be anything you wanna be, Bill Spencer, and anyone. Lose something? And I hope Donna’s little test didn't offend you.

Bill: Hmm. (Chuckles) No, I wasn't, uh, offended. Donna was just being protective and painfully obvious.

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: Listen, uh, the way that I treated you-- I-I can't blame you for thinking that I'm all wrong for your sister. But I am highly motivated to prove otherwise.

Katie: (Giggles)

Donna: (Laughs)

Owen: Jackie, I'm home... minus one troublemaking brother.

Jackie: Oh, this is just so-- whoa--unbelievable. A-a-a-a twin. (Laughs)

Owen: Look, I know. With an incredibly sick sense of humor.

Jackie: Yeah.

Owen: I can't even imagine what everybody else was thinking.

Jackie: (Laughs nervously)

Owen: Actually, you know what? Scratch that. I mean, you did give me quite the earful when I called you and I tried to explain myself. I mean, you wouldn't even let me finish.

Jackie: I'm sorry.

Owen: No, it's okay. Come on, I don't blame you. I don’t. I just wish that I could have gotten to you sooner so, you know, for your sake.

Owen: Come here.

Bill: So I guess you weren't too worried about Donna’s little test, were ya?

Katie: Mnh-mnh, not in the least. I have to give you extra points, though, for the doughnuts. That was a really nice touch.

Bill: (Laughs)

Katie: (Laughs)

Bill: I don't think your sister thought so.

Katie: Hmm.

Bill: There's something I want to show you.

Katie: Hmm, what's that?

Bill: The next issue of "Eye on Fashion."

Katie: Ah, Owen Knight and Jackie Marone. There his infamous television interview, huh?

Bill: Yeah, yeah, but that's not what I want you to read. Here's the article.

Katie: Oh. What's it about?

Bill: You.

Katie: Me?

Bill: Mm-hmm. Your impact on Forrester Creations, how you were instrumental in bringing that company back from the brick.

Katie: Hmm. "Many in the fashion world had written off the house of Forrester, but with the unqualified success of the Royalty line, the company has come charging back, thanks in large part to Katie Logan, Forrester’s P.R. pro, who not only created the campaign, but personifies the very meaning of royalty that it embodies." (Laughs) "There's no doubt in this reporter's mind that the lovely and talented Miss Logan stands to make a major name for herself in the world of L.A. fashion. But more importantly, she's one of the most beautiful people I have ever known, inside and out." Gosh, Jarrett is so sweet. That's really nice of him.

Bill: Check the byline.

Katie: "William Spencer, Jr." You wrote this?

Bill: I was inspired. Though for the life of me, I don't know why you just don't turn and run in the opposite direction.

Katie: You can't scare me, Dollar Bill. I'm not going anywhere.

Whip: (Sighs)

Owen: Hey, come on. You're trembling.

Jackie: Am I? (Laughs nervously)

Owen: Yeah. Come here. Here. Put this around you. Is that better?

Jackie: I don't deserve you.

Owen: (Chuckles) Come on, how can you say that after everything I put you through today?

Jackie: It wasn't you. It was your brother.

Owen: Even so, it never should have happened.

Jackie: Please, you can't blame yourself. Don't do that. Not--not after...

Owen: After what?

Jackie: I'd had a little champagne. I was trying to dull the pain, you see, from what you'd-- what your brother had said in that interview. Oh, God, how could I have doubted you? You're my husband.

Owen: Come on, Jackie. No.

Jackie: I should have seen something was wrong.

Owen: Jackie, listen to me.

Jackie: I don't--

Owen: Listen to me, all right? I don't want you to blame yourself, okay? Let's just put this whole thing behind us, please.

Jackie: Oh, God, I wish I could.

Owen: Yes, you can. And I want to see a smile back on that beautiful, perfect face of yours.

Jackie: I'm not perfect. I'm far from it.

Owen: Oh, come on. Yes, you are. You're perfect to me. All right, and nothing is ever gonna change that. I love you, Jackie.

Jackie: I love you, too, darling. Oh, God, I love you. (Sighs)

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