B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/12/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/12/09


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Katie: As promised, one fabulous V.I.P. invite... Oh, um, sorry. Your--your secretary said that I could come in.

Bill: She told me you were coming.

Katie: Right. Okay. Well, then here you go. See you around.

Bill: Where you rushing off to?

Katie: Well, you, uh, obviously are waiting for someone, so I don't want to interrupt.

Bill: You're not interrupting. In fact, you're right on time.

Jarrett: Melissa Rivers, Rich Ginger and Serge, event planner to the stars.

Serge: Oh, boy.

Jarrett: Quite a little party here, hey? Uh, caviar?

Rich: No, thank you.

Serge: Oh, I don't mind if I do. Thank you.

Rich: Your boss Spencer is very generous to be flying us all to L.A. like this on a bird this size. What, have we got a Falcon? Hawker?

Jarrett: Gulfstream.

Rich: Ah, yes, yes. Well, the windows are a dead giveaway.

Jarrett: Uh, my boss is not unfamiliar with the big gesture.

Rich: Yeah, yeah, we were kinda noticing that. He--he wouldn't be, um, after something, would he?

Melissa: My thoughts exactly, Rich. I mean, he assigned one of his top reporters to act as a flight attendant, plying us with champagne, get our tongues wagging at 30,000 feet. There's more going on here.

Rich: Mm-hmm. Well, and we're all going to L.A., Beverly Hills, to do this big charity event. Here we are, the three of us on the same plane together. Coincidence? Huh? I think not.

Melissa: What's going on here, Jarrett?

Serge: Oh, who cares, Missy? Try the caviar--Iranian beluga. Woof! Mm. (Talking with mouth full) Oh, my God.

Bridget: Tell me I made the right choice.

Nick: You made the right choice.

Bridget: Because the green was no good. It was too yellow-green, I think. Don't you think?

Nick: No--no good. No good. Too--too yellow.

Bridget: You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

Nick: Well, it doesn't matter if I know what you're talking about.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Nick: I trust your judgment, and so did you up until now.

Bridget: But we're going head-to-head with my father and Ridge.

Nick: Well, you beat them before. You'll beat 'em again.

Bridget: Well, just because we beat 'em in sales doesn't mean our designs are any better. And I hate to say it, but Bill Spencerís attack on Forrester really did help us. Not that I'm grateful. The man's an egomaniac. He needs to be taken down a peg.

Donna: Okay, we have to get Katie on this right away.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. She'll be back soon. And you have to tell Eric if he wants to make changes, he's gotta get to the cutters by 2:00.

Donna: Changes? What--what changes? These designs are perfect.

Brooke: I know. They better be, because if we don't win tomorrow, the Royalty campaign will be out the window before it even gets started.

Donna: Okay, somebody needs one of Katieís patented pep talks. Where is she, anyway?

Brooke: Um, she's with Bill Spencer.

Bill: I took a chance you hadn't eaten. Go ahead, dig in. I'm sure you want to get back to the office and get to work on the big challenge, right?

Katie: You'd tell me if I was wasting my time, wouldn't you? I mean, if you're not going to be objective, then we might as well just forfeit to Jackie M. right now.

Bill: Well, you wouldn't actually do that, would ya?

Katie: No. I think you know me better than that. But we have to win this challenge. Right now nothing is more important to me.

Nick: Bill Spencer didn't make us number one in L.A. He did not tell people what to buy.

Bridget: Um, actually, he did.

Nick: No, it's because your designs are so popular. They're incredible... just like you.

Donna: Bill has nothing to do with this challenge.

Brooke: (Sighs) Thank goodness, 'cause if he did, we'd be doomed.

Donna: Okay, then why is Katie meeting with him?

Brooke: She's dropping off an invitation and asking him to cover the event objectively.

Ridge: What are you talking about?

Brooke: Bill Spencer.

Donna: Katie's appealing to his better angels, if he has any.

Brooke: (Laughs) Yeah.

Ridge: He's not judging this contest, though.

Brooke: Well, you know what? It doesn't matter what he writes either, 'cause one look at your designs, and everybody's gonna think they're absolutely perfect.

Ridge: Thank you. But you are a little biased.

Brooke: Yes, I am biased, but the judges arenít. They're not gonna be swayed by Jackie M.'s popularity or the Indulge campaign. They're gonna judge the designs on their own merits head-to-head. And all due respect to Bridget. I mean, she is very talented, but she still is learning the ropes.

Ridge: Well, it sounds like we can't lose.

Rich: Thank you, my good man.

Jarrett: My boss did tell me to treat his friends well.

Rich: Mm. So now we're his friends.

Melissa: They are few and far between in the world of fashion.

Serge: Indeed.

Rich: Come on, Jarrett, fill us in here. What do you want from us?

Jarrett: (Sighs) Well... you're all influential people, and you know how-- how advantageous it is to have someone like Bill Spencer on your side. You know, the advantage is that he can provide.

Rich: So what are we supposed to do?

Jarrett: Mr. Spencer would be very grateful if Jackie M. won the challenge of the charity event tomorrow.

Katie: I'm trusting you, Bill. I know you'll be fair.

Bill: That doesn't mean I'll support Forrester Creations.

Katie: That's okay. You don't have to. I'm just asking you to be impartial.

Bill: You know, Katie, it's really not up to me. It's up to the judges, right?

Katie: Listen, you want to bring Forrester down. I know that. I'm just asking you not to use your influence and this challenge to do that. Let things happen the way they're supposed to happen. At the end of it, you can write a fair, honest review of our collection. I mean, come on, really, is that too much to ask?

Bill: No.

Katie: Good. Then we have a deal. Thank you. The collection is amazing. It--I-I can't wait for you to see it.

Bill: I'll take your word for it.

(Knock on door)

Bill: Come in.

Woman: Mr. Spencer, these are the articles for your review tomorrow.

Bill: Just leave them on your desk.

Woman: All right. Sorry. I need to get home. My daughter's soccer game.

Bill: You can go.

Woman: Good night.

Katie: I-I saw a picture of her daughter on her desk. She must be quite the soccer star. You ever ask her about it?

Bill: No.

Katie: No? I mean, this woman brings you coffee and doughnuts every day and organizes your life, and you don't know anything about her?

Bill: She brings me doughnuts? What--what--what are you talking about? She doesn't bring doughnuts. I don't even like doughnuts.

Katie: What do you mean, you don't like doughnuts? Everybody likes doughnuts. It's like un-American not to like doughnuts. There's this really great place over on Third Street called Arnie's Specialty Doughnuts, and... well, you should really check it out.

Bill: What's with you and doughnuts? You don't look like you eat doughnuts.

Katie: I pace myself. Anyway, look, you've learned more about me in two minutes than--than you know about this woman who's worked for you for however many years.

Bill: Maybe I'm more interested in you.

Katie: Well, it wouldn't hurt for you to be a little more interested in your employees.

Bill: I pay my employees well. I pay them to work for me. If they don't do their jobs, I fire them. Better off that I know them as numbers on a page, salaries, responsibilities. I don't know about their personal lives, and I don't want to know.

Katie: That is so sad. I mean, that...

Bill: (Sighs)

Katie: You must be missing so much. No wonder you're so lonely.

Bill: Did I ever say I was lonely?

Katie: Well, I think you are. You don't talk to your employees. You don't talk to your associates. I mean, do you even have any friends?

Bill: Friends are overrated. They try to take advantage.

Katie: (Laughs) That's a terrible way to live. And--and how do you know if you've never let anyone get close enough to find out? Someone convinced you a long time ago that nice guys finish last, and you wanna win. You equate money with winning and emotion with weakness.

Bill: Look, Katie, you can't make decisions with your heart if you want to be successful in the business.

Katie: That's ridiculous. (Sighs) Look, I may not know you very well, but I know that you're never gonna be happy if you're purely motivated by money. You may think you will be, but you won't, because you have way too much going on inside that heart. I can tell.

Bill: You overestimate me.

Katie: I don't think so. And I can tell you one thing. I would never trade what I have with my family, the trust and the loyalty and the love, for--for all the money in the world.

Bridget: Oh, wow. (Sighs) Nice. Oh, my God. This is exactly what I needed. You were right. (Moans)

Nick: Yeah. We can't have our lead designer having hand cramps. We gotta keep those creative juices flowing.

Bridget: Well, if that's your goal, I have an even better idea.

Nick: What's that?

Bridget: Just shut up and kiss me.

Rich: This offer to fly us to Los Angeles is part of a bribe?

Serge: (Chuckles) He's buying our votes?

Rich: That's nervy of the old boy.

Melissa: I have another word for it.

Jarrett: You're offended?

Melissa: (Scoffs)

Jarrett: All right, look--look, I-I knew you wouldn't go for it. I... (Sighs) I'm grossly apologetic and extremely uncomfortable.

Rich: Why is it so important to--to Spencer that--that Jackie M. wins the challenge?

Melissa: Oh, I can tell you that. He has had his eye on Forrester Creations for years.

Rich: Really?

Melissa: Yeah. I mean, rumor is that he partly moved to L.A. to put pressure on Forrester, you know, drive down the value, acquire the company.

Rich: Where'd you hear that?

Melissa: Where do you think?

Rich: Your mother.

Serge: Billy's being very naughty. (Tsk-tsks)

Jarrett: Yes. (Chuckles) His strong suit, I'm afraid. (Sighs) Look, I'll just go back to him, tell him that you will not be bought at any cost. I mean, it really doesn't matter. He was going to offer you, Melissa, your own column in "Eye on Fashion."

Melissa: A column?

Jarrett: Yes. And--and you, Rich, his yacht in St. Tropez-- the first two weeks in August.

Rich: The Benetti? What's that, a crew of, uh, eight?

Jarrett: 11.

Rich: 11.

Jarrett: And--and you, Serge, uh, the, uh, the annual charity event that he does in the Hamptons-- 800 people...

Serge: Yeah.

Jarrett: He was going to bribe you with carte blanche for the entire affair.

Serge: (Gasps) Egads.

Jarrett: I know. It's all true. This is the extent my boss was prepared to go to.

Rich: Well, Jarrett, I think I speak for all of us when I say, um, here's to Jackie M. Anchor's away.

Serge: You got that right, sister. Sounds like a party to me.

Melissa: And to Bill Spencer, the new bad boy of fashion, and my new boss. Chin chin, mes amis.

(Glasses clink)

Serge: Chin chin. (Chuckles)

Jarrett: (Sighs heavily)

Ridge: I wonder if this contest is really gonna be as straightforward as you think.

Brooke: (Sighs) Our designs against theirs-- a level playing field.

Ridge: Oh, come on. Whip Jones is a showman. Give him a stage, he's gonna trot out the whole circus.

Brooke: We are one step ahead of you.

Ridge: "We"?

Brooke: My sisters and I. We came up with a concept.

Ridge: Oh, yeah, that's right, something about you being my queen.

Brooke: Oh, you remembered.

Ridge: Well, you're kind of hard to forget, Logan.

Brooke: I know. And when my sisters and I get out there on the stage tomorrow, the Forrester royalty, we are going to bring the house down. When the Logan women unite, we are unstoppable. (Giggles)

Bill: Look, Katie, you will never be a major player at Forrester as long as Donna and Brooke are at the top. You've gotta carve a place out for yourself.

Katie: I like the job I have.

Bill: You're capable of much more.

Katie: You mean if I join forces with you? What's the first thing you'd want me to do? Streamline, cut the dead wood, maybe even fire people?

Bill: Sometimes you have to do that.

Katie: It doesn't bother you?

Bill: It's business.

Katie: No. It's people's lives. It--what--it--it--it's not your responsibility? You don't feel anything?

Bill: Whether or not I feel anything isn't the point. You have to do what's right for the well-being of the company.

Katie: Did your father teach you that? Profits before people?

Bill: Look, my father wasn't much of anything, but he was a good businessman.

Katie: Was he a good father?

Bill: I didn't know him as a kid. Truth be told, uh, I never really knew him.

Katie: Well, he may have been a good businessman. He may have had a garage full of cars and houses and a whole phone book full of people that feared him, but was he a winner? I don't know. The end of your story hasn't been written yet, Bill. It's not too late to change it.

Bill: I think it is.

Bridget: Mmm. I've gotta get back to work, honey.

Nick: No, not--not--not yet you donít. Not yet.

Bridget: My creative juices are sufficiently flowing. Thank you. (Giggles)

Nick: So are mine. (Chuckles)

Bridget: Well, why don't you just save it for later, after the competition?

Nick: Let's just say we won. We'll start the celebration now.

Ridge: Thank you.

Brooke: We are going to win this, Ridge. I can feel it.

Ridge: Dad and I have the experience, but Jackie M. and Bridget seem to have the momentum. Look, we need a positive buzz here, Logan. If this challenge doesn't go the way we want it to, Forrester could be moments away from bankruptcy. What do we do then? How far are we gonna go to keep this whole thing afloat?

Brooke: Well, we've been there before-- everything on the line, one misstep away from disaster. But you know what? That is how we survived. We thrived that way-- Brookeís Bedroom, the Belief Formula, the men's line.

Ridge: Yeah, but we didn't have Bill Spencer breathing down our necks back then.

Brooke: You didn't have the entire Logan family in your corner back then either. We're not going to let you down. I'm not worried about Bill Spencer. This is out of his hands. There is nothing that he can do to mess this up for us. Nothing.

Ridge: Oh, Logan.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Ridge: (Sighs)

Katie: So you don't think people can change? That's--that's great. Here I-I thought I was making progress with you. Maybe, just maybe, I might get you to back away from Forrester Creations.

Bill: No matter what happens at the challenge, I still want the company, Katie. That train has left the station.

Katie: So the people I care about don't matter. I don't matter.

Bill: If you're saying you want me to give them jobs, too...

Katie: They won't work for you.

Bill: No, but they'll work for you.

Katie: You think this is funny. You think it's a joke. It's not a joke. I don't know what I was thinking. I thought that I could reason with you into a little unbiased reporting, but I-I guess I was wrong. You know what? I'm gonna go.

Bill: Katie, hold on.

Katie: If you care about me even a little bit, you wouldn't be so determined to get Forrester Creations at any cost.

Bill: I do care about you.

(Telephone rings)


Bill: It's my private line. I-I have to take it.


Bill: Spencer.

Jarrett: Mission accomplished. The judges won't cross you. You win. Jackie M. is a lock.

Bill: Good job, Jarrett.

Katie: Um, should I go?

Bill: No, Katie, please stay.

Jarrett: Wait, Ka--Katieís there?

Bill: Thanks for the update.

Jarrett: Wait, wait. Think about what this will do to her. Everybody's talking about her campaign. You know, she has worked so hard for this. A good showing tomorrow could make her career. Can you be that one guy who turns it to ashes? Bill, I know you have feelings for Katie. Can you throw away the one woman who's ever really cared about you? Is that what you want?

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